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You must murder a sleeping or unconscious girl without waking her up. How would you do it? How would you turn her peaceful slumber into a permanent one.

Post a picture of a sleeping/unconscious victim yourself too

For my picture, this unconscious girl is already being raped by stupid kids so you have to get rid of them first. How would you do it?


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An interesting job, kill my target while sleeping without being aware of anything, to be my first job are very surprised and pleased.

I approach the room without problems, to peek inside finding the beautiful blue-haired girl asleep, surrounded by three brats who are having fun with her.

I do not have the time nor the desire to wait until they have finished, I admit to being quite angry, I was hoping I could take my time alone with my target, the desire to break and shoot in the head in the third shits, is strong.

But I can control myself, and then even if only one of those three shouted, could wake up the girl, I take out of my pocket a small ball that contains a powerful colorless gas, which would lull the brats.

Too focused on the girl can roll the ball to the inside of the room, take my gun ... I know they are not original or elegant but the best and that a beginner like me can do, I mount the silencer and I cover my mouth and nose, would be ridiculous if I finished asleep because of my own toy.

It's been a minute.
I do not hear the most annoying sound of those three horny monkeys, I open the door gently, and immediately open the window to circulate new clean air.

They sleep, all four, although I am only interested in the blue-haired angel, three little kids do not interest me. Take off the left glove and touch her breasts, emits a little moan, would soon be over, lay my gun against his breast over the heart to push now, without firing, feel again her moans ... I press the trigger.

The body is arched almost instantly, then return relaxed, a trickle of blood coming out of her mouth, the kids did not notice anything ... I put the gun away, then with my right hand still wrapped in glove wipe its lips. I grab her chin and then kissed her through the cloth that covered my mouth. I would take her with me to remind me forever, the first job.

But it is not possible to take the ball still on the ground, do not leave traces of my passage disappearing as I arrived, while the project a way to take her body in the future.

UFFF! I hope you enjoyed>. <.
Now here's a girl who fell asleep on his desk for overwork, seeing how tired I think the case of prolonging his rest.


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Since she is sleeping so peacefully, i'll just stroke her hair and kiss her face gently like a father figure than i'll use a katana to quickly slice off her head. Allowing her to sleep forever peacefully.

Here is some random bitch who got drunk and passed out, trapped in heavy slumber.


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Walking into her room slowly I maker sure no one was around. I then get ready. With drawing from my pockets I take out long piece of strong cloth and wrap gently around her throat. Moving it in the perfect spot I left the woman off her bed went to her closet. Once she leaning against it I wrap the cloth around the closet door and let the cloth squeeze her main blood vessel.

It was quick death, she didn't even get the chance to wake up. Her face turned into a deep shade of red quickly and some drool came out the tip of her tongue came out between her soft lips. With her body no longer being controlled by her brain a small trace of urine left our sex and I smirk at her lightly.

I lean my tongue closet to hers and taste the string drool leaving it before I unzip my pants. I thrust in my cock into her lifeless body for hours before coming into her and leaving. After setting the crime scene. I make seem as if she killed herself after drunken night of sex. No one would be the wiser

Here are a pair of twins sleeping together in bed. Do as you please with them.


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Regarding the twins, I'd simply inject them with anti decomposition serum which is like a poison to living Humans. It causes them to spasm in their sleep before they go limp and die.

I then place the twins in various body poses and take pictures of them before I have sex with them and then make them into my love dolls.

Now then, here's a cute loli sleeping, make her sleep eternal.....


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With this cutie, I'd stroke her hair gently and pat her on the head before I had her breathe poisonous gas which causes her to quietly expire in her sleep.

Once she was dead, I'd take pics of her dead body from various distances and angles before I carried away her body and made her into a sex doll in eternal slumber.

Now then, here's Satoko from Higurashi having a nap, make her nap a permanent one!


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It started after I heard to teach the little lady a lesson after bullying one of her classmates. I broke into her home after she had long day and decided to take a snooze. With spear in hand I raised it high over my head before I impale it deep into her heart with one strong blow.

Instantly her body bucked up in reaction to the object piercing through her body before she completely went limp. I smirked at the poor girl a sick grin before I get started. After removing the spear from her chest, I unzip my pants exposing my limp erection.

I open her soft lips by moving them apart then push my cock in between them. With a moan or two I thrust in and out of her mouth which was still warm and moist from when she was alive. I only lasted a short time before cumming deep into her throat. After a few more rounds I take a short break and begin the set up.

