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Anyone here? Girl here .
You start ?


Well, for starters, could use some more details on just what it is you want.

I'm assuming you want a yuri role-play involving one of the participants stabbing the other in the gut, but are there any other details you have in mind?


For example: Do you want to be the one doing the stabbing, or the one being stabbed? Do you want there to be some generic lovemaking first, so the victim lets their guard down? And what happens afterwards? Is that the only injury inflicted, so the victim bleeds to death? Or are more injuries inflicted? Lastly, what should be the location for the scene?

I can likely set up a premise once I have those details.


*stabs the thread in the belly*


I'll be the stabber , Lets go with that , Injury will depend :) Lovemaking first then, Location a locked room.


I'll be the stabber , Lets go with that , Injury will depend :) Lovemaking first then, Location a locked room.


that okay?


Sure, that could work. :)

Give me a bit while I think of a scenario. :D


File: 1417455515535.jpg (263.65 KB, 664x900, Yuru.Yuri.full.1593902.jpg)

I'll be the stabber, hmm , it would be a lovemaking scene , injuries will depend , setting . . inside a locked room


Sorry haha im lagging :) didnt know i was sending multiple messages


(No worries. :D

And I have a scenario in mind. I'll start it up, and you can name and describe your character when you reply.)

Mai smiled as she was let into the apartment belonging to her companion. The redhead had met the other woman in a nearby bar, and they'd hit it off rather well while sharing drinks, to the point where Mai had been invited to the other woman's apartment, which Mai had graciously accepted.

The five-foot-four-inch tall woman with slender figure and DD-Cup Bosom headed further into the apartment, her azure eyes taking in as many details as she could. "Nice place you have here," she said to her companion, her words slurring slightly from the alcohol in her system.

(That an alright scenario? Again, I'll let you describe and name the character you'll be using.)


Yuka, upon reaching her apartment, offers Mai a hot glass of water to remove the alcohols influence on her or so to wake her up.
" Here drink up, it will help " . . Yuka smiled

Yuka wore a grey minidress that shaped her fine figure , she was a bit of a flat chested. Her eyes were slightly red fading in black.


"Thanks," Mai replied, accepting the cup and drinking from it.

Slightly more awake and alert, she looked over at Yuka again. "Thanks for inviting me over for the night," she said. "Don't think I could have made it home on my own in the shape I was in."


" Hey dont worry about it , anything for a friend " Yuka replied in a sweet tone.

" Hey lets go in my room, so you can get a rest" She said in a sincere manner. Yuka holds Mai's hand and somehow insists.

Mai then suddenly feels a certain attraction with Yuka.


Mai relented after a while, letting Yuka bring her into her room, not noticing as Yuka locked the door behind them.

"Yuka..." she began, hesitantly. "I..."

Rather than say any more, Mai pulled Yuka close to her, claiming the other woman's lips with her own.


Yuka's face suddenly turned red, as to being satisfied. Yuka knew this would happen all along. She pulls Mai closer to her, their bodies touch together.
Yuka starts to lower Mai's skirt and underwear. . exposing the lower part of her belly. Without hesitation, she touches Mai's lower belly.


Mai barely noticed her skirt and underwear being removed, thanks to the kiss, but moaned into said kiss as Yuka's hand made contact with her abdomen. As she continued embracing Yuka with her left arm, her right reached down to guide Yuka's hand to her pussy.


Yuka suddenly brings Mai to the wall. She puts her right leg between Mai's legs. She hugs Yuka tightly, and started to slowly rub her leg between Mai as she kisses her. Yuka pushes her right leg towards Mai harder, and continues her action.


Mai moaned and gasped into the kiss, her pleasure rising quickly as heat built up in her crotch, a coil beginning to build down there, as well. She was glad that Yuka had pushed her against a wall - with the way her legs were beginning to wobble from Yuka's ministrations, Mai doubted she would be able to stand without support for much longer.

