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Jan 27 08:30 Peeing animations
Jan 27 03:44 BBW Scat thread Anonymous
Jan 26 18:31 Giantess Buster McFanny
Jan 26 04:24 what are some known artists, or artists that you know, does/did scat/efro art?
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Jan 25 20:33 Pissing Orpheum
Jan 25 19:58 Lolicon Scat Thread ShittyAnnie
Jan 25 17:49 Comic toilet thread
Jan 25 03:31 help Anonymous
Jan 21 14:16 Fart/scat voice works general [from DLsite/DMM] - post your requests here!
Jan 21 02:01 Chocolate Creampie Anonymous
Jan 20 15:03 Kirb Scat
Jan 20 01:19 Listening to her stomach Anonymous
Jan 19 23:19 Namiroji
Jan 19 07:28 Voyeurism Anonymous
Jan 18 20:28 Messy Anonymous
Jan 16 21:20 hyperscat bawko
Jan 14 04:27 Writing/caption
Jan 11 15:25 sunibee scat Cacathecarrotcake
Jan 11 04:25 Ume-Chan RPG Walk Through Anonymous
Jan 09 09:06 PRIORITY ALERT Anonymous
Jan 08 17:01 At the brink
Jan 08 06:52 Mischievous scat/pissing (on toilet floor, on sleeping people, in the pool, ...)
Jan 06 07:28 Somebody help me coprophagy Prozen003
Jan 04 19:18 Toilet
Jan 04 13:00 Upset Stomachs Anonymous
Jan 04 12:39 Diarrhea
Jan 03 08:09 On the bed Anonymous
Jan 03 07:49 Desperate to Pee Anonymous
Jan 03 00:57 Malachi came back Anonymous
Dec 31 19:31 do you know what is this game anonymous
Dec 31 17:14 Visible digestive system
Dec 31 06:55 poop
Dec 30 23:56 Yuri/Lesbian Scatplay and coprophagia Laila
Dec 29 17:34 Hentai Movies or Series which involve Females Pooping, Peeing and/or Farting
Dec 29 17:29 Your favourite scat pic/s Anonymous
Dec 28 23:50 Hyperscat 2 Not So /B/
Dec 28 06:53 Toilet Paper Tongue Thread Anonymous
Dec 27 08:30 Panty-pooping/wetting ~ The re-bulging Orpheum
Dec 25 17:03 Living toilets Anonymous
Dec 23 19:37 scat movies Anonymous
Dec 21 21:48 Femdom shota pissing
Dec 21 19:42 Omaru Anonymous
Dec 19 06:34 translation
Dec 17 03:27 Iceburg is back Pika.jpg
Dec 16 21:49 Zoo scat/piss ( non anthro )
Dec 16 15:43 Suzu No Oka Su
Dec 14 16:48 Male Scat Reborn
Dec 14 03:29 new diarrhea thread Anonymous
Dec 12 21:16 Vore Disposal
Dec 11 17:19 Pissing / shitting on corpses? Anonymous
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Dec 07 16:39 menstruation umemi
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Dec 06 04:28 Scat in Vaginas / Manguso Tacs Repaid
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Dec 03 20:08 South Park Anonymous
Dec 02 20:32 Cookie Run Omorashi Anonymous
Dec 02 07:04 Anonymous
Nov 29 14:41 RR Rule 34 Scat Works (Mostly Western content!) RR
Nov 29 00:08 Futa Anonymous
Nov 28 18:49 Mexican comics Anonymous
Nov 24 21:40 Almost Anonymous
Nov 22 12:07 Kirb Scat
Nov 15 05:11 Scatina Anonymous
Nov 13 19:27 Does anyone know how to run this? Anonymous