Placing Satoko's limp body up near the tip of the spear which I embedded into the ground so that it's tip was point upward and exposed. When I had her over the edge and aimed her sex directly over the spear I start to slowly pull onto the spear.

It was struggle cause of all her organs blocking the way. With a little strength and some help from gravity I impaled Satoko upon the spear. Her guts and other inner piece tore apart by the head and ripped through her body. Her chest seemed to heave until the spear made it's way into her throat.

I leaned her head back and left mouth open and finally it came full out of her mouth. Soon a wave of blood mixed with the thick streams of cum I left upon her face after I came so many times by raping her wonderful little mouth. Once done I take a few pictures and send them to my employeer before leaving.

Satoko's body would be a harass reminded to anyone who tried to mess with miss Rika again at school and no one will be able to put a finger on here.


Winry fell asleep after hard days work at the metal shop. What do you do with her?



I will use a knife and chop off the three brats first than i would pull her panties down and lick her cunt. At the end i would shove the knife up her pussy and watch as the blood flows out.


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I would smell her bush of public hair and lick her cunt until its wet. Since she is completely drunk and out, i would unleash a swarm of rats and watch it strip her unconscious drunk body to the bones as she lay there completely defenseless.


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(In a moment of inspiration I try to answer, hoping that it would please everyone!)

I'm coming back from the campaign pastures, I had to kill a sick cow with cattle gun, a device that hits the front of the animal by drilling a hole on his head, touching his brain instantly killing.

a short-range weapon, practically has to be put on the forehead of the individual.

While returning to the van, he noticed a girl lying on the grass, has the strange green hair and a beautiful white dress, it is not a local, I get close to her, covering it with my shadow.

A beautiful piece for my collection, and then I'm curious, normally choke or for injection into the bodies of the girls a bit of poison, it works well but I have nothing that is only the gun with which I killed the cow.

I sit astride on her, without putting weight on her to not wake her, gently stroked her cheek and move a tuft of hair, placing the device on the front of her, a slight groan of protest. Probably for the temperature difference.

I wonder if it would work.

We press the trigger spring penetrates the skull of the girl doing a small hole reaching the brain of her, a spasm, arches her back a second, as a unique and intensive shock.

Now knoll my weight on his legs, and lay my head on her chest. anything. I hear lr pulsations. anything. ok, and the little one died, to really worked, I'm excited and amazed at the same time, I thought that she would wake up screaming and I should wringing her neck like a chicken.

I lie s kissing her gently to switch to hit the language into something more passionate.

I get up and put the atrzzatura in the trunk then I come from my new toy, before I take kindly shoulders then the legs and raise resting her even in the trunk.

did this I come home once the only port in the back room of my apartment where I inject my trusty anti decomposition serum. I played this game with her as if she were my doll putting on a little maid outfit, black and white.

Then the hill on a sofa along with 3 other girls, I promise them that I will return soon to play with all of them.


I'm not a fan of loly , but I wanted to try something different !

Find this sweetness in your home , you do not know her . it is deeply sleeping in your bed , please make your move ^^


File: 1468835769404.jpg (180.71 KB, 1022x1000, Chisato looks pure asleep.jpg)


/OOC: I like what you did with the green haired loli, good work/

I'd take a pillow and smother the girl in my bed to death and once she was dead, I'd open her eyes to make her look alive but in a trance and feel her up and grope her breasts before I strip her nude and caress, kiss and licks her various body parts. Then I'd have sex with her corpse and mimic her voice to pretend that she's alive and afterwards, I'd inject her with my trusty anti-decomposition serum and then bathe and dry her before I dressed her in a sexy nightgown and slept with her.

Now then, here's Chisato from Love, Elections and Chocolate sleeping peacefully. Make sure she never wakes up and do what you want to her corpse afterwards.....


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/thank you so much! I try to do my best ^^ /

(I documented, I hope not to write crap)

So lovely and a bit of time to study the habits of Chisato, and his tastes especially in music, in fact, from the day of the green-haired girl I wanted to experience some things that have always intrigued me.

But it's true? I'll find out soon, I drugged the girl's drink so deeply asleep allowing me to take my time to do the test.

That day there was nobody pratiamente to school then I would have been easy to act undisturbed, Chisato falls asleep on a chair, with his head resting on his desk.

