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So here's what I'm looking for: a partner or partners to roleplay turn by turn guro sex & combat battles:

Here's the outline: we each choose a character to battle with, I'm okay with male on female (more fun with sex this way), or female on female, but no male on male. We will take turns rolling to hit and to damage each other, and then describe the results of our attacks. When you make your character you have 12 points to spend between Speed and Armor; speed is how difficult it actually is to hit your character and armor prevents damage from hits. An example character would look like this:

Age: 25
Hair: Blonde
Weapon: short sword
Speed: 8
Armor: 4 (shield)

We will be rolling 20 sided dice (and you're on scouts honor not to lie). This site works great:, or just grab a d20 from home.

One character rolls to hit: you only need to score above your opponents speed to hit them, then roll again to damage, their armor is subracted from the damage roll. Other than that their are rules for critical hits and critical wounds: If you roll a 16 or above to hit it's a critical and you may double your damage roll, and if you score over 16 damage (after subtracting armor) it's considered a critical wound and you may choose a severe injury (beyond normal cuts/breaks/bruises)

Here's the list of severe injuries:
1. Amputation: your critical damage severs one of your opponents major limbs, choose between hands/feet, arms/legs, or breast(s)/cock.
2. Disembowelment/organ damage: your critical damage has either split open your opponents gut or punctured one of their major organs (except for their heart)
3. Blinded/facial-disfigurement: your critical damage has taken out one of your opponents eyes or removed their nose/tongue/scalp, feel free to be creative!
4. Knocked out: your strike has temporarily knocked your opponent unconscious! You can have your way with them sexually, or torture/disfigure them in one way!

That's about it, i'm definitely looking for partners who are into m/f f/f sex/gore and I'm not big into scat fetish stuff, so keep that in mind. If we play together your job is write well enough to describe your character's attack, how the damage they've suffered effects them, and to describe in detail the damage they inflict on my character.

If you're interested we can play right here on Gurochan, or you can link your email, and we can do it that way. I'm hoping for someone that's okay with playing about a full turn or two a day (I go/you go).

About me:
Into: guro/sex/death/battles/violence

About you:
Male or female okay (never RP'd with a female though, so that would be fun)
Into: similar stuff.


hello are quite interested , but as you'll notice my English is not so good .
I can understand what you write , but for what I write I have to entrust us to the translator .
if you feel you can try groped a play to see how we are.

but if you want to wait for someone who write well in English no problem

Info: Battle / death / violence / sex but I adapt to everything


no problem about the English, let's do the RP by email then. post up an email address where i can reach you, and I'll send you an email. When our fight is finished, I'll edit your parts for better English and grammar, and then post it here.



Okay, about to start work, i'll have an email over to you within the next five hours with all the info for our first fight!


If anyone else would like to do a separate fight here in the forums, I'm up for doing more than one at a time. If anyone remembers FFREQ's old threads, that's basically what I'm looking to start here.


Hey Grimm. I would love to RP with you some time. I really enjoy your stories and writing style, plus your likes are very similar to mine.

Also, as a side note, I would like to talk to you about something. Drop me an email here in regards to your stories at


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okay, starting the fight with Badtranslator!:

This will be a deathmatch between "Killer" Croc of Batman fame, and Noel Vermillion of the BlazBlue universe.


File: 1442950302705.jpg (180.77 KB, 674x1024, Killer_Croc_(Arkham_Origin….jpg)

Forgot to mention! Each character starts with 100 hit points.

Okay let the battle begin!
Croc HP: 100
Roll to hit: 13 (Solid hit, but not a critical)
Roll to damage: 20 - 2 armor = 18 severe damage!

Croc swam upward until just his forehead and eyes were exposed above the line of murky water and looked around. His target was still nowhere in sight.

He was used to taking jobs for money, but this was the kind of deal that would set him up for the rest of his life. The man dressed in black had made everything very simple for him to understand: Kill some blonde girl in a fight to the death, and he would be set up with enough money to last him the rest of his life on any planet he chose. The man said there would even be bonuses depending on just how savage he was during the fight. It seemed like a very good deal, and he agreed immediately.

Now he floated quietly in a swamp on some far-off planet; he literally had no idea where in the universe he was, but he knew one thing, he was in his element.

Croc didn't have to wait long before he spotted his prey. She was tiny; possibly only five feet tall, and probably no more than 100 lbs. Croc smiled, this was going to be the easiest money he ever made. He watched her walk carefully across one of the solid pieces of land that crisscrossed the swamp, a huge silver gun held ready in one hand, and a second gun holstered behind her back. She looked like she was in some sort of military uniform, but crock had never seen a military uniform that included such a tiny mini-skirt. He was fairly certain he had caught a glimpse of her little white panties as she walked closer to where he was hidden. He licked his lips and waited, soon her back would be turned.

As Noel walked past, Croc slithered his way out of the water. For a person of his tremendous size, one thing he was very good at was sneaking up on his prey. Behind Noel he rose up to his full height, dwarfing the tiny girl. Noel gasped and spun around as she caught sight of the huge shadow looming over her. Gun in hand she turned, ready to fire. Croc had the element of surprise however, and as Noel turned he grabbed the barrel of her gun in one hand and her arm in the other. With a snap, his huge jaws closed tight around her wrist and gun-hand. Noel fired off two shots that never came close to hitting the beast, and frantically tried to rip her hand free of his mouth. With a crunch Croc's teeth bit through flesh and bone, and he was able to yank the revolver free of the girl's ruined hand and toss it out into the swamp.

Noel stumbled back clutching her right hand. Blood spurted from the wound in long streams, perfectly timed with her heart beat. Crock smiled as blood dripped down his chin and he began to chew, he rolled the bits of flesh and bone around inside his mouth, savoring the flavor and texture, her flesh tasted different than a normal humans, but he was sure of one thing, he had taken off at least three of her fingers and a good size piece of her palm. This was going to be easier than he thought.

He followed after the girl as she backed away, ready to finish her off.


an attack from my opponent, translated a bit more by me to make it easier to read:

HP: 82
Roll to hit: 8
Roll to wound 17-8 = 9

It was all very strange: Noel had received orders to assassinate a dangerous criminal, it wouldn't have been the first time the military had asked her to risk her life to take another's, but she was surprised with how quickly she was expected to depart. Within hours of taking the mission she had boarded a ship and was headed off planet.

Orders were orders however, and as a soldier she had no choice. As her ship sailed through space she went over her target's file. He was huge beast of a man with a skin defect that caused him to grow thick grey scales, and a note that for his size (which was considerable) he had strength far greater than normal men. She absent-mindedly stroked the handle of her weapons; she would have no problem killing even a creature like him with her weapons, but she wondered if she'd be mentally ready to do it by the time she landed.

A few hours later her ship landed on a planet covered by ancients swamps and fog. Her file said the target would be somewhere within a one mile radius of her landing point, so she quickly disembarked and began her search, how hard could it be to find a 7 foot tall man covered in green scales?

A while later and Noel was beginning to get frustrated, all she had found were frogs and insects, and the humidity of the swamp planet was making her miserable. She decided it was time to head back to her ship and report failure. Just as she was getting ready to turn around and head back she noticed a long shadow looming over her. Without thinking her training kicked in and she spun around to face whatever was behind her.

The man's file didn't do his size justice. He was a monster, and he had surprised her. Before she could fire her weapon, he had latched onto her arm and bitten into her hand. She pulled the trigger as fast as she could, but it was no use, blasts of blue energy sales off into the swamp. She tried to pull her hand free of the creature's mouth only to have it rip backwards at the same time.

Agonizing pain blazed up her entire arm as she pulled back her hand and clutched it to her chest. Blood streamed from a horrifying woundand spread down the front of her uniform, soaking it and causing her top to stick tightly to her chest. Three of her fingers and most of her palm had been amputated by the bite, all she had left was her index-finger and thumb.

Any problems she had about killing the target were now forgotten. It was obvious if she didn't defend herself she would be the one to end up dead.

The mutant took a step towards her and licked his bloody lips, instinctively Noel drew her other gun with her good hand and fired at point blank range.

A blast of blue energy fired from the muzzle of her gun straight into Croc's gut. The monster was blown clean off his feet, and where the blast made contact his flesh was burned to the point where it was blackened and torn, and blood and puss wept from the wound. He growled and cursed as he staggered back up to one knee.


HP: 91
Roll to hit: 1 (swing and a miss)

Croc cursed a series of obscenities as he rose to one knee. He hadn't expected that bitch to recover so quickly, and he absolutely hadn't been prepared for whatever that weapon was, it certainly wasn't any gun he had seen on earth. He touched his hand to the bloody hole in his stomach and quickly pulled it back. The burn was still incredibly hot!

With a roar that sounded less like a human and more like a wounded animal he launched himself at the tiny blonde. He lashed out with his massive claws expecting to tear the woman apart, but was surprised when she easily jumped away. He had over-extended and laid the price, stumbling over a patch of uneven ground and falling face first into the mud...


Well, you seem to write really well, and have the same interests as I do, so here: :D Looking forward to it!


Another attack from Noel by Badtranslations:

A more direct translation of bad translations attacks this time: (I took less liberties)

Noel: hp 82
To hit 6
To wound: 11-8 (3)

While Noel noted the terrible burn on skin of the monster, she was surprised that it hadn't blasted a hole right through him like it would have on a regular human.
The monster got to its feet faster than Noel expected and lunged at her, trying to slice her in two with its claws. The girl back-flipped away nimbly, forcing the monster to stretch to reach her. Driven by bloodlust the creature made a false step and he fell ruinously, face first in the mud! If the monster hadn't reduced one of her hands to a stump a giggle would have escaped her lips.
Landing gracefully on one knee, Noel noticed her entire chest was drenched in blood, although she didn't have time to bandage it fully, she wrapped her hand in her clothing and held it tightly to her side, hoping to slow down the loss of blood.

The fight had just begun and Noel was already badly wounded. It did not take a genius to see that in a prolonged clash Croc would tear her apart. In order to go on the offensive, She ran towards the monster and as he rose to stand she somersaulted over his head. The animal instinctively raised his over his head to protect himself, but Noel landed behind him and blasted him again, this time between his shoulder blades.
The impact once again sent Croc sprawling onto all fours, his shoulders and blistering and smoldering with heat, but again the blast had not penetrated his body cavity.
Meanwhile, Noel walked away, and began to search for her second weapon, while Croc would be unable to use her gun, she might need it to finish him off...


My next attack from Croc:

HP: 88
To hit: 15
Damage: 7-2= 5

Croc snarled and rose to his feet once more, smoke rising from the burns across his back and shoulders.

"You're going to die you little blonde slut!" He roared as he wiped the mud from his face and spun around. Noel was already running off deeper into the swamp in the same direction he had tossed her second gun. Croc wasn't very smart, but he guessed she wasn't satisfied with the effect her current firepower was having on his mutated body.

She might have been quick and acrobatic, but he had very long, very powerful legs. It didn't take him long to close the distance, and before Noel knew he was behind her, he reached out with his claws and grabbed her by the back of her uniform. She struggled to break free of his grip, but he was too powerful. He cocked back his other hand and delivered a brutal right uppercut into the small of her back.

Crock had expected to break the tiny woman's spine, but instead her heard fabric tear, and her entire body rocketed forward to land face down in the mud. In his left hand he gripped the torn pieces of her blouse.

Croc smiled, things were getting interesting.


Again, very few liberties taken by me other than adding English grammar and punctuation.

77 hp

to hit 16 (Weee!)
to wound 10 (doh) (10x2)-8 (12)

She needed both her guns, without the two of them she could not shoot with her most powerful attacks.
In theory she could perform such techniques with one hand but for now this was only a theory.

Noel's hope now was to create space between her and the monster, since he had no weapons to fight her at range, only his own body. She assumed based on his lack of agility he would be quite slow, however he managed to catch up to her quite quickly. Croc reached out and firmly grabbed her dress causing her to writhe and scream at him, "let me go you degenerate mutant!"

Croc proved oddly obedient, in fact with a powerful uppercut to her back the girl broke free from his grasp and was sent flying forward, she landed with her face and breasts in the mud and giving the predator a splendid view of her ass.

Noel's bottom rose up like a hillock and her skirt came up, showing off her tiny white panties.
Croc moved towards Noel, ready to strike. Fortunately for the girl she saw his reflection in a shallow puddle which allowed her to evade his strike at the last second by sliding under the arm of Croc as he tried to strike her.

At that time Noel struck with a very unusual attack; using her gun as a dagger, Noel thrust upward with all the strength of her arm and pressed the muzzle into the wound on the beasts abdomen.

As the metal of the barrel and the beasts skin touched she fired, blasting into his already damaged skin. A roar of pain erupted from Croc's mouth as the energy of Noel's weapon entered his guts. Blood poured from the wound and splashed over Noel's half-naked body as Croc fell backwards off of her clutching his belly.

Noel could not rule out the possibility that she would die in this battle, but that did not mean that she wouldn't fight until her last breath. Besides things were finally getting INTERESTING now that she had struck her first serious blow against her adversary.


HP: 78
Roll to Hit: 8 (miss! This bitch is fast!)

Croc lay flat on his back and groaned. The first couple shots from her weapon had hurt, they had pissed him off, but they hadn't done a thing to stop him. This hit was different; the blast had punched through his armor like skin, penetrated his wall of abdominal muscles and burned into his guts. It felt like he had a fire in his belly, and the wound was bleeding like hell, soaking the thick fabric of his combat-pants. Getting to his feet took all of his willpower, but he couldn't let her get that close with her guns again. Stumbling he lunched at Noel again, swiping with one claw and then the other, somehow she easily jumped back and away from both swings. He roared as he tried again, but again she evaded.

"I'll kill you bitch! I'll fucking kill you!!" Croc screamed as he chased after her...


@ Theodoraloves

I sent you an email, you may need to check your spam box


77 hp
to hit: 15
To wound: 5-8 (0)

Splashes of blood fell on Noel's face as the mutant tried to cover up his own wounds. She wished she could get help, but assumed that no one would come to her aid and she had to hope that it was the same for Croc.

She did not care to deal with other mutants! One was enough!

Croc flew into a rage began and began to assail her with his claws. Fortunately for Noel they connected with nothing but empty air, but this prevented her from being able to take aim or get close enough for a good shot. She continued to use her agility to jump and do somersaults to escape from his attacks while hoping to find an opening for a counter attack. She needed a chance to regain a little breath and space.
She her chance she calculated the time well and as soon as Croc's guard opened Noel did a jumping double-kick to the beasts already compromised belly. It was an excellent plan but Noel jumped a little too high, and the blow landed on the chest of the mutant which acted like a springboard and simply pushed Noel through the air a few meters. That damned armored skin gave Croc the advantage; he had would be able to absorb many more shots than she could. In fact any regular human would already have been reduced to ground beef by now. She had to find ways to tire him without getting tired herself; much more easily said than done!


Croc got a big hit this time!

HP: 76 (I subtracted wrong last time, whoops)
To Hit: 18 (critical)
Damage: 11 x 2 = 22-2 armor for 20 total! Severe damage!

Croc hardly understood what was happening as the woman leapt into the air and kicked him hard in the chest! Bouncing off his mutant skin she flew through the air and backflipped away from him. This time he was ready! He launched forward and caught her by the ankle before she could land. Using her foot as a handle he swung her entire body over his head and smashed her down into the dirt. Her arms and head were the first to connect with the ground and her skull bounced hard on impact.

Croc let go of her ankle and smiled; she wasn't moving. He approached his enemy's body carefully, there was a chance she was faking, and he didn't want to get shot again. She lay face down in the mud, her ass pointing up towards him again. He gave her a soft kick and she rolled onto her back. Her eyes were closed and blood flowed out of her mouth, but that wasn't what interested him. Now that she wasn't trying to kill him, he noticed just how attractive she was. Her small tits were perfectly shaped with tiny pink nipples that poked slightly upward. He licked his lips and got down on his knees between her legs. His eyes traveled down her chest and came to rest once again on her little white panties. Licking his lips he reached down and tore them off with a single tug.

Her pussy was even nicer than her tits, a little blonde strip of pubic hair led down to a tiny pink slit. Croc wasn't even sure he could fit one of his large fingers inside her. Now fully turned on, Croc quickly unbuttoned his own pants and pulled out his now fully-hard member. His enormous, slimy and green cock hovered above Noel's tiny pink pussy, all twelve inches throbbing with anticipation.

Without any hesitation he slammed his entire mutant cock inside her. He began to thrust in and out, enjoying the warmth and incredible tightness, losing himself in the ecstasy of the moment. He wasn't sure how long he had been fucking her unconscious body for, but he soon felt an orgasm beginning to build up.

That's when Noel groaned and her eyes fluttered open...


57 hp
to hit: 16
to wond (8x2)-8 (8) T.T i can't do severe danage....

Ok, bad idea! Noel felt like a rag doll as she crashed to the ground shortly after bouncing off of Croc. The last thought she had before impacting with the dirt was that she had failed the mission. That she could die was something that every soldier must ACCEPT somehow, but failure? that was a bit more difficult to digest. Neither mattered anyway as her head hit the ground and all thoughts slipped from her mind.

Her body was soft and looked like a doll that even the most delicate twist could break, but apparently that was no concern of Croc's as his pulled out his monstrous cock and rubbed it against her tiny pussy.

Not that it made much difference to Croc, but as he sunk himself deeply into Noel's body and began fucking her, blood began to flow; either she was a virgin, or he was simply too big or going too hard.

Croc continued inexorably while Noel slowly regained consciousness. Perhaps he assumed she was dead, either that or he just didn't care that she might wake back up.
When Noel did wake it was to a mix of pleasure and pain, at first she didn't understand what was happening, but then she saw the ultimate nightmare, she was being fucked by the beast!!!

"S-stop monster, n-not you I'm-- ahhh!" Noel screamed as she tried to get away, but Croc grabbed her hips and only continued to fuck her even harder. With his cock inside her he was not even listening, lost in pleasure he completely ignored her cries: "Out! Out! Out! Take it out!!!"

Dying would have been normal,
but losing her virginity had been something special in the mind of a Noel, she had dreamed about many pleasant ways in which it might have happened, but to lose it to some horny animal; it was beyond horrifying.

She began crying like a child, deep body shaking sobs filled with sadness and anger, but somehow her military training started to kick in.
Thanks to her flexibility she managed to free one of her legs and swing it across her body.
Doing this caused her to one side with Croc's huge dick still inside her. For her the feeling was awful, like her insides were being twisted up, but the mutant seemed to have enjoyed the change of position. Noel carefully pulled back her free leg and aimed it directly at the still bleeding wound in Croc's gut.

"I told you to take that out!" She cried as she released a mighty kick into Croc's stomach. There was a sickening pop as her foot broke into the wound and sunk into the Mutant's body cavity; squishing into his intestines and at the same time sliding her body away from him. His large member was finally out of her.

She yanked her foot back out of the wound and desperately tried to cover herself in what little was left of her clothing. As she scrambled away from Croc.
Her face was a mixture of shock and horror as she looked at Croc. Part of her wished she had never woken up

"That was my first time you fucking Animal, I'm going to kill you for this!" She screamed at him.

Big words, but she knew she was in trouble. Her head ached terribly, and everything below her waist was on fire. She needed to something to end this, or Croc would be playing with her the same way a Cat toys with a mouse. He now had a big advantage, he had fucked with psychologically, had she had no way of doing the same to him...


Croc's next attack

Croc HP: 68
To hit: 6 (Miss)

Croc was lost in pleasure, no longer concerned at all with killing Noel, his only thoughts now were focused on blowing his load. As his furiously pumped away inside her tiny pink hole, she started to move and thrash, and even yelled something at him. He paid no attention, her movements felt incredibly good and he could feel his orgasm fast approaching.

She swung her leg over his chest, and suddenly he was fucking her on her side, and his cock penetrated even deeper. He grabbed on even tighter to her hips and yanked her back and forth. Fuck! He was so close. This bitch was going to make him cum-- BAMM! Pain erupted like a volcano from his gut, and he looked down to see her foot buried up to the ankle inside his body. He roared in pain as she ripped her foot back out and scrambled away from him, covering herself pitifully and yelling more obscenities at him. The pain was incredible, and he was forced to cover his gut with one hand to stop some of his intestines from slipping out. He should have been furious, he should have wanted to kill her, but list had taken total control of his body.

Now he just wanted to cum. He wanted to be back inside her. It didn't matter how. He wanted to fuck her and that's all that filled his mind as he stood up and began to chase after her.

He didn't get very far. His pants slipped down around his ankles, tripping his feet and causing him to fall forward into the mud... He kicked his pants off his ankles and raced back to his feet, his enormous erection still poking straight out in front of him, but his fall had given time to Noel, and she was already running away from him.


File: 1443107297755.png (1.57 MB, 1147x1080, Orchid.png)

Finally got some time to get this started Grimm.

Age- 24
Hair- Black
Weapons- Energy batons (lightsaber like), Firecat projectile.

Orchid HP: 100
Roll to hit: 11
Roll to damage 2-3= -1 (lol wow a hit that does no damage. )

Orchid made a hasty escape from Utratech’s headquarters. Easily managing to bypass any security after spending the past few weeks surveying and studying the building. She knew of Ultratech developing more weapons and experiments that would eventually put a danger to many people, and the final thing they needed to make succeed was a rare jewel that seemed to be able to amplify energy by an incredible amount when exposed to it.

Running into a dark alleyway to catch her breath, she seemed to have got them off her back. She could relax for now, knowing of her success in stealing the jewel and keeping it out of their hands.
She removed it from her side pouch and admired its beauty. It seemed to radiate a pale blue, and pulse with a menacing aura, only getting stronger as she moved it towards the dim lit headlights above. Curiosity overcame Orchid, as she held it under the light, only for it to glow with near blinding intensely and begin to heat up quite quickly, as if it were a coal in a fire.
If it reacted like this to a simple dull street light, imagine what it could do with raw energy she thought to her self.

Suddenly with a blinding crack, the jewel was snatched out of her hand, flying towards a figure in the shadows. This woman, dressed in all black leather like a cat revealed herself, seemingly infatuated with the look and beauty of the jewel. She turned to Orchid, and scoffed at her after scanning her up and down quickly, turning around to seemingly make an escape.

Orchid was pissed. Who was this woman? A member of Ultratech? No matter. She was getting the jewel back no matter what, as she hastily walked towards her and grabbed her by the collar and up against a wall, As much as Orchid wanted to slam her head against it multiple times, instead she wanted answers.

“Who are you? How do you know about this jewel? You have 5 seconds before I take it from you and leave you face down on the ground”.


Noel's attack (also I'll be responded to Orchids attack in the next 30 minutes or so, so keep an eye on that.

HP: 57
To Hit: 12
To Wound: 18-8= 10

Hadn't the monster cum inside her? No, she didn't think so, she wasn't an expert, but at least that was a relief. As she moved away from him, her head started aching and she felt dizzy, but what was really bad was the pain between her legs and her wounded pride.

She began to move away at full speed taking with her only her gun, her pace was fast but she couldn't run or even move in a straight line. Croc somehow hadn't come right after her, giving her time to get back in control. She had sex with an animal, even a strong mind would have sustained some damage from that fact.

Noel looked at her mutilated hand. Just like in a fairytale the crocodile had gotten a taste of her and now wanted more, although looking back and seeing his still hard cock, she thought that what he probably wanted was more of her pussy.

She seemed to remember in the story about the crocodile and the pirate, it first ate the pirate's hand and then later swallowed him whole. It wasn't a very comforting thought but still thinking of the children's tale made her smile.

In the time she had taken to recover her balance the creature have now managed to close the gap between the two of them. She made a decision not to try and run but instead to turn and fight.

Croc quickly caught up with her and stood ready to pounce; probably planning to throw her back on the floor and pick up where he left off. When Croc lunged Noel was ready. Once again using her agility she jumped to the air and dodged sideways; firing a blast under croc's arm and into his ribs. The recoil of the shot caused her to miss her landing and she fell on her bottom in the mud. The pain from her torn pussy was incredible, however that wasn't what she was focused on. Lying only a few meters away was her second gun!


A very brutal attack this time. Hopefully Noel can make a good counter attack!

Croc vs. Noel
Croc HP: 58
To hit: 16 (critical hit)
Damage: 16 x 2 = 32 - 2 = 30 severe damage!

Croc clutched his now burning side and groaned in pain. All of these blasts were starting to add up, and the skin of his torso was now covered in burned and blackened wounds. Despite his pain he saw the girl land badly in the mud. He knew this was his chance, he had made the mistake of letting her get back into the fight before, he wouldn't do it again.

As Noel scrambled forward on hands and knees towards her second gun, Croc raced after her. Before she could turn around he grabbed her by the back of her blonde hair and lifted her up off her feet. She tried to aim her gun at him, but this time he easily slapped it out of her hand. Now she was completely defenseless.

He looked over her naked body: she was covered in mud and blood, but still gorgeous, her perky tits turned him on, and he tilted his head down and licked one of them. Her sweat and blood tasted fantastic, and so he sucked her nipple into his mouth. She screamed in furry and beat down on the top of his head with her good hand, but it was useless, without her guns she was powerless against him.

He knew he should kill her, but it was a much bigger turn on for him to make her suffer while he had his way with her. He didn't like having sex with corpses anyway, he wasn't an animal. With her nipple still in his mouth he bit down hard with his razor sharp teeth.

Noel screamed as her tiny pink nipple was amputated from her chest, leaving a bloody and ragged hole. Croc wasn't done yet however, he grabbed her ass with both his hands, and his claws sunk deep into her flesh. Lifting her up, he once again brought her pussy down upon his massive cock. Tears burst from her eyes as he once again began to brutally fuck her.