Nov 13 15:56 virtual school girl enema Anonymous
Nov 09 21:26 Male toilet comics MHVinco
Nov 09 17:27 Forced Coprophagia Aggressive Zone
Nov 07 12:27 Scat The poop man
Nov 03 21:54 Boy Scat/Farts
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Oct 31 05:45 POV scat/watersports/fart sly
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Oct 27 02:22 All scat mangas Anonymous
Oct 25 02:45 Western cartoon toilet thread
Oct 23 20:53 Eliminator Anonimo
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Oct 21 11:20 More Kirby Scat Art Kirb Scat
Oct 17 05:08 Interesting site. MiS
Oct 14 21:24 Human centipede
Oct 13 20:32 Forced/Non-Forced Human Toilet (Hetero, Maledom) ShittyAnnie
Oct 12 14:47 Anonymous
Oct 11 16:22 Disney Scat Thread
Oct 11 16:05 Excretion Management sick one
Oct 01 14:13 Kiai Neko Manga Source Ensign Redshirt
Sep 28 16:35 Need help finding hentai Anonymous
Sep 28 14:33 Anonymous
Sep 25 06:11 Casual grossness
Sep 25 00:20 Scat/Piss Animation
Sep 23 11:02 Army thread Anonymous
Sep 16 15:06 Random Scat Anonymous
Sep 15 07:23 Cant find a story Anon
Sep 14 21:07 Looking for this long lost Hentai CG Collection Anonymous
Sep 14 19:24 Help finding a hentai Anonymous
Sep 14 07:45 jade-net-home XxX
Sep 10 19:24 toilet/efro thread
Sep 10 03:18 Anonymous
Sep 02 23:07 Scat Covered
Aug 21 03:45 Scats Mangas Collection Anonymous
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Aug 17 20:51 Mother & daughter Anonymous
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Aug 01 18:01 Coprophagia/Shit eating
Jul 30 10:55 Scat Unknown
Jul 30 00:43 A link to the artist? Fungolio
Jul 27 05:34 Panty Poop Manga
Jul 27 01:33 De-Ja II toilet scene Anonymous
Jul 26 02:19 Does Anyone Have This MuMu-Factory Game Anonymous
Jul 25 14:15 A game
Jul 25 01:02 Amputee or body modified toilets Anonymous
Jul 20 18:35 3D Modeling and Posing BenNovajk
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Jul 12 17:07 any one know the name of this game? dy4lance
Jul 07 13:18 Could somebody leak this?
Jul 07 11:41 crotch has a new game coming out
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Jun 23 15:12 Anyone have this? Anonymous
Jun 05 21:22 School girls pooping That boy in serafuku
Jun 04 15:05 Milf Scat Dylan Golden Bell
Jun 03 10:34 Fart scenes (mangá/anime/cartoon séries/comics) includes farting in defecation Fartgirl
Jun 02 22:52 Elf Girls
Jun 01 16:12 Full picture? Anonymous
May 28 03:57 Anonymous
May 26 00:47 Source ? Anonymous
May 24 21:43 Trap scat Yes
May 16 16:48 comics toilet thread 2 mutantstranger
May 15 20:17 Toilet Cartoon
May 15 13:10 New scat game by kamebeya Anonymous
May 09 22:16 quitting scat Anonymous
May 08 01:39 Anonymous
May 04 19:58 shit on dick/shitty anal Anonymous