"Yuka..." Mai moaned as their lips parted. "It feels so good~..."


" Mai , . . please .. moan for me .. " Yuka whispered as
she slowly grabs the knife that was hidden behind her back. The knife was 8 inches long. Yuka continues to rub her leg between Mai's legs putting more pressure. Yuka delivers a very strong pressure between Mai's legs. Mai reaches her point,she feels a sharp pain just below her navel. Yuka continues to bring the strong pressure between Mai's legs.


Mai continued to moan in pleasure as Yuka's knee drove deeper, before it turned into a scream as she climaxed, her juices pouring over Yuka's leg.

Her scream then turned pained as she felt something penetrate her body, causing her to look down to see the knife penetrating her navel, blood beginning to drip from the wound. She looked back up, staring confusedly into Yuka's eyes. "Yuka..." she began, moaning in pain, "...why...?"


" a girls body . . is so fragile isnt it. , Mai " ..
Yuka said as she puts Mai's head on her shoulder.
She pushes Mai to the wall still putting pressure between her legs, pushing. As she thrusts the knife deep into Mai's navel. Mai's condition begins to satisfy Yuka. She moans as she feels Mai's legs rubbing against her legs aswell. The knife went through Mai's insides and the tip of the knife reaches her back.


Mai continued to moan in pain as the knife pushed deeper into her body. Part of her wanted to resist, to fight back, but the continued stimulation she was feeling as Yuka continued to shove her knee against Mai's pussy and clit meant that she couldn't.

Mai let out another scream as the tip of the knife exited her back, surprisingly having missed her spinal cord, but for some reason, the pain and the pleasure were beginning to mix in her mind. "Yuka..." she moaned out.


Yuka smiles at Mai, as she slowly pulls out the blade from her navel. As the blade gushed out, Mai was trembling in both satisfaction and pain.
" Cum some more . ." Yuka pushed her legs to Mai's pussy and rubs it, forcing her to cum.
" Give in to the feeling , Mai " . .
Mai was slowly falling , her knees shaking.


Mai came once again, her juices flooding from her pussy even as her blood poured out of the wound. She slowly slid down the wall as her knees buckled, a trail of blood appearing from where the wound on her back was pressed up against it.

As Mai butt touched the floor, she continued to moan in both pain and pleasure as Yuka continued grinding her knee into Mai's pussy.


Yuka halts her action. Her face was filled with satisfaction. She unbuttons her dress and proceeds to lowering her underwear revealing her own lower abdomen, as she moves closer to Mai, she came easily, moaning.
Yuka touches Mai's womb, and presses on it, as Mai came again.
at a sudden, Yuka thrusts the knife in Mai's soft womb, going through her insides.


Mai screamed once more as her womb was pierced, the pain coming together with a pleasure that gave her yet another orgasm, blood flowing from her pussy and mixing with her juices.

She looked at Yuka, and noticed she had exposed her own lower abdomen. She reached out with one hand to brush her fingers along Yuka's slit.


Mai's ring scratches along Yuka's lower abdomen. Yuka flinches in pain, she holds her abdomen with her left hand.
" Give in already. .! " . .said Yuka, with her right hand, she delivers a hard thrust into Mai's womb, the knife sinks in deeper. Yuka kisses Mai for the last time. Mai tries to fight Yuka, her legs were moving as she jolts in pain. Yuka had delivered a fatal blow in the critical part of Mai's body. Mai gave in, she came once again as her life fades.


Mai found herself unable to resist as Yuka practically shoved her tongue down her throat, stifling her scream as the knife penetrated deeper. Her vision was beginning to fade as she came one last time, her last sight being of Yuka's eyes as everything went black...


(Want to do a quick wrap-up from Yuka's POV, or is my last post a good ending point?)