She tried everything she could to escape; she pounded on him with her good hand, kicked out with her legs, and tried to twist out of his grip, but nothing worked as he continued to thrust in and out of her, grunting and panting as he lifted her up and down his impossibly large, mutant cock.

While he fucked her, he chewed on the tiny pink nipple in his mouth. This girl was delicious! Smiling he once again dropped his head down to her chest, this time sucking her entire breast into his mouth. Snap! His jaws closed tight, and with a yank backwards he tore her tit from her ribcage. Strings of flesh hung from Crocs mouth and he swallowed, smiling at Noel the entire time.

At first what had just happened didn't even register, but then she looked down at the huge red hole in her chest where her breast had once been and she began to scream.

Croc was at his limit, his balls began to tense up and his shaft started to quiver inside her. He was going to cum!

Lifting her up off of his cock and high into the air he tossed her down onto the floor. Her body impacted the wet ground with a splat and he immediately grabbed her hair once again and hauled her up to her knees. Holding her head in one hand and his cock in the other he frantically stroked his cock right in front of her face. It only took a couple of seconds before he came.

Huge globs of semen rocketed from the Mutant's cock and splattered Noel's face. His milky, yellow-colored jizz coated her hair and drenched her cheeks and forehead, but still he continued to cum, more spurts blasted across her neck and what was left of her tits.

Noel stared blankly at the beast as he finally finished cumming and wiped his cock off on her chin.

"Well that was fun! But I guess now it's time to kill you!"

He grabbed onto her head with both hands and was ready to snap her neck...


File: 1443117068086.jpeg (161.08 KB, 1005x650, image.jpeg)

Catwoman vs. Orchid

Age: 34
Hair: Black
Weapons: razor-sharp climbing claws, whip.
Speed: 9
Armor: 3

HP: 100
To hit: 11
To wound: 4 - 2 = 2 (lol it's a start)

Cat woman had been scouting Ultratech headquarters for over a week now, making notes of when security arrived and when security left. She had found each and every camera placed around the building and knew exactly where the blind spots were. She wasn't sure exactly what it was she was supposed to be stealing but knew it was something very high-tech and very, very valuable.

Tonight was the night she was going to break in there was a blind spot on the roof of an adjacent building that would have allowed her to slip into the rafters of the Ultratech building without ever being noticed. She made ready to leap from the rooftop, when suddenly she spotted a strange woman standing in the alleyway below.

Catwoman slid down a rain pipe into the alleyway below to get a closer look. The other woman held something up to the street lights and the gemstone she was holding suddenly began to glow intensely. Catwoman smiled, this bitch just made her job much easier!

With a single crack of her whip she snatched the gem out of the other woman's hand and launched it back into hers. The other woman looked pissed and stalked right up to her. Catwoman allowed her to get close, she wanted to see who this bitch really was. As the other woman grabbed her and started demanding answers, Catwoman let out a long hard laugh.

"Who the hell robs a place wearing a neon green leotard?!" She asked playfully.

The other woman didn't respond and instead pushed her up against the alley wall. Catwoman didn't have time for this shit, she grabbed the woman by the back of her neck and slammed a knee into her stomach.

As Orchid doubled over and groaned, Catwoman turned around and walked quickly out of the alley. It was time to go.


Orchid HP: 98
Roll to hit: 15
Roll to damage: 13-3= 10

Before Orchid could give Catwoman a chance to respond, she found herself doubling over in pain from a hard knee to the stomach from her opponent. The pain was more uncomfortable than immensely painful, but this proved to Orchid that she could not let this woman get away at all.

Putting the dull pain in her belly at the back of her mind, Orchid quickly sprung to her feet while drawing her currently non energised batons and charged towards the back of Catwoman with a jumping leap. Batons in both hands, Orchid slammed them both down on the inner shoulders of Catwoman, crashing onto her collar bones and dropping her opponent to her knees with a grunt.

Knowing how quick her opponent is, Orchid quickly went into a choke position and wrapped her arms around Catwomans neck, Attempting to choke answers out of her.

“You are lucky I didn’t turn my batons on. You would be seeing your arms on the floor otherwise! Now I’m not going to ask you again. Tell me who you are and who you work for!"


Croc Vs. Noel

Poor little croc...

27 hp
to hit: 17 (critical)
to wound: (19x2)-8 (30) this time we have severe danage!!!

Noel was tired, she had lost a lot of blood and the mutant still looked very strong. She reached out to grab her second gun, but before she could reach it she was taken. Lifting her up by the hair and disarming her, Croc looked like he was playing with a rag doll. Noel could see that her resistance was in vain: kicks and punches were not working and despite her efforts, monster lifted her up and began fucking her again.

She moaned and cried in shock and pain while Croc bit down on one of her little nipples and tore it free. She remembered how once she had been mistaken for a male because of her small tits, but did not understand why such memories came into her head now as it was obvious that the monster obviously considered her a woman.

The rape went on and on, the huge mutant cock driving deeper and deeper inside her. It appeared true that after sex some individuals became immediately hungry. Noel watched, unable to stop him, as Croc decided tear off one of her breasts and swallow it whole. She then choked out a muffled cry... Noel was aware of what was happening but her body had lost all its strength.

Croc started to shake and quiver, and then lifted her up and then threw her to the earth. Noel saw both of her gun lying on the ground near her, and knew what she had to do. With the monster hardly injured at all, she knew that unless she stopped him now, he would continue to hurt and rape other woman, continue to maul and dismember other innocents, she had to stop him before he killed her!

Croc allowed her to get up only so that he could spurt his cum all across her face and on what was now left of her ruined body. All she needed was a couple seconds to get her weapons, so while the monster continued to grunt and spray her face, Noel reached out and grabbed both of her weapons. She wasn't sure if firing them both with the same hand would have the effect she wanted, but it was worth a try. Through the mask of foul-semen Noel smiled and laughed for a second the crocodile looked doubtful.

At the same moment he held her head in his hands, ready to snap her neck, he felt cold touch of metal on his balls.

"Fuck", he whispered, as the girl pulled both triggers with one hand.

Heat more intense than anything he had felt before blasted through his genitals; a beam of energy white hot fired straight up in front of him, barely missing his face by a matter of inches. Croc stumbled backwards and gasped. Shock filled his eyes as blood poured from his groin like a waterfall. His balls were gone, completely vaporized, and the base of his shaft was a charred ruin. He watched without a sound as his massive cock, his pride, his man-hood, tears free, it's melted base unable to support it's weight. It lands in the mud with a plop, looking very much like a dead snake. Noel had destroyed everything that made him a man. She smiled, regardless of whatever else happened now, she knew he would never forget what she had done to him, and never again rape another woman.


Croc vs. Noel

HP: 28
To hit: 6 (miss)

Croc was in shock. He couldn't get his thoughts straight. He was bleeding from the groin badly, and most of his body was burned. Looking down he watched as his cock simply fell off the charred stump of his shaft and landed in a puddle of his own blood.

"I need to put it back on" he thought to himself through the haze of shock and blood-loss.

He leaned forward and grabbed severed penis and picked it up, but immediately dropped it again, it was burning hot, and as he watched the majority of his shaft bubbled and meted like hot wax.

He looked up at the woman who had done this to him with pain in his eyes.

"You, you, fucking melted my dick! You fucking blew up my dick!", through the pain, rage started to take over, he was going to kill her, he was going to kill her and make her pay for what she had done.

Croc charged blindly at the wounded girl who now held two pistols in his face. He didn't get far. He had forgotten about is stomach wound, and as he lunged a pile of his intestines spilled out of the wound and down around his knees. His next step towards the woman was cut short as he tripped over his own guts and fell forward onto the ground. He was really a mess now, and fear began to take hold, he might not survive this...


Catwoman vs. Orchid

HP: 90
To Hit: 16 (critical)
To wound: 10x2 = 20 - 2 armor = 18 (severe damage)

Crack! Pain exploded in Catwoman's chest as the two batons crashed into her collar bones. She had misjudged this cunt, and now she was paying the price.

Orchid hauled her to her feet, and as she rose she felt her right shoulder slump noticeably, it was definitely a broken collarbone. Before she knew it, the other woman was behind her and lifting her up into a chokehold.

“You are lucky I didn’t turn my batons on. You would be seeing your arms on the floor otherwise! Now I’m not going to ask you again. Tell me who you are and who you work for!" The bitch yelled into her ear.

Well that was good to know at least, she woman's batons could become laser blades, she would be sure not to let her opponent keep them.

Before Orchid could completely suffocate her, Catwoman reached up and grabbed onto one of the woman's wrists; she dug her diamond-tipped claws into the muscles and tendons of Orchid's arm just below her palm and ripped backwards violently.

Orchid screamed as blood instantly splashed downward across Catwoman's chest and onto the floor. She let go of the woman and clutched her hand tightly. It was bleeding badly, but what was worse was that Catwoman had cut through all of her tendons. She could no longer make a fist with that hand, let alone pick up a baton.

Catwoman however wasn't done. As orchid stumbled back she snapped a hard front kick up into the other woman's groin. Once again Orchid doubled over in pain, and once again Catwoman tried to get out of there, although this time she didn't turn around, instead she backed out of the Alley, keeping her eyes on Orchid the entire way.


Noel vs Croc

HP: 27
To hit: 5
To wound: 9 - 8 = 1

Croc was obviously in shock. He stumbled forward bleeding badly, but Noel could not feel sorry for him. He had raped her twice, and she had been able to do nothing to stop him. Normally she would never have done anything so violent, but drastic circumstances required drastic measures.

Stumbling forward she watched the dumbfounded crock attempt to perform a miracle and re-attach his own cock. Obviously he was losing a lot of blood, he had gone from green to white as a sheet, finally becoming as weak and damaged as herself.

The monster feebly reached out with his claws to attack her, trying to get revenge for the horrific wound she had done to it. Luckily for the monster he slipped and fell right as she fired a shot that would have hit him in the forehead, instead it barley grazed his shoulder, she wasn't even sure he had noticed.

"You put that ruined thing inside me two times, and you've eaten pieces of me, but I'll still give you the chance to give up. You might be too far gone to stop, but I even after all that you've done I won't kill you if you stop now!"

Croc tried to get to his feet, his intestines spilling from his stomach and entangling his feet. As he rose Noel leaned against a tree and pointed her gun at him with one hand, ready to fire if he kept moving.

Anything could happen now.


Croc vs. Noel


HP: 27
To Hit: 1 (another big miss)

Croc wouldn't let her get away now, his only hope was that the man who hired him would be able to heal him, to regenerate everything that he had lost. The only way that would happen would be for him to kill this girl!

He gathered what he could of his intestines under his left arm and held them tight to his body, almost like a parent would hold a child. In front of him he was seeing double, two blondes, leaning against two trees, holding two guns.

He lunged at the closest one with his claws and felt them sink in, he ripped and tore, and then bit deeply into his target.

It tasted like bark... He had attacked the tree. He looked left and right. Where was she?


Orchid HP: 80
Roll to hit: 10
Roll to damage: 10-3=7

Orchid suddenly saw a flash in the corner of her eye. It looked like some form of cats claws made of some sharp looking martial, but it was too late. She felt an intense sharp pain shoot across her wrist. The warm splash of blood running down her hand as she had no choice but to release her grip from Catwoman.

“SHIT! My wrist!” Orchid thought. Dropping the batton from her left hand and clutching it with a deep moan of pain. She applied some pressure to relive the pain and bleeding, but she only came to realise that her left hand right now was pretty much useless, the muscles to control its actions being torn apart.
Taking her eyes of Catwoman was a big mistake however, taking a solid blow to the crotch that felt like a hammer to her ovaries. She was downed, defeated by her curiosity. She should have just cut her opponents arms off and left when she had the chance.

Taking a few seconds to regain her senses, she looked forward. Directly at Catwomans eyes while on the ground.

“So you are some kind of…what? Cat Lady?” Orchid chuckled between heavy breaths. “You might enjoy this then… FIRECAT!” Orchid screamed.

A ball of energy suddenly appeared behind Orchid and manifested into the shape of a large cat. It jumped over her slumped body and charged towards Catwoman with a tiger like growl.
It dived and latched onto Catwoman with its claws, digging into her shoulder and suddenly exploded. The attack knocked Catwoman of her feet and onto the ground, stunning her for a few precious moments that allowed Orchid to get to her feet. She wished she had a little longer to charge her Firecat energy more so she could have at least disabled her opponent in someway…but she will have to make do with this.

"No more questions. Im taking your head.” She threatened. Flicking the switch of her right baton on.

Orchid began to close in on Catwoman with the intention of ending this.


Croc vs. Noel

HP: 27
To Hit: 13
To wound: 8 - 8 = 0

Noel couldn't believe the beasts determination. Even with his guts slipping out he refused to give up the hunt, he refused to lie down and die. He lunged at her madly and somehow managed to miss and attack the tree she had been leaning against. She stumbled away from the tree, limping as she went and fired a blast towards Croc, hoping to finally end him. Her loss of blood was making it difficult to hold her revolver up however, and instead all she managed to do was blast the soil at his feet. She knew she could no longer backflip away, or even move quickly enough to stop him, if he caught her now she surely would be killed...


HP: 27
Attack: 17 (critical)
Damage: 9 x 2 = 18 - 2 = 16 (severe)

Croc was losing too much blood, there were four of her now, all limping away from him and the tree. He didn't care about living anymore, and he wasn't sure if he could even be saved at this point anyway, he just wanted revenge.

He gave up on keeping his guts together and let them fall to the floor. He put all his energy into chasing the girl, striding after her quickly with ropes of intestine dragging on the ground behind him. He slashed out with both claws at the first version of Noel he saw.

Nothing but air.

He spun towards the second,

Again nothing.

He jumped head first towards the third, clawing and biting, and again connected with nothing.

With a final roar he crawled across the ground on all fours and reached out with his claws towards Noel. This time he felt something; her ankle!

Yanking backwards hard he pulled her to the ground. Noel yelled in surprise as she was dragged downwards. She tried to kick at him. To get away, but he ignored her and dragged her closer. He rose up over her lower body and then plunged down with both claws into her knee-caps.

This final burst of strength was incredible. Croc's claws penetrated through both of her knees and sunk into the ground below. With another roar he tore backwards with all his strength and simultaneously tore both of her lower legs off of her thighs.

He stood up above her, holding a boot and lower leg in each hand. Even as pale as he was, even with his guts hanging out and his cock melted from his body, he was still a terrifying beast. He tossed the poor girls legs into the swamp behind him and then turned to finish the job.

When next he looked down at her he was surprised to find himself now staring straight into the barrel of her gun. She wasn't finished yet...


Catwoman vs. Croc

HP: 83
Attack: 19 (critical)
Damage: 5 x 2 - 2 = 8

Catwoman saw the feline ball of energy flash towards her, but could do nothing to avoid it. Heat washed over her back and shoulders as the creature dug into her with burning claws. Where its claws touched her flesh she was bleeding and blistered. Just as suddenly as it appeared, it was gone, and Catwoman cursed as she was forced to rip her still-smoldering hood and goggles from her head.

When she looked up the Green-clad woman was charging at her, a blazing weapon in her hand.

Catwoman was smart enough not to let Orchid get any closer with that weapon. With a flick of her wrist her whip cracked outward snagging Orchid's ankle mid run. Catwoman tugged hard, and Orchid's legs were pulled out from under-her. She crashed to the ground in a heap, and her energy baton bounced from her and across the dark alleyway. Orchid's training took over and she was instantly back on her feet running towards her fallen weapon.

Once again Catwoman's whip lashed outwards, catching Orchid across her lower back and ass. It split her uniform wide-open and left a horrible red welt on her backside.

Catwoman grinned. Payback was a bitch, and so was she.


Orchid HP: 72
Roll to hit: 19 (crit)
Roll to damage: 12x2-3=21 (Severe)

Orchid felt the whip tightly coil around her ankle, and with a sudden tug, she found herself back on the ground again. The attack took her by surprise, and she was once again disarmed.

Quickly getting back to her feet, she attempted to dive for the weapon, but took a burning slash across her back and ass from the whip attacking once again, splitting her outfit open and revealing her ass and part of her toned back.
Orchid grunted. The attack stung immensely, but there was no time to worry about it. Pushing through the pain she quickly picked up her baton while running and with a quick turn, transferred all her running momentum into her arm, throwing the energised baton towards Catwoman.

It hurtled through the air with a swishing hum, illuminating the alley way as it traveled to its mark. The baton sunk into the top Catwomamas left shoulder with a hiss, cutting through her collar bone and slicing just into the top of her left beast and out of her back. Blood sprayed and bubbled with the heat of the weapon, and Catowmman screamed in, grabbing the handle of the baton with her right hand in a desperate attempt to save her left arm by either turning the baton off or removing it as quick as possible to save herself from further damage.

The attack was aimed for her head…but Orchid knew her balance was off slightly. At least she was on target somewhat and finally did some significant damage, but there was no time to waste. She picked up her other baton that was nearby and charged in again, leaping into air with a flying kick.
Her foot crashed into Catwomans jaw, spinning her head to the right sharply with a cracking connection.

“With a wound like that, you are probably never going to be able to use your arm properly again. You might swell just let me cut if off for you. Its practically dangling off.” Orchid said. Placing her foot on Catwomans chest and pointing the second baton at her neck.

She turned it on with a flick… and it began to hum.


Catwoman vs. Orchid

(Just as a note I'm going to start using Catwoman's real name: Selina, a bit just to mix up the writing)

HP: 62
Attack: 19 (critical)
Damage: 18 x 2 = 36 - 2 = 34 (severe)

It took every bit of Selina's discipline not to scream in pain and fall to her knees. The twirling energy baton had sliced its way into her left shoulder and cut down deeply into her breast. Her skin was hissing and bubbling, and the weapon was slowly cutting deeper drawn downward by gravity.

She grabbed onto the handle with her right hand and frantically tried to turn it off, but couldn't find the switch. Before she had a chance a powerful right kick smashed into her jaw and snapped her head to the right. The impact caused the baton to slide even further down her shoulder.

Orchid taunted her, placing her boot on her shear and suggesting she amputate her now useless arm. Catwoman only had a second to decide what to do as Orchid's other baton hummed to life and was pointed at her throat.

The bitch was right.

With a scream Selina tore the energy baton lodged in her shoulder downward, severing her entire left arm in the process. Her limb flopped to the floor beside her, but in the same moment she swung the energy weapon downward through the leg Orchid had pinned against her chest.

Orchid's eyes bulged as she pitched forward, her leg amputated at the knee and no longer able to support her. She landed with scream and Catwoman pressed her advantage, slamming the baton downward to finish the bitch off. Despite her wound, Orchid wasn't finished every strike of Catwoman's was deflected expertly. She wasn't going to be killed with her own baton.

Finally, Catwoman came downward with all her body-weight, the baton aimed to split Orchid's head in two, but instead Orchid blocked and used her second arm for support, she began to push back against Catwoman, actually pressing Selina's baton back towards her own face.

Damnit. This was getting ugly.


Noel vs. Croc

11 hp
To hit 12
To wound 20-8 (12)

The situation was bad, Noel could hardly move she was in so much pain, and now the mutant was completely out of control, swinging and yelling wildly.
She was too tired to even lift her gun with both hands which gave Croc the opportunity to chase her down.
She didn't even know how it had happened l, but once again she was down with her back in the mud. The creature clawing at her legs and pulling her back towards him.
Noel couldn't even scream as the monster separated her lower-legs from the rest of her body. Her brain went into shock, and she lost touch with where she was, memories of her life and the events that lead her down this path flashed before her eyes.
She knew she was dying, but took some small comfort in the fact that there was no way Croc would survive either, with his guts being dragged around he was sure to die of an infection. What if he found her ship though? The thought haunted her, she needed to finish her mission...
With what little strength was left to her she lifted her gun on to her belly and braced it with her ruined hand. As the creature loomed up over her she aimed weapon at it's face and fired.
The shot turned the monster's face into a hideous ruin. Its nose and most of the skin on its face was burned completely off, leaving much of it's skull exposed. One eye dangled out of a ruined socket, and the other was burned a terrible shade of red, but the shot had not penetrated its brain.

It still lived.


Croc vs. Noel

HP: 15
Attack: 8 (miss)

The blast of white hot light was the last thing Croc would ever see. The beam of energy melted off most of his face, and blinded him in both eyes. He swung wildly about himself trying to kill and attacker that was no longer their...

Noel dragged herself out from under the wounded beast, her one good arm pulling her body across the mud... She wanted to lie down and go to sleep, she was so tired, but something told her she had to see this through, she had to finish her mission.


Yeah thats a good shout. Selina is a lot easier to type too.

Orchid HP: 38 (Holy Shit)
Roll to hit: 16 (Just scraped a crit)
Roll to damage: 10x2-3=18(Severe)

Orchid was quite shocked to see that Selina had actually taken what she said seriously! She gagged slightly at the sight of her opponents arm severed and lying next to her on the ground. The stump still sizzling freshly…but that was a bad mistake.

Orchid found herself falling towards the ground as an intense burning feeling swiped across her knee. It was as if time slowed to a crawl as she watched her own baton slice across her leg and cleanly cut it off. She gasped and with a gravely scream fell to the ground, unable to support her weight on one leg with the sudden amputation.
She had no time to address it though, as she came under attack with her own weapon. Selina hammering away in attack to try and kill her.

They clashed weapons, sparks and flashes clashing with each deflection Orchid managed to score. It seemed as if the battle had taken a deadly turn, with the both of them managing to be in possession of these deadly weapons.
Thankfully Orchid still had her other arm, giving her the strength advantage when using it to push against Catwoman with her wounded forearm. All she needed was just a few more seconds, pushing the baton towards her opponent face…but then she started to let up, slowly allowing Selina to overcome her and then purposely holding the struggle in a deadlock for a small while

“just a few…more!” Orchid thought, quickly exchanging a look into Selina’s eyes, filed with nothing but anger, range and desperation.

The trap was set, and a flash of light appeared towards the darkness of the alleyway. Another Firecat. This time bigger and more vicious looking with Orchid channeling its energy to be more physical rather than explosive and energy based.
It charged towards Selina and tacked her violently ,straddling her and instantly gripping her claws into her side and stomach to pin her down while dragging them across her body and tearing into her insides. Rearing its head, and with a shrieking growl it sunk its teeth into the the right side of Selina’s face, viciously ripping upwards with a splash of blood and chunks before disappearing.

Meanwhile Orchid looked over to her amputated leg, laying ironically next to Selina’s arm. She realised that she had to end this quickly as she was still bleeding thanks to the baton attack being swift and not cauterising the wound enough.
She pushed herself up and crawled on her non wounded limbs towards the under attack Catwoman, dragging herself across the ground resulting in her torn clothing coming off. All orchid wanted was to plunge this baton into Selina’s chest once and for all.


Catwoman vs. Orchid

HP: 44
To hit: 13
To wound: 19-2 = 17 (another severe, I'm getting lucky is this fight)

Catwoman tried to bring her hands up to stop the beast that had pulled her to the ground, but its fiery claws and fangs were too much for her single arm to resist. With a snarl the beast pressed her right arm down to the floor under one of its huge paws.

Selena screamed as the beast brought its fanged jaws down towards her face. It's top row of teeth sunk in above her right eye while it's bottom teeth ground against her jaw line. Selena closed her eyes in terror as the jaws snapped shut.

Then as suddenly as it had appeared, The fire cat vanished. Selena groaned and rolled over to her right side, she propped herself up on her remaining arm and sat up. Something wet slapped across her neck. Something was wrong she couldn't feel her face at all. Looking across the alleyway she saw herself in the reflective glass wall of the building. She tried to hold it in but just couldn't; Selena choked and vomited violently on the alleyway floor.

She could not believe what she had just seen. All of the skin and much of the muscle on the right side of her face had been ripped free by the cat. Most of it still hung by a thin strand of skin dangling off her jaw line. She wretched again, and with a plop the bloody tissue that had once been her face landed between her cleavage, and slid down the front of her leather outfit.

As disgusted, sick and dizzy as Selena was, she hadn't forgotten about the fight. Out of the corner of her eye she saw orchid trying to scramble away. If Selena had still possessed the muscles that would've allowed her to smile she would have; between the holes that Selena had put in the woman's uniform with her whip and the friction caused by trying to crawl away, orchid had somehow managed to strip herself naked.

Even with her leg severed the woman's body was magnificent. Her tits were perfect, her ass was perfect and her waist was tiny. Catwoman was going to ruin her, she was going to make her pay.

Selena got to her feet and quickly caught up with orchid. Digging her claws into the back of the woman's neck and shoulder she hauled orchid up to her knees. The naked spy screamed as the stump of her leg dragged against the alley floor. Selina stood behind her and reached down across the woman's chest.

Everything happened too quickly for orchid to process, let alone stop; she watched catwoman's arm descend down to her right breast, she felt the woman's claws digging deep into the fatty tissue on the underside of her tit, and then pain exploded in her chest and blood was everywhere.

Selena held the severed tit in her right hand and then with the grunt hurled it as hard as she could against the side of the building. Orchid's once perfect breast exploded in a shower of gore.

Catwoman was going to relish tearing apart this bitch one piece at a time...


Noel vs. Croc

HP: 11
To hit: 18
To wound: 11x2=22-8=14

Noel had shot the beast in the face, and now he flailed about wildly, unable to find her. Using the little strength she had in her arms and the nubs that remained of her legs, she slid out from under him and managed to rise to a seated position.

She could no longer feel any pain, her body was simply numb, and slightly cold. She knew her condition this was very bad, she was dying.

Determined to kill the monster before it killed her, she used the sound of its roaring voice to lock it in her gun's sights. With a triumphant smile she fired.

The blast hit it square in the side of the head and punched a hole straight through, a chunk of it's skull and brain mater exited the other side of its head and brain matter began to dribble out. She had done it. It was over.