I lift the leggemente head, kissing her on the lips in a chaste way. no language for now, although his neck makes me mad, so I bite him gently a second pressing the vein for a moment, The Chisato facial expression changes during the act ... maybe another time.

the settle Carefully school uniform and do some photos, made this roll out a cell phone that I bought aposta a model a bit heavy. or loaded on it the favorite songs of her and I mount the earphones.

Gently I put my ear to the girl, the music volume and the 60 HRZ. enough to be heard, but light enough not to bother you, then do the thread several times around the neck of her then riapoggiare her head on the desk.

Leaving the phone work as a weight that would slowly close the thread around the neck of Chisato squeezing until it slowly sofocare.

asleep as it was not you would notice a thing ... then I let the girl enjoy the music that would lead to its sweet repose. Meanwhile I prepare the box and the car to transport it to my house without causing any suspicion.

It takes me a few hours when I Chisato in your face contract slightly due to the lack of oxygen, checking his vital signs, nothing, go to the sound of music, it's not a bad end.

I take the phone and headphones gently taking away from her neck, then I lift her and put it in the box that I prepared especially for transportation, so I put the box on the machine and go back home.

then finally I lead Chisato in its new home, pulled out of the uncomfortable box in which she had been forced to stay in a fetal position, the hill on the bed of my room of stripping collections slowly from his school uniform, enjoying every second when I caress and touch her body, her breasts, her legs, her lips kiss several times.

Stripped from his uniform stopgap and put in the wardrobe for a change of clothes for her. I am going to use my trusty anti decomposition serum to keep it beautiful over time.

Finally I take off and put on top of her having sex with her several times before with her lying on her back, then on his belly, he stroked her long hair often or always loved long hair, kiss gently bite several times on the neck and breasts of her but without leaving a mark.

Did this carefully wash his body and wipe his body then fitted with care the hair and finally, I put on a simple white nightgown, but on her to look flawless, and I apply a little of trick to give Chisato impeccable and fresh air and then place it on the bed as if he were asleep, and later will be a real pleasure for me to sleep with her.

sorry if I always lose in the long details XD

I had in mind to offer something different, but I can not find the image but it still a valid substitute ^^

Kyoko found asleep in a hotel room , exhausted after the fighting is now lying fast asleep . Make your move ^^


File: 1468921505488.jpg (312.37 KB, 729x595, 1417283668181.jpg)


/OOC: I liked what you did with Chisato, I'd have done something fairly similar to what you did in my fantasy. What's your e-mail? We should chat or at least e-mail each other./

With Kyouko, I'd gently strip her down to her bra and panties while lovingly caressing her feet, legs and ass. I'd then pose her to make it look like she's sunbathing and next, I'd lovingly caress and massage her toes, feet, legs, ass, back, arms, shoulders and neck which causes her to softly moan in pleasure while she sleeps.

Finally, I'd bring out a poisonous snake and have it slither onto Kyouko's sleeping form which causes her to moan softly again. Eventually, the snake bites her on the back of the neck and after a few moments of convulsing in her sleep, she dies and her slumber becomes eternal.

I'd then put the snake back in my bag and redress Kyouko /including her boots/ before injecting her with my anti-decomposition serum and then carrying her out of the hotel room and place her in the front passenger's seat of my car with her legs crossed and drive off to my place.

Once there, I bridal carry her inside and place her on my bed and make love to Kyouko's body. I then bathe and dry her before dressing Kyouko in the school uniform from Madoka Magica, place her in a casket with a bed of flowers in it and put her hands in a sleeping beauty pose and make a shrine of Kyouko with her dead body as the centrepiece.

Now then, here's a cute girl whose fallen asleep while reading a book, make sure her slumber becomes eternal.


/with pleasure! my meil is

then I answer you , now I'm going to eat was just to give you the miel now /


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/ I know that and a little more violent than usual but the one I'm using, and one of my favorite modes wanted to see how he came to write I /

I get close to her, gently taking them off the book from her arms, a slight noise of the girl, but I can in my purpose I look at the title, good read, hill ground the book.

I have with me a bag at the time void that I already know with what to fill.

I look at the adorable girl in front of me well covered, which allows me to fantasize about its forms, I lay my hand on his forehead and gently bring it down by following the features of the face, touching the lips, and then down along the neck up indoor breast from the clothes, I still bring down your hand along the belly up to the intimate parts where I press a little stronger which makes lament the sleeping girl.