( Thanks for this X"D btw! )


( really really big thanks XD )


( You're welcome. :D )


( If you want to try another scenario - with either me or anyone else on Gurochan - feel free to say so. :D )


Wanna have a short scenario of a Student victim and her teacher? :D Im the student. so you'll be the assailant


Sure, I can do that. What will be some of the story setting details, such as the location, the history between the two (if there is any), etc.?


For the history between assailant and victim, here are some of the associated questions: Would the teacher be a friend of the student's family? Has the teacher been seducing the student, be it for a short time or a long time (This would also determine if there's any sex before the stabbing)? Are the two connected in any way shape or form aside from being in the same school and classroom?


A simpler way of saying it is - is the teacher one the student trusts, if so, why, and do we want any lovemaking in the scene?


Actually, tell you what - I'll think up the full scenario this time, using the framework you've already given (school scene between teacher and student, with the teacher as the assailant), if you can give me a name and description for the character you plan to use.

That work?


The teacher wont be a close friend, but has eyes for the female student. :) the teacher often holds her shoulder or holds her from the waist and he often talks to her privately. The teacher often stalks her around the lockers area.


OK, that could work - will likely do a female teacher, for another 'yuri' scenario, if that works. :D


Give me a bit to work out a scenario. :)


Okay :)
The student would have purple eyes. Fine body to the point that her tight uniform show off her figure. 5"5 tall.
Chest size just right :)
thats for my suggestion :))



A few moments while I think up my own character and a scenario


OK, got an idea for the teacher.

Her name is Maria, and she stands at 5'7". She has brown hair and green eyes, and has Bust/Waist/Hips Measurements of 33/21/27.

She wears a dark blue jacket over a black shirt, with dark blue pants.

I'll have a scenario ready to go by tomorrow morning (my time) at the latest. :D


All right :) thannks


You're welcome. :)

You have a name for your character, or do you want me to come up with one for her?


I was going for, Aya? c:


Aya works. :)

Again, should have a scenario up and running by no later than tomorrow. :D


all right :D thanks very much :3


You're welcome. :)


File: 1417831448037.jpg (65.67 KB, 300x400, 0_6362.jpg)

What do you think? :))
Drawing xD
That looks like it hurts . . mhmm


( Agreed. :)

Also, think I have a scenario in mind - see if this works for you... if it doesn't, I can always try again with another idea. :D )

Maria sighed as she sat at her desk in her classroom, grading papers. Midterms tended to produce the most grading headaches aside from Finals - and it was one of the few times she ever regretted choosing a teaching career, especially at an all-girls' school like this one. Though she always reminded herself that getting a look at all her cute students - especially one in particular - more than made up for the headaches.

Hearing the door to the classroom open, she looked up, then smiled as she put the paper she was currently grading down, along with the pen she was using to mark the various papers. "Aya!!" she called out as she stood. "Wasn't expecting to see you - thought you'd have gone home by now."


This is great! ( should I start now ? :D


( Start whenever you're ready. :D )


" Oh. .hello there ma'am " ^^ Aya smiled.
Aya looked tired from running all the way to their classroom.
" I was on my way home but suddenly my phone wasnt in my bag, so I decided to search here" she bowed.
" I hope I wasnt disturbing you " Aya apologized.


"Oh, come now, Aya," Maria said as she walked over to her student, wrapping one arm around the girl's waist. "It's never a bother seeing you - in fact, given all the paperwork, this is actually welcome." She smiled. "And you can call me Maria - no need to be all formal when it's just the two of us."


" Hngh" Aya blushed a bit as she felt her teachers hand on her waist. She felt ticklish.
" Th-thank you for understanding " Aya smiled.
Her teacher seems like she didnt want to let go.


Maria smiled down at Aya. Ever since she'd met the girl, she'd felt an attraction, but had never had a chance to fully act on it. She had done what she could, though, even sneaking into the girls' locker room (where she technically wasn't allowed, given that she didn't teach PE) in order to watch Aya change clothes both before and after PE.