The beast fell to its knees, and then slumped forward onto its stomach. Blood and brains continued to dribble out of the side of its head.

And then it started to move, crawling towards her only by the strength of one arm, dragging its entire body weight across the mud with one clawed hand. Its skinless, eyeless face looked straight towards her and it croaked...


It wasn't dead.


Croc vs. Noel

This is probably it for Croc, but hey he put up a good fight, and maybe the man who hired him can take some of that DNA he left everywhere and make a new one :)

HP: 1
To hit: 13
To wound: 4 (not enough)

The monster crawled through the dark towards the noise. In and out, the ragged breathing of the wounded girl. It's all he heard. Nothing worked. He didn't remember his name, or even what he was, his legs didn't work, or they were gone, he didn't know, he crawled, and he raged.

He felt something, skin, it was warm and wet. Slick with blood. He had found her belly. In a last, desperate attempt to kill Noel he plunged his 5 clawed fingers down, punching through her skin and penetrating her guts.

It was all he had left. His body collapsed... But still he heard her breathing. She had to die, he just needed a little bit more power...


So anyone else want to fight?

Got any ideas for rules besides hitting and wounding?

Want to play M/F, or F/F?

By email or right here on Gurochan?

Let me know.


Noel vs. Croc

The End:

HP: 9
To hit: 12
To wound: 12-8 = 4

Noel somehow managed to drag her body to small Boulder to prop herself up against. It seemed as good a place as any to die.

Croc was still coming, crawling towards her with arm while croaking menacingly. Noel literally had no strength to stop him as he reached up and plunged his claws into her belly, penetrating her gut. He could have torn her open with just a little pull, but it seemed he didn't have the strength left.

Noel used the last of hers, once more she lifted her gun, placing the barrel inside the enormous wound in the side of croc's head. Once more she pulled the trigger.

Croc's head exploded in a flash of light, spraying brains and blood almost directly into her face. She didn't have the energy to be disgusted.

Blood pumped from the stump of croc's neck and spewed out across Noel's body. She began to sob. Mission accomplished.

She rested her hand on the ruined monster's shoulder and whispered, "I think I'll be joining you soon". She wasn't naive enough to think she could drag herself back to her ship, the effort would probably kill her, and even if it didn't, how would she survive the trip home...

She tried to pry croc's hand from her womb, but didn't have the strength, she was so tired, she would just go to sleep here... She closed her eyes.


Noel's eyes blinked open, she was floating in some sort of tank. She looked down at her legs and saw that they were whole, not a scratch or scar on them. She glanced at her left hand, it was whole as well, all her fingers must have been regenerated.

A man in black appeared in front of her and tapped on the glass. "I'm just here to thank you, and say goodbye. You made me a lot of money miss. Of course you won't remember any of this, but while you still have your memories, I do owe you some thanks!"

Noel's eyes glanced around the room as the man left, and she saw something that forced a scream from her mouth. Across the room, floating in a tank of green liquid was a monster covered in green and grey scales.

It was croc.


File: 1443382363005.jpg (22.98 KB, 400x696, 828631af736c381a377bfcac3f….jpg)

I want to fight someone, any opponent is ok.

This is Ayane in her infiltration suit, a well-known Kunoichi from the Mugen Tenshin Ninja Clan.

She was sent by her Sensei to capture Kasumi, but something went wrong...

Hair color: Purple
Hair lenght: Short
Weapon: Kunai and Ninpo
Age: 18
Clothes: Battle/infiltation suit, high heeled boots and a purple bra.


Forgot to add.

Speed: 10
Armor: 2


Would you like to fight a male or female?

Which fight have you liked better so far?

Croc & Noel (sex & violence)


Orchid and Catwoman (just violence)



Would you like to fight a male or female?

Which fight have you liked better so far?

Croc & Noel (sex & violence)


Orchid and Catwoman (just violence)



I would preffer a male, and the fight, I choose Croc vs Noel due the sex :P


Okay I'm down!

Game: Mortal Kombat
Height: 8'2
Weight: 550
Speed: 6
Armor: 6
Weapons: 4 beefy god damn arms and a 500 lb body!

You want to write the setup? You get first attack if you do


Ayane vs. Goro
Ayane HP: 100
To hit: 11
To damage: 12-6=6

Ayane was walking through away her ninja village, following her orders to capture and bring Kasumi back, she went into the woods and found a greenish portal, probably made by the DOATEC for fast transportation across the world, she stepped in and she was transported to somewhere outside the Earth, it looked like a twisted and macabre version of the world she was used to "I think that portal wasn't made by our allies, I will go back" she said, but with surprise she found that the portal was gone.

She started to walk and suddenly she heard some heavy steps rushing towards her, with her quick movements she jumped over her foe and sent a pair of kunais towards her foe, which was Goro, neither of the kunais stuck on Goro's right arm but managed to cut a bit of flesh from him...


HP: 94
Attack: 12
Damage: 9-2 = 7

Goro waited. His job was simple execute any fool who came through the portal. The combatants had already been selected, anyone else who came through was an intruder and not welcome in outworld.

When the young woman with pink hair appeared he immediately charged towards her, and was met with two flying knives. The blades pierced the flesh of his right shoulder and thigh, but richocheted off, dealing only superficial cuts. They just made him angry.

With a roar he closed the distance between them. Grabbing the woman with his lower two arms he lifted her high into the air. He balled his upper two fists together over his head and then slammed down hard upon her chest, sending her back to the ground with the force of a meteor. He heard bones crack as she hit the ground.

This would be quick.


HP: 94
Attack: 12
Damage: 9-2 = 7

Goro waited. His job was simple execute any fool who came through the portal. The combatants had already been selected, anyone else who came through was an intruder and not welcome in outworld.

When the young woman with pink hair appeared he immediately charged towards her, and was met with two flying knives. The blades pierced the flesh of his right shoulder and thigh, but richocheted off, dealing only superficial cuts. They just made him angry.

With a roar he closed the distance between them. Grabbing the woman with his lower two arms he lifted her high into the air. He balled his upper two fists together over his head and then slammed down hard upon her chest, sending her back to the ground with the force of a meteor. He heard bones crack as she hit the ground.

This would be quick.


Ayane vs. Goro
Ayane HP: 93
To hit: 4

When Ayane landed Goro rushed at her, taking her with his lower arms, launching her into the air and with his upper arms he swung Ayane towards the floor, she screamed in pain when she hit the ground.

A normal human couldn't withstand such impact, but Ayane's bones were far more resistant than a normal human, so just some small cracks were made.

She quickly sent her right foot towards Goro's face, hoping the heel would apply more pressure, but to her surprise she failed, as Goro moved just in time to avoid the kick...


Goro vs. Ayane

To hit: 20 (critical)
To wound: 11 x 2 = 22-2 = 20 (severe)

Goro was surprised how quickly the little ninja got to her feet after he crushed her. She threw a kick towards his face with tremendous power, but she truly misjudged his height and with only a slight lean backwards he evaded it. He caught her extended right leg with two arms and grinned at her. He loved the look of fear he saw spread across her face.


Goro slammed downward with a hammer-fist onto her knee. The tendon snapped instantly and knee bent violently the wrong way, her shin bone exploding out of the skin at the back of her knee. The little ninja screamed, and in reply goro punched her in the face knocking her to the ground once again.

He looked down at her. Blood running down her face and right legs bent awkwardly underneath her. She was quite beautiful, and goro loves to watch the little ones suffer. Something began to stir beneath his loincloth, and he leaned forward to pick her up once again...


Ayane vs. Goro
Ayane HP: 73
To hit: 16 (critical)
To damage: 12×2= 24-6=18(severe)

Ayane tried to escape from Goro's grip, but she was unable to do so, in an instant she felt her right leg cracking and she was grabbed by her head with an impressive grip, the pain was rushing towards Ayane's body, but using her ninja training she overcome it.

Just as Goro was going to punch her she made a quick movement with her both arms, taking a pair of Kunais and cutting Goro's flesh, just enough from him to release her, and using her good leg and Goro's torso her knee acted as a spring, while in the air she chanted "Art of the Raging Mountain God!" and she sent her purple-shining fist onto the ground, releasing a wave of pure energy around her.

The wave struck Goro's left leg, severing it from the inmmense ammount of energy...


Goro vs. Ayane

HP: 76
To Hit: 14
To wound: 6-2 = 4

Goro watched the woman backflip away, even after having her leg broken, she was impressive. As she landed she screamed something and energy exploded up from the ground around her. It was like a land mine going off. Bits of her and energy tore the earth upwards like a volcano, and Goro watched the explosion engulf his left leg. The blast peeled skin and muscle away from bone, and he fell forwards as what remained of his leg was wrenched from his knee joint and hurled through the air.

Despite the horrific wound, Goro did not slow down. By placing his lower arms on the ground, and swinging his remaining leg forward he was able to lope ahead, almost like a man using crutches.

Ayane was far more immobilized by her broken leg and he caught up to her quickly. He grabbed her by her shirt-collar in one hand and flung her into the trees nearby, hoping to impale her on their jagged branches. Her naked and beautiful chest tumbling end over end through the air was the last he saw of her before she disappeared in the brush.

He smiled, he was still holding her shirt.


Ayane vs Goro
Ayane HP: 69
To hit: 14
To damage: 3-6=0

Somehow Goro managed to grab Ayane's bra by her sides, then Goro swung Ayane far away, while she was flying she noticed that her battlesuit was gone, the only clothes remaining were her panty and boots, and she saw Goro glancing at her breasts before dissapearing from sight.

Ayane crashed against a tree, her back recieved a considerable impact but didn't do too much damage and the she felt to the ground with her half naked body.

She heard Goro coming and threw a Kunai to the sound source, but then he heard a 'cling' and then nothing, she knew her kunai didn"t damage Goro...


HP: 76
To hit: 11
Damage: 11-2=9

Goro crashed through the underbrush to find his opponent. The stump of his missing leg ached, and moving on 2 arms and a leg was becoming more difficult as he lost more of his strength from the blood-loss. He hoped the woman was still at least half alive though, he was going to enjoy tearing her apart, and it was so much more fun to do when they were still able to scream. He thought about her half naked body and grinned, maybe he would have some fun with her before he killed her, she was quite pretty for a human.

Out of nowhere a throwing knife whistled through the air towards his chest. With a quick motion he knocked it out of the air with one of his forearm guards, it harmlessly richocheted off into the brush.

"What a stupid slut", Goro thought to himself, now he knew exactly where she was. With great speed he crashed through the underbrush and soon found her. Her back was pressed against a tree, and she was naked except for her panties.
As soon as she saw him she tried to get up and run, but with her leg broken he was too fast. With his top to hands he grabbed her by both arms and held them over her head. Still leaving one hand on the floor to keep his balance he began to punch her in the stomach with his fourth arm, slamming it again and again into her belly.

Ayane screamed in response to each hit, and he felt himself getting aroused. It didn't take long for his enormous 16" cock to rise from underneath his loincloth. He smiled. It was time to have some fun...


Ayane vs Goro
Ayane HP: 60
To hit: 13
To damage: 5-6=0

Ayane couldn't escape from Goro's arrival, she tried to run but she couldn't due her leg, then the beast grabbed her and rose her into the air,holding her wrists firmly, her breasts dangled up and down from the sudden movement.

When Goro started to punch her belly she felt like a hammer hitting her belly, and blood started to flow from her mouth, just then Goro stopped and released her wrists, which caused Ayane to fall to the ground, her breasts impacting first onto the ground, she was gasping for air and just then she noticed Goro's penis, she was in shock, it was huge and pointing towards her.

The purple haired girl sent a hit aimed to Goro's penis, just to be blocked by one of Goro's arm...


HP: 76
To Hit: 16 (critical)
Damage: 10x2 = 20-2 = 18 (severe)

Goro held the woman's arms tightly as his cock grew to full size. He had made a descision, he was going to have some fun before killing her. He dropped her briefly and pulled his loincloth free, she made a feeble attempt to punch his groin, but he simply grabbed her arm and yanked back on it. with a pop her shoulder dislocated from the socket. He then grabbed her opposite arm and pinned it to the tree above her head. Pulling a kunai from her own boot, Goro slammed the blade through her palm, pinning her un-injured arm to the tree.

"make ready girl, you are about to experience pleasures no earth woman could hope to receive" he chuckled.

Grabbing her breasts in two hands he pressed them together and smashed his cock between them. Ayane struggled and squirmed, but every movement tore at her impaled hand, or caused agony to spread from her shattered knee. She was helpless as goro's cock bobbed up and down in front of her face.

"You are better than expected woman, prepare to receive the blessings of outworld"

Ayane felt the monsters huge and heavy balls tighten, and he released a groan of pleasure. Ayane's face was blasted with a huge stream of cum, it poured into her eyes and shot up her nose. She made the mistake of trying to open her mouth to curse him, but ended up choking as his load continued to fire straight into her throat.

Without pausing to enjoy the pleasure, goro reached out with his one free hand and grabbed Ayane's cum-soaked chin. with a snap he dislocated her jaw.

"We shokan do not ejaculate only once like you puny humans, i will use your mouth next, and I can't have you biting, can I?"

Ayane shuddered as the monster's cock rose towards her gaping mouth.


Ayane vs Goro
Ayane HP: 42
To hit: 8
To damage: 14-6=8

Ayane almost drowned when Goro released his load, some of his semen went directly towards her throat and she could't spit it, so the ninja swallowed the cum to keep breathing.

With her left arm dislodged, her left knee broken, her right arm impaled with her own kunai and only her left leg in good shape she couldn't do much.

When Goro dislodged Ayane's jaw he removed the kunai from Ayane's hand to force her to her knees, her hand was bleeding with a light current of blood.

Ayane tought "as I understand, when someone cums it weakens their defenses, I will wait" and with that Goro shoves his penis into Ayane's mouth, Goro didn't care if Ayane's throat couldn't take it all, he forced his penis and soon Ayane's nose was against Goro's pelvis, he released his load once again and he took his penis out.

Just when he did it Ayane sent her left leg towards Goro's groing, the heel impacted on its target while Goro's was recovering...



HP: 68
To hit: 3 miss

Goro lost himself to the warm sensation of Ayane's throat, his enormous Shokan cock, slid freely down her esophagus as the girl choked and struggled to breathe. His first orgasm had been incredible, completely washing away the pain of his destroyed leg. What was building now was even more powerful, unlike humans each Shokan male had 4 testicles, and would ejaculate at least 4 times when engaging in intercourse, each orgasm more powerful and releasing more semen than the last. It was very rare that a shokan would not not impregnate it's partner.

Goro continued to thrust in and out, Ayane's face slowly turning blue as her airway was blocked. Suddenly it happened; Goro growled and pumped an enormous load down into Ayane's belly. The poor ninja girl choked it down, gulp after gulp as her belly filled. Finally the beast pulled his erection free, shooting a final blast into her left eye. His cock still rigid in front of her.

As he reached down to turn her over, (he wasn't finished yet), Ayane spring into action. Putting everything she had into a powerful heel-kick to his groin.


Goro howled in pain as the woman's booted heal smashed one of his testicles up against his inner thigh. The pop was the sound of his testicle violently rupturing in the most painful way imaginable. Goro had not flinched when he lost his leg, but this pain was so much worse. He swung one of his massive fists at the girl as he fell to the floor, but missed completely. He held his balls in both hands and groaned, completely helpless, at least for a moment.


Ayane vs Goro
Ayane HP: 42
To hit: 13
To damage: 19-6=13

While Goro was trying to cover his destroyed testicle Ayane moved her injured right hand to try to fix her jaw, she did and she was able to close her mouth again, the taste of semen and the soap-like pain in her eye was driving her crazy.

Ayane watched in horror as Goro sent a fist towards her, but somehow he missed.

"I should have brought my fuma-kudachi" the ninja thought.

Just as Goro managed to overcome the pain he charged towards the girl, but she rolled to her side as she was pulling a pain of kunais which she barely stuck on the beast's leg...


HP: 55
To hit: 16 (critical)
Damage: 15x2 = 30-2 = 28 severe

Goro writhed in pain clutching his groin, and as he tried to get to his feet, the ninja girl once again attacked with a pair of throwing knives. This time he was unable to deflect them, and both penetrated the flesh of his uninjured right leg, one in his upper thigh, and the other into the side of his knee. Something in his joint popped, and he fell forward once more.

He managed to control his fall, and caught Ayane by the waist with his bottom two hands on the way down, pinning her underneath him. She was already reaching towards her boot for another dagger when he caught both of her arms with his upper set of hands.

"No more knives" he said through gritted teeth. He exerted all of his strength, pulling on both of ayane's arms at the same time. She screamed as second shoulder dislocated from its socket, but goro didn't stop, he continued to pull.

"Please no! Nooooo!" Ayane screamed as her skin and muscles were stretched to their limits. Her left arm have way first, the skin cracking and blood pouring from the exposed muscles underneath. The otherwise silent forest was filled for a moment with the hideous sound of tearing flesh as ayane's upper arm was ripped free of her shoulder socket. Blood sprayed everywhere as goro tossed the twitching limb over his shoulder. He released the girls other arm before any more damage could be done.

"I can't have you bleeding to death before I'm finished, slut"

Without hesitation he lifted her into the air, her legs kicking feebly as he lowered her hips over his once again hardening cock.

"Let us see if the flesh of your womb is more resilient than the flesh of your limbs!" He laughed.

He scooped a glob of his cum out of Ayane's eye and pulling her panties aside, smeared it across her tiny slit. Then without warning slammed her body down to the base of his cock.

Ayana screamed...


Ayane vs Goro
Ayane HP: 14
To hit: 5

Ayane's vision was blackening out and was impaired from the blood loss, which was increasing eveey second.

When Goro inserted his monster penis inside her tiny vagina she screamed, it was way too big and way too long for just enter her vagina, it stretched painfully and Goro's penis reached her womb, she was too exhausted to try to defend herself, she knew her time was coming to an end...


HP: 55

it's all over...

To Hit: 19 (crit)
Damage: 17x2 = 34 -2 = 32

Goro moaned in pleasure as Ayane's body flopped limply in his grasp. Up and down his enormous cock he drove her, penetrating her cervix and puncturing her womb. Foam and blood began to leak from her pussy as he relentlessly pounded her, her stump spewing blood the entire time. Grabbing her hips even more tightly he jammed her harder onto his member, her belly distended terribly, and there was a wet tearing sound. Her womb and intestines suddenly began spilling from her torn belly button. Ayane screamed in absolute misery as goro thrust even deeper, causing what was left of her torn uterus to push out of her stomach, displacing ropes of intestines as it exited her body. Goro was grunting and groaning now. able to see his own cock protruding from her belly, covered in the tattered remains of her feminine organs. grabbing her head with his upper arms he pointed her face at the carnage, "you were a fool to challenge me, and even more foolish to have taken my leg, enjoy your punishment!" With that, Goro tore the woman's head free of her neck.

Ayane blinked and tried to screa, but nothing came out. suddenly goro was once again shoving his cock into her mouth, only now her eyes were pressed up against her own belly. The light faded from her eyes and warm glow filled her brain.

With a groan of pure pleasure goro came. His semen mixed with Ayane's blood as it poured into her mouth and out of her neck stump. Smiling he wiped his cock of in her pink hair and threw her severed head into a bush. It was time to walk back home, he would need to stop by the sorcerer's lair on the way home and have his leg regenerated, but that was no problem of course...


poor ayame
someone wants to try a fight ?


Looks like RNG hates me so much, anyway, it was fun, if I have another character I will come back


ok start to propose
not already on my opponent preferences
I am going to use T - elos from Xenosaga
speed 7
armor 5
white hair far
dark skin
blue eyes
height 167 cm
weight 98 kg
android race
with the phone I am then going to send the image as soon as I can
mainly T- elos uses a fighting style based on set kicks to take advantage of its physical capacity as well as to this hidden weapons that can evoke such as guns and machine guns
besides that can leverage energy attacks as blades of energy and a kind of cannon
for what I thought takes place after the game Staff
t - elos and was defeated and later somehow the scientists recovered the body of this female android fixing it to better fit trying to reactivate it and do their pa its technology
Unfortunately t - elos is reset back to its original purpose which leads her to exterminate the complex and groped to find the position of his rival ( kos - mos )


because my English is not good
those interested also send me a message
so we also talk about the details for the clash


Anyone interested in a fight? I contacted the fellow above, but he hasn't gotten back to me.


I'm available
if you sent a message to me is not arrived


Sent you another email BadTranslator.


arrived and responded
for safety when you send me the post write them here on guro chan


File: 1444439390366.jpg (105.32 KB, 600x1012, empress_mileena_by_veradia….jpg)

Sorry it took so long, here we go!

Mileena vs T-elos

Speed 10
Armor 2

-Armed with sais and her teeth. She has enhanced strength and the ability to teleport short distances.

First move!

Roll: 13
Damage: 17-5 = 12

Mileena crouched on the rooftop, watching the white-haired woman stroll through the burning village below. Whoever she was, she had killed several of her Tarkatan lieutenants, and she couldn't have that. With a shrill battlecry, she launched herself off the roof, sais extended. She caught the intruder by surprise and jammed the points of her blades into her back. Blood spurted from the wounds as she kicked off her opponent, knocking her to the ground. Mileena pulled her mask down, revealing luscious lips, framed by jagged Tarkatan teeth, and licked the blood off her blade. She spat.

"Your blood tastes foul, bitch. Let's see if your flesh tastes any better!"


Hp 88
To hit 15
To wond 15-2 (13)

T - elos was walking among the ruins of the village of civilization as inferior forms of life that lived there
the aliens in its path were not used to the technology then was not tiring kill them , he was disgusted by the fact that his research to bring them
The motion of the woman of flesh and iron was stopped by a cry followed by a back pain , now I try to take off the enemy but it the football ground end up making faces
the shot from the top had two deep holes T - elos irritated that his body was no longer that of a time but for this there was remedy for such humiliation
turning T - elos am a woman training jaw made ​​it clear that she was like those aliens just addressed , not the interesava what he had to say so now that were in front of the other foot slid under debris kicking lazily
the piece of debris flying toward the face of the creature who deftly dodged the blow and prepares for cunterattack but is the andoide front and lazily kic milena leg
Milena miss them feel the ground under her feet , the look of T - elos was borred while sweeping away the legs of milena to drop it
but before her tach land the android football quickly the abdomen of his opponent throwing her against a wall made this T - elos back in position waiting to see what happened before continuing his assault


Phew! Apologies for taking so long, life has been busy. As per his request, I've cleaned up Badtranslator's posts a little and will be posting both our turns!

Mileena Turn:
HP: 87
To hit: 8
Damage: 12-5=7

Mileena slammed hard against a nearby wall with a gasp of pain. She fell to one knee, coughing up blood. Whatever this thing was, it was strong! And worse yet, as Mileena looked up, it fought with a bored expression on its face.

"Don't look down on me, wretch!" she shrieked, as she dashed at her opponent.

T-elos threw out a kick aimed at her face, but Mileena was no longer there. She appeared in a burst of purple light above her opponent and slammed her heel down on T-elos's head.


t - elos
82 hp
to hit 12
to wound 9-2 ( 7 )

T-elos as before does not seem to listen to the woman attacking, but she missed the target as Mileena literally vanished before her.

"What... ugh!"

A powerful kick hit her head and made it snap down, dealing more damage than expected, but this teleportation ability piqued T-elos's interest.

Spotting her opponent, the cyborg leapt, grabbing the woman's foot and swung, sending her crashing into the ground, without letting go of her foot.

"Explain your ability, and I will be merciful," she said.


80 hp
To hit: 15
Damage: 4-5 = 0

Dazed and with the wind knocked out of her from being slammed into the ground, Mileena could only kick futilely at the cyborg's inhuman grip.


T - elos
81 hp
to wound 5 x 2 = 10-2 ( 8 )

The creature attempted to respond by kicking at T-elos's hand. She let out an irritated sigh of disappointment.

The android spun the woman, causing her stomach to leap, and before Mileena could react, she felt a searing pain in her vagina.

In fact, T-elos appeared to mistake it for a ball because she hit her with a dropkick that sent the poor unfortunate flying metres away.



72 hp
To hit: 6

Eyes bulging, Mileena spun through the air, trailing a stream of blood and urine. She bounced hard on the ground and rolled to a stop, curled up in a ball, clutching at her pussy. She rose shakily to her feet. Blood and piss stained the crotch of her pants, leaking down her left leg. With a pained snarl, Mileena lunged at T-elos, but the cyborg dodged the unsteady attack easily.


T - elos
81 hp
to hit 7 Miss

The spectacle of blood and urine made T-elos smile, but only for a split second. Cutting the alien too much slack could be a mistake.

Mileena threw herself on the android with fury. T-elos simply dodged the lackluster attack. She didn't have too many expections so she didn't feel the need to get serious. Should she continue to dodge and taunt her? Of course.

"So? How do you transport yourself? My patience has a limit," T-elos said, tapping a hand on her hip, trying to make it clear that she was losing her patience and would withdraw her first offer of mercy.


72 hp
To hit: 20!
Damage: 4*2 = 8-5 = 3

"You smug bitch! I'll tell you... after I've torn off that pretty head of yours!"

Mileena teleported around T-elos several times in quick succession, each time landing a stab with her sais, but T-elos reacted quickly, guarding her vitals. After the flurry was over, Mileena landed a few metres away and glared at the cyborg, who was bleeding from several new puncture wounds but seemed unfazed. Mileena's jaw clenched in frustration. What was it going to take to kill this monstrosity?


Hey Grimm, you still around?