I put the girl in a sitting position and sit difianco me to her doing appogiare his head near my shoulder, acarezzo several times his cheek with one hand while with the other slacio his pants and pulled out my cock.
I bring her hand near my cock of her fingers move from sleeping, moving away from the unknown object.

I rest my hand on my cock, in the end, the port arms gently between her neck locking it in a vise to hold her little early just to make her feel the pressure, her response does little moans while her body is stiffens in a futile attempt to escape while he is still asleep, of her fingers close a little touching and at times a little tightening.

faster increase in the prsione on the left side, she bocheggia and winces as his hand tightens strong feeling his strength that makes me a boner. then a firm, quick motion broke her neck, the body emits a strong spasm and feel clearly the last close of her on my fucking life, before his whole body relax.

I open my eyes and I start taking pictures of her and me then I'll put safe, her eyes still react well to light so it might almost seem to be alive.

play a bit with her making her take various position but in the end I close his eyes again inietandole the trusty anti decomposition serum.

Did this I let his body in the bag and then inside metteri also the book he was reading.

And a little dificoltoso return home with hard cock, but eventually arrive at their destination.

Do not waste time, I'll go to my room, waving to the other pieces of my coin collection and presenting to them the newcomer by gently pulling it out of the bag, his head dangling from the side where the neck and a bit of drool was broken only now known that He comes from the mouth. with a handkerchief to wipe her face gently and then strip it of her dress.

A company that forces me to use scissors at the end, unfortunately, but in the end I can find the treasure that the suit covered. afatto nothing bad I dare say, I can not resist so I'll get right over sex with her, entering them on the floor with passion within her as she kissed her over and over again.

I finished and satisfied my needs I throw away what is left of her dress and then wash it carefully. I dress with a white summer dress that hints at the sides and the neckline of her putting them on the head a straw hat then I rest the back of a nearby side of the bed and put the book open on his legs, so asleep in front of the what she liked to do although most will not be able to read will be a pleasure for me to read while I play with her.

you went to a dress elegant ball and you're one of the last to leave, but as you do you notice a beautiful girl sleeping on the couch , you saw dancing all night and fantasized many times about her. like you she is an invited but apparently no one is claiming this and an opportunity to take her away and do what you want


File: 1468942917132.jpg (242.38 KB, 800x600, 20150114d1026.jpg)


I'll push up her dress and pull down her panties before i lick and eat her out. Then i'll cum on her and finally i'll take out a sword to chop her head out.

Here is a girl thats been drugged and won't be waking up anytime soon. What would you do to her?


File: 1468982582303.jpg (61.59 KB, 434x600, Yuki Nagato.jpg)


I gently scoop up the sleeping girl and bridal carry her to my waiting carriage and sit her next to me right before the carriage drives off. Once we've arrived at my mansion, I bridal carry the sleeping girl into my bedroom and lay her on my bed and caress her hair and face before I french kiss her.

I then take off her hat, dress and shoes which leaves her clad in a fancy white camisole, matching white panties and her white stockings. I then lovingly caress her stocking covered legs and feet before I peel them off leaving them bare and then I caress, kiss, massage and lick her bare legs and feet. Next, I sit her up and slide off her camisole and panties leaving her nude.

Now that she's nude, I massage her back, shoulders, neck and arms before I lift up each of her arms and kiss and lick her armpits. I then lay her down and grope, kiss and lick her breasts and belly before I do the same to her cute butt. Finally, I have sex with her sleeping form and she moans cutely in her sleep as I take away her virginity.

Now that I'm finished having sex with her, I inject my trusty anti-decomposition serum into her which doubles as a poison for living beings. She convulses in her sleeps for 30 seconds before she goes limp. I then bathe and dry her off before I dress her in a frilly red nightgown and sleep with her in my bed. From now on, she's my wife in eternal slumber who I'll cherish forever......

Now then, here's Yuki Nagato from MOHS. Make her slumber eternal.


File: 1468993555139.jpg (243.84 KB, 640x480, __hazuki_chika_and_tachiba….jpg)


/ You drive me crazy with your answers! (In the good way of course) even hand me your meil when you can. that in case guro chan went in maintenance or other we could keep in touch /

I never expected to find someone in the old building of the school, I am definitely surprised, they told me I could take and take away the old books seen my reborn passion for reading then find this too pleasant surprise makes me happy.