May 04 12:56 Anonymous
May 04 10:47 Hat Kid farting or pooping or being gross
May 02 19:09 tenuous oddity scat haski
Apr 30 05:59 Image's source Anonymous
Apr 26 04:21 Peep Nin from mumu Freeshit
Apr 25 15:57 BKOB (bucket use)
Apr 23 12:38 Magical/teleportation bowel filling Anonymous
Apr 23 05:10 Anonymous
Apr 21 16:05 Farting
Apr 20 07:11 M/M Gay Scat RP
Apr 19 12:07 Scat Lovers Discord Server Anonymous
Apr 16 10:02 New scat cg
Apr 15 08:49 request please! Anonymous
Apr 13 19:47 What the Game? Game?
Apr 13 19:44 What the Game? Anonymous
Apr 12 00:46 Flens Verpa
Apr 11 19:31 Scat/Emeto/Omo Easter Eggs in Normal Media Flens Verpa
Apr 11 16:40 Vintage Pee Art Ensign Redshirt
Apr 09 19:13 Vintage Enema Art Ensign Redshirt
Apr 06 22:30 Does anyone have a copy of that "Shalah" thread?
Apr 04 15:31 SonicScat SonicScatAnonymous
Mar 24 13:16 Pissing with mom!
Mar 16 22:06 Possible Piss Comic Ensign Redshirt
Mar 10 12:28 ....
Mar 02 20:49 Anonymous
Feb 27 02:57 Find image thread
Jan 15 06:28 Group scat
Jan 12 16:20 Loli Toilet Thread
Jan 03 16:51 Haisetsu Shoujo 12 is coming Anonymous
Dec 31 11:05 REMINDER Anonymous
Dec 13 07:29 Hyper scat roleplay
Sep 28 05:21 Little Mantis/Kuloamaki FartLover
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Sep 22 06:48 scat game!!
Sep 19 14:41 Pissing with mom!
Sep 19 12:10 Furry Boy Scat/Farts
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Sep 04 16:31 Innocent Scat
Aug 30 11:09 New Tokuda Shinnosuke tankoubon
Aug 25 19:17 Desperate Pants Pooping Accidents ~ Couldn't Make It Sydical
Aug 25 19:10 Accidents
Aug 25 19:06 FILLING Starryeyes
Aug 19 18:28 Just some stuff I did
Aug 11 11:20 GOLD DUST series scat hentai
Aug 09 18:43 Anime/Cartoon/Hentai/Manga scenes contain girl fart or pooping
Aug 08 12:02 excretion of princess wearing chastity belt that grows Narii
Aug 04 06:26 your all-time favorite scat pic
Jul 31 18:09 Femdom scat sketch
Jul 31 00:27 "Classical" Japanese Art
Jul 27 13:26 Self shit eating
Jul 25 19:46 Anything like this ?
Jul 23 07:46 Toilet
Jul 22 04:52 Any Bloated Scat/Fart Hentai Pics?
Jun 21 18:47 Puchimas scat
Jun 18 04:48 Brutal watersports
Jun 13 10:01 Post your requests in /req/, not here.
Jun 11 23:21 Cosplay Victor Lim
Jun 11 08:57 Shitting during anal/Shitting On Dick ozura
Jun 09 04:50 Artist qiestions Confusedartist
Jun 09 04:38 Please use me like her
Jun 06 22:16 3d scat 3d scat "Boobs Saga"
Jun 04 08:10 Animated Gifs
May 31 04:12 request
May 26 01:56 Jumpin' Jupiter Pooping/Toilet Art
May 21 17:33 Where is this from?
May 20 03:24 scat game
May 16 21:23 Girls pooping/farting before/when they are killed [Guro warning]
May 15 14:32 Pantypoop scenes showing the inside of the panties
Apr 17 14:06 leg split ryona