If you're still up for some more of this, drop me a line. I like your style, and would like to maybe have a go or two.


if anyone is around and would like to continue or have a few fight RP's using the method here hit me up


love it
add me
skype lapitalapetos69


File: 1457026198841.jpg (220.04 KB, 1273x1600, Ruby_Rose_-_Full_Portrait4.jpg)

Is anyone interested in a fight?

I already have my character here.

Ruby Rose
Weapon: High Caliber Sniper Scythe (named Crescent Rose)
Age: 15
Clothes: Black and Red combat skirt, black corset with red laces, black undershirt, black thighs, red and black boots and a red cape.
Hair color: Black with red streaks.


And as always, I forgot to add her stats.

Speed: 11 (she can use her semblance to achieve incredible speeds and use the recoil of crescent rose to augment even more her speed)
Armor: 1 (In the world of RWBY there is somwthing called aura, which deflect all damage the user could take, but for balancing she has no aura here)


File: 1457070175379.jpg (425.42 KB, 692x1000, i_ve_lost_my_way_by_chitob….jpg)

Challenge accepted, Bender! I raise your Little Red Riding Hood with one of my own!

Baby Bonnie Hood (Darkstalkers)
Speed: 7
Armor: 5


B.B. HP: 100
Roll To Hit: 20 (Double Damage!)
Roll To Damage: 11 x 2 = 22 - 1 = 21 (Severe Injury, and a hell of a start)

Team RWBY had found themselves with quite a handful. While on a recreational trip to a rural village out in the middle of nowhere, a swarm of Grimm just oh-so-happened to roll into town. Thus their vacation time was shelved, and they focused now on the twin tasks of protecting civilians and beating back the onslaught.

Although they could watch each others backs best sticking together, doing so would have left the general populace at the mercy of the Grimm, so they ultimately decided to split up and cover different parts of the city. This was how Ruby Rose found herself alone, and ultimately fighting for her life against a foe both so much different and yet so similar to her usual enemy.

It began typically enough: With an ear-piercing scream for help. Hours deep into the slog, Ruby had already saved several citizens from the claws of monsters, and thus sprung immediately into action to home in on the source.

The agile Huntsman-in-training leapt from rooftop to shingled rooftop as she neared her target, the shouts growing stronger with every bound. Soon she was there, and looked down at the sight below.

A little blonde girl in a red cloak and with an almost comically large picnic basket on her arm trembled in fear as Bear-like Grimm circled in on her from every direction. Her sparkling blue eyes were shimmering with tears, and her knees all but knocked against each other with how hard they were shaking.

Even with Ruby's speed, there would be no time to take them all down before one dug into the girl. The clearest solution would be to get her out of there altogether.

Ruby was a blur of black and red as she leapt down in front of the girl, only to grab hold of her by the waist and bound back off again. The blonde girl -- as soon as she parsed what was going on at least -- was overjoyed at this change of fate.

"You came for little ol' me? Oh, thank you! Thank you thank youthankyou!"

Ruby was only half listening to the gushing, having been given similar praise by other villagers she had saved multiple times today. Most of her attention was instead focused on finding a safe area to drop her off. In hindsight, this probably was the first big mistake of the day.

"I'm so happy that you got here..." the girl continued "...because it saves me the trouble of huntin' ya down!"

The apprentice Huntsman's face burst into a surge of agony, causing a flash of white to cross her vision as she almost passed out then and there. Trying to regain her bearings she turned back to the girl she was holding, and suddenly everything clicked into place.

This little girl had pulled out a large, serrated bowie knife, then embedded it into the side of Ruby's cheek. She could feel the blade pressing up against her tongue and the jagged reverse side sawing against the roof of her mouth. The confused Huntress could only begin to gargle a confused asking of 'why' before the girl she had "saved" pulled the knife out only to plunge it into the other side.

Having now lost all control of her airborne momentum in the confusion, the two plummeted back towards the ground as the blonde girl continued stabbing away at her 'savior'. They were forced apart as they clipped a shingled roof, and both eventually came to tumbling halts in a cobblestone intersection.

Ruby pushed herself up to a sitting position, and with shaky hands felt out the damage done to her face. Her cheeks were in ribbons, herself easily being able to touch her own teeth through the gaping holes. She supposed it was lucky that she still had almost everything else intact; it wouldn't have been hard at all for the girl to...

...That GIRL.

Looking up, Ruby once again caught sight of the little blonde lady. But this time, she was almost a completely different person. Her once-teary eyes had taken on a sadistic gleam, and she hopped from foot to foot seemingly in anticipation of the coming bloodbath.

"Now *usually* I don't take bounties along your lines..." the girl started, wiping her knife against her cloak before dropping it back into her basket. "...but for the amount of cash being put up here, I'm willing to make an exception."

The girl stopped her bouncing for a moment to pull a cigar out of her basket, which she chomped down on with her teeth and lit with a match.

"The name's Hood. Thought you'd like to know before you got buried. And some ponce with a fancy cane sends his regards."


(Nice start, anon)

Ruby HP: 79
Roll to hit: 20 (Double!)
Roll to damage: 6*2=12 12-5=7

At that moment Ruby's mind told her to run away, as she almost always did when she felt overpowered, but another part of her mind told her that she could run but not hide.

With aid of her hand she stood up, trying to ignore the pain she was suffering from the hole she had at her face, and she moved her hands towars her lower back, unclipping crescent rose and transforming it into scythe mode, immediatly aiming towards her foe and pulling the trigger.

The bullet rang past B.B.'s head, as she tought to herself "can't this girl be any more stupid?" but then she heard another shot of similar magnitude as the first one and then she was on the ground, with Ruby several feet away lowering her right foot and the barrell of the scythe pointed backwards, she was kicked in the face by the huntress in training...


B.B. HP: 93
Roll To Hit: 1 (miss by a county mile)

B.B. smirked as she stepped to the side just enough to avoid the first shot, feeling the wind of it's passing as it whirred by her. If Ruby thought that Hood was going to be caught off guard by her big ol' weapon also being a rifle she was in for a rude awakening, as the mythological poacher had been briefed on the basic weaponry and abilities of each of her marks.

Dipping back into her basket, Hood rooted around for the proper tool to return fire with. If this Huntress wanted a shootout, she'd be more than happy to-

The Darkhunter's eyes widened in shock as her world spun, the sole of her opponent's boot sinking into her face. Her head snapped to the side and her body instinctively rolled with the blow, sending her tumbling across the ground from the force.

Her momentum eventually coming to a halt, B.B. managed to roll herself back up to her feet and once more squared off against the Huntress. Wiping a trickle of blood from her lips with the back of her hand, Hood bared her teeth (still holding onto that cigar, somehow) and gave Rose a sneer.

That trick with the gun recoil was *not* in the dossier. When she got back, she and that fancy man were going to have a *talk*.


Ruby HP: 79
Roll to hit: 12
Roll to Damage: 1 (Really?)

Ruby stood there, watching her foe rise to her feet, then Ruby looked down to herself and saw her own blood soak her shirt, her corset and her skirt.

With her bloody face she spoke with pain "You said bounty, take a picture of me while I'm on he ground and nobody will be dead!", and so B.B. spoke " That's not how it works, Rose".

Ruby, realizing that her life was in serious danger she charged towards B.B., activating her semblance of speed and tiwrling around crescent rose, but somehow the red whirlwind of blades missed their foe, standing a few feet back from Ruby, undamaged...


B.B. HP: 93
Roll to Hit: 15 (Hit, just baaarely not double damage)
Roll to Damage: 11 - 1 = 10

How cute, the Huntress still thought that walking away was still on the table here. Or even that... well, maybe it was a bit too early to let THAT cat out of the bag...

Ruby was a quick one without a doubt, but in her line of work the Darkhunter was no stranger to blurs such as her. While not able to keep up with such an adversary, there were certainly ways to predict or funnel the speedster's movements. Dipping under her cloak for a moment, one of Hood's hands reappeared holding an Uzi that she began firing in the middle of the melee.

To an untrained eye it would appear that she was shooting wildly; not aiming at all, and just filling the air with bullets like a spastic that accidentally pulled the trigger and was now too surprised to let go. They... were right. Kind of. The main idea was to fill a certain area around her with unpredictable danger, meaning that if the Huntress had any sense in her head she would have moved to a location not in the shooter's firing cone.

Like, say, right behind her opponent.

Not even turning her head to look, Baby Bonnie Hood redrew her combat knife with her free hand and spun to stab the area she was facing away from. The poacher was rewarded with a ragged gasp and a wet thunk as the blade hit home against Ruby's stomach, tearing against the laces of her corset as she slumped against the intruder.

"I'm not here just to kill you, kid", Bonnie replied, finally turning fully to face her opponent. She brought her pistol up against the Huntress' temple and held it there for a moment, staring into the girl's fear filled gray eyes.

"The client was VERY specific. He wanted me to draw it out, make you suffer. Break your innocent little spirit before wrapping up with your adorable little body."

Hood drew back the gun, but it was not an act of mercy. Instead she redoubled her focus on the embedded knife, pulling upwards and out before kicking her target away. The end result was that the Huntress was knocked back with a new wound to the gut... and the front of her dress torn wide open right down the middle.

"I'll be takin' pictures alright. No one's EVER gonna believe what I'm going to do to you otherwise."


Ruby HP: 69
Roll to hit: 7 (RNG hates me and I hate RNG)

Ruby slumped from the kick, making her lose her balance and fall to ground, hitting her back with a thud.

Ruby was dizzy from her blood loss and her shock of probably losing her young life, but she managed to lift her head a bit to see Bonnie taking a picture of her, and Bonnie was approaching with a sadistic smile, one that Ruby saw only once.

She tried to get to her feet, but her dizzynes prevent her from doing so as fast as she wanted to.

She then noticed her shirt and corset being torn apart, exposing a bit of her breasts, but she couldn't take them off because her hood was clipped to her shirt, and unclipping it would equal to death.

Bonnie laughed infront of Ruby and said "Already feeling overpowered? We're just starting!"


B.B. HP: 93
Roll to Hit: 10 (missing by a hair)

As Ruby tried to get back up Bonnie swept her supporting leg with one of her feet; not really injuring the girl, but sending her back down into a sprawl. The Huntress' further efforts to rise were squashed -- figuratively and literally -- as Hood sat down on top of her.

Now straddling her opponent's midsection, Bonnie snapped several more pictures with a camera she had pulled out of her basket. The afterimages from each flash going off did no favors to Ruby's already hazy vision, but several tugs around her chest area tipped her off that she was being... adjusted for optimal snapshots.

"Show me your good side" Hood muttered in-between photos, clearly having fun taunting her weakened prey. "Great! Faaan-tastic! You're a natural, kid."

Having apparently filled her quota for the moment, Bonnie dropped the camera and it's developing photos back into her basket. But the hand continued to rummage inside, apparently looking for something new as it's owner looked down at Ruby with a dangerously smug grin.

"Since you've been a damn good sport so far, I think I oughta let you in on a little secret. Trust me, you'll LOVE this..."


Ruby HP: 69
Roll to hit: 4 (RNGeesus, really?)

"Please, let this be a nightmare" said the scared huntress, but the pain was so real that there was no doubt this was the real world.

Ruby darted her silver eyes to all directions, trying to figure a plan to escape from the sadistic girl, but Hood was pinning Ruby's arms with her legs, and Ruby wasn't the best hand to hand combat, and her weakened state didn't help her in any way.

"Weiss, I'm sorry, I'm really sorry" muttered the pinned Huntress, apparently Hood heard that while still searching her tool, and started to taunt her again.

"Is that your lover? The client said something about you girls, but I really didn't care about your useless backstory, you know, I'm here for the money" said Hood, at this time Ruby's silver eyes were starting to form tears.

"I finally found you, my love" said Hood...


(Oh sweet Jesus, these rolls)

B.B. HP: 93
Roll to Hit: 16 (Hit, crit!)
Roll to Damage: 18 x 2 = 36 - 1 = 35 (You better believe that's severe)

"Ah, heeere we go" Hood cooed, finally locating her surprise. But instead of pulling it out right away, she first turned her pitiless eyes down to the writhing girl below her.

"But first, a pop quiz!"

The Darkhunter began to lean forward, her head getting closer to victim's with every successive question.

"What are the odds of a Grimm attack happening the very day you and your team rolled into this little nothing town? How many hours has it been since you last saw or heard any of your buddies? Why would someone with the mind and cash to put a hit out on you settle for ONLY you?"

B.B's face was now just inches away from Ruby's, their foreheads almost touching. Bonnie could feel each ragged breath her captive managed to gasp out blow against her cheeks.

"Now for the million dollar question, bucko: If I was given a rundown on what to expect from you and who you'd be working with, why on God's green Earth would I gun for you FIRST?"

With a sudden jerk Bonnie shot back up straight, and finally revealed her little surprise. Ruby was expecting some terrible torture implement, but to her astonishment it was not that at all.

It was far, far worse.

Dangling from the Darkhunter's hand were locks of beautiful golden hair, their brilliance only partially obscured by the drying splatters of blood all across it. The hair eventually ended at a still-wet scalp; swinging lazily in the breeze, and occasionally dripping what little liquid life it still had left onto the face and chest of the captive Huntress.

Theoretically, the scalp could have belonged to any blonde woman. But Ruby knew who this belonged to. Her sister always did take great pride in her locks.

"TRICK QUESTION!" Hood finished with a giddy scream. "I DIDN'T!"

Overloaded with all sorts of emotions, Ruby's jaw dropped open with overwhelming horror. Hood took the opportunity to shove the scalp into her plaything's open mouth, causing the Huntress to sputter as she gagged on the hair of her surely dead sister.

"And that ain't all I looted, either." Bonnie continued, picking up again as if nothing had changed. She dipped back into her basket to bring out two golden bracelets; accessories that Ruby was also intimately familiar with. With a satisfied smirk B.B. slipped them on, and after a series of clicks and whirrs they extended across her arms and hands into the full shotgun-gauntlets Yang was so well known for.

"I gotta say, Goldielocks was really was onto somethin' with these."

Hood rose so that she was now standing above the sprawled-out Huntress, but Ruby had little time to take advantage of her new freedom. Just as she began to move Bonnie brought her now armored right fist down on Ruby's left arm and activated the gauntlet, setting off a point-blank scattershot of kinetic force. Ruby's elbow was instantly pulverized, sending up a spray of bone fragments and severing her upper arm from her body completely.

"Y'see that?" Bonnie asked, drawing back as her opponent clutched her new stump and screamed despite the muffling of her 'gag'.

"Would've taken a good five minutes or so to do something similar with a knife. Progress!"


(The first time I read it, I was mindfucked, the second one too, this is the thrid time I read it, and I'm still mindfucked, I wasn't expecting you to come with that. The only thing I can show you is which isn't porn or something, just an innocent gif)

Ruby HP: 34
Roll to hit: 19 (Thanks RNGeesus, double damage)
Roll to damage: 17x2 =34-5= 29 (Really, thanks)

As Ruby was screaming from the pain at her left arm Hood approached again to presumably give her even more pain, and she was right, as Hood sent her fist towars the Huntress right leg, but the impact and the following shot were blocked by a kick (more a reaction) from Ruby's left leg, making Hood miss the punch and the shot. Due the force of the impact Hood's left arm was embedded into the ground.

As Hood was trying to take her stolen weapon from the ground she didn't notice Ruby stand up, like if she ran on pure anger and hatred, dragging Crescent Rose behind her with her less developed hand, and activating her semblance and using the recoil from 3 shots of the Scythe, she did a swift cut through Hood's embbeded arm. The force and speed of the Scythe made it embed its blade into the ground, but Ruby used her last two shots from her magazine to take its blade out from the dirt.

Hood's right arm was now missing from its original place, the place where the blade cut through looked like it was done with some sort of laser saw instead a Sniper Scythe, looking so clean and smooth (Revoming the blood, obviosuly)...


(Thanks, I try)

B.B. HP: 64
Roll to Hit: 11 (Tie, but I had to *Beat* your speed so it's a miss)

Hood attempted to follow up her first strike with a kneecapping, but found her left hook knocked away with an errant kick. Due to the force behind it her hand plowed into the cobbles and stuck there, but that would only be an inconvenience for these new gizmos. All she'd have to do is activate another blast, and the kickback should easily-

At first she did not realize what exactly happened as a red blur passed in front of her and she was once again free to move. The sudden lack of resistance to her instinctual pulling made her fall back a few steps before she could regain her balance and start to put things together.

Her arm hurt. Or rather, a very specific part of her arm hurt and everything below that was alarmingly quiet.

The Darkhunter raised what was left of her left arm in front of her, and color began to drain from her face as she examined the near-surgical-grade stump. Her pupils slowly narrowed to pinpricks, and she began to babble.

"My arm. It-it's GONE. You took. My arm."

The newly crippled little girl in red turned to lock gazes with the other of very much the same, and what Ruby saw froze her blood cold. Hood was obviously in shock; the adrenaline overload clearly showing itself in the twitches of her eyes and shivering of her body. But despite all that, she had once again broken into a wide-toothy smile. Coupled with her beady eyes and shuddering, she very well could have stepped straight out of a nightmare.

"Doesn't matter. With the money I'm getting, I'll BUY another one!"

Hood threw her remaining hand back, causing the attached gauntlet to emit a CH-CHKK as it ejected spent rounds and loaded new ones. Staring down her bounty, B.B. assumed a defensive stance and bellowed:

"About time you finally snapped! Gimme all you got, goth girl!"


(Shit is getting intense)

Ruby HP: 34
Roll to hit: 9
Roll to damage: 6-5=1 (Used to)

Havint planted Crescnet Rose blade into the ground for support, Ruby unlocked the magazine, which still had about 5 bullets to use, but instead she took from her pouch a black maganize, ramming it into the chamber and securing it.

Ruby made Crescent Rose transform into sniper mode, allowing her to free the blade from the ground, and immediatly after she returned to the scythe mode, shooting the last normal bullet it had in its barrel to launch herself forward. As Hood saw this she punched the air, to which Ember Celica reacted firing a round, but was Hood only saw was a black muzzle flash and Ruby nowhere to be seen.

Or atleast she tought that, as 2 seconds later she heard screaming above her, to which she instictively moved to avoid Ruby's incoming slash, Hood, in fact, avoided the slash, but the blade hit the gauntlet and jerked Hood's arm from the sheer force of the impact.

Using the recoil Ruby had she fired again to gain a bit of distance away from Hood, her dizziness started to get worse with every second she was there...


B.B. HP: 63
Roll to Hit: 2 (Pfft)

Hood was slightly rattled from the force of accidentally 'parrying' the massive slash, meaning that the ever-agile Ruby had more than enough time to retreat to a safe distance before the Darkhunter could retaliate.

Bonnie could see what she was trying to do here. Play cat-and-mouse, jump in only to strike, have Hood tire herself out trying to chase her around and whittle her down with ranged attacks.

A good strategy. Usually.

"Forgetting somethin', sunshine?" Hood yelled out to the area in general, knowing that her opponent was dashing around somewhere within earshot even if she couldn't currently see her. "You're playing on MY turf here! I had all the time in the world to set this town of putzes up just the way I'd like it..."

B.B.'s remaining hand once again dipped underneath her cloak, eventually resurfacing holding some sort of remote control.

"And that INCLUDES makin' sure that you stay put!" Hood continued as she pressed down a button with her thumb.

The ground shook, and a thunderous roar sounded in the distance. Ruby had only enough time to realize that a part of the town had just gone up in smoke before another building nearby blew apart, spattering her with harmless but still stinging brick fragments.

Hood began to giggle as she returned the remote to it's hidden pocket, then resumed screaming into the now smoky air. She had to really work at it this time, as the new cavalcade of booms and rumblings all around them threatened to drown out her words and showed no signs of stopping.



Ruby HP: 34
Roll to hit: 10
Roll to damage: 4 (damn it)

As Ruby was "dancing" around she heard Hood say "whats left on your team" or something like that, the explosions didn't make it easy to hear. She tought to herself "my team, maybe Yang and the others aren't dead, maybe Roman or Cinder put this hit on me to demoralize our team". Sadly, she was so lost in her tought that she stopped running, and then a realization struck her, the civilians were running, but the weaker ones were still there, probably dying from the explosions.

As Ruby was standing she heard a shot, which she barely avoided by crouching, and then she looked to her left, her left stump was still bleeding and Ruby saw Hood running towards her, like a maniac running from someone to someone.

"Why you kill innocent people!? That makes no sense!" shouted Ruby with pain in her voice, as she was slowly parrying the slow punches due both having no arm...


B.B. HP: 63
Roll to Hit: 14 (Kind of high hit, but no crit)
Roll to Damage: 13 - 1 = 12

Hoo boy, these gauntlets were a lot heavier than the Darkhunter thought they would be. Or maybe that was just a side effect of her body running on overdrive for so long.

Oh well. She had been taught a trick just a little earlier that could help with that.

"For someone working to call herself a 'Huntsman', you're kind of thick" Bonnie sneered, trying to find an opening in her target's defenses. "Ya gotta set the hook, bait the trap! No one cares about the worms when they go out fishing."

Hood lunged in with a swing, but with a parry her attempted strike was redirected down and to the left. Still traveling with the momentum, the Darkhunter was now essentially right beside the Huntress with her fully extended fist far past the mark.


B.B. activated the gauntlet. While the shot itself did nothing more but kick up rocks and pepper a wall, the recoil from it sent her arm back at an alarming speed. It is in this manner that Bonnie struck her opponent in the temple with her elbow, and spun to face her proper as the scythe user recoiled in the opposite direction.

Ruby tried her best to stay upright despite being concussed, but her efforts were made for naught as Bonnie followed up with a punt to her crotch from behind. The struggling Huntress yelped as she was lifted off her feet for a fraction of a second, only to fall and slump to her knees afterwards.

Panting and moaning, Ruby clutched her bruised nethers with her one remaining hand. So overcome with agony, she could only watch with shame as Hood's armored hand snaked across her shoulder and down her body to grab hold of the rags on her chest and pull; finally destroying her blouse completely and freeing her heaving breasts to glimmer in the firelight.

"The 'Y' in your team died screaming and weeping." Bonnie whispered into the Huntress' ear, like a lover sharing an intimate secret. "What does that make you now? RWB. Nothin' but a bunch of rubes."


Ruby HP: 22
Roll to hit: 9
Roll to damage: 12-5=7

As Ruby was forcefully kneeling helpless, Hood moved a bit backwards and retracted Ember Celica, then she started to slap Ruby in a slow way, not hurting her physically, but emotionally, as a way of humiliation.

In one of those slaps Ruby blocked it with her arm, which Hood took as an aggresion and re extended the gauntlet, firing immediatly, but the shot didn't hit or scare Ruby.

Surely, Ruby wasn't the best at hand to hand, but throwing a punch was something anyone could do, so she sent her fist into Hood's stomach, as the hit impacted Ruby felt a soft stomach, she didn't know if she had done any damage, but it was worth a try to save her life.

Apparently the punch had enough speed to make Hood flinch a bit away from the half naked huntress...


B.B. HP: 56
Roll to Hit: 16 (Crit!)
Roll to Damage : 5 x 2 = 10 - 1 = 9 (Itty bitty baby crit)

Hood walked around to the front of Ruby as she started her assault; partially to get a good look at the humiliation on her face, and partially to have better access to the best targets.

"How does it FEEL!"
A backhand across the Huntress' face, sending spittle and blood from her ragged mouth flying in equal measures.

A palm-slap across her chest, forcing her petite but still present breasts to jiggle and crash against each another.

A chop to the side of the neck, whipping her head about and almost causing her to topple over.

An open-hand rake starting at her forehead, digging lightly into her skin as nails skipped down her face to the bottom of her chin.

The Darkhunter's taunt was cut short as her next blow -- a straight punch to the Huntress' nose, was knocked aside by a surprise deflection from her prey. Hood attempted to activate a charge in retaliation, but the "arming" time of the gauntlet coming back from bracelet mode meant that the shot went far too wide to hit anything once it actually went off.

This caught Bonnie off guard. Not nearly as much as the followup, however.

Ruby's arm continued forward after its brief stint to the side, with her fist eventually burying itself deep in B.B.'s solar plexus. Bonnie bent over with a *whuff* as all the air was forced out of her lungs, and fell back a few steps as she tried to remember how to breathe.

Ruby watched with a little bit of pride as her opponent's face grew redder and more beaded with sweat as every second passed without a breath. Eventually though the Darkhunter's body managed to reassert itself, and the blonde girl began to greedily suck in huge whoops of air.

"You're... gonna.. pay for... that..." Bonnie growled between gasps, and as soon as she knew her feet would support her she advanced on her mark once more.

Ruby braced for a new round of direct assault, but was taken by surprise as Hood instead leaned down to grasp a bottom corner of the Huntress' cape. Her bewilderment soon gave way to dark understanding as the Darkhunter began to wrap Ruby's cloak around her own neck.

"Want to leave me breathless, eh?" Hood jested, having somewhat regained her composure despite the new layer of fury. "Two can play at that game."

With her one hand holding the edge of the now ropelike cape, Bonnie placed the sole of one of her boots between the breasts of her opponent and pushed. This forced Ruby down and back, and when she reached the ground fully B.B. shifted her full weight onto the Huntress. In this way -- both pushing down on her chest and pulling the cape around her throat tight -- Hood smiled down at the gagging Ruby and waited for her to start turning purple.


Ruby HP: 13
Roll to hit: 13
Roll to damage: 16-5=11 (decent)

Ruby's mind became full of toughts, from being killed by another human, to not fulfilling her huntress task like her mother did.

When she was about to pass out, Hood released the pressure on Ruby's throat, the huntress started to cough and gag as air entered her body again, while Hood said "You know, I won't kill you that easily, as I said before".

