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May 22 17:09 Trap scat Yes
May 22 15:18 Mother & daughter Anonymous
May 22 14:40 Male toilet comics MHVinco
May 22 08:15 Comic toilet thread
May 22 07:21 Mischievous scat/pissing (on toilet floor, on sleeping people, in the pool, ...)
May 22 05:44 Pissing Orpheum
May 22 05:37 At the brink
May 22 04:46 toilet/efro thread
May 21 17:57 Lolicon Scat Thread ShittyAnnie
May 21 13:38 Upset Stomachs Anonymous
May 20 19:33 Toilet
May 20 02:06 Nintendo scat and ws - Reborn (again) Orpheum
May 20 00:00 Ume-Chan RPG Walk Through Anonymous
May 19 19:35 Scat/Piss Animation
May 18 18:54 Casual grossness
May 18 14:41 translation
May 18 12:00 Peeing animations
May 18 03:19 Femdom shota pissing
May 18 02:58 Source ? Anonymous
May 16 23:14 Fart/scat voice works general [from DLsite/DMM] - post your requests here!
May 16 16:48 comics toilet thread 2 mutantstranger
May 16 07:51 Giantess Buster McFanny
May 15 20:17 Toilet Cartoon
May 15 13:10 New scat game by kamebeya Anonymous
May 12 19:59 On the bed Anonymous
May 09 22:16 quitting scat Anonymous
May 08 01:39 Anonymous
May 06 17:43 Male Scat Reborn
May 05 09:44 new diarrhea thread Anonymous
May 04 19:58 shit on dick/shitty anal Anonymous
May 04 16:33 Scat Unknown
May 04 12:56 Anonymous
May 04 10:47 Hat Kid farting or pooping or being gross
May 04 09:36 Cookie Run Omorashi Anonymous
May 02 19:09 tenuous oddity scat haski
May 01 18:09 Consipated Girl Fetish... New Version DoYouWannaBuildAPoopMan
Apr 30 19:54 what are some known artists, or artists that you know, does/did scat/efro art?
Apr 30 08:17 Desperate to Pee Anonymous
Apr 30 05:59 Image's source Anonymous
Apr 29 05:13 Milf Scat Dylan Golden Bell
Apr 29 04:37 Hentai Movies or Series which involve Females Pooping, Peeing and/or Farting
Apr 29 04:08 RR Rule 34 Scat Works (Mostly Western content!) RR
Apr 27 21:25 Omaru Anonymous
Apr 26 04:21 Peep Nin from mumu Freeshit
Apr 25 15:57 BKOB (bucket use)
Apr 23 12:38 Magical/teleportation bowel filling Anonymous
Apr 23 05:10 Anonymous
Apr 21 16:05 Farting
Apr 21 08:31 Fart scenes (mangá/anime/cartoon séries/comics) includes farting in defecation Fartgirl
Apr 20 07:11 M/M Gay Scat RP
Apr 20 03:09 Disney Scat Thread
Apr 19 12:07 Scat Lovers Discord Server Anonymous
Apr 19 02:45 Could somebody leak this?
Apr 19 02:03 Swallowing Large Amounts of Shit Princess Cake
Apr 16 10:19 Suzu No Oka Su
Apr 16 10:02 New scat cg
Apr 15 08:49 request please! Anonymous
Apr 13 19:47 What the Game? Game?
Apr 13 19:44 What the Game? Anonymous
Apr 12 00:46 Flens Verpa
Apr 11 19:31 Scat/Emeto/Omo Easter Eggs in Normal Media Flens Verpa
Apr 11 16:40 Vintage Pee Art Ensign Redshirt
Apr 09 19:13 Vintage Enema Art Ensign Redshirt
Apr 06 22:30 Does anyone have a copy of that "Shalah" thread?
Apr 05 15:54 Scat Channel and Group on Telegram Aurora
Apr 04 15:31 SonicScat SonicScatAnonymous
Mar 30 17:24 crotch has a new game coming out