Now, though, with Aya in the classroom with her, and no one else present (she knew there were other teachers still in the school, but they were on the other side of the campus, so unlikely to even think about entering the area and interfering), she could truly act on her desires. She pulled Aya closer to her, wrapping her in an embrace as she smashed her lips against the girl's, taking advantage of her surprise to slip her tongue into the girl's mouth.


Aya was in a state of shock. She tries to push Maria a bit in order to stop her. Her face blushed as her teacher tightens the grip on her waist. " Hnnggh "Aya moaned, She couldnt say stop. Later she knew, she already gave in to her teachers kiss, feeling the rubbing sensation on her waist, Aya tightens her grip on her teachers uniform.


Maria smiled as she held Aya against her, feeling the closeness of their bodies,even though both their clothing was in the way. As she continued kissing the girl, exploring the inside of her mouth with her tongue, her free hand reached down and began undoing the clasps on the skirt of her school uniform.


Aya escapes from Marias kiss for a moment.
" M-maria, we shouldn--" but before she could talk, a hard press on her waist gave her a short sensation in which Maria continued kissing her. Aya felt her skirt being loosened, but she didnt bother. The rubbing sensation on her waist triggers her erogenous zone, rendering her helpless. Maria and Aya's body touch together.


Maria grinned again as Aya's skirt dropped to the floor, followed shortly by her panties, leaving her abdomen bare. She guided Aya over near the desk and shoved her against the wall, continuing to kiss the girl as she rubbed her leg against Aya's pussy.


Aya's fine figure was exposed in front of Maria. Her fragile body was rendered helpless.
" HNNG!" Aya moaned loud as she feels Maria's leg rubbing on her pussy. She grips hard on Maria's shoulder, Aya tries to escape Maria but she felt a hard continuous rub on her. Aya stopped kissing back as heat was building between her legs.
" M-maria I . . I feel. .--" before she could say anything Maria kissed her again.


Maria could feel her own pussy dampen as she drove Aya to an orgasm, knowing that was only the first part of what she wanted to do as her free hand reached behind her, retrieving a seven-inch dagger from a hidden sheath in the back of her skirt.

As Aya's body began trembling in orgasm, juices from her pussy coating Maria's leg, Maria struck, plunging the dagger into Aya's belly button.


Aya suddenly stops kissing Maria as she feels a sharp pain on her lower abdomen. She grips on Marias uniform, her breathing was altered as the pain throbbed in her belly.
Aya looked down and sees a dagger sinking in her bellybutton, she looked at Maria as blood flows out of her mouth. " M-maria-. .wh-why . ." she coughs out more blood. Aya's legs rubbed against Maria's leg as she writhes in pain.


"Ever since I first saw you, Aya, I've always wanted you," Maria whispered as she held onto Aya's body. "I've wanted to take you - your virginity, your heart... your life... I've waited for so long, but it's all worth it now..." She moaned as she continued rubbing her leg against Aya's pussy, and pushed the blade deeper into Aya's body.


Aya feels the blade ripping through her. She moans aloud as she feels the rubbing sensation and the stabbing pain. Aya started to feel weak, her face blushed in the sensation , tears were flowing. as Maria gives her a strong rub, she couldnt help but give in, her cum flowed.
" P-please .. s-stop--" Aya told Maria, as she puts her left hand on Maria's hand holding the blade.


Maria smiled down at Aya as she gently eased the girl down to the floor.

"Don't try to fight it," she told Aya. "Just relax, and let the sensations take you away. It'll all be over soon."

As for Maria herself, her own pleasure was continuing to rise, as well, a coil beginning to build as she pulled the blade out, allowing blood to flow more freely from the wound.

(I know the main theme of this is belly stabbing, but I'd like to finish Aya by slicing her throat open, if that is alright with you.)


