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File: 1555318164296.jpg (2.02 MB, 2600x1600, a.jpg)


I want to see this character diarrhea in the bathroom!
The name of this character is sabiura ran of Murcielago!

File: 1553318432313.jpg (877.02 KB, 1200x1200, 73817993_p1_master1200.jpg)


gurochan is very slow right now
this can be new toilet thread but women going in other things like buckets, pots, the ground outside, w/e is all fine as long as they are just disposing their waste in as civilized and normally a manner as they can
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File: 1554914792564.jpg (264.14 KB, 1000x750, Samusday2.jpg)

Eriance from Danbooru.


File: 1554914818168.jpg (252.76 KB, 576x859, AbeJun.jpg)

Abe Jun from Danbooru.


Some nice outdoor yuri stuff, hopefully the full thing appears on SadPanda soon.


File: 1555170161841.png (33.84 KB, 768x432, main_f1a8cef1-06f9-406d-98….png)

Uncersored version?


ideal content

File: 1555189641087.png (1.31 MB, 1677x1643, 74178074_p0.png)


More fun together

File: 1555184843970.jpg (134.6 KB, 800x599, 283b382ba6d1683f8a12e8891b….jpg)


What the Game?

File: 1555184670916.jpg (134.6 KB, 800x599, 283b382ba6d1683f8a12e8891b….jpg)


What the Game?

File: 1411640030196.png (400.48 KB, 825x768, 43886518_p1.png)

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Nha, Third thread of Constipated girl.... Let's do it again!
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File: 1554105817557.jpeg (165.07 KB, 1050x1400, Da4WEgmU8AEdGP8.jpeg)


File: 1554105946853.jpeg (209.33 KB, 1125x1500, DfCJt32UcAASatZ.jpeg)


File: 1555169845539.jpg (159.86 KB, 1920x1080, D2GB4uYUYAAMCDS.jpg)

File: 1553112892252.jpg (196.87 KB, 560x420, RJ247783_img_main.jpg)


Does anyone have this download link?
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Unfortunately not so many games or video in this period about scat. This artist is good but he's more focused on pictures. Also, his last game was banned due to new law on children. (on DMM)


Nevertheless, i wanted to download link too. Eventhough the animation was not so good


Can someone please provide the Mega download link please?


guys please can you give a download link


Can someone please provide the Mega download link please?

File: 1550677689131.jpg (217.2 KB, 772x1059, ef181f34aca6525cc8fba9f07f….jpg)


Scat was the first thing I masturbated to, for years it was the only thing I masturbated to and despite changing my habit in the last couple of years probably 99.99% of my fapping sessions have been to scat.

I have decided to quit scat and so far I'm doing well but I am wondering if this shit has given me behavioral problems or brain damage or something.

Should I quit scat all together or just don't touch it for a year or two?
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File: 1554682122927.jpg (400.74 KB, 1541x2048, _df613c97d2e0e407a7a587d99….jpg)

I can understand why you'd want to quit. I got a girl who really wants me to fuck her but I'm sure from all these years of exclusively masturbating to only omorashi or scat I'm either gonna go soft or have to really imagine other things turning her off


Kinks cannot be hardwired because many of modern kinks did not exist just some time ago LOL

But otherwise normal people get bored by everything. No matter how much you like it after some time you will get bored and either you will need to increase intensity or move to something else. You are not supposed to go away from it you just notice that you do not like it anymore. In fact, it even works with drugs as eventually you just notice that taking them is a totally useless waste of time. At that time some try to increase the dosage until they croak and some just drop it and move to something else.
If you fail to develop other interests by that time you will be screwed.

this is not so much about some kind of fetish but specific personality type.
some people are attracted to people and some people are attracted to things or actions or other stuff, and people are just tools.

I can see it even here as different kind of users who are obsessed with certain characters and do not really care wahst those characters are doing and another type of people who are into what those characters are doing but do not give a shit what character it is.