Mar 24 13:32 Pissing on animals / insects
Mar 24 13:16 Pissing with mom!
Mar 16 22:06 Possible Piss Comic Ensign Redshirt
Mar 15 17:16 poop
Mar 14 04:07 tubes Anonymous
Mar 10 12:28 ....
Mar 02 20:49 Anonymous
Feb 27 04:52 Human centipede
Feb 27 02:57 Find image thread
Feb 21 19:21 Vomit Thread
Feb 18 18:39 Visible digestive system
Feb 09 17:55 Boy Scat/Farts
Jan 15 06:28 Group scat
Jan 12 16:20 Loli Toilet Thread
Jan 06 21:09 hyperscat bawko
Jan 03 16:51 Haisetsu Shoujo 12 is coming Anonymous
Dec 31 11:05 REMINDER Anonymous
Dec 13 07:29 Hyper scat roleplay
Dec 03 23:05 Forced Coprophagia Aggressive Zone
Oct 01 19:06 Western cartoon toilet thread
Oct 01 16:22 Eliminator Anonimo
Oct 01 05:02 Zoo scat/piss ( non anthro )
Sep 30 11:53 Transformations into poop / TFs with poop
Sep 28 05:21 Little Mantis/Kuloamaki FartLover
Sep 27 22:10 Panty-pooping/wetting ~ The re-bulging Orpheum
Sep 27 09:31 Hyperscat 2 Not So /B/
Sep 23 05:10 Anatomically-Correct Scat Anòn E. Müs
Sep 23 03:36 Diarrhea
Sep 22 06:48 scat game!!
Sep 19 14:41 Pissing with mom!
Sep 19 12:10 Furry Boy Scat/Farts
Sep 17 23:16 Vore Disposal
Sep 17 03:36 Scat Figurines Aggressive Zone
Sep 14 20:46 3D Modeling and Posing BenNovajk
Sep 04 16:31 Innocent Scat
Sep 03 10:07 HIRE A HACKER ANA
Aug 30 11:09 New Tokuda Shinnosuke tankoubon
Aug 25 19:17 Desperate Pants Pooping Accidents ~ Couldn't Make It Sydical
Aug 25 19:10 Accidents
Aug 25 19:06 FILLING Starryeyes
Aug 19 18:28 Just some stuff I did
Aug 17 06:07 Elf Girls
Aug 11 11:20 GOLD DUST series scat hentai
Aug 09 18:43 Anime/Cartoon/Hentai/Manga scenes contain girl fart or pooping
Aug 08 12:02 excretion of princess wearing chastity belt that grows Narii
Aug 05 18:00 Namiroji
Aug 04 06:26 your all-time favorite scat pic
Jul 31 18:09 Femdom scat sketch
Jul 31 00:27 "Classical" Japanese Art
Jul 27 13:26 Self shit eating
Jul 26 02:50 Forced/Non-Forced Human Toilet (Hetero, Maledom) ShittyAnnie
Jul 25 19:46 Anything like this ?
Jul 23 07:46 Toilet
Jul 22 04:52 Any Bloated Scat/Fart Hentai Pics?
Jul 10 05:03 POV scat/watersports/fart sly
Jul 03 09:07 Coprophagia/Shit eating
Jun 21 18:47 Puchimas scat
Jun 18 04:48 Brutal watersports
Jun 15 04:04 A game
Jun 13 10:01 Post your requests in /req/, not here.
Jun 12 05:44 Panty Poop Manga
Jun 11 23:21 Cosplay Victor Lim
Jun 11 08:57 Shitting during anal/Shitting On Dick ozura
Jun 09 04:50 Artist qiestions Confusedartist
Jun 09 04:38 Please use me like her
Jun 06 22:16 3d scat 3d scat "Boobs Saga"
Jun 04 08:10 Animated Gifs
May 31 04:12 request
May 29 09:45 Writing/caption
May 26 01:56 Jumpin' Jupiter Pooping/Toilet Art
May 21 17:33 Where is this from?
May 20 03:24 scat game
May 16 21:23 Girls pooping/farting before/when they are killed [Guro warning]
May 15 14:32 Pantypoop scenes showing the inside of the panties
Apr 23 22:36 Scat Covered
Apr 17 14:06 leg split ryona
Apr 07 04:39 School girls pooping That boy in serafuku