Aya moaned, as the blade was slowly pulled out from her belly. She writhes in pain and pleasure as she lay down on the floor, her legs touched together and she kept moaning. Aya came once again as the blade was completely out of her body, the pain subsided and turned to pleasure. Her face blushed as blood flow from her mouth, her eyes were showing weakness.
Her soft belly yet again very exposed infront of Maria.
Aya holds pressure on her belly with her left hand as she moans.


( sure! :) but one more blow )


( Alright - and thanks. :D )

Maria smiled, before plunging the dagger into Aya's abdomen again, piercing the girl's womb. After a moment, she slowly pulled the blade out of Aya's body again, and then proceeded to rest its edge against Aya's neck.

"Are you ready for the end, Aya?" she asked.


" Unggh!" Aya moaned as the blade stab through her womb. Her legs touched together, as she felt pain. As Maria pull out the blade, Aya bends upward, she came.
" B-but . . I-I wa-was your F-favorite s-stu-student "
Aya still tries to fight off the pain.


"Aya..." Maria whispered to her. "You were my favorite student. I enjoyed seeing you answer questions so energetically, I enjoyed admiring your body... I loved you, in my own way. I apologize for how I've showed it to you, but I promise I will never forget you."

She touched her lips to Aya's one last time.


She then pulled the blade across Aya's neck, cutting deeply and severing her throat, jugular vein, and carotid artery, allowing Aya's blood to spray forth from the wound.


" Miss Maria have you seen A--- " . As Risa arrived inside their classroom, she halted suddenly.
" Aya. . . " she continued. She stood for a while as she stared at the disgusting scene. She started to shake in fear.


" Miss Maria have you seen A--- " . As Risa arrived inside their classroom, she halted suddenly.
" Aya. . . " she continued. She stood for a while as she stared at the disgusting scene. She started to shake in fear.


" Miss Maria have you seen A--- " . As Risa arrived inside their classroom, she halted suddenly.
" Aya. . . " she continued. She stood for a while as she stared at the disgusting scene. She started to shake in fear.


(An unexpected development, I see.)

Maria looked up from Aya's lifeless corpse. "Hello, Risa," she said, standing up.

She couldn't leave witnesses, but this also gave her a good opportunity to cover her tracks. Not to mention Risa was just as attractive as Aya...


( wanted to surprise you XD )


(Well, you definitely did that. :)

So, looks like Maria has another student to kill...)


Risa couldnt run as she trembled in fear, but she fights it.
" Wh-what -what did you . . - " . . She falls back trying to escape the fear, trying to escape the scene.
" T-that cant be. . "


Maria advanced towards Risa, her front coated in Aya's blood, which also dripped from the edge of the dagger she held.

"Don't try to resist, Risa," she said as she got next to the girl. "I'm sorry you had to see what happened to your friend... but you'll be joining her soon."

She plunged the blade into the left side of Risa's abdomen, before pulling it slowly to the right, while her free hand pulled Risa in for a thorough kiss to stifle any screams of pain.


"Ahh!. " Risa moans as the blade is stabbed through her.
" Miss Ma--- " before she could speak, Maria kisses her.
Risa tries to stop the blade from going across her abdomen. She holds it down so Maria cant move it.
But as the knife pass through her organs , she moans silently.


Maria mentally smiled, seeing Risa fighting so desperately to survive. Her free hand lifted Risa's hands from the blade, allowing her to finish slicing it through her abdomen. She eased Risa to a sitting position near Aya, the girl's intestines already beginning to spill from the wound, even as she got behind Risa, where she began massaging the girl's breasts.

"Just relax," Maria whispered into Risa's ear. "Relax and let the feelings take you away. You'll be seeing Aya again soon enough."


Risa turns her head to Maria. " I - wont l-let you-- get -a-away with this " . . Without Maria knowing, Risa slowly grabs the blade on the floor, holding it in reverse, and jabs it to Marias belly, right in her navel, half of the blade sinks in. Risa loses her strength, and delivers her last moan as she dies.