If your girlfriend does not arouse you, you are the later type. Women don't like that. They want to be objects of your desire themselves. They dislike when they need to make some extra effort to arouse you. In fact, this is even considered disorder in psychology as "fetishism"
So do not blame your preferences blame your lazy girlfriend who is probably not willing to do anything more than get naked.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1555016660585.png (253.63 KB, 600x464, 1334769991779.png)

>>24630 by "hardwired" I mean they're part of your brain and pretty much impossible to change. The reason there are "new" kinks these days is because there is new stuff; however, people are still people, so their brains randomly fixate on stuff when they're really little, while their pyschological "love maps" are developing. Scat fetishes are often a sign of difficult toilet training or a childhood illness at a crucial moment, but can also be a sensory crossed wire, because the anus and genitals are really close together, the anus is a very sensitive area, and in addition males are prone to having their prostates stimulated while defecating, especially when constipated. (Scat + similar are probably very common fetishes; they are thought of as niche or extreme because people are generally ashamed of them and unwilling to talk about it.) But while fetishes are definitely formed in early childhood, sexuality is often latent before puberty, so a child with a developing fetish usually experiences mental satisfaction from the fetish object but little to no physical arousal.

For example, I have definitely been fascinated by epidemic scenarios, diseases, and diarrhea since at least age 4 or 5 (that's just how far back I can remember), probably due to a nasty stomach bug that disrupted my toilet training when I was 2 (which I can't remember, but my mom says it happened), but I did not experience genital arousal from it until about age 11. Then, while fantasizing about expelling diarrhea, I noticed (with some annoyance!) that I "felt" the "imaginary" sensation "in the wrong spot." I did not know much about sex and did not know how to masturbate, so I assumed I had just confused the sensations of shitting and peeing. I learned how to masturbate several months later, and while pretty much anything remotely sexual will get a 12-year-old off, the most pleasurable were scat scenarios, or even lists of words for diarrhea or digestive illnesses. Having absolutely no idea what pornography was beyond "pictures of bad things on the internet," I'd read the encyclopedia articles for cholera or dysentary while masturbating. I did not even know what fetishes were until about a year later, when I found a medical encyclopedia–lots of excitingly nasty diseases, and a full-page cross-section of heterosexual "coitus"–which had entries like "paraphilia" and "coprophilia," which, bPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1555016774787.jpg (189.12 KB, 600x847, 38775458_p0_master1200.jpg)

>>24665 continued

Modern psychiatry doesn't consider paraphilias (fetishes) to be mental illness unless they cause excessive guilt or anxiety, social difficulties or sexual dysfunction, or harm to self or others. When they do, the treatment focus is on reducing guilt and anxiety, solutions to the social difficulties or sexual dysfunction, and finding safe ways to express the fetish and resisting harmful behavior–not trying to change or eliminate the fetish, which doesn't work. There are rare reports of people changing orientation or sexual preferences after strokes or similar brain trauma, but obviously getting rid of a fetish isn't worth inflicting something like that! These reports also suggest that fetishes and sexuality are indeed innate, part of brain structure, and formed during early brain development. Since any fetishes you may have are part of your brain–a feature, not a bug–you can't give yourself brain damage by indulging a fetish, unless you engage in risky activities (such as choking, blows to the face, certain types of drug use, or coprophagia (which can lead to infections that in rare cases can spread to the brain)). Unless you are masturbating so much that it interferes with everyday life or relationships, or doing risky activities to fulfill your fetish, there is no need to be worried about having one, and "quitting" the fetish, except for a short period (1-2 months) to defamiliarize yourself with erotic materials so they become more effective, is probably unnecessary. Most cases of excessive masturbation or hypersexuality/compulsive sexual behavior aren't actually "sex addiction," but symptoms of other problems such as anxiety, OCD, PTSD (especially from sexual trauma), mania, depression, or even neurological or hormonal problems such as persistent sexual arousal disorder (PSAS, sometimes also PGAD, persistent genital arousal disorder). In some women, premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) can manifest as mania, hypomania, and/or unwanted arousal. Pornography use itself does not cause "sex addiction," and abstaining from fetishes or masturbation/sexual activity may make mental health worse. (For males, it is also better for prostate health to ejaculate at least 2-3 times per week. Besides being dubious reasoning and bad science at best, "nofap" can literally give you prostate cancer.) If you're experiencing any kind of compulsiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I was talking about the different issue: medically fetish is the situation when you are attracted to something else than a human being.
A normal man is *supposed* to be attracted to a woman as a whole, not to some kinds of features or items.

This causes problems in relationships because people do not get aroused just from seeing each other but they require something different as for example you may only get aroused if your girlfriend is wearing panties and you focus your attention on those panties but kinda ignore her herself. Or he may focus on her feet, breast some kind of other body features. If that happens, she will very likely get upset since women want to be the center of attention.
Medically philia is not just an attraction to something but the fixation on that thing exclusively. So someone who likes both children and adult women is not a pedophile, but a person who is exclusively attracted to children and shows no interest in adult women is a pedophile.
Generally, the same rule applies to all psychiatry all disorders are extreme expressions of some single issue which consumes entire personality. So psychologist is not supposed to take away that issue from his client (or there will be nothing left), but to add more interests.