File: 1466996519612.jpeg (831.03 KB, 1120x840, Elevator.JPEG)

 No.11780[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

I thought we can have a general voice thread, instead of several threads for only a couple ones.
Let's start by summarize all the works already shared here (except the last one):

1: hXXp:// (farting)
- sharing links: hXXps:// hXXps://!75lFlbrQ!dDRMiA2kSWhGxlzSnqzGOBwUMpwfSfp0aMcSJc14Tg0
- Script of files (yet to be translated): hXXp://

2: hXXp:// (desperation/farting/scat/shitting self)
- sharing links: hXXps://!tJxDDSCC!rQOkz_GbdRTPzAGm5Wz5cb05xsHyxtrJ6UYxB0iNH0o (reuploaded on my MEGA since old link is dead)

3: hXXp:// (Anal sex with farting/scat)
- sharing links: _anal sex with farts part - hXXps://!kBQ3FTSA!R_oPnk27OQyOekWsimqP-QzsCBeAbNP_sAerziWviSE
_ scat part - hXXps://!gcpSzDCL!89TRi1qZlki8SQbmhBHGDm4DoYQNJKwES1nh0D4MMro

4: hXXp:// (desperation/farting/scat/shitting self - pic related, has multiple endings and script roughly translated)
- sharing links: hXXps:// (click the small arrow near the download button and choose "direct download")

5: hXXp:// (mostly desperation/farting/scat/shitting self - buyed by me a while ago. Not bad)
- sharing links: hXXps://!xIxUkZAL!6Fra_fUw7Eob0l_QR_ApXJ0tQXShocmivZmoz60ZjtI

Ah, if you wanna search for these kind of works on DLsite, see >>10575
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File: 1578044554518.jpg (65.07 KB, 560x420, RJ247783_img_main.jpg)





File: 1579616206366.jpeg (51.55 KB, 560x420, 97A870B3-3849-414B-88AD-F….jpeg)

File: 1578846851142.jpeg (176.93 KB, 1200x960, D9492784-8243-4D7D-94D8-9….jpeg)


A thread for anal insertion during or right before defecation. (Bonus points if the shit’s mixed with cum.)




*bump* x2

File: 1579464949693.jpg (435.51 KB, 1200x1200, Ribbon's Cute & Adorable F….jpg)


Ribbon Goes Poop


File: 1579465097762.jpg (341.53 KB, 1200x1125, Adeleine's Cute & Adorable….jpg)

Adeleine Goes Poo



File: 1579532633053.jpg (48.25 KB, 600x381, Seriously.jpg)


honestly, the worst part is always where you self-congratulate.

File: 1579393628665.jpg (358.19 KB, 760x760, 45218801_p0.jpg)


Any pictures of guys placing their ears on a girl's stomach or using a stethoscope


File: 1579450885590.png (751.49 KB, 521x710, belly noises 5.png)

This is a subject that interests me a lot. Going to be watching this thread very carefully


File: 1579483189455.jpg (85.68 KB, 560x820, 05.jpg)

Forgot the name of the manga, all I know is the mangaka is 花犬

File: 1450460730750.jpg (309.8 KB, 496x700, 151216-1.jpg)

 No.8115[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Looks like Namiroji is at it again.

Who else is hyped?
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File: 1578700233331.png (1.2 MB, 1267x2048, Screenshot_20200110-184823.png)

What's going on with the latest issue? I tried to purchase it on both several times with a card I've used on Booth before, but it won't accept the order

Looks like Namiroji has abandoned pantypooping.


At least he didn't go the diaper route like Tsuttsu.

Speaking of diapers, it seems their fans are a bit of a close-minded bunch: I once commented that Tsuttsu should do less diaper stuff and got a ton of downvotes for that, despite me saying that I like his works.

File: 1578665957483.jpg (67.84 KB, 540x418, tumblr_pgt8yqdJqA1rketqq_5….jpg)


Post pics of girls being watched while taking a dump, bonus points if the girl is being watched by someone underneath or on top of the stall.
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It's doing the same thing today. I'm blocked after 1 image.


Try to change browser.


Try waiting 15-20 seconds then refreshing the window, it should work



It doesn't work on Firefox or Internet Explorer and it's been days now.


#0 error() called at [/var/www/gc/inc/filters.php:148] #1 Filter->action() called at [/var/www/gc/inc/filters.php:244] #2 do_filters() called at [/var/www/gc/post.php:846]


An error has occured.

Flood detected; Post discarded.