It is already the second beauty that books allow me to meet, I lean on Yuki and stroked her hair making her crouch a little about herself.

Or a series of boxes in June that I fill with books every time I pass near Yuki I can not but admire her body.
In the end there are only two things to take away the girl and the book close to her.

I move the girl on his back gently, seems to be very sensitive, in fact my every touch makes changing his expression and emmetere some groan, he does really careful not to wake her.

But gently caress the same scolperte parts of her for first, starting from the hands and arms, then the thighs moving up to the seat. It emits some moaning while her cheeks redden slightly.

The caress neck, making them lead a smile, I must have done tickled, but I still daring to kiss her, I am surprised to see her respond slowly, probably is dreaming something similar to what I'm doing.

I do not want to risk waking her face this time it on his stomach, lifting her skirt and injected my trusty anti serum decomposition in her ass.

Emits a start, but still sleeping, while her body and covered from regular spasms while I await hug bringing her head on my chest while I stroke his head, has a serene expression in spite of everything, but in the end the body relaxes , checking vital signs, well, good night Yuki.

I can not wait until the house, the hill gently in face down, then raise them her ass while I pull down my pants and her panties, i does not hesitate even a moment starting to have sex with her on the spot.
I did this I bend over her, caressing her neck and kissing her.

The clean up to now with a silk handkerchief which then keep as a souvenir, put them back panties and then I lift the bridal pose recovering also the last book.

He arrived in the hill sleeve on the bed of books and then I head to your destination.

For now I harbor only Yuki in my games room, where the bare without delay, and After washing her I put a nice beach outfit that showcases the abdomen of the girl that I stop to kiss passionately.

SUPPORT OF the girl close to another of my dolls, but not a case I choose a girl dressed in a similar way with a book on his lap. Yuki knoll beside resting her head on the shoulder of the other as if they were sleeping together. After fixing my new collection I'll sit next to them and I'll put me to read

While doing a round of safety in a school that is to be demolished in a few days , in one of the rooms you can find a young woman and a cute loli .

They sleep a difianco the other probably a student and his teacher, what will you do with these lovely creatures?



My e-mail address is


File: 1469057412079.jpg (180.05 KB, 640x480, 1419896943446.jpg)


Smiling, I go up and gently stroke their cute faces and caress their lovely hair. I then turn the teacher onto her back and lovingly caress her stocking covered legs and feet before I gently peel them off and caress, massage, kiss and lick her now bare legs and feet. I then slide off her panties and grope her lovely ass before I make love to her. While she sleeps, she softly moans and cries out in sheer pleasure when I make her into a woman. I then slip her panties and stockings back on and smother her to death with a pillow.

I then turn my attention to the loli and I intimately caress her cute set of legs and grope her cute butt through her panties. I then lay her on her back and take her hand and use it to masturbate with. I imagine the loli smiling at me and saying how she wants to to make me feel good which turns me on. Before I cum, I turn in the other direction away from her and the teacher and let out a torrent of cum. Once I've stopped cumming, I clean up myself and use the loli's hands to draw some pictures with crayons which makes me smile. Opting to save my deeper sexual desires for the loli for later on, I have her drink some poisoned water which causes her to convulse in her sleep before she goes limp.

I then pose the teacher and loli in a series of lovely poses together and apart. Then here's the surprise, I inject them with a "restore life" serum which causes them to come back to life. Since they're my wife and daughter /adopted/, they're happy to see me as we'd planned this whole event out for some fun. We then clean up the stuff in the room and leave to go get something to eat and then have fun at an amusement park before we go home and have some more intimate "fun".....

Now then, here's a beautiful woman laid out unconscious, make sure she never wakes up.

/OOC: Sorry but I couldn't kill the teacher and loli permanently, they were just too cute. Anyhow, I like what you did to Yuki. She's an angel who I fantasize about a lot...../


File: 1469073968055.jpg (94.04 KB, 850x622, __ashikaga_chachamaru_souk….jpg)


/ Fine with me ^^ I mostly love the scenes of this kind, limb play, and women asleep, then patterned on the post mortem have an extra ^^. if you can think of particular things do not hesitate I am always very curious to leggere./

P.S. I love the girl you brought! They'll try to invent something special for her.

The alert in the building caused a bit of panic for everyone, a principle a fire they told me, fortunately far from the section where I work, but for safety reasons and must still leave the building.