" The contractor said "Make her suffer, oh, and if you target her vagina, extra cash for you" so I think I'm gonna do that, for the cash, you know"
Hood sat on Ruby's breasts and moved her remaining hand towards the huntress combat skirt, and starting to rip it off, from botton to top.

When Hood was about halfway Ruby clutched her legs, so her knees were at Hood's face level, abd the Ruby sent her knees towards Hood's chin, but her knees managed to hit Hood's nose and the impact broke it...


B.B. HP: 45
Roll to Hit: 13
Roll to Damage: 14 - 1 = 13 (Play 'er off...)


Trickles of crimson began to flow from B.B.s ruined nose, as the knee mashed it sloppily to the side. Cursing in-between the coughs caused by blood running down her windpipe, Bonnie toppled off the side of her prey with her hand clutching her face.

Once the Darkhunter finally got herself back under control, she looked up at the Huntress. Ruby had taken the opportunity to shakily rise to her feet, and was just now starting to unravel the impromptu noose around her neck.

With this new blow, Bonnie was overcome with fury. That was IT. This rose was getting clipped NOW.

Hood dashed forward loosing an animalistic warcry, her sudden burst of speed a surprise in the currently lethargic movements of the exhausted and crippled combatants. Ruby had just a moment to realize that this was because Bonnie was firing her gauntlet backwards as she ran -- a trick heavily utilized by her and her late sister -- before they collided and were sent into yet another sprawl.

In the resulting tangle of bodies and limbs fingers soon grabbed hold of the back of Ruby's scalp, lifting and carrying her along like a caveman's prize. She was pulled this way by her opponent until they reached a building wall, at which point Ruby was lifted to standing by B.B. and smashed face-first into the bricks.

This was repeated several more times, with Hood still roaring as Ruby's features were slowly broken and warped by the repeated impacts. Teeth dripped from her slack mouth, her nose was hammered flat, and the humiliated flush of what remained of her cheeks gave way to dark purples. Her one hand beat against the wall uselessly, looking for any way out and finding none.

Eventually the back-and-forth died down, and Ruby's battered face came to rest inside the small wall crater it had made. That is, until Bonnie's gauntleted hand came in from above to shove fingers into her coppery craw and take firm hold of the roof of her mouth.


The gauntlet discharged another shot. The force went entirely into the wall, spattering them with more fragments, but Hood never intended to hit her victim with it. Instead the recoil was used to pull back Ruby's skull with ludicrous force, causing an equally loud SNAP as her neck was broken and her head fell to rest upside-down on her back.

The woman who wanted to be a huntress stared at her murderer unbelievingly, still not sure why the world to her was now in reverse. Her mouth opened and closed in silent pleas as her body slowly slid down the wall, eventually coming to rest at the bottom. She tried to rise, to run, to do ANYTHING, but her ruined form only replied with spasms and shudders. Unable to come to terms with the sheer horror, Rose shut her already lethargic eyelids and prayed to wake up.


B.B. Hood examined the twitching body of her mark, slowly regaining her composure as she realized that the deed was finally done. Pretty good, all things considered: Due to the way she slid down the wall Ruby's body lay with her rear poking up, allowing a clear view underneath her fancy lacy skirt. Coupled with the tearing to her hose and underwear B.B. had recently done, it was as if she was presenting herself for...

A cheery grin spread across the Darkhunter's face, and she turned to find out where her left arm had gone off to. That was the one her basket was resting on, and she needed some equipment.


Against all odds, Ruby was still not dead. Her fate was surely sealed, don't get anything wrong about that, but only a portion of her nerve lines were severed completely as her neck was destroyed. She was paralyzed and fading fast, but was denied the mercy of an instant death.

The trauma of it all had caused her to fade into fuzziness, and she probably would have soon passed on semi-peacefully if left alone. But that was not meant to be, as a new surge of pain jolted her back into full consciousness.

"Oh yeah," she heard from above. "Take it, girl."

The woman who would never be a Huntress focused her eyes, and finally made sense of what was happening. Oh, how she wished she didn't. Hood was towering over her, with her very own Crescent Rose in her grasp. She had figured out how to activate it's scythe mode, and was now... shoving the handle into her. Ruby could only watch with despair as her own weapon gradually sunk deeper and deeper into her own still-shuddering backside; feeling waves of unimaginable pain despite the growing numbness as the large and pointed handle tore through her most private of parts.

Eventually the weapon could physically go no more, and Hood stepped back with a pleased smile. Then, stooping for a moment to fish her camera out of the basket beside her, began taking pictures anew.

"If this doesn't net a bonus I don't know what will." Bonnie mused to herself between clicks of shots being taken.

The afterimages of the camera flashes overtook her vision, and Ruby knew that her time was finally at an end. Her silver eyes rolled up into the back of her head, and she let out a weak, pitiful gurgle as a final death rattle. As she drifted off -- to reunite with her sister in whatever waited in the hereafter -- she could distantly hear one last parting shot from her murderer:

"Man, I can't WAIT to upload and start spreading these around."


That was an entertaining fight, I hope that fight never happens in RWBY, or I will commit suicide.

I will pray to RNGeesus next time.


Anyone up for a new round? I'm pretty stuck on the last part of my sequel to Red vs. the Pack, and these fights always give me ideas.


Thought it might be fun to work with a more comprehensive rule set, so here it is:

Hit points are still 100 each however I came up with a reworked combat mechanic:

Rolling to hit: Roll on a d20, a basic roll of 10 or above hits, a basic roll of 18-20 is a "critical" hit.

Rolling for damage: damage is decided by the weapons you chose for your character, there are 3 options.
1. Heavy Offense Close Combat weapons: represents C.C. Weapons designed with only offense in mind, greatswords, claws, huge scythes, teeth, etc. ROLL 3D6 for damage, no other bonuses apply.
2. Defensive Close Combat weapon: represents close combat weapons with strong defensive traits: a sword and shield, a pair of heavy fighting gauntlets, a duelist armed with a fencing rapier, etc. ROLL 2d8 for damage and add 2 to your ARMOR value.
3. Ranged weapons: represents any type of ranged attacks, pistols, rifles, magic spells, etc. ROLL 2d6 for damage and subtract 2 from your enemies "to-hit" rolls.

Armor types: there are 3 armor/body types to choose from, each has its own advantages/disadvantages.
1. Light/No Armor: your character subtracts 2 from your enemies "to-hit" rolls, but adds +2 to their damage rolls.
2. Medium armor: your character does not add or subtract from enemy to-hit or damage rolls.
3. Heavy armor: your character adds to to enemy "to-hit" rolls, but subtracts 2 from all damage rolls.

Critical Hits table: if you roll a natural 18,19, or 20 to hit, it is considered a "critical-hit" regardless of modifiers. Roll again on D20 to see what happens:
1-5: damage is doubled--you inflict a deep cut, break a bone, a direct hit with your ranged weapon, OUCH!
6-15: crippling wound! You've destroyed part of your opponents body, deal double damage and then roll D20 again to see which part: (1-5: arms/hands; you've amputated to destroyed one of your opponents arms or hands. 6-10: legs/feet; you've amputated or destroyed one of your opponents legs or feet. 11-15: lower body destruction; you've amputees or destroyed your opponent's genitals or disemboweled/gutted them. 16-20: upper body destruction; debreasting, facial damage, scalping, eye-removal etc.)
16-20: Disabled!!! Either you've knocked your opponent out cold, or injured them so badly they are temporarily incapacitated! Double damage and then get creative: you can fuck them, torture them, choose any category you want from crippling wound and destroy it! You've rolled very well, enjoy it!

Those are the rules, now who wants to fight?


File: 1467751277020.png (225.24 KB, 368x704, Asuna_Sword_Art_Online.png)

Hope I don't screw this up.

Asuna (again)
Close combat defensive weapon, her Lambent Light rapier.
Light armor, just an armor plating over her breasts, other than that she wears no armor.

I want to fight.


File: 1467784139517.jpeg (91.81 KB, 500x1090, image.jpeg)

Challenge accepted.

I'll play Raphael from Soul Calibur.

Weapon: CC defensive (a heavy rapier)

Armor Light: fluffy sleeves and cuffs + a dinner jacket :)


Would you like to create the setting and have the first attack, or would you prefer I do it?


I preffer you to do the setting and attack Asuna first, Grimm.


Alrighty, I'll set it up and take the first attack:

Raphael had been tracking this particular shard of Soul Edge for weeks now, and now he was close, he could feel its presence somewhere within the forest that now loomed in front of him. He thought back to what had lead him here, the battle which scarred him and left pieces of the unholy sword inside him had also left him with a dark and terrible power, but that power had come with a cost. Every night he would awake with the need to absorb the souls of others, drinking them like the vampires of old wives tales. Somehow he knew that if he were able to find more pieces of the demonic blade he could finally quench his thirst for souls.

He traveled through the forest with a sense of purpose, feeling his way closer and closer to the source of his desire. Coming around a bend he saw it; a glowing orange chunk of metal lodged in the trunk of a great oak tree. The tree had become twisted with the taint of blade, faces leered at him from the trunk, and it's branches seemed to be trying to push him away as he approached. Pushing through the corrupted vegetation he grasped the shard of metal and tried to pry it from the trunk.

As he pulled, a flash of fiery light exploded around him, and suddenly he was no longer in a forest, but instead he found himself in the courtyard of a great castle. In front of him was a woman, no not much more than a young girl, in her hand she held a rapier not unlike his own. He could feel a powerful soul resting within her, and without Soul Edge his hunger had grown, her soul would be his!

With a quick salute of his blade he readied his guard!

To-Hit: 17-2 = 15 (hit)
Damage: 5+6 = 13

The woman spoke to him as she backed away, but Raphael was not listening, he watched her footwork and guard, how she shifted her weight from one leg to the other. He moved closer and licked his lips, she was so small, so frail, this would be easy.

With a yell he launched into his first attack. The woman barely managed to parry his first strike, and his second would have cut her throat had she not managed to lean away at the last second, however he saw instantly her balance was compromised and slashed downward across the top of her thighs.

The girl yelped as Raphael's blade caught her across her upper thighs, slicing through the hem of her little red skirt and cutting deeply into the flesh beneath. Raphael jumped backwards as the woman managed to send a counter-thrust right at his face. He smiled again as blood spread down her thighs and then licked his lips as he caught sight of her little white panties, now exposed by the tear in her skirt.

This might be more fun then I had hoped, her thought to himself.


To hit: 15-2=13 (hit)
To damage: 5+4=9

Asuna was just minding her own business, she was trying and testing the "Hardcore" mode of SAO 2.0, which disabled your HUD , the pain levels were set to 100% (she wanted to feel what Kirito felt) and, if you got killed inside the game, your character would be deleted.

While traveling and leveling up, she heard a scream and turned just in time to parry the attack, but the force and speed sent her tumbling backwards, so she tried to keep her balance but her long cape made her trip and she recieved a slash as a compensation.

She immediatly felt the pain on her thigh and a new coldness sorrounding it, she dared to look down and her thigh was oozing blood and her skirt was cut, showing a bit of her underwear.

Hopefully, the "Hardcore" mode prevented your limbs to stop working (unless cut), and albeit with a lot of pain, she managed to get up and braced herself for the fight.

When she heard another frantic running she slashed behind her and ducking, and a splatter of blood confirmed she made a cut on Raphael's left arm, not as deep as hers, but enough to do a bit of damage.


Raphael HP: 91

To Hit: 10-2= MISS!

Raphael spun sideways away from the Red-head's horizontal cut but was just a little too slow. He sucked air through his teeth the woman opened a long cut across his arm. The combination of his hunger and the pain caused him to lunge forward instantly, hoping to retaliate with a thrust meant to impale the bitch through her heart.

The female fencer easily parried the blow and Raphael stumbled past her, his blade clanging harmlessly off her own. He yelled in frustration and brought his blade back to guard...


To hit: 5 (We have bad luck)

As Asuna deflected the attack she spun on her heels and faced Raphael, while speaking softly but audibly "You didn't hear but you want to fight" "Come here" and with that, Asuna raised her left arm and made a 'come here' gesture with her hand.



Asuna HP: 87


HP: 91
To hit: 19 = Critical, 2nd roll: 15 (amputation/destruction) 3rd Roll: 16 (upper body destruction)
To wound: (6+ 3)x 2 = 18 damage.

"Come here" the woman said as she beckoned to Raphael with her hand.

The little bitch was taunting him. What a fool.

Without wasting an instant Raphael launched himself once more into an attack. Thrust after thrust rained down towards Asuna, but she managed to parry and deflect them all, however each time Raphael managed to inch his way a little closer. As she parried a final strike aimed straight towards her face Raphael snapped outward with his left hand and grabbed her by the wrist. He twisted hard and the woman screamed in pain, the tendons of her wrist started to pop, and her sword clattered to the ground next to her. Keeping his grip Raphael kicked the woman's blade across the courtyard behind her.

With one final hard wrench, he let the woman's arm go and then smiled.

"Let's see just how good you are without your precious little sword" he said as he sneered.

He could see fear in the woman's eyes but she didn't turn to run after her sword like he expected. Smart woman.

With a yell he launched his first attack, a horizontal cut toward the woman face, she doges backwards, but just barely. His next motions were like a blur; cut after cut rained down on the woman's torso, blood splashed through the air as his sword cut across her again and again. She stumbled backwards against the hail of strikes, trying desperately to avoid them without any luck. White hot pain flared across the woman's body again and again until she could take it no more.

With a final slash from collar bone to hip Raphael stepped back to admire his handiwork.

The woman's once-white tunic was now a smear of red, crisscrossed by over a dozen cuts. With a wet plop what was left of the tattered garment fell to the stone floor.

The damage was un-imaginable. The woman's shoulders each bore deep wounds that bled openly, her collar was crisscrossed with vicious slashes, but worst of all, her tits and ribs had been cut to the bone. Her once pert breast were now nothing more than tattered pieces of exposed meat and fat, her left breast had been mostly severed, a large piece of skin and fat along with her nipple hung by a string of skin as she stumbled backwards.

"You shouldn't have resisted little girl. It would have been far less painless if you had just let me have your soul"


Asuna HP: 69 ( ° ʖ °)
To hit: 2...

Her breath was variating a lot, from a soft intake to a hard cough, she couldn't believe the pain she was experiencing.

"Why I had to retain my old uniform?" thought the girl as her tit was hanging from the severed fat and muscles. With each second that string of flesh was getting weaker and weaker, until her tit fell to the ground with a splat.

Her vision was starting to get blurry from her blood loss, she thought about disconnecting, but to her surprise her menu didn't appear at all, so she had no escape.

She fell to her knees...


Raphael HP: 91

To Hit: 6 (miss)

The woman fell to her knees, panting and obviously in shock. Raphael grinned in triumph as he watched the bitch's ruined tit-meat fall away from her body and land in the pool of blood forming in front of her.

He strode towards her, ready to feed on her tortured soul. Planting his blade in the ground beside him he reached out with his right hand and grabbed her forhead in the palm of his hand, his long fingernails digging into the side of her skull. He summoned his vampiric strength and begin the process of pulling her soul from her body.

Only their was no soul to pull...

He cursed as he realized the truth of his situation. Somehow this was not a real flesh and blood person, he couldn't be sure if she was some form of magical projection, or perhaps her body was some type of golem, but either way the truth struck him like a thunderbolt; he would not feed today.

"You're going to fucking suffer, you witch!" He screamed. "If you cannot satiate my hunger, you will serve my every other desire. I can tell you've felt this, I can tell your soul will feel everything I subject you to. By the time I'm finished you'll beg me for death!"

Raphael stepped back and once again picked up his blade.


Asuna HP: 69
To hit: 1 lol

"Witch? Suffer? Am I not suffering enough already?" thought the titless girl, her eyes were staring at the pool of her own blood, but she wasn't focused on it, instead her mind was trying to solve those words.

It was not working, so she, against all her pain, stood up and her once white stockings were now covered in red and dripping blood from excess...


Raphael HP: 91

To hit: 15-2=13

Damage: 3+7=10

As Raphael grabbed his rapier once more he watched the woman stumble to her feet. She look around confused, perhaps trying to find her own weapon as blood dripped down her torso and soaked her white stockings and panties. Raphael licked his lips as his focus came to rest between her legs, her soaked and Crimson panties clinging to her perfect virginal opening.

"You won't be needing those any longer I suspect" Raphael said as he motioned towards her crotch with the tip of his rapier. "Let me help!"

With a lighting fast flick of his wrist his rapier shot outward and cut across her right hip. His blade flashed again and her left hip received a matching slash. Severed strings of Asuna's panties hung at her sides, but her own blood stopped the soaking fabric from falling to the floor.

Raphael frowned and then stepped closer. The girl stared at him with hollow eyes, hardly registering the fresh wounds at her sides. Without warning he kicked out violently and the tip of his boot caught her squarely between her legs. She shrieked in pain and fell once more to her knees. He smiled as her dislodged panties dropped to the floor exposing her blood-stained cunt.

"The fun is just beginning, I hope you're ready..."


Asuna HP: 59
To hit: 11 (+2 class bonus, but -2 your weapon bonus)
To damage: 5+6= 11

Her vagina was sending hurt signal towards her brain, but they where nothing compared to the new signals from her cuts.

With her half focused eyes she glanced towards her assailtant, and she barely saw he was reading another slash, but in a show of inhuman will she dodged the attack, and with the momentum she got from the dodge she kicked her foe right into his face.

She didn't dare to look back, instead she ran towards her own rapier and rook a hold of it...


File: 1468623037731.jpg (210.68 KB, 800x1268, Ichth2R.jpg)

Name: Elsa of Arendelle
Age: 21
Hair: Blond
Occupation: Queen
Weapon: Ranged: Manipulation of ice (burst/shards, spear)
Armor: Light: Ice dress

User Info:
Gender: Male
Into: Sex/Combat/Forced/FF/MF/Guro/Brutal/watersports (mild from pain.fear)
Not Into: Underage Characters - no go for me.
Interested in giving this a shot. If we want to do 1 -2 a day, email would be better option that GChan. I certainly don't need all my interests met (ie watersports/scat not a req for me) but I do not want to RP against any underage characters. Its a line i'm not interested in crossing. I'm happy to go FF or MF, and would enjoy some sex mixed in with the violence for either option really.

additional ref images:

(deleted previous posts and updated to use most recent set of rules regarding weapon and armor types vs armor and speed stats)


File: 1468709231371.png (240.08 KB, 600x690, __chaos_witch_quelaag_dark….png)

ummm I would be interested in trying the new system ! I therefore propose a character a particular bit .

Chaos whitch quelaag ! a dark soul .

big demon that is nothing but a fusion between a beautiful woman and an ugly demonic spider.

Armor ? ummm I would say definitely no XD
No armor .

weapons here I was struggling in the game Quelaag a good arsenal of physical attacks and magic.
Heavy Offense Close Combat weapons : sword fiammegiante , claws Spider , mouth spewing lava, and pyromancy ! ( It has a dangerous arsenal )

Human height of 130cm
Spider height 170cm
Spider 3/4 length meters
weight complessimo 4 tons more or less
Hair : raven
Skin : pale .
black eyes

I would prefer to be contacted textures you meil to play



Raphael HP: 80

To hit: 3 (swing and a miss)

Raphael stumbled back in surprise as the woman's booted toe caught him square in the mouth. The iron taste of blood filled his mouth along with the chalky sensation of broken teeth, he leaned forward and spit what may have been at least three of them out of his mouth.

He roared in anger and charged at Asuna swing his rapier wildly from left to right, all finesse and skill lost to anger. Whether it was skill or luck on Asuna's part he couldn't be sure, but the woman managed to duck directly under his cuts as she stumbled and fell towards her own blade.


Asuna HP: 59
To hit: 10 (thanks)
To damage: 7+2 = 9

Asuna was starting to hate being on the ground, but at least she had her rapier back with her, so she turned and stood up using her rapier as support while she was doing so.

She saw Raphael sprinting towards her and he was approaching faster than she had ever seen before, so she readied her weapon abd waited. She expected him to just keep running past her while he slahed at her throat or head.

He was just meters away from her and, with a swift motion of her arm, she slashed where she predicted he would pass, and her bravery was reawarded by a clean "rrriiipp" sound and a splash of blood.

She turned on her feet to see where she had cut him, and to her surprise she managed to cut his left part of his ribcage...


Raphael HP: 71

To hit: 18, critical second roll: 9 arm/hand damage.

Damage: 3+6 = 9 x 2 = 18

Raphael couldn't believe he had missed, and worse, he couldn't believe the bitch had cut him! Even worse than the wound, he realized she had cleaved the bottom half of his jacket away!

This jacket is worth more than your pitiful fucking life you bitch!" He shrieked

He came at her again, thrusting and slashing, aiming high and low, but the woman's skill was prodigious, for every cut she had a parry, every thrust was met with a redirection. He gave into fury and forgot about skill, grabbing the hilt of his rapier in both hand he slammed his sword down towards her head, hoping to overpower her. She managed to bring her own blade up with both hands, meeting his double handed cut with just enough force to stop Raphael from cleaving her in two.

Rather than pulling away he pressed down even harder, forcing her sword back down towards her shoulder. Her wounds and blood loss were taking a toll and as her own sword slowly pressed against the skin of her collar-bone she began to look desperate.

With a scream she twisted her body out from under both blade, her shoulder suffered a bad cut in the process, and the movement left her sword arm overextended, but she felt a sense of relief at having escaped what could have been a fatal blow.

Her relief disappeared as Raphael whipped his own sword back around with lightning speed catching her seed arm just above the wrist.

She heard the clatter of steel as her blade hit the cobblestones her face turned white with shock as she looked down to see blood spewing from the stump at her wrist.

Raphael let loose a long frantic laugh as he watched the fingers of her severed hand begin to twitch and spasm around the grip her sword.


Asuna HP: 41
To hit: 7

Asuna stared in horror at her severed and twitching hand, that pain at her legs, chest and now her wrist was driving her insane.
She was regretting using the hardcore mode, but she couldn't do anything now.

She was sure she would die, althought she wasn't if in she would in real life too.

Asuna then slowly gazed Rapahael with an evil grin on his face...


Raphael HP: 71

To hit: 7 (miss)

Raphael continued to laugh as he walked towards Asuna who still clutched the stump of her hand in disbelief. He leaned forward and grabbed her by her blood-streaked red hair, lifting her face towards his own. He stared into her glassy eyes for a moment and then relaxed his grip.

"You're in shock you stupid cunt, I could kill you right now and you wouldn't even lift a finger to defend yourself would you?" He chuckled. "Well let's see what it takes to wake you up..."

Raphael took a step back and began to unlace his trousers. If she wouldn't put up a fight he'd have his fun in other ways. He undid the last lace and pulled out his thick ivory cock.

Something seemed to snap in the girls expression, and suddenly she began to scramble away from him. Raphael immediately went after her, but cursed as his pants slipped down around his ankles, causing him to trip and fall.


Asuna HP: 41
To hit: 7 (we're lucky)
As Asuna started to move harder and harder she was rewarded by a vicious grip on her hair, preventing her escape.

Apparently, Raphael's cock was getting excited by her movements, and it responded by getting erect with every second...


Anybody up for a round?


You have a character in mind? May be able to come up with a good opponent if I know who you're up for using.


You the same Puca from Depravity Repository? I'm down.


File: 1476783734127.jpg (1.59 MB, 1600x1139, taki.jpg)

Im game for a battle?

I want to use Taki from Soul Calibur if anyone is free?


Oh! Sorry, was gone for a few days. Just got back.

Yep, that's me. It'd be an honour to RP with you!

I was planning to use Cassandra from Soul Calibur, so I'm down with a battle royale or 2v1 if Grimm is.


Could be fun to do a 2 against 1. I could play as Nightmare or Astaroth, and bump up my starting HP to 200 if you guys want to roleplay a Soul Calibur battle.


File: 1476929557003.jpg (86.42 KB, 1000x1030, cass-bd.jpg)

I wouldn't mind a crossover opponent of some sort, but yeah, a 2v1 would be pretty cool!

Anyways, here she is:

Age: 21
Hair: Blonde
Weapon: Short sword and shield (defensive)
Armor: Light


If Rain doesn't reply in another day, want to just start a 1v1, Grimm? I still like the idea of a 2v1 or battle royale, so if there's anybody else out there who wants in, I think that'd be fun, assuming that's ok with Grimm.


Sounds good to me. Any suggestions of who I should play as besides a soul caliber character? I couldn't think of anything I haven't done yet that would be fun.



Hmm, what type of characters do you prefer playing? Off the top of my head, you could go for a magic user like Quan Chi, or a monster like Kusaregedo from Samurai Shodown. I could see someone like Juri or Mileena being fun to play. There's Sadira from KI, D'vorah from MK, Q-Bee from Darkstalkers or Elise from LoL for buggy goodness. Morrigan maybe? In a one-on-one Jade or Kitana would work well, though for lulz there's also Cassie Cage for a Cass match. Mmm, I don't think anybody's run Nemesis from RE yet. Goro's been done, but Sheeva has potential.

All my examples are game-related but I'm sure there are some good choices from comicdom or anime. Sabertooth, Bane, Mystique, Ravager, Poison Ivy, Red She-Hulk, Spiral and Nui Harime come to mind off the top of my head.

Or there are always the Soul Calibur options! Nightmare and Astaroth are both great choices.

Whatever you choose, I'm looking forward to this!


If we're sticking with Soul Calibur, a Soul Edge-possessed version of someone like Sophitia, Ivy or Talim would be cool. And don't forget Cervantes or Lizardman!

Rain, where are you? Get in here! I want that 2v1! :D

No promises but I'm hoping to find the time to sketch some of the RP once we're done.


Im here!

Im ready whenever you guys are ;)

Oh I forgot my stats!

