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Hello, I'm new to this site but I am looking for an RP partner to enjoy some things over Skype with! I can play male and female characters but only play submissives. Things i'm into? My favorites are snuff, asphyxiation, torture, mouth trauma, murder, eye trauma, non-con and a lotmore! There's not much I WON'T do honestly.

So please add me if interested, my skype name is Droolprince the photo should come up as a drawing of a brown haired boy


Writer in the market for an RP partner to help with establishing a certain setting in the long term.

Theme: medical/institutionalized location (research facility holding young characters both furry and otherwise for study)
Mostly medical/experimental themes involving humiliation. Not focused on death or sexuality, as such would be unprofessional of the staff and wastage of resources.

Contact if interested. Am open to questions.

(Am a poet, with little experience at prose style personally. Would prefer a partner able to write in 3rd person prose, but not necessary as long as they are willing to discuss scenarios involving the above.

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