As you walk the corridors I discover a beautiful woman lying on the ground unconscious. who knows what and sucess in the general panic must have hit my head, I know it even if only by sight, only a few courtesy greeting I never talked seriously, but do not deny that many times I have had fantasies about her.

My mind wanders for a moment, to satisfy my fantasies, abandon you my instincts, but it's too close to my ordinary life, I can not, sadly sigh, I take the bag her and with a bit of effort to me in the shoulder load , the press of her breasts on my back makes me as hard as a knife.

I headed to my car and quickly load my colleague on the front passenger's seat, several times I have to stop my hand, limiting myself to the allaciare her belt and then move away from the building.

I can not take her to my house that I already know the situation I get out of hand, do not do things in the car with them such a beautiful woman sends me you crazy. I rummage in her personal efects discovering where he lives is the'll bring her home and is over them and then is closest too.

A modest-sized house on two floors the neighborhood and practically deserted, and then when I'm not doing anything wrong. the load back on his shoulders again feeling the pleasant sensation of surprise mixed effort.

Later, a fairly common apartment, the hill on the couch and then I try pen and paper to write a note before calling the ambulance, but here's the surprise them of the day. I find the photos that portray her body with costumes with the poses the most unique and exciting.

Then comes me the doubt and think as if you were in my house. and I am right. I find his rec room, I would not have ever expected, there are no "dolls" but many styling tools and a supply of "serum of life" to come back to life. watching some videos and pictures I discover that she likes to die and try ecitazione in place.

To this I discover that the beast wakes up is inevitable, I run on almost stumbling finding yet fully asleep.

Glad not to have missed the opportunity I approach her and bend down before I start to play with her breasts, touching them with your fingers and giving them gently tap to make it move and began to kiss her passionately. It takes the stage with one of his cameras while the bare revealing its stylish intimate as provocative.

I start gently fingering her, making her moan with pleasure several times, only to have sex with her by putting a lot of emphasis on massagiarle neck and breasts in place sleeps all the time then pulsco our respective bodies and smile to the camera.

The nose cap so that it is forced to breathe through her mouth, then I cover her mouth with my kissing her, a long kiss of death her body to some involuntary reaction to the lack of oxygen but eventually collapses without strength .

Cut to our lips noticing a bit of drool, wipe my mouth sweet about her that reminds me of strawberry taste like then. I used take her in marriage pose i and go down in his secret room them to play with her, dancing and pretending to take the tè with her, there are not costumes for me but for you I can give space to my fantasies.

At the end use the serum that I found on her, I came many times the desire to bring it to me, but where can I find a kindred soul like her.

The serum that she uses a delayed effect to afford to kill herself and come back to life from time to time, while I wait I'm lying on the couch, with her lying on me a fondles herself the hair with the other hand I read a book, you Wake shortly after.

the beginning is agitated and I also pulls few punches in my ribs but in the end I can calm her down and explain it, since that day we help each other to satisfy our appetites, even if in the the work we pretend not to know each other, I needed just a patner for share a hobby.


/ Hope They still Both of Your liking ^^ /

A thief to try to get into your house but your loyal bodyguards managed to neutralizarla .

The lead from you and take leave allowing you to do what you want with her.


File: 1469578251701.jpg (60.89 KB, 728x409, 6148_3.jpg)


I take a number of pics of her in various poses from various distances from different angles. I then intimately caress her hair, face and ears before I grope her lush breasts through her top. Next, I caress her stocking covered legs and remove her black boots before I lovingly caress and massage her stocking covered feet. I then gently peel off her black stockings which exposes her bare legs and feet both of which I intimately caress, massage, kiss and lick all of which causes her to moan cutely in her sleep.

Next, I unfasten and pull down her shorts which exposes her black panties. After I unfasten and slide off her shirt and gloves, I take pics of her again in her lingerie which I find arousing. I then slide off her bra and panties which leaves her naked and after taking some more pics, I have my way with her lush body and finally have full blown sex with her which causes her to moan loudly in her sleep. After I'm done, I bridal carry her to a large bathtub and I restrain her so she can't move before I quietly drown her in the tub.

Afterwards, I intimately bathe and dry her off before I dress her in fancy black undergarments, black stockings, a short sleeved black dress with a short skirt and matching black boots and use a special potion to bring her back to life without her memories and a childlike mind with a mischievous personality who loves me with all of her heart and she becomes my mistress.