File: 1564832712698.png (261.72 KB, 2150x3035, 76037505_p6.png)


Making a mess
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File: 1575834941645.jpg (606.49 KB, 810x1080, 17835753_p0.jpg)


File: 1575835670911.jpg (118.05 KB, 810x1080, suca_thu status 1200964454….jpg)


File: 1577693416625.png (1.67 MB, 1364x1920, 78576755_p0.png)


File: 1577696481400.jpg (392.79 KB, 2300x1600, noa_cell status 1210816148….jpg)


File: 1579379321135.jpg (1.07 MB, 2132x1466, 96_kuroi status 1218388815….jpg)


File: 1546808952543.jpg (1022.06 KB, 2220x3840, dd4492c98ca8ff62362c3296b5….jpg)


some doodle of mine
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File: 1575419499922.gif (32.29 KB, 600x600, 78115977_p0.gif)


Dont bother hyperscating or this douchenozzle piece of shit is gonna troll…seriously dude fvckoff and die


File: 1578061185032.gif (33.87 KB, 600x600, 78674142_p0.gif)


These pictures fucking suck.


Same asshole thinks hes being funny, just a time waste at this point, my 3yr old daughter is Picasso compared to this idiot. Feel bad for the real artists no wonder these threads die.

File: 1466599707143.jpg (594.81 KB, 2010x600, The filling.jpg)


Post your writings, captions and writing suggestions here

Dumping some of my OC
Please critique!
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File: 1577896900181.jpg (348.53 KB, 762x1127, 1526948633135.jpg)

The sound of high heels carrying a running, sizeable person became louder. He gulped and tried to prepare himself. The door flew open and a woman with churning stomach sprinted inside. She pressed her butt checks together but still she ripped a bubbly fart every second or so. She quickly choose a stall and let go of her butt cheeks allowing her anus to continuously emit a foul, bubbling gas stream. Slamming her buttocks down on the seat she released a faecal bombshell into the toilet. Rotten, concentrated sewer sludge is probably the closest description of her faeces. He turned away as the smell overwhelmed him and the nasty sound she emitted terrified him. But she simply continued to expel her waste pulling her knees up to her chest and moaning as her colon continued to punish the toilet.

"Ah, oh, here comes yesterdays Chinese", she moaned almost orgasmic as a mushy explosion finally made the toilet overflow.

Oh, he hated his job.
He truly did.
The Sakawa moon base was owned by the Sakawa corporation. This location was chosen due to it's operations: developing potentially dangerous biotechnology so that in case of contamination there was no possibility of endangering the wider human population.

Many stern women worked at this place, growing fungi and splicing microbes in enormous test tubes designed to minimize the threat of leak. The cafeteria in which these scientists worked at ensured that their voluptuous, powerful bodies were kept so. Large, powerful thighs. Strong, hardened arms. And of course, their wide, heavy bottoms. A solid mixture of both muscle and fat kept the female workforce going.

He was just as important. He was the toilet cleaner assigned to female bathroom #4. And oh how he hated his job.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


gonna make a few rewrites and corrections

>Her hands pressed her butt checks together but still she ripped a bubbly fart every second or so. She quickly choose a stall and let go of her buttocks to pull her skirt up and her panties down allowing her anus to continuously emit a foul, bubbling gas stream while doing so.

>The cafeteria in which these scientists ate…

>Around the clock, almost as an assembly line, women who had fed on the broccoli…

>… and emptied their colon all over the poor, unsuspecting porcelain throne

>The majority of these visits to the bathroom resulted in a clogged toilet

>This meant that after each and every visitor was done…

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


What sort of stories or captions are wanted?


Someone PLEASE write for this!


File: 1578976072302.jpg (3.37 MB, 4877x3528, 72378406_p0_master1200-hor….jpg)

Someone PLEASE write for this!

File: 1567171983790.png (3.07 MB, 1973x1024, 7418f3ee5ad0d423f9ce31f11b….png)


a sunibee scat piece of art that him delete months ago


disturbing but very good .


File: 1567368018565.png (933.05 KB, 870x850, ddf5278d3dbb59b4484d861943….png)

holy shit, tell me he's been holding out/there's more


I thought he said he wasn't gonna share any if the dirty pueces he done.
good on him

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