File: 1414470832878.jpg (123.77 KB, 845x1200, bookworm-scat-20.jpg)


Anything involving women shitting on a dick on during anal
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File: 1470786544418.png (416.39 KB, 849x1200, p20.png)



File: 1482354251565.png (516.91 KB, 1150x1449, tumblr_odlmge53us1vfxo2ao1….png)


File: 1484733496577.jpg (1.5 MB, 1045x1500, c6771b8b7df4e95363daba913f….jpg)


File: 1513800467911.jpg (1014.84 KB, 863x1200, 54012134_p1_master1200.jpg)


File: 1528707448026.jpg (122.45 KB, 973x700, coprophagia147893261_28-97….jpg)

File: 1528500479862.jpeg (44.8 KB, 635x833, AAEE026D-BFB8-4A76-9E10-3….jpeg)


Hi for this community. All characters are adults

I have SFW commissions for a very small price. but I wanna draw some NSFW and have questions

Is it legal to draw guru in the US?

What payment methods do u use?

Please tell me and I can give you a discount haha if it’s all good to go

Thank you very much


It's constitutionally legal. The highest kind of legal. Welcome to freedomville.

Most use PayPal as far as I know, but the smart money is in patreon.


Wrong board buckaroo

File: 1528239194108.jpg (12.65 KB, 197x256, images.jpg)


Im a 18 year old boy who wants to be kidnapped and raped.Im wanting to be kidnapped. Taken to a place where no one will find me and be turned into a sex slave/human toilet. Forced to be raped. Forced to eat scat. Forced to bathe in manure. Im looking for someone to do this to me.take me to a construction site or camp site porta potty, shove my body in the toilet/waste collection tank. use me as a toilet. tie me up. piss shit cum puke spit on me or in my mouth. have me wear a diaper. toss used diapers,condoms,tampons, and panty pads on me. let me eat the waste of many workers.i want to be tied up in a barn and forced to eat horse,dog and cow shit drink horse piss, and be raped by multiple horses,dogs and cows and have to lick there asses clean and be forced to lay in a slurry of poop. i need to be filled with dog shit while i get raped by a big dog dick.

Kik humant0ile7
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Why did you post this again?


Be safe out there, kid.


Please use me


Is there like, something you wanna talk about? Everything okay?


Im wanting to be turned into a human toilet. Forced to eat shit

File: 1528323346775.png (2.13 MB, 1920x1080, КАЛ-ГНОМ-БАБА.png)


Boobs Saga - is erotic game.
Check on Patreon and Steam.


File: 1528323405786.png (2.46 MB, 1920x1080, BS-2018-06-04-23-46-19-338.png)

Boobs Saga - is erotic game.
Check on Patreon and Steam.

File: 1501914575799.gif (1.1 MB, 540x713, 2e42c468fd8c403ebb207b2902….gif)


Any animated images?


Since you didnt define any kind of giv but scat relatet here you are.
sorry dunno how to copy. a give in here


File: 1502050551754.gif (7.13 MB, 360x360, 1tobgi.gif)



This shoud be in /fur/, though.


File: 1528099823426.gif (2.4 MB, 400x240, ezgif-3-a3584572a4.gif)

File: 1527538361504.png (124.19 KB, 226x400, 46_3_by_morbi7-d9jtkt3 (1).png)


draw masky from marble hornets on the toilet straining somebody please lol



/Req/ is THAT way!


>maybe if people would reply in /req/ they dont give a shit (no pun intended) about scat

File: 1466599707143.jpg (594.81 KB, 2010x600, The filling.jpg)


Post your writings, captions and writing suggestions here

Dumping some of my OC
Please critique!
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I have an idea for some writefaggotry. I wrote the emily post to sound semi-convincing to enhance the erotic factor. I want to keep doing more of those and develop what must laughably be called a plot, wherein the parallel narratives of my various efro queen OC's collide. But i dunno.


File: 1509187203934.jpg (810.9 KB, 830x1174, うんこサンタさん.jpg)

This Santa Claus, please.


Hi Guys,

I'm the guy who put together the comic using stolen pictures about Cara having a nature poop about a year ago. I'm getting excited about the new "Crotch" game so I made another: A girl ends up using the same spot as her friend for a camping poop. No sooner than she had finished passing her bowel movement onto the ground when she realizes she hadn't adhered to polite woodland defecation procedures :)


File: 1519392688985.png (1.04 MB, 1920x1080, Oops.png)

№21287 picture didn't attach.



File: 1511148263787.jpg (44.85 KB, 391x600, 1259033752918.jpg)


He was apparently one of the old timers (Waaaaaay back) who made great stuff. Does anyone have more of his work?
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File: 1527299633749.jpg (83.34 KB, 591x923, Queen_Brittanie.jpg)


File: 1527299665541.jpg (90.17 KB, 591x832, Daphnes_defecation.jpg)


File: 1527299692143.jpg (89.61 KB, 591x780, Debra_dropping_bombs.jpg)


File: 1527299737262.jpg (95.31 KB, 582x849, Patty_pinching_a_loaf.jpg)


File: 1527299764736.jpg (146.3 KB, 591x871, Pauline_plopping_away.jpg)

File: 1526909493988.jpg (337.95 KB, 1054x1500, 1485825164628.jpg)


I know this is from artist john k peta, but can't seem to find the whole comic. Anyone know the name?


It is not peta but fortunately, we even have it in English
(ABC5) [Finecraft69 (6ro-)] Mesucarade | Mascarade - Mature Slave Sow (Queen's Blade) [English] [Randy Rabbit]

File: 1506314821440.jpg (392.33 KB, 560x420, RJ200444_img_main.jpg)


Does anyone have it?


File: 1506314842129.jpg (523.03 KB, 800x600, RJ200444_img_smp1.jpg)


What is this from?

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