Now then, here's Taiga from Fate Stay Night sleeping, make sure that she never wakes up.


File: 1469680363151.jpg (116.13 KB, 800x1062, __ram_and_rem_re_zero_kara….jpg)


I was sent to supervise Emiya Shirou, monitor another man, A dull and unexciting task. but I have to obey so I enter the house where i do not find anyone or so I think.

In fact as soon as I set foot in the dojo known a woman lying on her side, i read her file, Taiga a human teacher. is pleasantly sleeping, a lot of beautiful women, girls and loli gather around this guy must explain how it goes.

Here is the problem of Misione could do a spell under the nose of Emiya and not notice anything. but The magicians who help him, yes. that's when my eyes look back on the sleeping woman and a dark thought materializes in my mind. Should I have all day so I have a lot of time. I approach Taiga, is dressed in a shirt with black and yellow stripes, and a black dress, her feet are bare.

I bent over her, stroked her neck making her a little tickle on that draws a smile. but it does not wake up it seems that I will be able entertain me with her. The ride back and start to massage her body through clothing on the breast and her legs. Then I begin to undress her clothes revealing the intimate blue fantasy, the touch the take off my bra and panties and began to make love to her.

she moans, and sometimes by some movement in his sleep touches my back, many times my face ends between her breasts, and most times i kiss her, has a atletic body amazes me that does not teach gym, I do not lose any more time, the whisper ear to the sweet things and then tell her that will not hear anything.

hill my hands on her breasts covering them entirely. I invoke the spell a powerful download electricity part from my hands straight on the woman's chest jumps emitting a groan for the air leaves the lungs, a bit of drool from her mouth.

stretch your hands on the face by opening the eyes, lifeless! perfect cleaning them gently caress the mouth, before i start with my plan I decided to play with her. I create clothes for Taiga. a robe sneakers, white T-shirt and blue tight shorts.

I put the intimate then the clothes and began to take pictures of his body while I do streccing as if preparing for a race several times my hand falls on her ass now made particularly hard by shorts. at the end dpo she enjoyed with her I put the finger on the source, not only bringing it back to life, but subjecting it to me.

Taiga moves like a doll to my commands telling me the things I want to know and doing what I ask, her and I, we move and we make love one more time in the bathtub while brushing. the fact that she dries my body and I dry her. Snap my fingers in the eyes of her trance close and falls on my chest.

her Do not remind anything of this experience, but every time Taiga will hear my particular command is going to fall into a trance and will be completely at my command. One day perhaps they will deliver, or I will kill her again and going to take away the body to cover my tracks. but until then it will be my trusty spy and at the same time an instrument of pleasure.

Here's to you and Ram Rem twins, of Re: zero.

These two are Maid in your home and in your addictions. but discover to sleep neglecting the other so their duties. If they are so tired and perhaps the case to make her sleep forever.



I gently caress and massage their stocking covered legs and feet while they sleep which causes them to moan in pleasure while they sleep. I then grope their body parts while they sleep and then I intimately caress and massage their necks, backs and shoulders before I kiss up and down their necks.

I then smother each of them with a pillow while they sleep and once they're dead, I ever so lovingly strip the two maids nude and have sex with them and even pose them in various sexual positions both apart and together. I then inject my anti-decomposition serum into them, bath and dry them and finally, dress them up in lovely but revealing dresses and keep them as love dolls.

Now then, here's Mako /the girl with long black hair/ sleeping peacefully. Make sure her peaceful sleep is eternal!



Sorry, the image didn't download with my post.



File: 1470837924596.jpg (33.27 KB, 640x480, Ikuko's sexy unconscious.jpg)


Since my image of Mako won't appear, I'll provide a different victim....

Here's Usagi's mom Ikuko from Sailor Moon unconscious. Be sure that she never wakes up.


File: 1471100151266.jpg (46.8 KB, 644x666, __barnette_orangello_and_j….jpg)


// I played in one of the hypothetical bad , I hope you enjoyed all ^^ /

The gueriere Seilor will not come to interrupt me today. I created a diversion that takes committed. I was certain that she had what I was looking for but unfortunately it is not. The upper floors will want my head, perhaps, the case of no return and disappear. while I go I look for better sleeping woman tied to the upright table.

really a human lovely, take the chin with one hand lifting it slightly and then kiss it penetrates my tongue into her mouth, feeling the taste, while she opposes faintly in his sleep.