Maria gasped in pain as the blade pierced her body. She hadn't expected Risa to fight back like that.

"Hah..." she groaned. "Guess that's what I get... for letting my guard down... ugh..."

She reached down and pulled the dagger out of her navel, before bringing it up to her chest, pointing inwards.

"I doubt I'd last... much longer, with the injury she gave me... might as well... end it..."

She thrust the dagger inwards, piercing her heart, causing her body to seize up for a few seconds before she crumpled to the ground, her vision swiftly going black...

(That seem like a decent ending?)


( Yep it is :D XD hmm up for another? XD


Well, I had an idea for an alternate ending for the Yuka/Mai scenario - turn it into another Mutually Assured Destruction scenario.

If you'd be up for that? :D


( Sure! XD I was thinking of another like Creature and Victim XD haha


( Let's do the alternate ending to Yuka/Mai first.

I'll start off at the divergence point. :D )

Mai screamed once more as her womb was pierced, the pain coming together with a pleasure that gave her yet another orgasm, blood flowing from her pussy and mixing with her juices.

She looked at Yuka, and noticed she had exposed her own lower abdomen. Mai, beginning to feel tired, her skin starting to pale from blood loss, realized she didn't want to die alone, and Yuka was right that a girl's body was very fragile.

She grabbed hold of the knife in her womb, pulling it out, and stabbed it into Yuka's belly button with what strength she was still able to muster, before pulling up to open the wound farther.


" Hng!" Yuka gasped as she feels the knife plunge in her belly button. Her body gives in quickly, and she hugs Mai due to the pain. They both sit on the floor as Yuka hugs Mai. " Unggh. ." Moaned Yuka as Mai sinks the blade deep. " b-but how . . you were . . s-supposed to be weak. ." . .
Yuka slowly looks down, as she sees the knife plunge into her soft belly. Yuka was filled with pain and satisfaction. She begins to slowly touch her womb and rubs slowly, she feels heat building up in her pussy.


"Never... underestimate... what the human body... can do..." Mai moaned out, as she embraced Yuka with one hand, while the other rubbed at her slit, helping bring her closer to another orgasm.

"And... at least, now... I won't die... alone..."


(Still there?)


Yuka was indeed insane. She hugs Mai so tight that the knife pushed in deeply to her. She moans out loud.
" Mai . . " she said as she came once again.
" You'll . . die first. ." .. Yuka said as she grabs her second blade from behind , and stabs Mai from the back going through her belly.


"Ugh..." Mai gasped out as she was stabbed again. "That... may be... but... at least... you'll... be joining... me..."

She grabbed the hilt of the blade still in Yuka's belly, and hauled it upwards, using the last of her strength to tear a long gash in Yuka's torso, allowing her intestines to spill from the wound.

As soon as she had done that, Mai's body shuddered in one final orgasm as she slumped against Yuka, her vision fading to black as the pleasure carried her into oblivion...


( All we need now is for you to finish up Yuka, and we can start another scene if you want. :D )


" Youre different . . from my sister " ..
said Yuka, as blood pours out of her mouth and her wound. She looks at her body once more, as cum jets down from her pussy. Her life slowly begins to fade.


(Nice ending!! :)

So, what were you thinking of for the next scene?)


If you're still there, I do have an idea for another scene.

Have you heard about the Japanese ritual suicide method known as seppuku?

If you haven't, this should give you more information:


I was thinking of a Creature and Victim scene? :D


Hmm... That could work, too - maybe some kind of ritual human sacrifice or something?


Its been a while , ya there ? ^_^


Its been a while , ya there ? ^_^


Yeah, I'm here.

Any ideas for a new scenario? Possibly something at least semi-consensual?


