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No pissing, I think /g/ has a thread for that. It's pretty explanatory - I guess this /s/ is better for this.
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Source? Name of the manga/doujin?


there's a story posted on lit that has this theme: cute girls gruesomely dying, and with that farting and pooping. worth a read. >>>/lit/9225


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I LOVE that! Know of anything else like that??


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Do you know any doujins depicting pantypoop that at several panels shows the inside of the girl's panties getting filled with poop?
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Thanks for the share.

But I'm still trying to find more with panties.


If anyone knows other doujins similar to this one, please share




Beggars can't be choosers


Hey, it's a 4chan user

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Pics of Guys or girls completely covered in scat.

I like pooping and all, but just being totally covered is what I love
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Not much, but at least something.


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this one counts?


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can anyone recommend me some anime or hentai that has leg splitting ryona. some anime I can name

blood-c (pic related) youtu.be/wF-7x5op4iw?t=49
street fighter alpha: the animation youtu.be/dv0841cZNm8?t=31
devilman amon youtu.be/7ZzUbryuQE4?t=226

manga are fine too


fuck, mod please delete this. supposed to be in request.

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People doing gross stuff in a way that implies it is normal to do, in a context in which it would not be.
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Manga source?





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Post your favorite school girl pooping drawings here! Diarrhea is preferable.
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Damn, I remember that pic... I must have jerked off to it 100 times back on Aerisdies when I was like 14/15.

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