Age: 29
Hair: Dark Brown
Weapon: Two short blades
Speed: 10
Armor: 2 (Very short, light leg and arm armour)




Grimm, I guess I'll let you start us off. Balance-wise I think you'll need something more than extra HP because we'll have two actions to your one, unless you take two attacks at a time or if we go you, one of us, you, the other person.


File: 1477378630323.jpg (300.32 KB, 798x1001, IMG_2447.JPG)

Okay I'm Ready. I'll be playing Nemisis from Resident Evil, here's my idea for making the battle fair, first, nemesis heals 2d6 every turn of mine, second, the battlefield is infected with a weaker version of the resident evil T-Virus. Every time your player attacks you must first roll a d20, on a 5 or below you partially succumb to the virus and attack your partner rather than me. That should make it a little more fun with the potential for some girl/girl action.

Also Taki needs to update her rules to the new rule-set before we start. I'll set the scene and then Puca (Cassandra) and taki can have the first attacks.

HP: 200
Weapons: Heavy close combat weapons (tentacles, super-human strength)
Armor: Medium (leather armor)
Special: heals 2d6 every turn.

The Unholy Knight had fought like a demon, his monstrous and evil blade cutting left and right as the eye set into it's hilt stared menacingly at Taki and Cassandra. Without one another they would never have triumphed, but while Cassandra held the Nightmare at bay with her holy sword and shield, Taki managed to complete the ancient ritual that would destroy the Demon-sword and free it's unwilling master. With a sound like thunder she drove her Ninja-blade into Soul Edge.

Time seemed to slow down as cracks appeared along the Demonic-Weapon. The eye stared at Taki with a mixture of fear and rage and without warning a sound like thunder split the air. Shards of the weapon exploded outward and a beam of fiery light shot straight up into the heavens surrounding Cassandra, Taki, and the sword. The flash of light was the last thing the two women saw before darkness engulfed them.

Taki awoke to sound of water dripping down from the ceiling above her head. She slowly blinked her eyes open and took in her surroundings. She was in some sort of massive broken-down building. The walls seemed to be made from some sort of smooth stone, and the windows that weren't shattered were more large and perfect than any glass she had seen in her entire life. Sparks shot from snapped cables above her head and rained down from the ceiling, creating the only other light Source in the room aside from a orange glow coming in from the windows. It was night, but it appeared that whatever surrounded this building was burning. From the other end of the room, Taki heard something, a soft groan and the clinking of metal.

Cassandra! Thank goodness her partner was here, and apparently mostly unharmed. Her relief turned into fear however as she saw the huge shape looming behind her friend. A towering creature rose up from the shadows, some sort of ogre or demon with green-yellow skin and the ugliest face she had ever seen.

Taki tried to cry out to her friend to run, but she inhaled something thick and began to cough instead. The air in here was poisonous!


For easier reference Rain, here are the revised rules again:
Hit points are still 100 each however I came up with a reworked combat mechanic:

Rolling to hit: Roll on a d20, a basic roll of 10 or above hits, a basic roll of 18-20 is a "critical" hit.

Rolling for damage: damage is decided by the weapons you chose for your character, there are 3 options.
1. Heavy Offense Close Combat weapons: represents C.C. Weapons designed with only offense in mind, greatswords, claws, huge scythes, teeth, etc. ROLL 3D6 for damage, no other bonuses apply.
2. Defensive Close Combat weapon: represents close combat weapons with strong defensive traits: a sword and shield, a pair of heavy fighting gauntlets, a duelist armed with a fencing rapier, etc. ROLL 2d8 for damage and add 2 to your ARMOR value.
3. Ranged weapons: represents any type of ranged attacks, pistols, rifles, magic spells, etc. ROLL 2d6 for damage and subtract 2 from your enemies "to-hit" rolls.

Armor types: there are 3 armor/body types to choose from, each has its own advantages/disadvantages.
1. Light/No Armor: your character subtracts 2 from your enemies "to-hit" rolls, but adds +2 to their damage rolls.
2. Medium armor: your character does not add or subtract from enemy to-hit or damage rolls.
3. Heavy armor: your character adds to to enemy "to-hit" rolls, but subtracts 2 from all damage rolls.

Critical Hits table: if you roll a natural 18,19, or 20 to hit, it is considered a "critical-hit" regardless of modifiers. Roll again on D20 to see what happens:
1-5: damage is doubled--you inflict a deep cut, break a bone, a direct hit with your ranged weapon, OUCH!
6-15: crippling wound! You've destroyed part of your opponents body, deal double damage and then roll D20 again to see which part: (1-5: arms/hands; you've amputated to destroyed one of your opponents arms or hands. 6-10: legs/feet; you've amputated or destroyed one of your opponents legs or feet. 11-15: lower body destruction; you've amputees or destroyed your opponent's genitals or disemboweled/gutted them. 16-20: upper body destruction; debreasting, facial damage, scalping, eye-removal etc.)
16-20: Disabled!!! Either you've knocked your opponent out cold, or injured them so badly they are temporarily incapacitated! Double damage and then get creative: you can fuck them, torture them, choose any category you want from crippling wound and destroy it! You've rolled very well, enjoy it!


Anyways, Grimm, I like your way of balancing the fight. Much more interesting than just extra attacks!

I also just noticed some of the combat system changes. I like it.

And I guess we're starting this off with a bang!

Virus roll: 18
Roll to hit: 19 (Crit!)
Damage: 13 x 2 (26!)
Crit roll: 14 (Crippling wound!)
Location roll: 20 (Upper body)

Cassandra groaned softly as she awoke. She sat up and blinked in the semi-darkness, her strange surroundings coming into focus. A series of coughs got her attention and she spotted Taki ahead.

"Taki, what-" she stopped when she noticed Taki's wild gestures, her eyes focused beyond her. Cassandra spun around and her eyes widened at the sight. She dove away as the huge monstrosity slammed a fist down, obliterating the rock she was just sitting on.

"What is it? Some new Astaroth model?" Cassandra doubled over with a cough. Must be all that dust, she thought. Then she straightened up and smirked. "Hmph, whatever, we just beat Soul Edge. This'll be a piece of cake!"

She dashed forward suddenly, ducking under a lumbering swing, and then leapt up, sword leading. The blade tore into the side of the monster's mouth and sliced along the side of its face, slicing off a flap of skin and revealing the muscle and teeth underneath. Dark fluid sprayed everywhere, splattering Cassandra as she went by.

"Ugh, gross," she said, as she landed behind the creature.


Hmm this is a tricky one. 

Taki’s weapons don’t really fall into these categories.

If anything she should be a “Light Offense Close Combat weapons” category, focusing on offensive speedy attacks that don’t do a lot of damage but are very fast and in your face.
Then again, I guess in that case it would be the first option out of the 3 if I had to choose one of them. 

If you guys come up with any ideas like another class that suits Taki better, then I’m happy to revise my part to better reflect that and we can disregard this post for the updated one.

The armour bit is fine though. She would be light armour.

Age: 29
Hair: Dark Brown
Weapon: Two short blades (offensive)
Armor: Light

Virus roll: 7
Roll to hit: 2 (Miss- fantastic start XD)
Damage: -
Crit roll: -
Location roll: -

Taki choked as she took a deep breath of the poisonous air while signalling to Cassandra of the immediate danger. Her team mate sprung to action and attacked the creature, ripping her blade into its face and kicking things off. 

“My turn” Taki thought, taking that chance to keep the momentum going. She dashed in with incredible speed and drew her blades towards the enemies legs in an attempt to disable its movements…but she missed! 

“Impossible!” Taki muttered under her breath. She was sure that she was on target…however the world began to slowly tilt as she choked slightly once more. 
“Its this damm poison!” She realised. Shaking her head to gain her senses back as she almost lost grip of reality for a second. 

Composing herself Taki prepared herself to strike one more, quickly turning herself towards her enemy, but was stopped in her tracks as she came face to face, inches away from her opponent.

Nemesis was aimed for her and in prime position to attack.


Nemesis HP: 200-26= 174 + 4 healing = 178

Attack against Cassandra:
To Hit: 13
Damage: 4+4+4 = 12

The monster some called Nemesis surveyed the empty building around him, his mission was simple, Kill every last stars team member. His mind flashed the images of the only two who still lived: Jill Valentine and Rebecca Chambers, his olfactory organs had sensed the presence of two females within the warehouse both athletic, both with heightened levels of adrenaline it was likely them.

Striding into the room he immediately noticed one of the women unconcioua on the ground, with a quick glance he recognized this was not his target. Another woman rose from the floor further into the room and immediately looked towards him. This was also not his target. He turned to leave, his priorities lay elsewhere.

A feeling he had once known as pain exploded into the side of his face, a blade tore into his head, sheering his rotted flesh from the bone and exposing pieces of his skull and rows of sharp yellow teeth. His viral senses kicked into high gear in time for him to dive backwards against a second slash, this time from the brunette who only seconds ago had been more than 15 feet away. She was fast.

He roared in pain as the virus that consumed him began reacting out of survival instinct. Without hesitation tentacles of green flesh exploded outward from his extended right hand and wrapped themselves around the ankle of the blonde woman. Just as quickly he yanked his arm backwards flinging the woman across the room and into the wall 20 feet to his left. She let out a muffled cry as she smashed chest first into the surface and then slid to the floor.

As he turned to face the second woman tumors of green flesh began to grow from the torn flesh of his skull, covering much of the naked-bone but leaving his yellow white jaw exposed. His long green tongue extended from his open mouth as he licked the blood and ichor from his face and began to stride forward.


For Taki, Light Offensive Close Combat weapon could be 2d8 +2 to hit? Anyways, horrible miss so I figure Cassandra is still making her way back to the fight.

Cassandra HP 100-12=88 (shield and light armor cancel out)
Virus roll: 12
Roll to hit: 2 (miss)

"Ugh, gross!"

The words had hardly left Cassandra's mouth before she heard a disgusting wet sound behind her, like the sound of ripping meat. Before she could react, tentacles wrapped themselves around her leg. Her eyes widened and she opened her mouth to scream as she suddenly found herself flying at a wall. The scream came out as a muffled cry when she smashed chest first into the unyielding concrete. Her breasts pressed and flattened against her as she hit - the strings crisscrossing her chest snapping, her breath getting knocked out of her, her cry cut short - then the rest of her body followed at incredible speed. Momentum flattened her against the wall, her limbs splaying wide. Cassandra's eyes rolled up as she blacked out for a moment, her brain squashing itself against the inside of her skull as Newton's laws did their damage. She slid slowly down the wall, her arms dragging, leaving a trail of blood from the scraped skin along her chest. She slid onto the ground and lay there briefly, facedown and drooling.

After a brief moment Cassandra came to, groaning, pulling herself up to all fours. Her D-cup breasts hung free, the material covering them torn and scraped. Bloody scrapes peppered her chest, but she didn't notice as she shook her head, trying to clear it. She looked up towards Taki and the monster, the world tilting and out of focus. Miraculously, she still held her sword and shield. She staggered to her feet.

"Grrrr! I'll show you what happens when you don't get a sneak attack!" she said through gritted teeth, charging back into battle, her sword poised to slash at the monster.


And I wanna know,

Will we ever see the Rain?

Typing up his attack again.

Played to the toon of "Have you ever seen the rain" by Credence Clearwater Revival


And I wanna know,

Will we ever see the Rain?

Typing up his attack again.

Played to the toon of "Have you ever seen the rain" by Credence Clearwater Revival


Raaaain! C'mon man!


Not to pressure you Rain, but could you reply within like, 2 days? I'm pretty stoked about this and I'd like to keep it moving :)


Sorry for taking a while to get back to this. I had a deadline for a work related project for a client and its been super intense meeting it.

I’ll Take your suggestion into consideration Puca. Hopefully I’m doing these roll things right. I had to google all these 3d13 dice roll rules but I think I got it haha. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong however.

Taki HP: 100
Virus roll: 8
Roll to hit: 17
Damage: 3+7(+2 bonus)=12

Taki Looked on as Cassandra was flung towards a near by wall with incredible force. She flinched at the impact, realising how powerful her opponent was to toss an adult as if they were a nothing at all.

“Damm it!” Taki yelled as she jumped into the air and spun with incredible speed. Using one of the collums near by, she propelled herself off of it and aimed directly at the monster. 
Her blades pointed in front of her and her body spinning rapidly, she cut through the air as a drill and forced the spinning blades into the monsters shoulder.

A splash of dark liquid spurted from the wound, and splashed even more as she used her momentum to pivot on her blades and perch herself on the creatures larger left shoulder like a bird.

Dragging the blade upwards through the tumour like surface. 

Quickly removing her blades, and preparing to strike the head, Taki again found herself extremely close to her opponent…Only this time she was the one looking to take advantage.


I would like to try. Heh this looks fun


Nemesis HP: 178 - 12 = 166 + 5 healing = 171
Attacking Taki:
To Hit: 17
Damage: 4+6+2= 12

The brunette dressed in Red charged towards him, brandishing her knives. Nemesis extended his right arm towards the woman and tentacles blasted out of his palm towards her. Amazingly she managed to leap through the air over his attack and dove forward, her spinning blades slamming into his shoulder, impaling his mutant flesh and tearing open his infected muscle. His right arm swung towards her at lightning speed, but she moved even fast, swinging up and over his arm and coming to rest upon his shoulder.

"Got you!" The monster thought to himself as three more spiked tentacles shot outward from his wounded shoulder and impaled the woman through her thighs. One jabbed into the muscle just above her knee, and the other two each impaled her through her more than ample ass.

The woman screamed in pain as the appendages lifted her up above the creature's head, but her cries were cut short as he backhanded her with tremendous force, sending her flying through the air before coming down with a crash somewhere behind him.

A quick analysis of the two women told him the blonde was slightly more of a threat. He turned and moved towards her once more, a smile crossing his lips as he noticed her breasts were now exposed. Something he did not immediately recognize stirred within him...


Virus roll: 13 (good to go)
Roll to hit: 6 (miss)
Damage: -

"Taki!" Cassandra yelled, as she saw the kunoichi impaled through the leg and ass and tossed away. "You'll pay for that!"

The blonde warrior ducked under a flailing tentacle and slammed her foot into the abomination's leg. She might have been kicking an oak tree for all the good it did.

"Ow!" She winced, bouncing back on one leg, her breasts jiggling, clutching her bruised foot...


Taki HP: 88
Virus roll: 12
Roll to hit: 11
Damage: 6+3+2= 11

Taki screamed in agony as she felt her lower half get pierced by the sharp tentacles of the creature, only to be sent flying with a blow from it.

Dazed and rattled, Taki moaned and rolled over onto her stomach to face it once again, pushing herself up onto her wounded lower body with difficulty, using some of the rubble nearby as support.

“This isn’t good” She thought, as she limped. Her legs being wounded like this would greatly affect her attacks…but she had to try, otherwise there is no doubt in her mind that she would be killed.

“If I can’t use my legs, then my arms will have to do!” Taki told herself. Swiftly flinging herself into a handstand and taking a second to gather energy in her arms. Suddenly she pushed off the ground and sprung towards the creature once again, who seemed to be advancing on Cassandra.

With her legs flailing behind her, Taki prepared her blades in mid air once more and crashed into the creatures back, plunging them into its back and dragging the blade downwards with her weight, covering herself in more of the creatures dark “blood”.

She aimed for the neck initially for what would have been a critical strike, but her arms could not match the power her legs would have given her.


Nemesis HP: 171-11=160+9 Healing = 169
Attacking Cassandra:
To Hit: 19 Critical, (8 for placement, leg/foot damage)
Damage: 6+4+3 = 13x2=26

Nemesis was assaulted from all sides, the blonde woman tried to damage him with a kick, a pitiful attempt which made him smile, but while distracted the brunette slammed into his back with both of her weapons, cutting deeply into his flesh and spraying her red body stocking with his black-green ichor.

He let a roar of frustration, somehow these two pitiful humans were actually beating him. He had to disable one of them so he could kill the other. His eyes darted around the warehouse until he saw what he needed, with two quick steps to his right he grabbed ahold of a broken piece of steel rebar exposed from within a broken wall. Using his inhuman strength he tore it free and turned back towards Cassandra. The woman was still clutching her leg, how pathetic! She looked up just in time to see him slamming the steel bar down towards her right thigh. The woman tried to step back, but was too slow. Cement shrieked as the steel drove down through Cassandra's ankle and into the floor, shattering the bones in her foot and pinning her in place. She screamed and clutched her leg, dropping to one knee.

Nemesis liked what he saw, her large breasts heaved as she hyperventilated, something about it caused a stirring within him. Without thought or analysis he grabbed the front of her outfit and tore it free, leaving her completely exposed. With a tearing of fabric he felt his own clothing open up, and a long phalic tentacle as thick and long as a human arm sprang from his groin.

No! Some part of his brain fought back, and with another roar he kicked the woman in her gut the terrible force of the blow sending her sailing across the room, a trail of blood splattering behind her. At his feet, still transfixed by the rebar was Cassandra's white-booted foot...


Cassandra HP: 88 - 26 = 62
Virus roll: 9 (no virus yet)
Roll to hit: 15 (hit!)
Damage: 2+2=4 (ehh)

Cassandra looked up and her eyes widened as she saw the monster come at her with a steel rod, seemingly unimpeded by the kunoichi hanging off his back by her swords. Cassandra raised her shield and tried to dodge back. This thing moved far faster than any of the giant opponents she'd fought like Astaroth or Nightmare.

She screamed in pain. Flesh squelched and bone and rock crunched as the monster aimed below her guard, missing her thigh but impaling her ankle to the floor. She jerked to a stop, but somehow she managed to stay standing, her breath coming in quick gasps through the pain, and she stared up at the abomination through tears of pain with a mixture of anger and fear. Her brashness was starting to melt away as she started to realize just how outmatched she was. Her only hope was to rely on the fact she and Taki outnumbered this-

Her thoughts were interrupted when the monster grabbed the front of her outfit and ripped it off. Despite the pain and the situation, Cassandra blushed and covered herself. Besides the bow in her hair and her boots and gloves, all that remained was her purple panties and the tattered remnants of her collar and tie. She glared up at the monster. "Wh-What are you doing you pervert!?"

The glare turned to horror as the fabric around his crotch ripped apart, revealing a grotesque writhing tentacle. It became painfully obvious what his intentions were. However, the monster surprised her by instead kicking her in the gut.

Cassandra's eyes bulged as the monster's giant booted foot sank into her gut. Her body folded around his foot, and then she suddenly found herself soaring through the air. She slammed into a column, and fell to the ground, landing on her knees. She vomited the contents of her last meal all over the floor, clutching her stomach. Dazed, she tried to stand, and that's when she noticed - her foot was missing. That's when the pain hit.

Cassandra collapsed into her puddle of vomit with a wail of pain, clutching at her lower leg. She rocked back and forth, blood spurting from her severed ankle. Gradually, the pain subsided slightly, and the sounds of battle brought her attention back to the fight. Taki needed help. Working together was their only hope to survive.

With an agonized grunt, Cassandra stood up, leaning against the column, balancing on the stump of her ankle, and hobbled towards the fight. As she approached, she threw her shield, hoping to distract the monster and buy Taki some precious time. The shield slammed against the side of the monster's head with a metallic ring, snapping his head to the side, then bounced off back towards Cassandra.


Taki HP- 88
Virus roll: 4- Attacking Cassandra (ohhhhhhh noooo)
Roll to hit: 18- Critical.
Damage: 10 x 2= 20 damage
Crit roll: 14 - Crippling
Location roll: 13- Lower body

Taki tried her best to avoid the monsters blows. Her legs giving way often, but her natural speed and relations kept her out of trouble for now.

She luckily was helped by her team mate with a blow to the head with her shield, distracting the monster just enough for Taki to get into a better position to strike her next attack.

She took a moment to channel her Energy, realsing now was the time to start making use of her teleportation and energy based attacks. Despite the it taking a lot of of her, it was her only option with her movement becoming more and more limited.

She flashed slightly, and suddenly disappeared, re appearing directly infront of her enemy and instantly taking the chance to stab her blades into its stomach.

“Got you!” she thought as she was sprayed in its blood…but something wasn’t right…

“Red blood?…I thought its blood was a dark green like colour?” She thought, confused. None the less, she felt the sudden urge to rip the blades out of its stomach outwards, and with a vicious slash, she spread her arms and freed the blades from its body, covering herself again in more red blood.

It was only when she heard a horrific high pitched scream, she snapped out of her confusion to see not the creature, but instead…Cassandra.
As if by a cruel twist of irony, she snapped back to reality just as she dealt the critical blow, seeing first hand the damage she did to her ally.

Time seemed to slow to a crawl. Cassandra toppled backwards and to her knees as a few loops of her intestines escaped her stomach, one of them attached to Taki’s weapon.

Taki looked in shock with widened eyes as she just froze.

“I…I just…but it was…I swear I was attacking…” She thought to herself. Feeling a sense of nausea rise from her stomach from the image of disembowelling her friend…but also from the mysterious air that no doubt caused her to lose her mind just then.

Taki sprung back into acting. Ignoring the threat of the creature and tending to her ally…but it was fast approaching once more.


Nemesis HP: 169-4 = 165 + 2 healing = 167
Attacking Taki:
To Hit: 3 (Miss)

Nemesis watched in satisfaction as Cassandra sailed through the air and crashed against a pillar, her severed foot still pinned to the floor. He calculated that the threat she posed was now very minimal so he quickly turned to face his second opponent. The other woman was much faster than the blonde, she easily evaded his first punch and then his second, her large breasts bouncing seductively as she bobbed and weaved, his black-green blood had soaked the front of her outfit making it cling to her every curve.

Lust was once again roused within him and his monstrous tentacle-cock sprang to attention once more, dripping yellow-white liquid from the tip as he stared at the ninja woman.

Out of nowhere something struck him in the side of his head and he turned to once again face the blonde. Somehow she was still standing, hobbling towards him with only one foot, and balancing on the jagged stump of her amputated ankle. She caught her shield as it returned to her hand and stared him down with a look of pure determination. As his virus infected brain struggled to decide which woman was the greater threat, he heard a sound like a small explosion from behind him, just as suddenly the brunette appeared in front on the blonde in a flash of light.

She had some sort of short range teleportation ability! Incredible! He also sensed a strain of the T-Virus had infected her. This was very good.

He smiled as the brunette violently impaled the blonde through her belly with both of her long daggers. The blonde gasped in surprise and betrayal completely frozen in shock. The brunette tore outward with both of her arms and the blonde screamed in agony. Blood splattered as the woman's intestines were torn free of her gut, spilling out of her in ropey coils. She fell backwards into a puddle of her own blood and guts.

Whatever effects the virus had upon the brunette seemed to have worn off quickly as she dropped forward onto one knee and attempted to help the blonde push her intestines back inside the horrible wound she had caused. The site of both woman, covered in blood, their hands full of intestine, arroused Nemesis in a way he had never before experienced. All thought of attack left him as he strode up behind the brunette. She didn't see him as tentacles sprouted from each of the fingers on his right hand. With inhuman speed his appendages wrapped around each of her limbs and her neck. A look of shock was all she managed as she was lifted off her feet and turned to face Nemesis. He drew her closer, her body squirming to escape as he raised her to his eye level. He smiled with rows of yellow teeth and then licked her face from jaw to forehead with his long green tongue. His free hand dropped between her legs and grabbed a handful of red fabric. With a powerful tug he ripped a huge hole in her uniform, exposing her from navel to asshole. His monstrous cock dripped long strings of pre-cum down onto her tits and belly as he made ready to share his Mutant DNA with this woman. All thoughts of combat were now far from his mind.


Cassandra HP: 62-20 = 42 (ouch)
Virus roll: 15 (still clean)
Roll to hit: 16 (hit somehow!)
Damage: 1+2=3 (makes sense)

Cassandra caught the shield after it cracked into the monster's head. She saw Taki gather energy for an attack - an ability that had served them well against Soul Edge. But suddenly, Taki appeared in front of her, her eyes bloodshot, unfocused.


She was answered by Taki's blades, which dug into her bare stomach. Cassandra could only gasp, unable to speak. Then Taki ripped her swords outwards. Blood sprayed. Cassandra screamed. She wavered for a second, seeing the shock in Taki's eyes, then she staggered backwards. A loop of intestine was caught on one of Taki's blades, and as Cassandra fell, loops of her intestines slipped out. She toppled back, surrounded by a pool of blood, her guts spread around her. She felt nothing but pain, but instinctively she reached out towards her spilled guts, desperately trying to stuff them back in.

Taki, horrified, abandoned any idea of fighting and began frantically trying to pile Cassandra's intestines back into her body. She succeeded in shoving some of the coils back, before letting out a strangled gasp as the monster wrapped her up in his tentacles and lifted her away.

On her knees, her vision blurry, Cassandra shoved what she could back into her split stomach, cradling her intestines with one hand. A loop of intestine still hung out grotesquely over her arm. She looked up at Taki, suspended by the monster's tentacles. He was distracted... Thoughts of escape flashed into her pain-addled mind, her horrific injuries temporarily forgotten in the haze. She could flee while he was busy with Taki...

She crawled towards the monster and stabbed at his thigh, the highest part of him she could reach. Her sword sank in, spraying ichor over her.

"Don't... take me lightly!"


Taki HP: 88
Virus Roll: 13
Hit Roll: 4 (miss)

Taki was forcefully grabbed by the monsters long tentacles and held towards its face. She Shuddered and shook with disgust and anger as it licked her, and proceeded to tear a role in her uniform, leaving her exposed to world.

“No NO!” she thought, as she realised she was about to be horrifically raped by its ridiculously in-human cock. It was already dripping with pre cum over her which made Taki gag with the sight and smell of it.