File: 1433029822895.png (373.82 KB, 1100x808, Hashirama.png)

Bolí mě zelíčko :(


zelíčko? jako zelí? no fuj


BLAU STURM Are u still there? ^^ Sorry for the Hiatus XD


WAHHAHH its been a long time >W<


File: 1451754169585.jpg (15.99 KB, 320x320, 11326384_425913367614842_1….jpg)

DO YOU think shes hot? XD MHmm that Tummy .,...


I'm still here, yes. :)

You have any ideas for a new scenario? Semi-consensual, if not fully consensual?


Hm somehow yes yes :)) yes I do havee


So, what's the idea you have?


WAAA..... I forgot to reply.. uhm.. can I hear yours? ^^... first.. damn it its been a long time i got busy.

I will change my name too > . <...
BlauSturm :D u there?


Yeah, I'm still here.

As for an idea... hmm... how about something consensual? Either a girl purchased as a snuff toy, or a girl who hires someone to kill her?


Lets go with... hm.. hires someone to kill her ... :O


Alright - we'll need a motivation for the girl to want to die.

We can go tragic (Lost a friend/loved one and seeks to join them), erotic (has a fetish for cutting/stabbing, and wants to experience the ultimate orgasm), or boredom (lived a life of adventure, is finding retirement boring, believes she'll find new adventures in either the afterlife or the next life).


Oh .. lets make it that.. its her fetish, developed through experiencing violence and abuse, then she meets a friend who understands her but refuses o.o/


So, a variation on Erotic?


yes yes >. < ..


yes yes, somewhat like that, her fetish develops with her friend ^^


its still me , XD I changed name :O ( are you somehow interested in a chat RP in some .. app like.. Skype or ..? any? ^^ no face showing just that )


I'm on F-List - I've got two characters there, Homura Tokiha and Angela Asuno.

If you want to try doing a chat app, we can use F-Chat


Finally I got through ^^, net problems..! Okay i will inform you once i've created :D


You're welcome.

Created a third character there, as well - Luna Hawke


my first character is Fate Anterossa :D


oh wait, an upcoming character rather. x3


Oh and my 2nd is Amilia Kurschild ^/// ^..
I still have to draw her so it will take some time XD
ill really tell you or message you if I am done :)
but I already have her description :D
just working on the Avatar and other pics ^/^




I havent heard from you are you okay?

Can you still rp? O₩O


I'm fine - just been busy in a lot of areas.

Not really sure about RPing, though - you keep asking if I'm interested, then when I ask for ideas or suggest scenarios, you never reply. It can get frustrating, to be honest.


Im so sorry ..
Im really sorry ..
I .. im not used to this..
I was looking for you in flist..
How can i make it up to you..


Ami do u haz discord? :3


Yes :o

i do have..
and kik too...


what would you prefer :3


Wow... The only thing that would make this hotter is cunt stabbing... or maybe shooting.


Thats sounds good.. aswell


Ami - sent you an email, if you still use any of those Yahoo! Accounts, else mine is included here:)


Hi ADK..

ah sorry.. hang on..
can you use this one instead:


Emailed you:)


It's fine.

And honestly, I'm on F-chat almost every day, it's just that my hours are a bit wonky, due to me being a night owl. I usually get on the computer sometime between noon and 2PM my time (Mountain Time Zone, or GMT-7 [Currently on Daylight Savings Time]) and I start shutting down my computer so I can go to bed at around 2:30 AM. Also, on Mondays I have shopping expeditions that I go on almost as soon as I'm able, which delays me sometimes to after 2PM, and I have local tabletop gaming on Mondays as well, from 6PM to 8PM, meaning I usually get off the computer at 5:30 and get back on sometime after 9.

As long as you keep that schedule in mind, if you ping me on F-Chat (Characters are Luna Hawke, Homura Tokiha, and Angela Asuno) within the timeframes that I am at the computer, I should be able to answer. However, YOU have to be the one to initiate contact - I multitask enough that I likely won't have the presence of mind to ping you if I see you on.


Do you happen to have google plus? i would enjoy RP with you.

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