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Noticed there doesn't seem to be one.
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Who is this artist?? I'd really like to know, it really resonates with me.


File: 1544550184923.jpg (839.37 KB, 743x1083, 24630375_p0.jpg)


Thank you so much

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I am surprised there is no real tread for this fetish
I bet alot of people here like this since the DNE one is rather populair

I personally prefer forced but hay
If you wanna put normal Copro in here np go ahead
What ever floats your boat

Captions are also allowed.
POV images are allowed like mine.
I love seeing it comming at me thats probably the best thing about this fetish xD

Probably my favorite manga
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I want real life rape vids


kill yourself virgin


I want someone to rape your mom but no matter who fucks her, she keeps consenting!

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Let's bring back are good old fashioned toilet thread.
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extremely good content, very soft


Yes I agree, please source?


File: 1546451197426.jpg (260.77 KB, 1063x1500, juicy fruits amaki buribur….jpg)

souce in filename, just uploaded to exhentai, consists of a long toilet scene


File: 1546451700833.jpg (565.61 KB, 827x1200, 71473734_p5_master1200.jpg)


artist potatopanicking is one of the best artists still uploading on the toilet tag on pixiv, but i kind of want translations for these pictures

especially this one and the follow up. why am i in this ladies bathroom? what's she asking me for? how can i help her? it keeps me up at night.


File: 1546560496779.jpg (728.95 KB, 827x1200, 71473734_p4_master1200.jpg)

source, including multiple other pics. one is of the much loved rikka from gridman i think.

artist potatopanicking is one of the best artists still uploading on the toilet tag on pixiv, but i kind of want translations for these pictures

especially this one and the follow up. why am i in this ladies bathroom, standing apparently behind her toilet? what's she asking me for? how can i help her? it keeps me up at night.

File: 1485825164628.jpg (337.95 KB, 1054x1500, 2798c7d28a59f48f579d7ac510….jpg)


Hey, I like the Milfs, and I like the scat, so why not combine them together? Also, since there was a Loli thread, I wanted the older women to get some love, as well.
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Pictures of girls "at the brink" (ie: "touching cloth", the point of no return. The transition point between "desperation" and "accident").

Bonus points: picture of girl's anus with the imminent load peaking forth.
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File: 1547153844075.jpg (764.41 KB, 1193x1669, desperate 3.jpg)


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This one is from 6teen, as the show has a number of toilet scenes. Also please refrain from using fanart because I want to keep it official.
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wat ep is the mr bubble skit in?


Its Episode 14 for sure. I found it on cartoonsonline.io at 8:14. Just make sure you're viewing it through Server 2, because for some reason, Server 1 links to the Walking Dead special


Dude ur a top bloke!!



Thought I should try and keep this up. I saw a few new family guy ones. In Family Guy - Quagmire Wants Lois Bad 3:22 Lois mentions that after the steak she had, she's gonna lay down on the toilet, its only implied but you get her holding her stomach a little.

And in this Family Guy - Peter uses Women's Restrooms (Season 16) 2:50 Peter's in the womens bathroom at a tennis match, where you can see two pairs of feet moving while grunting, kinda like a tennis match too.
Tried to put the link there, but it counted as spam for some reason so just copy and paster the names i put here on youtube,

File: 1508135330198.jpg (164.9 KB, 560x420, RJ209760.jpg)

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I'm trying to play this game and I hope someone else here can help me with that. It is a 3D game made with Unity and there many spots where pee, poo or masturbate.
I found 5 "maps" in free mode but I'm not sure if have to kill a certain number of monsters to unlock them or If I have to find some codes to use inside tutorial room.
Also I cannot understand how to unlock the achivements with CGs in the initial menu.

This game is a TPS (Third person shooter) with FPS (First person shooter) part if you push F on keyboard; to play you need a good graphic card and at the moment I can play only with 10 frame per second. This game is difficult, due to horrible camera movement and quite invisible viewfinder. Also, the monster are too fast with puzzling AI which allow them to stop near you and do nothing.
Unity itself is a problem when allow monsters to go through closed doors or spawn behind locked doors (outside playable map).