The tentacles were too strong. She tugged at them, trying to free herself, but they kept her limbs stretched, especially her legs and pussy fully spread, as if they were preparing her.

She noticed below her Cassandra managed to somehow stab the monster in the thigh. It flinched ever so slightly and took its attention towards her, seemingly irritated rather than angry or in pain.

She tried to charge some energy again to teleport or cause a small explosion, but she needed a bit more time to recharge after her last attack. Taking a deep breath, her stomach sank as she could do nothing but take whatever disgusting things this monster was going to do to her..just until she could gather the little time she needed to make a definitive move. Judging by the size of its throbbing rock hard cock and the amount of pre cum it was producing, she was certain it was not interested in attacking…but something else entirely.

Looking at it directly in the eye, she disgustingly spat in its face with a stern look, trying to hide her fear behind a false sense of bravery.

“Do your worst monster.”


Nemesis HP: 167-3 =164 + 4 = 168
Attacking Taki
To Hit: 16 (hit)
Damage: 5+1+1=7

Nemesis felt the pain explode in his thigh, but mostly blocked it out, Cassandra was no longer a threat, he could simply step on her if he had the desire, but his desires now lay elsewhere. He turned back to face towards Taki, and as he did so she spit full in his face. He watched some of the spit dribble down her chin, and he became even more aroused. His monstrous cock expanded even more, hovering right in front of the woman's face.

She leaned forward and tried bite it, he jaws closing within an inch of his member with a snap. He growled and then pulled back his free left hand. He aimed carefully and then struck the woman hard in the center of her mouth. Her head snapped back with incredible force, but his tentacles held her fast. She groaned in pain and her head rolled to the side. Nemesis smiled in satisfaction as blood and teeth spilled out of his dazed opponent's mouth.

It took her a couple seconds to regain her senses, but when she did she stared back at the creature, fury in her eyes. That's when his cock rose up like some sort of snake in front of her, and then fast as lightning smashed forward into her half open mouth.

Taki gagged as at least 2 feet of mutant flesh smashed its way down her esophagus and into her belly. She tried to bite down, but her jaw was so-badly swollen it had no effect. Instead she found herself unable to beathe as the monster's serpent-like organ slithered in and out of her throat.

For Nemesis the sensation was unlike anything he had felt since his creation. While most of his nerve endings were either dead or barely functional, rendering him mostly immune to pain, the nerves in his cock obviously were not. Each thrust down the ninja's throat shot warmth through his mind and body, it drove him to push into her mouth faster and harder. He noticed the woman's was turning blue and she had started to shake uncontrollably, but he didn't care, something was happening.

With a roar like thunder he came. Jets of monster DNA poured into Taki's belly, but at the same instant Nemesis's tentacles all lost their grip. Taki fell limp the floor, covered in yellow fluid, a torrent of it spilling from her open mouth. Nemesis was momentarily frozen, Cassandra's sword still lodged in his thigh, as his eyes drifted skyward, still groaning in pleasure.


The last thing she says here is actually an in-game quote!

Cassandra HP: 42
Virus roll: 8
Roll to hit: 19 (somehow crit!)
Crit roll: 10 (crippling wound)
Location: 7 (legs/feet - RNG has something against legs I guess, but I have no idea how I would have explained a crit to the head, so this worked out lol)
Damage: 7+2=9x2=18

Delirious from the pain and blood loss, Cassandra's fear was momentarily forgotten. She clung to the sword embedded in the monster's leg, breathing heavily, her head down. She heard Taki taunt the monster, then the sound of a blow, then a series of rhythmic grotesque wet sounds and gagging. Cassandra didn't have to look up to know the monster was raping Taki.

"Move, move!" Cassandra thought. But the sword wouldn't budge, the monster ignoring her. The gagging and wet sounds continued, the rhythm speeding up. Finally, the monster roared and Cassandra saw Taki fall limply to the ground in front of her, her face a bloody mess, her belly distended. Blood and thick yellowish fluid leaked copiously out of her open mouth.

"Pay... Attention!" Cassandra shouted. She put her other hand on the sword's hilt and pulled down with all her might. Several loops of intestines slipped out when she did so and Cassandra screamed with the pain and the effort, but with a wet tearing, her blade slid down the monster's upper leg, severing nerves, muscles and blood vessels as it went.

The sword came free and Cassandra fell to the floor and rolled over on to her back, some of her guts hanging out. Semi-delusional from her wounds, she grinned at the monster above.

"Now that's what I call a critical hit!"


I think someone set fire to the Rain,
Forgot his turn, he's in pain.
Well it burned while we cried,
Cause we hate all this time sitting here while we wait,
While we wait.

(Tune of Adele's "Set fire to the Rain")

I know you're probably busy with work and real life, but I'm looking forward to my next turn :).


Taki HP: 81
Virus roll: 10
Roll to hit: 13
Damage: 6+3+2= 11

Taki groaned in pain as her opponent struck her hard across the face. Blood poured out of her face and she spat a few teeth, still being held tightly.

Time felt like it froze, and then suddenly she found herself gagging heavily with its cock in her mouth.

Taki’s eyes rolled to the back of her head as she struggled to breathe. Her body shook and jerked in the struggled and she prayed for it to end, only to feel a warm, sticky and slimly sensation shoot down her throat and into her stomach.

Broken and violated, she was released, spewing the monsters seed from her mouth in torrents, heaving, but alive.

“It just…it just raped me.” She thought. Throwing up horribly the contents of her stomach including the monsters sperm.

She fairly heard Cassandra push herself onwards to defeat this monstrous foe. Despite suffering worse wounds, she still kept going…she still made her next attack, which judging by the sounds she heard, it was very effective.

“Thats it, I need to act” Taki thought. She stood up. Dribbling and choaking a disgusting amount of cum, with adrenaline pumping through her, she gripped her blades and stabbed the other thigh, trying to emulate Cassandra’s attack. She knew her blades wouldn’t be as effective as her team mates sword, but they needed to cripple the monster as much as they can.

Taki yelled in rage, and twisted her blades around trying to do as much damage as she can.


Nemesis HP: 168-11-18= 149 + 6 healing = 155
To hit: 1 (terrible)

Nemesis was still blinded by the euphoria that had overtaken his body and mind. Waves of warmth and pleasure shuddered through his virus-mutated limbs. He looked down at the semen-caked body of Taki and grinned a hideous grin. She had been quite a pleasure, he would come back for the rest of her once he finished off the blonde. It was as this thought crossed his mind that he finally noticed where Cassandra was.

He looked down at the blonde just in time for her to tear her blade downward through his thigh. Blood and ichor showered over the woman's naked tits as blood vessels and muscles were torn apart, he roared in agony as her blade cut deeply into his thigh-bone before she pulled it free of his leg.

At almost the same moment the brunette rose from the ground and drove both of her daggers into his other thigh, his blood spurted from the wound mixing with the seaman that still covered her. Nemesis staggered backwards in an attempt to escape only to feel a hideous crack in his upper leg. He toppled backwards and smashed into the ground as his femur snapped cleanly in two, weakened by Cassandra's attack.

His brain rapidly assessed the situation: his right leg was now attached only by a thin strip of muscle and skin and was now completely useless. He had lost his overwhelming advantage, on the ground his power would be harder to exert. He had to choices, end the fight and kill the woman as fast as possible, before the brunette had a chance to get up and use her mobility, or hold them off long enough for his body to regenerate his ruined leg. His deacision was clear: kill.

He rolled quickly to his side towards the blonde and swung downward towards her head with a balled up fist. He vastly misjudged her speed, and succeeded in nothing more than pummeling the concrete as Cassandra simply scooted backwards on her ass still holding her guts in with her free hand.

Ashamed of his misjudgement Nemesis once again re-evaluated his options: he noticed a long rope of the blonde's small intestine hung over her arm, maybe he didn't have to catch her at all, just her guts...


Cassandra HP: 42

Virus roll: 1 (finally infection!)
Roll to hit Taki: 16 (so close to a crit)
Damage to Taki: 5+4=9

Cassandra smirked in satisfaction as Nemesis roared in pain and toppled to the ground like some enormous undead oak. He slammed a huge fist down at her, but she was able to scoot backwards in time, her bare ass sliding against the floor. She hardly felt any pain at all, her injuries almost forgotten. In fact, she felt better than ever, her exposed guts notwithstanding. Maybe seeing the monster finally fall, finally be hurt, was energizing her!

Or perhaps it was something else...

Cassandra blinked.

"Alright, time for your punishment!" she said, grinning. She stabbed her sword into her opponent's leg, pinning it to the ground, then, spotting her shield nearby, picked it up and slammed it into her target's head. She thought she felt some bone crack. She yanked her sword out, and prepared to stab again.

Cassandra blinked again.

She saw Taki, twisted and prone in front of her, her head lolling, her leg bleeding from a gaping stab wound, a huge bruise beginning to form over one eye.

Red blood coated Cassandra's sword. As the virus retreated, pain flared again in her severed ankle and her midsection and Cassandra stifled a scream.

"This must be some sort of mistake...!" she managed, her eyes wide with shock and horror, darting between her bloodstained sword and the semi-conscious kunoichi.


Taki HP: 72
Virus roll: 17
Roll to hit: 8
Damage: 4+8+2= 14

Taki felt a sense of accomplishment as they both finally managed to get some proper damage on their opponent, coming to the realisation that it isn’t as unstoppable as they thought.

However, they had both taken some heavy damage…their odds were still looking quite bad.

Taki was amazed at the will of her team mate. Cassandra, despite her wounds was on the offensive again after swiftly dodging a desperate attack. But that was cut short, as she suddenly turned to Taki and attacked her instead!

Taki screamed in agony as he leg was impaled once again, but this time by her friends sword, pinning it to the ground. Suddenly she felt the cold hard surface of her shield slam against the side of her head.
Her already broken jaw was now shattered, a tooth and blood sprayed from her mouth, and the world went black for a few seconds.

She knew that Cassandra had fallen to the same thing she did, making friend seem like a foe. Thankfully unlike her, Cassandra realised before any serious damage could have been done.

Taki looked ahead at Nemisis. It was still in a position of no offence…now was the time to go all out and keep up the pressure. Working together is going to secure victory.

Here legs now limiting her severely. Taki had to rely on her arms once again, rolling into a low handstand and propelling herself live her earlier move towards Nemisis. Her legs flopped and trailed behind her, but she made sure to land on the shoulder of her opponent once more.

This monster had no obvious weak spots. They had to make them.

Her blades were not strong enough to cripple right now without charging them with her energy…but Cassandra could. It was time to set her up

“We CAN destroy your limbs monster. Now its time to take your arm!” She thought, as she drove her blades into its shoulder joint and made a good deep cut into it with a splash of black fluid.


Nemesis HP: 155-14 =141+2 healing = 143

Attacking Taki: to hit 19 (critical 1 crippling wound) 3 = arms/hands
Damage: 6+4+3 = 13x2 =26

Nemesis continued to roar in frustration as the little blonde managed to evade his attacks and was forced to rise as best as he could to his one remaining knee, balancing between his right arm which gripped the ground and his still mostly intact left knee. The blonde suddenly looked as if she had gotten a second wind, and rose up brandishing her blade. he lifted his arm to protect his face, but was completely taken aback as the woman impaled her friends thigh instead, and then followed up with a viscous shield hit to her face.

If Nemesis still had the capacity for laughter he would have laughed loud and hard. It seemed like the blonde had managed to come to her senses as she suddenly dropped back to the floor and began to cry.

His moment didn't last long, the Ninja-woman was still in the fight. She acrobatically vaulted herself through the air and once again landed on his back, jamming both of her swords into his shoulder socket. Viral-instinct took over, and tentacles sprang from the wound Taki created and wrapped themselves around one of her daggers and her left hand which held it.

The ninja girl reacted quickly, trying to leap free of the monster's back, but she was not fast enough... Instead of backflipping off his shoulder to land in front of him, she flopped awkawdly down across his chest, her left arm still held tightly by the tentacles wrapped around her hand. Taki felt terror course through her as the tentacles continued to wind there way up her wrist and forearm. She looked up at her hand to see if she could cut herself free, only to see that the wound she had created in the creature's shoulder had opened to form a large gaping mouth, complete with rows of shark-like teath. she pulled backwards with all her might, but instead of freeing herself, her hand was sucked into the gaping maw.

Nemesis smiled down into the face of his sex toy, her face still stained with his cum, she would be a part of him soon.


Taki screamed in pain as Nemesis's shoulder-mouth bit down on her hand, muscles and bone were ground into bloody pulp as the open jaws continued to pull her inward. the tantacles around her forearm pulled her deeper, and her shrieks took on a pitiful tone as she felt her forearm bones snap and seperate.

Nemesis felt calm take over him, this woman was the bigger threat and she would soon be gone, then he could have his way with the other one...

Taki felt the tentacles pull her even deeper, she was past her elbow now. she stared at her right hand which still held her other blade, she had a choice to make...


weird that this ended up on the bottom...


I'm trying really hard to figure out how to interpret this result... Anyways, she'll return to her senses either as soon as you damage her or as soon as my next turn rolls around.

Cassandra HP: 42
Virus roll: 1 (virus on the brain)
Roll to hit: 11 (hit!?)
Damage: 6+8=14 (!?)

Cassandra stared in open-mouthed horror at the damage she'd wrought on her companion.

What had she done? How could she have done that? They were going to die, weren't they?

She didn't want to die!

Despite herself, tears welled up in Cassandra's eyes and she started to sob, the pain and despair finally getting to her. She didn't see Taki continue the fight, flipping up onto Nemesis and inflicting a deep wound. She didn't see Nemesis' mutations catch the kunoichi, breaking her arm and putting her in a precarious position.

When Cassandra looked up, her sobs subsided, her eyes were blank and unseeing. With a growl, she reached up and grabbed onto Taki's dangling leg, dragging herself up, her guts forgotten and dangling loosely in front of her.

And then she stabbed Taki in the back.


Oh shit GC is back?! Finally.

Ill post my next bit later on. Just want to let you guys know I have not disappeared.


Taki HP: 32 (oh my god)
Virus roll: 8
Roll to hit: 4 (Worst time to miss. Oh man)
Damage: -

Taki Looked in horror and panic as the creature swallowed her arm with a gaping hole in its shoulder. It completely destroyed it, mangling her hand and forearm to what would no doubt be a bloody mess of broken boned and flesh.

Arm arm was gone. Usless. Even if she managed to free herself with her arm somewhat intact, there is no way that she would be able to use it again.
Taki yelled with agony and frustration as she held her blade across her left arm, preparing to make the desperate attempt to free herself…but pain shot through her back as she felt cold metal script across she spine.

With a choke of blood, she turned her head to see Cassandra attacking her once again. Stabbing her in the back, completely unaware of what she was doing.
Tears began to roll down her face, trying to ignore an block out the pain that seemed to surround her at all angles in the sudden change of tide.

Taki needed to act fast, or else she was going to no doubt die right there, sandwiched between two threats.
Without hesitation, she sent a charge of energy through her blade and swiped with as much force as she could gather across her left arm. The blade cleanly cut through, severing her arm and freeing her from clutches of her enemy.

Gritting hard through her blood and cum stained mouth, she fell backwards with a deep and agonising grunt., trying her best to ignore the pain and holding onto her fresh stump. She looked upwards at the creature, as it took in the rest of her arm and essentially ate it, becoming a part of him and taking her arm for his.

Taki couldn’t even move right now. Panic began to set in.


Nemesis HP: 143+5 healing = 148

Attacking Cassandra:
To Hit: 15 (hit)
Damage: 4+3+3= 10

Everything had turned in Nemesis's favor. The ninja girl was broken, she was down on her knees, clutching the stump of her missing arm and impaled between her shoulder blades by Cassandra's sword. It looked like all fight had left the woman. Cassandra wasn't doing much better. She too was on her knees sobbing uncontrollably in disgust at what she had just done. Nemesis set his sights on the blonde, he had already had his way with the other...

Nemesis crawled forward on his knees towards to the two woman, he shoved the wounded ninja out of the way, sending her sprawling across the floor behind him. In front of him was his prize, the tiny blonde still didn't seem to notice her peril. With his right hand nemesis clawed hard into the woman's gut grabbing a fistful of her loose intestines. With his left hand he punched her hard in the chest, smashing her left breast badly and sending her rolling backwards across the floor. Nemesis smiled as he pulled her slowly back towards him by the disgusting leech of intestines he still held in his hand. The woman screamed in agony as she was pulled backwards her gut now mostly empty...


Cassandra HP: 42-10=32
Virus roll: 9
Roll to hit: 1 (too bad we don't have critical misses heh)

Sobbing in disgust at herself, Cassandra didn't notice Nemesis crawl over and jam his fist into her gut and grab a handful of her loose intestines. Her eyes rolled up and she gurgled blood and drool, her arms spasming. Then Nemesis slammed his fist into her left breast, crushing it against her, and sent her tumbling backwards, blood spraying in an arc around her from her severed ankle.

She rolled to a stop, senseless from the blow and the pain, her arms and legs splayed wide, unintentionally displaying her naked breasts and pussy, when Nemesis began reeling her back towards him by the intestines he still held. Cassandra screamed in agony, flailing and struggling. She clawed at the ground desperately as she was drawn in but she couldn't seem to escape. Her sword was still impaled in Taki's back and all she could do was swing her shield ineffectually at him as she was pulled close. It bounced off, doing nothing.

Face-to-face with the grinning Nemesis, her eyes wide with terror, her attacks utterly ineffectual, her guts distended in a pile in front of her, Cassandra lost control and emptied her bladder, a pool of urine spreading slowly beneath her as she froze in fear.


Taki HP: 32
Virus roll: 9
Roll to hit: 14(Worst time to miss. Oh man)
Damage 5+8+2=15

Taki watched as Nemisis horrifially ruined Cassandra. Using her intestines to pull her back towards itself in the most gory and disgusting manner, while she screamed in agony, yet still still tried to fight it off with her shield.

Taki needed to do something, but her body couldn’t move. Her wounds were now affecting her too much, and the loss of blood was making her feel faint.

With the energy she had left, she pulled and shuffled herself over towards her opponent with her remaining arm. She didn’t like the idea of using Casandra’s suffering as a distraction, but the opportunity was something she could not afford to let slip.

Slowly raising to her feet, behing nemesis, she braced herself and yanked Cassandras sword out of her back with a splash of blood and a sharp pain. She grunted, but it was worth it, now having a weapon that was stronger than her shorter blades.

Without hesitation, she plunged the sword into the creatures back, and ripped across, making a deep cut. This time she made sure to instantly stay clear. Any wounds this creature makes could turn into something deadly and take more than just her arm next time…

Nemesis jolted. Seemingly with pain…and then slowly turned to face her…Taki now being the target once more.


Nemesis HP: 133+3 = 136

Attacking Taki
To Hit: 5 (Miss)

Nemesis licked his lips as the blonde pissed herself in front of him, the sight of her pussy and tits exposed before him, her guts steaming in a pile at her feet and the absolute look of fear on her face once again began to build his excitement.

His mutant cock once again sprang to life, hovering over the body of the tiny blonde, he felt desire burn within himself again, and it caused a change...

His huge green cock began to grow even longer and thicker, now at least 3 feet in length and almost as big around as one of the women's calves. he grunted and spikes began to protrude from the side of it. He dropped the coil of Cassandra's gut from his hands and grabbed her by the hips, aiming his inhuman phallus at her tiny pink opening.

That's the moment pain tore through his back. The ninja had somehow managed to crawl up behind him and stab him once more. The wounds was deep, and blood flowed freely from it. He tried to turn and strike at the woman, but she had already managed to hobble away. He roared in fury and crawled after her...


Cassandra HP: 32

Virus roll: 20
Roll to hit: 12
Damage to Nemesis: 1+1=2 (welp)

Cassandra could only stare in wide-eyed horror as Nemesis' cock grew to an immense size and spikes began to grow upon it. If her bladder wasn't already empty, she would have pissed herself again. As it was, she was paralyzed with fear until Nemesis grabbed her hips and began pulling her towards him, dragging her through her own puddle of piss. She shrieked and started thrashing frantically but Nemesis was undeterred and pulled her kicking and screaming towards him.

At that point, Taki attacked, inflicting a deep wound to Nemesis' back. He dropped Cassandra and roared in rage, turning after the kunoichi.

Cassandra shuddered with fear as she watched Nemesis crawl after Taki. But seeing her comrade in danger, she shook herself, her courage returning. She saw her sword in Taki's hand and looked around for anything she could use to distract Nemesis. Her shield!

She scooped it up and threw it with practiced skill... but her injuries caused her to misjudge her aim, and it bounced off Nemesis' shoulder, hardly causing any damage. Luckily it rebounded back towards her and she caught it.

Nemesis looked over his shoulder and glared at her, and her face, already pale from lost blood blanched even further. She raised her shield instinctively and she realized how pathetic it looked against the giant abomination.


Wondering what guys think of the following: do we want to try cutting Nemesis' health in half, but having him attack Cassandra and Taki at the same time? That way we get to the good stuff faster :D

So basically Rain and I will take our turns as usual but Grimm will roll attacks against both on his turn. Thoughts?


I'm down if rain is


Yeah im happy with that.

Allso, apologies for disappearing off the face of the planet again. Its been another intense week, but im back.



Awesome! Glad to hear you're still around!



Hey Rain, just a reminder that it's your turn :)


Hey Rain, just wondering if you're still interested. We're so close to finishing, and I wanna see the end of this fight! If you are done with this, I'm planning to run Taki and Cassandra together for the rest of the fight.


Shall we finish then Puca?


Sure! If you come back Rain, feel free to just jump right back in.

I'm working on Taki's next move right now, but for fun I thought I'd compile the damage everyone's suffered so far:

Taki HP: 32
Damage suffered:
-legs crippled, stab wound in calf
-lost teeth, broken jaw
-distended belly of cum
-black eye
-stab wound in back
-left forearm severed
Clothing: hole in outfit from navel to asshole

Cassandra HP: 32
Damage suffered:
-foot severed
-bruised stomach
-scraped chest
-disembowled, intestines mostly pulled out
-mangled left breast
Clothing: dress removed, only wearing collar/tie, panties, boots, gloves/shoulder pads

Nemesis HP: 136 (68?)
Damage suffered:
-gash along side of face, exposed jaw bone
-crippled left leg, nearly severed right leg
-multiple stabs in back


Taki HP: 32
Virus roll: 10 (clear-headed)
Roll to hit: 12 (hit!)
Damage 2+7+2=11

The momentary distraction afforded by Cassandra's shield attack was enough for Taki to once again slip closer and land a vicious stab on Nemesis. She threw her weight forward and sank the blade into Nemesis right beside his neck, spraying ichor into the air, then used the blade to shove herself off and away. She rolled and shuffled, trying to keep her distance.

If they could just keep their teamwork going, they might stand a chance...


Nemesis HP: 68

Attacking Cassandra:
To hit: 18 critical, 6= crippling wound, 16 = lower body destruction
Damage: 6+5+1 = 12 x 2 = 24

Attacking Taki:
To hit: 4 = miss

After suffering another deep wound from the kunoichi, something began to change within Nemesis, his heartbeat sped up to 3 times its normal rate, his muscles bulged, ichor began to spew from all of his wounds and a strange combination of lust and rage overtook his mind.

In what could only be described as inhuman speed, he swung his massive arm towards Taki, if she had been even a hair slower he would have surely torn her in half, but she managed to escape with not an inch to spare.

Completely unphased the creature turned back to Cassandra who looked pale and pitiful lying on her back in front of him. Without hesitation he tore her tiny soiled panties away from her little pink slit. She didn't even have the chance to struggle against his super-human speed, and with a grunt he grabbed her by the hips and slammed his 3 foot mutant-cock roughly into her virgin hole.

The pain when her foot was torn free was unimaginable, the ache and burning as her guts had been pulled from her stomachs had been even worse, but this was the pain was indescribable. In one hard thrust her pussy was destroyed, her lips were slashed to pieces as the spikes surrounding his member were thrust into her, her vaginal walls were sliced asunder, and her cervix was instantly penetrated and destroyed. Her womb held for a single second against the bulbous head of his cock, and then he pulled back and literally tore her inside-out.

It didn't end. The creature slammed his rod back into the bloody ruin between her legs, pushing what remained of her intestines out of her. He continued to thrust back and forth, the tip of his rancid phallus exploding out of the hole in her gut with every hump. Cassandra's eyes bulged as she watched herself being fucked to death, the green cock mesmerizing as it appeared again and again in front of her face, and then as quickly as it began it ended.

Nemesis groaned in pleasure as a torrent of putrid jizz showered out of his dick, drenching every inch of Cassandra, soaking her hair and face, spilling over her tits and forming a milky red layer in her cavernous middle.

Nemesis tore his cock free of the ruined woman and spun to face the second. His heart beat sped up even faster, and his cock instantly sprang back to life.


Cassandra HP: 32-24=8
Virus roll: 8
Roll to hit: 5
Damage: -

Cassandra gasped as Nemesis reached towards her and tore her piss-soaked panties away. "Y-you can't!" she stammered, panicked. "This can't be happening to m-" Her words turned into a blood-curdling scream as he grabbed her by the hips and impaled her on his massive cock. She shrieked as she saw and felt her stomach bulge with the meat of his member filling her, spike tips poking up against the skin of her lower torso. And then Nemesis tore himself free.

Cassandra's scream turned into a gurgle as blood and drool spewed from her mouth. She thought she saw her uterus hanging off Nemesis' member, along with scraps of shredded flesh. What was once her pussy was a ragged mess, flesh and organs spewed outwards explosively. What was left of her bowels voided themselves as she was utterly overwhelmed with pain and fear.