Even if your "love maps" start developing in your childhood brain is pretty flexible here and you will almost definitely develop new interests over time even as an adult (or lose old ones). We can observe this happening all around when new kind of things get introduced and become pretty popular. As for example anal and vaginal prolapse which was totally nonexistent 10 years ago and now almost every respectable porn star does that.
Just recently pussy hair was kinda the main feature (as that hair itself was the erotic thing) and all porn stars were over 30 but now mainstream turned into fetish itself.

So either way the solution is to develop new interests and not to try to get rid of the only thing you have without any replacement

File: 1555029920753.jpg (189.12 KB, 600x847, 38775458_p0_master1200.jpg)


Post a scat image, then write a little story about it! (I debated whether to put this in /lit/, but since it's scat based and has images, it goes here.)

The teenage girl walked hurriedly towards the bathroom, derriere obviously clenched in fecal desperation. As she came in view of the door, I saw her freeze and a look of panic cross her face; she had obviously let a spurt of feces escape into her panties. However, she regained control and went into the bathroom. I followed.

In her urgent desperation, she had not even stopped to lock the stall door. I opened it just as she lifted her skirt, about to pull down her white panties. Well, they had been white once, but now they were soiled, stained brown by liquid shit. As I flipped her around, bending her over the yellow-faded plastic toilet toilet seat, I wondered what was the cause of her digestive disturbance. Dodgy food? Another virus going around the high school? Some allergy or chronic malady? Or maybe she was one of those girls who abuse laxatives, thinking it will make them thin and pretty. If she was, that was foolish of her–anal purging causes more vitamin deficiencies than weight loss, and often swells the stomach–but she would richly deserve what I was about to do to her.

"I have a knife," I whispered in her ear. "Don't scream." Pulling aside her stained panties, I thrust my erection into her leaking anus, already lubricated by her liquid shit.

She did not scream, but she couldn't help but moan as my cock slid into her shithole. Her anus had already relaxed in preparation to release its long-held diarrhea, but she was still tight around me as I began to thrust into her inflamed rectum. Her bowels felt impossibly slick; retaining her acid slurry for so long had caused them to produce great globs of rich anal mucus, far surpassing any sour wetness a pussy can produce.

I drove my penis into that slick, stinking tunnel. With every thrust, I felt her shit splash in waves against the head of my dick. Every time I pulled out, my length was smeared, and each return deposited that smear on her raped asshole. The girl gripped the edge of the toilet seat, staring back at me as she cried softly.

I could only imagine the pain she must have been in. Goodness knows how long she must have been holding in that urgent shit–perhaps an entire class period–and then, just when she expects release, a stranger anally rapes her and plugs the sicknePost too long. Click here to view the full text.



But I wasn't done yet. There was a reason I'd even seen the girl as she walked to the restroom. Softening, but still half-hard, I relaxed my cock's sphincter and pissed, hard and voluminously, into the girl's anus.

She began to scream, feeling the sudden stretching influx, but immediately muffled it with one hand, remembering my warning. I continued to piss, filling her up to bursting, my hot yellow salt mingling with her diseased brown. At last, emptied, I withdrew, and her panties snapped back over her cockblasted ring, trapping her now-cold first spurt of filth against it.

Of course, there was no way she could have held her bowels now, even for a second. Mingled diarrhea and piss fountained out of her asshole, drenching her already-ruined panties and running down her legs, soaking her cute kneesocks and school shoes before it puddled on the tiled floor. For a few minutes I watched her sobbing over the toilet bowl, defeatedly expelling waves of what was now pure liquid shit into her panties, but I was too spent to get it up again. Eventually, I retreated into another stall to clean myself up. However, before I left, I made sure to take some pictures of her soiled, ravaged ass. It's not often I get a fuck like this!

File: 1555011088274.jpg (91.74 KB, 489x800, 1427342690763.jpg)


Thread for /s/-qualifying scenes in otherwise sfw/non-fetish media like games, TV shows/anime, movies, or even books.

I'll start (emeto): In the free-to-play browser game Fallen London, there's a card called <a href="">A Gathering of Gourmets</a>, where one of the choices will make you sick to your stomach ('Plums and Custard'), while another (Sometimes You Just Can't Help Yourself) makes all the other diners throw up all over the room. The text isn't very explicit, but the vomit content is undeniable.

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