Poo and pee scene are quite good but to see something you have to fight against the two system camera because it clashes on objects and is anchored on the head of our heroine (censored). There are many outfits for her with many options but needs to pay for them with coins gained by killing monsters.

I found this game on hentai-share.
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A new version of it will be on steam soon. (from twitter of developer)
There will be two characters and many weapons. Maybe without pee and poo actions.


the game looks like it got updated, can anyone upload it?


Now it is in UE4 with extra character. I hope it could work better than previous engine.


anyone know how to get the bed in the room?

chinese seem to know but i dont know what he said


Still without it. Maybe completing some achivements.

File: 1455422255854.jpg (153.96 KB, 1882x704, Capture 3.jpg)

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Hey guys, i always have trouble trying to find these scenes, and thought it would be mutually beneficial for us to share them here, try and list the name of the Hentai and a small description of the scene, a pic would be nice too :p

Ill start us off with an easy one, but one of my favorites:

Isaku Respect ep 1 - about 10 mins in,

A pink haired girl needs to pee and uses a toilet, a bit later her friend with black hair needs to pee too and ends up using a toilet, when she finishes peeing she lets out a small fart, it looked like she was about to poop but ended up letting it slip out before being interrupted by the pink haired girl which also ends up farting too near the end of the episode.
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What about any pantypooping scenes?


I reverse searched it and found that it's from an episode of "Shusaku Liberty", still unsure of which one


i found the scene: it's just an edit. there was no scat. sorry



I have family in the other room. I hope no one heard me bust up laughing.


Don't want to create a new thread. Are there non-hentai scenes with girls pooping? With sounds.

File: 1507795309092.jpg (157.53 KB, 707x1000, sample-0d8340f17872e9ea7c8….jpg)


Any bestiality scat/piss hentai?

It's hard enough to find rl vids/pics but zoophila with femboi/girl hentai characters pls.

This is my fetish.
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Very little exists unless you are looking for male content. There is much more of a home-grown scene for that stuff.

This is the only female stuff I know exists;
Lord of the Dung 2 & 3 by Sweetmook. AFAIK there exists no copy of LotD 1.

Various stuff by Kinky Thai with dogs. Not worth the effort IMO since the dogs are clearly mistreated.


Thanks man I do know there was also a subreddit for this stuff but I cant remember what it was called


File: 1537943362047.jpg (196.85 KB, 1024x645, Escape from dead city Mia ….jpg)

Escape from dead city Mia day 2 480 TC


File: 1538370092951.png (335.16 KB, 612x665, 1913925 - Akamaru Hinata_H….png)


File: 1538370127867.png (335.16 KB, 612x665, 1913925 - Akamaru Hinata_H….png)

File: 1475617883197.jpg (253.83 KB, 930x1280, 1470484347.talan89_img028[….jpg)


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anyone interested in roleplaying something like this?


Sure, what’s your ideas?



Some of these could be done surgically or with pseudo-science, others would have to be magic. I'm fine with either as long as the details of the transformation are very fleshed out.

>transformation into an asshole attached to either a women or perhaps some kind of genetically engineered creature that constantly shits

>transformed into intestines colon and asshole within another living creature, all lined with taste buds hotwired to the victim's brain

>transformed into a subhuman creature that subsides on shit, like some kind of foul insect or pig like thing

>shrunk down and transformed into some kind of pathetic parasitic thing that lives in the reeking bowels of a larger creature

>transformation into an anal suppository or anal suppository delivery device

>transformed into a living fleshy waste processor, toilet, sepetic tank, or even an entire pulsating biological sewer system

>transformed into a creature that's little more than a colon and tangled mess of intestines attached to an oral opening and brain

>trapped into something akin to a living fleshy woopee cushion/shitbag

>transformation into literal shit, still sentient

>body destroyed and soul churned up into farts trapped within a device or another body

If anyone wants to reach out to me to discuss these ideas or hear what I've come up with in great detail they can reach me at




>transformation into an asshole attached to either a women

Have I got the story for you.


^ I fucked up, the url is literotica.com/s/the-joining-4

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