I decide to have my consolation prize, then tear the clothes leaving only roofs lean quickly with underwear, a black lace regiseno elephant with matching panties, which he intended to make someone happy this evening? They caress and kiss the abdomen and then touch the hips and legs while my head is raised intentionally bumping her breasts and then once again kiss her

In all this my doing, she moans softly and then imagining that my attention the continuous like them to move my hands to the arms of her dinuosa accarezando and tightening the manicured hands, I imagine her moans are an invitation to then continue to pricedo undress completely, but this time try the bra and panties for me putting it aside.

I do not waste any more time and undid my pants penetrating her body while my hands grip the tonic ass woman, eagerly pushing the woman moans while I Permanent or with pleasure for a long time but I do not come in on the body, I detach myself a bit prior to that point one of my nails are longer, thinner but altrattento long and tough the point in the middle of a small woman's breast pressure it allows me to reach the heart. her face assumed a pained expression beginning to sweat as the magic inietate toxins are directly in the heart. some short spasm and then the face and body relax completely.

I pull out the nail that leaves no visible sign in his body, and then take the underwear of her and with a wave of his hand free it from the table. I grab her body before it falls and the shadows envelop us making us both disappear.

I'm lying on a pile of pillows under what looks like a tent, floor and adorned with carpets, the room there are all the amenities that I need. I'm lying comfortably witnessing through a crystal ball the warrior Seilor massacring my previous companions. Meanwhile, a beautiful long-haired woman dressed only in a white apron lying by my side. a doll to pass the time pleasantly at my command she opens her eyes hollow and lifeless and lack of will . He is sitting on me kissing me shortly after . his body nice gide over time and will develop a personality serviceable to his master . whisper in the ears that soon going to take to her new companions with whom we could entertain . at that moment the kiss and I have sex with her for the umpteenth time .


During the evening your guards ( or yourself) you are able to discover these two spies . Now they are both fast asleep in a room waiting for you to decide what you will of them


File: 1473081494911.jpg (438.67 KB, 800x800, __tenshi_angel_beats_drawn….jpg)

seeing in difficulty setting with two lights I decided to offer you something else . We found this adorable loly nurse pleasantly adormentata you make her rest is eternal


File: 1513511616588.jpg (163.48 KB, 800x557, Triela's lovely sleeping.jpg)


Smiling, I gently caress the cute nurse's face and long light hair before I intimately caress her cute pair of legs and shoes. I then inject her with a poison that'll kill her within minutes so I act fast and unbutton her nurse outfit exposing her bra and panties.

I then kiss and lick her belly button causing her to moan in her sleep. Next, I pull down her panties and ease my cock into her virgin pussy and pump into her dying body while getting on top of her and holding her hands. I pump into her while we both moan in pleasure and finally, I scream loudly as I cum into her while she does the same and then she goes limp as her body couldn't take both being pleasured AND the poison.

Afterwards, I redress the nurse and bridal carry away to be my love doll.

Now then, here's Triela from Gunslinger Girl fast asleep having been knocked out by sleeping glass. Make sure that she never wakes up!


File: 1516219457582.png (545.54 KB, 1280x720, c7522adf81abb29142cda9b08d….png)

I first take a good look at her exposed ass and rub her legs. Taking off her shoes and socks, I massage her feet a bit, rubbing my penis to get it prepared. I prop her on her back and take off her cardigan sweater.

She looked so cute that I had to peak at her pussy. I pulled her panties aside and licked it. I could hear her moans of pleasure. I couldn't handle it. I took off my pants and had sex with her, pressing her head against the floor.

I pounded her as she continued to moan. I soon lost myself in the ecstasy and soon I pressed her too hard against the floor, breaking her neck and killing her. Her body twitched a bit, making me cum inside her. I had her flop to the floor, almost in the exact same way she was sleeping except without her cardigan and with an exposed, cum-filled pussy.

I dropped a rose by her hand and ran away from the scene. Seems my work is done.

You enter a lodge and find this girl sleeping, having passed out from masturbating. You could smell her sweat and cum. What do you do?


File: 1516600968456.png (400.93 KB, 853x1175, 999046__questionable_artis….png)

I'll bump this by adding in another sleeping girl to give potential writers some options.

You find this beauty sleeping in your apartment.

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