And then Nemesis thrust again. This time, the flesh around her pussy a bloody gaping messy hole, Nemesis' dick pushed into her ruined body unimpedded. Cassandra's remaining intestines squeezed out of the hole in her gut, followed by the head of Nemesis' cock. She could only stare as the tip hovered in front of her face. And then it disappeared as Nemesis pulled back to thrust again.

Cassandra flopped with each thrust, her limbs jerking limply. Her eyes bulged as she stared at the green member as it appeared and disappeared from the hole in her gut. Her mouth gaped open as she watched, transfixed, as she was being fucked to death, letting out a grunt or moan with every thrust. And then it stopped. The greenish head hung, quivering in front of her as Nemesis groaned in pleasure. A flood of zombie jizz sprayed out, washing over her face, entering her mouth, coating her hair. The torrent continued, spilling over her tits, pooling in what was left of her lower torso. Cum coated her beautiful face and slid down her throat, her once spunky expression now defeated and terrified. Nemesis pulled his dick out with a slurping sound and spun to face Taki. Cassandra flopped backwards limply, arms and legs splayed, in a splash of jizz.

Ahead of her she heard Taki yell something garbled and there was a lot of movement. But Cassandra didn't care. Her thoughts were nothing but agony and terror, and without hesitation she rolled over, zombie spunk oozing out of the hole in her stomach and the gaping remnants of her pussy, and tried crawling away.

Taki HP: 32
Virus roll: 8
Roll to hit: 15
Damage: 1+8(+2)=11

Taki struggled to rise on her good arm. Attacking and dodging and fighting - in fact moving at all in her mangled state - was taking a terrible toll on her, and she stared at the ground with her good eye, struggling to catch a breath. Her other eye had swollen shut. Her breathing was ragged, not helped that her jaw hung loose, broken, her mouth unintentionally gaping. The ground beneath her was spattered by blood, much of it from her missing forearm.

Suddenly she heard a horrific shriek. Her head snapped up. Ahead of her Nemesis' broad back was turned away, blocking her view of Cassandra. Mostly. Cassandra's arms and legs flailed spasmodically into view rhythmically, accompanied by a grunt, gasp or scream, as Nemesis thrust into her again and again. 

"Cassandra!" Taki yelled. Or tried to. It came out as more of a hoarse gargle through her broken teeth and jaw. Galvanized, Taki pulled herself towards Nemesis, but she had moved so far away with her last dodge... Grunting with exertion, she moved as quickly as she could, just as Nemesis groaned and a fountain of cum spurted into the air in front of him. Taki could see Cassandra's legs twitching spasmodically on either side of Nemesis' bulk. 

With a scream of rage, Taki stabbed the sword, just as Nemesis spun around, his cock erect and engorged, embedded with spikes and covered in shredded skin and guts and bits of intestines and blood. A uterus dangled, hooked on one of the spikes. 

Taki embedded Cassandra's sword in the middle of Nemesis' chest in a spray of ichor.


Nemesis HP: 68-11=57

Attacking Cassandra: 6 (Miss)

Attacking Taki: 13 Hit

Damage: 2+1+4=7

Nemesis felt the cold steel penetrate his chest and tear through his ribs and organs, but he did not feel pain, only anger and desire in equal measure. He looked the brown haired ninja up and down, he licked his lips as his attention was drawn towards her sperm-caked and badly bruised face, her dislocated Jaw, and the many cuts and lacerations that covered her legs and ass. His eyes stopped briefly at her severed arm, remembering the satisfying taste of her flesh. Without even another thought, tentacles sprang from his chest and wrapped the woman's waist. She attempted to pull away, but was too slow. Slowly he drew her towards him, she tried to pull her head away as he drew her within inches of his blood stained cock. Fighting with all her might she screamed at him and then spat at his face, or at least attempted to, most of it simply dribbled down her broken jaw onto her chest.

He would teach her a lesson. Grabbing his cock from the base he whipped it hard into the woman's breasts. The spiked member ripped the front of her uniform apart and at the same time dug into the flesh of her chest and belly. He pulled it free as she winced in pain, and then once again slapped her with it, this time across her face, ripping the flesh of her cheek, and taking a piece of her ear with it.

Something from behind caught his attention! The other woman was somehow still alive and trying to crawl away!

Tendrils shot towards the woman, but somehow the blonde managed to scramble backwards just fast enough to avoid them...


Looks like Cassandra might be dead soon, but if she does get killed before Taki, could I ask that you keep her corpse involved for the rest of the battle? :D

Cassandra HP: 8
Virus roll: 16
Roll to hit: 14 (hit)
Damage: 3+2=5

Cassandra gasped and panted in terror, cum and blood and drool dribbling down her chin, the once-brave swordswoman now a terrified, mangled mess. She heard the wet sounds of flesh ripping behind her, but she didn't spare a glance backwards, continuing to crawl away frantically, leaving a trail of gore and jizz.

Despite her state, her instincts were still working and she rolled to the side as a group of tendrils reached towards her. On her back, she instinctively struck at the tendrils. Somehow, her shield was still strapped to her left arm, and she managed to hit a tendril with enough force to sever it. The shield's edge sank through the thick appendage, and it reared back, spewing ichor. However, other tendrils remained...

Taki HP: 32-7=25
Virus roll: 6 (just barely)
Roll to hit: 15 (hit)
Damage: 7+8(+2)=13

Taki screamed as Nemesis' tentacles wrapped around her waist and began dragging her towards him. She flailed at it with Cassandra's sword, but without any leverage and only one good arm, she was only able to slash into it, not sever it fully. She tumbled and twisted and struggled with all her strength, but it was to no avail.

Nemesis pulled her right up to the head of his spiked cock, and she screamed in rage and tried to spit at Nemesis face. Most of the spit ended up dribbling down her chin, and onto her chest due to her broken jaw.

She winced and let out a breathless gasp when Nemesis swung his spiked penis at her chest and belly, ripping away most of her outfit and leaving bloody puncture marks throughout her tits and belly as the abomination's member stabbed into her and knocked the air out of her.

He swung again, this time at her face, and his spiked cock tore into the side of her face, mangling her cheek and ripping off an ear. Taki let out an agonized shriek. Along the side of her face, bloody teeth showed, nearly a mirror of Nemesis' own wound.

Her hand went to her face as she sobbed with pain. But as she did, she saw Nemesis turn his attention towards Cassandra, behind him.

Things were looking grim, but Taki resolved to herself that she would be a kunoichi to the end.

She drove the sword into Nemesis' chest once again.


Nemesis HP: 57-18= 39

Attacking Taki:
To hit: 4 (miss)

Attacking Cassandra:
To hit: 18 (critical), 16 (crippling wound), 18 disabled
Damage: 5+6+6= 17 x 2 = 34... she's not gonna make it.

Nemesis realed backwards in pain as once again his chest was opened up by the kunoichi, teeth instantly sprang from the wound as green blood flowed down his chest, within the wound ribs and a huge red beating heart were now exposed.

He reached out towards Taki gripping her thigh in one clawed hand, but somehow she managed to pull free with nothing more than a scratch. He could feel himself growing weaker, he needed to end this battle now. For too long the women had managed to divide and distract him, stopping him from finishing one or the other. That ended now!

With animal-like fury he spun on all fours crawling with inhuman speed towards the hollow wounded body of Cassandra. She had only seconds to register what was happening as multiple tentacles burst from his chest wound to envelop her limbs and lift her from the ground.

She hung for a second in midair before him her badly cut and bruised tits wobbling in front of him a pile of guts dangled between her legs dropping blood and semen. She closed her eyes and waited for her end.

It did not come quickly.

Nemesis reached out with each hand, grabbing her tits firmly between his clawed fingers. He pulled backwards slowly, relishing the look of shock and pain on her face as her skin was horribly stretched. He squeezed tightly, his claws tearing through flesh as far began to dribble down his wrists, then with one hard yank he pulled them free of her chest, leaving two gaping red holes behind. The woman screamed and cried, and as she did he popped one tit and then the other into his both and began to chew, relishing the look on her face as he devoured her breasts.

The woman's face grew white as a sheet as more of her lifeblood flowed from her ruined torso. It was time to end this.

Nemis pulled her arms upward over his head and her legs downward towards the floor, stretching her body to its limit. The woman no longer screamed or cried and her breath was now nothing more than a shallow fast-paced whisper. His tentacles lifted her over his head horizontally and he reached up with each hand, one grabbing her by both wrists, and the other by her ankles.

His powerful muscles flexed and from across the room taki could hear the sounds of bones snapping, blood showered down over nemesis as he stretched casandra's back to its limit.

Then suddenly, with a sound like cloth being torn, Cassandra was ripped in two.
Blood and guts poured down onto him as he effortless threw the blonde's severed legs and ass across the room towards Taki who barely managed to dodge. Her upper torso he simply dropped at his feet.

It was time to finish the second.


Taki HP: 25
To hit: 20!
Crit roll: 4 (double damage)
Damage: 4+1(+2) = 7x2 = 14

Taki desperately continued her one-armed scrabble away from Nemesis after she managed to narrowly escape his grasp. By the time she turned around, expecting him to be right behind her, it was too late for Cassandra.

Taki could only watch helplessly Nemesis chased after Cassandra, crawling and slavering on all fours. A mass of tentacles spewed out from his chest and grabbed onto Cassandra's limbs. She screamed as he held her up in the air, displaying her broken, naked body, dripping with blood and semen. Cassandra's eyes closed as she prayed for a quick death.

Taki began crawling back towards the two, jolted by adrenaline, but she was so far away. She could only look on helplessly as Nemesis ripped Cassandra's tits off and ate them. She was still crawling, one-armed, when Nemesis began pulling Cassandra in two, her arms pulled to the left and her legs pulled to the right. Her mouth gaped wide and her face twisted in an expression of horror and pain, no longer having the energy to scream. Bones snapped and cracked.

Taki was still crawling desperately forward when Cassandra was wetly ripped in two.

Cassandra's face was frozen in an expression of absolute terror, eyes and mouth open wide, tongue protuding slightly. Yanked down by the tentacles, Cassandra's upper legs and ass slapped against the floor, spilling out blood and semen. Nemesis lifted Cassandra's upper torso above him and held it there, showering himself with blood and guts. He grinned at Taki through the rain of gore.

"Cassandra!" Taki screamed, as Nemesis dropped Cassandra's upper torso to the ground. Cassandra's wide eyes stared towards her lifelessly.

Still gripping one of Cassandra's legs, Nemesis' tentacle lifted it up, upside down, free leg dangling limply, then whipped it through the air at Taki. Cassandra's ass and legs tumbled bonelessly through the air, trailing a spiraling stream of blood and piss and cum. Taki narrowly ducked down just in time as it skipped right over her, hitting the ground behind her and flopping to a rolling stop.

Taki was filled with rage, but instead of blinding her, it gave her focus and energy. Her eyes narrowed, she concentrated her energy and teleported right above and behind Nemesis and his flailing mass of tentacles. With gravity and all the strength she could muster, she dug Cassandra's sword into Nemesis' back and dragged it down as she fell. Nemesis' flesh split open, ichor spraying everywhere, revealing his dull yellow spine. His roar of pain shook the building.

Taki hit the ground and rolled as best as she could, then raised herself up, blade pointed at Nemesis.

"I am Taki, kunoichi of the Fu-Ma clan. And I will kill you, if it's the last thing I do!"


Nemesis HP 39-14 = 5

To Hit: 4 (shit)

Nemesis screeched in pain and dismay as his back was split open down to the bone. his arms and tentacles flailed wildly as the Kunoichi taunted him, but in his rage he was unfocused and unable to hit her with anything. frustration, anger and for the first time fear, began to cloud his mind. he would not be beaten....


Taki HP: 25
To hit: 3 (looks like they're both floundering here)

The teleportation had taken its toll. After her bold declaration, Taki felt much of her strength leave her, the teleport having drained the energy she had gained through her rage and adrenaline. She wobbled, then sagged towards the ground, holding herself up with Cassandra's blade and on the stump of her other arm.

"Have... to... finish... this..." she snarled, as she struggled to raise herself up.


Nemesis HP: 25

To hit: 16
Damage: 3+3+2 = 8

Nemesis saw the woman slump to the floor, her ragged arm-stump still bleeding freely as she staggered and leaned on her friend's sword. Nemesis's head cleared of fury and pain for a short moment and he focused on his wounded target. The tentacles in his chest fired outwards towards the woman at incredible speed, and as they traveled each tentacle's end split to reveal an oval mouth filled with tiny razor sharp teeth. The woman noticed them only at the second before they surrounded her, and tried pitifully to bat them away with her sword, but she was too slow. The first appendage bit down onto her collarbone and tore a large chunk of flesh free, exposing the bone. The second and third each bit into her sides, ripping away flesh and exposing her ribs. The last hit her full in the face, latching onto her broken jawbone just to the left of her chin. She felt the teeth grinding flesh and bone, but this one didn't pull free, it just continued to chew...

Takin screamed in pain...


Taki HP: 25-8=13
To hit: 12
Damage: 4+6(+2)=12

Taki did her best to react to the oncoming tentacles but she was too wounded, too drained, too slow. She batted at them ineffectively with her sword, and then screamed in pain as they began ripping away at her flesh, exposing her collarbone and ribs to the air. She struggled and flailed, and then the third appendage bit into her broken jawbone. It chewed, causing Taki to scream again. Eyes wide, she scrabbled at the toothed jaw clamped onto her face, and then toppled forward, arm outstretched, broken jaw agape. Blood slowly began to pool beneath her

Nemesis moved closer. Absentmindedly, he grabbed Cassandra by the hair and dragged her body along as he shuffled towards the kunoichi. He loomed over the downed ninja, the flesh on the other side of his mouth stretching up in a gruesome grin. He began to reach down...

And then Taki struck. She sprang up, tentacle still hanging off her jaw, and pierced her sword straight into Nemesis' collarbone. Ichor and blood splattered her. She spared a quick glance at down Cassandra's pale face, eyes rolled up, mouth hanging open and tongue lolling, and she screamed in rage, using her whole body to twist the blade deeper. More ichor spewed, coating her face and bare breasts.


File: 1484719632392.jpg (304.93 KB, 1181x900, Quadmechtank.jpg)

putting 12 in speed gives me about 15 rounds to survive (get hit 2 out of 5, then an average of 17 damage per hit if including crits). Maybe a Dark Eldar.

putting all 12 in armor gives me immunity to most attacks. I'd get hit every round but only 2 out of 5 would deal any damage. Roughly 1 quarter would be crits (dealing an average of 9 damage), the other 3/4 would deal 1.5 damage per attack and no more than 8 damage AT BEST! Giving me 23 rounds.

The Tortoise God
Age: Fresh off the assembly line, baby!
Weapons: Flamethrowers, cannons, rockets, guided missiles, stomping, lightning blast, EMP.
Speed: 0
Armor: 12.


Nemesis HP: 25-12= 13

To hit: 15
Damage 5+2+5 = 12

Nemesis felt the cold steel of Taki's borrowed sword sink into his chest. Greenish-yellow blood sprayed outward as one of his lungs was torn open by the brutal cut. The woman in front of him was soaked from head to toe in a mixture of blood and drying semen, her one good arm flexed powerfully as she dug the sword even deeper into the wound. Nemesis screeched and instinctively his tentacles sucked back into his body.

Taki's eyes bulged in surprise as the tendril still attached to her face jerked backwards, its teeth still locked to her jaw-bone. With a gruesome crunch her jaw was dislocated and stretched obscenely away from her head. She frantically let go of she weapon and grasped at her face, trying to keep her chin from being torn out of her.

That's when an arm reached out and grabbed her wrist... it was Cassandra's. the woman's severed torso stared up at her with cold, dead eyes and pulled her arm downward towards her open mouth.

At almost the exact same moment Taki felt her jaw ripped free of her head in a shower of gore, and her wrist torn open by cassandra's teeth. She fell backwards to the cold concrete in a state of absolute shock, as her tongue hung disgustingly from the gaping hole in her neck...


Taki HP: 13-12=1 (wow lol)
To hit: 6 (miss)

Taki's eyes bulged as she suffered excruciating pain as her jaw was broken off. It hung limply off her face, stretched low, held together only by skin, the bone broken clean off. Instinctively she let go of her weapon and grabbed at her chin, fall backwards, her jaw swinging wildly.

Then a hand grabbed her good arm. For the briefest of moments, Taki thought that maybe Cassandra hadn't died, that there was some other explanation, that maybe she'd imagined her death with all of the strange hallucinations she'd been suffering. And then those hopes were dashed as she saw Cassandra's cold, dead eyes and slack jaw, the gaping bloody holes and glistening muscle and bone where her tits used to be, the remnants of her guts dragging behind her torso, as the former swordswoman pulled her wrist to her mouth and bit down, tearing off a chunk of Taki's wrist.

At the same moment, Taki's jaw was finally ripped free completely by the tentacle. She convulsed in shock, her torso flopping, huge breasts heaving and bouncing. Her tongue dangled from the hole in her neck and face where her jaw used to be, blood and drool leaking freely. Her hand was useless, the tendons severed and being chewed on by what was left of Cassandra, fingers twitching as random nerves were bitten. Tears of pain filled her eyes. For the first, and likely last time, Taki felt utter horror and despair. She would die here, and she would end up like her former friend and ally.

Cassandra had worked her way up to Taki's forearm, tearing away flesh in strips. But she was nearly forgotten as Taki stared in agony and terror as Nemesis loomed over her...


File: 1484794827127.jpg (60.47 KB, 540x805, 5dcd34492e686321a22950af7a….jpg)

Anyone want to fight?

Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower, one of the students of the first hunter, Gehrman, and also a descendant of Annalise, Queen of the Vilebloods.

Age: Not Specified. (Assuming around 20's to 30's).

Hair: Platinum-blonde.

Weapon: Rakuyo, a dual-bladed sword, can detach into a sabre and dagger. Can use blood and fire magic to amplify her attacks.

Speed: 12 (Hunters are trained to utilize speed instead of armor, to avoid the attacks of the physically stronger beasts.)

Armor: 0 (Her clothes are not meant to take attacks, and are mainly there for personal style and freedom of movement)


BEHOLD! The Turtle King! AHA HA HA HAAAA!!

To hit: 4
Damage: 11



...Anyone else?


File: 1484805779204.jpg (124.83 KB, 537x805, Seras.jpg)


Howsabout Seras Victoria, vampire spawn of Alucard and vanguard of the Hellsing Organization?

Age: 19... physically. And stuck there forever due to vampirism.

Hair: Blonde

Weapons: Carries a ludicrously large anti-tank rifle dubbed "Harkonnen", but was also trained in hand-to-hand combat. Becoming a vampire also gave her greatly improved strength and reaction times, fangs, and the ability to shapeshift her left arm.

Speed: 5 (Above a normal human for sure, but clumsy and inexperienced with her new potential)
Armor: 7 (While not *technically* armored has inherited regeneration from her master, meaning it takes more damage to drop her)

y/n? If so either get back to me with a first turn, or a go-ahead for me to make one.


Hell yes. I'll start writing the first turn.


Nemesis HP: 13

To hit: 14 (it's over)
Damage: 5+2+4= 11

Nemesis looked on in fascination as the undead torso of his first victim began to devour the still living Kunoichi. He forgot about his wounds, his nearly severed leg, everything as Cassandra worked her way through Taki's remaining arm, crunching through flesh and then bone and finally ripping the limb free just below the shoulder. Taki coughed and shuddered, blood spraying from the hole in her face. Nemesis grew aroused once more, his demonic cock rising to attention as his tentacles hovered around Taki's body.

He began to stroke his member with one hand as Casandra worked her way up to Taki's heaving breasts, clamping her mouth around the ninja's perfect brown nipple and then tearing it free. Nemesis used his tentacles to wrap around Taki's body and slowly pull both woman towards him. Cassandra's zombified remains clung to Taki's side and continued to tear apart her tits, one was completely gone now, a dripping mass of blood and fat, and the other was already half devoured, the sight was truly beautiful to behold.

Nemesis's stroking became more frantic, he was ready to end this. With one hand he reached out towards Taki's head, grabbing it in one hand, the woman's eyes darted about in fear and shock for a moment and he favored the image. Then with a powerful thrust he slammed his cock into the open hole in the woman's face and up into the roof of her mouth.

As the tip of his cock burst into the center of the woman's skull and into her brain he came. A more powerful blast then any of the previous, his hole body shaking in pleasure as streams of boiling jizz liquified the woman's grey-matter.
As he groaned, jizz blasted out of her eye sockets and nose, it dropped in torrents from her ears and poured out of the hole in her face. Her legs kicked out frantically for a few pitiful seconds and then she was gone.

Nemesis fell backwards, completely spent. His mission forgotten in a haze of pain and pleasure, his eyes closed, completely oblivious to the still hungry corpse of the blonde swordswoman...


Lady Maria HP: 100
Roll to Hit: 5 (Missed it!)

Lady Maria knew it was a mistake to go near the Amygdala. However, her curiosity enveloped her sense of self-preservation. Before she knew it, she was being swept up by a clawed hand, blinded by blue-white light for at least a minute, and now she in front of a house. Actually, it was more of a mansion, or manor. A wide courtyard stretched out in front of its many windows, a cobbled road leading her towards it. As she came closer, she saw someone in the distance. A woman.

A woman? Maybe she could help. However, Maria’s prime instinct was to grab onto her Rakuyo, preparing for a fight. Whatever world that Amygdala had transported her to, she was sure it would not be friendly. Her paranoia heightened as she came even closer, and she could smell the blood. The blood of beasts. The woman was a beast! Immediately she started into a dead sprint, charging across the serene cobble and grass, her Rakuyo ready to stab the woman in the heart. At the last second, however, with inhuman speed and reflexes, the woman ducked the strike, and jumped back, facing her.

It was around this time when Maria noticed that the woman wielded a massive firearm, a rifle that rivaled the Powder Kegs in size. It was also around this time when Maria noticed how… attractive the woman was. She wore a short skirt that showed off her legs and hugged her ass quite nicely. The “uniform” she wore was tight around her bust and waist, showing off her figure even more. She wondered what was underneath…

She wondered how she could have been attracted to a beast, why she was.

Despite her lust, she had a duty to fulfill. This one will die.


Seras Victoria HP: 100
Roll to Hit: 11 (also a miss)

The moon always shined so bright on nights like this. Stunning... yet still...

Seras Victoria, fledgling creature of the night, passed yet another watchman's shift staring idly up at the light-speckled sky. True, she *probably* should have been taking her sentry duty more seriously, but things had been too quiet for too long to put much into the concept of another full-scale attack. Ever since the... event... and the departure of her Master...

It was almost hypnotic, that pearl that floated up above them all. There was a lonely beauty to it... yet a bit of dread as well. Sometimes she felt as if it and all the stars were merely eyes of some incomprehensible creature, all staring downward, and a chill ran up her-

-If Seras was a mortal, she would have been slaughtered in that instant. But she had already been killed, what seemed an eternity ago, and the unnatural instincts that had been gifted that sunset had her lowering down to dodge the otherwise mortal blow before she even realized there was a threat. Then she was back and away, landing catlike in a crouch as she finally got a good look at this mystery intruder.

...Wow. Seras had seen some interesting sights in her time, but this was something else. With immaculately tailored attire straight out of some Victorian romance novel, a lithe yet clearly dangerous woman stood before her. White hair, white eyes, and skin so fair it almost glowed in the soft moonlight, there was a flawlessness bordering on uncanny here. She almost seemed artificial, as if merely a doll instead of a real woman.

"N-now I don't know what your deal is..." Seras started unsteadily, readying her rifle just in case. "But I don't want to..."

She trailed off, idly sniffing the air.

What was... OH.

This woman was certainly no doll. Even from here Seras could smell her blood as clearly as if she was drenched in it, and there was something special there. Something she had never experienced before, yet was somehow familiar. Bordering on... Intoxicating.

"I don't want to..." the novice vampiress tried to pick up where she left off; Sweat already beading on her forehead a she ran her tongue across pointed teeth. "Don't want to..."




hello seen that the poor king turtle was left behind if you want I'll take gladly ^^.

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Lady Maria HP: 100
Roll to hit: 10
Roll to damage: 9-7= 2

Maria knew that look. It was the look that beasts gave when they found their prey. A lust and hunger for blood and violence took over their bodies, and they would do anything to get it. However, Maria was no prey. Not to this beast. She also saw a look of fascination in the woman’s bright blue eyes. She wondered if this woman was having the same thoughts as she was a minute ago, when she was mesmerized by her body.

Despite the woman being a beast, she seemed oddly… sane. Was she just ignorant? Did she not know she was a monster? No matter. She would be eradicated like the rest of them.

Maria wasted no more time. With lightning speed she lunged towards the woman and viciously swung her Rakuyo, aiming behind her to account for a dodge. And she was right, as the tip of the blade cut right below the woman’s breasts, drawing blood, but not much.

Damn, it was just a scratch!

Maria then realized that in order to win, she would have to do everything she could to be faster than the woman. She broke her Rakuyo into two parts, a sabre and dagger. Maria began to walk towards her, brandishing the two blades, glinting in the moonlight like the cosmos itself.

“Only an honest death will cure you now.”


Lady Maria HP: 100
Roll to hit: 10
Roll to damage: 9-7= 2

Maria knew that look. It was the look that beasts gave when they found their prey. A lust and hunger for blood and violence took over their bodies, and they would do anything to get it. However, Maria was no prey. Not to this beast. She also saw a look of fascination in the woman’s bright blue eyes. She wondered if this woman was having the same thoughts as she was a minute ago, when she was mesmerized by her body.

Despite the woman being a beast, she seemed oddly… sane. Was she just ignorant? Did she not know she was a monster? No matter. She would be eradicated like the rest of them.

Maria wasted no more time. With lightning speed she lunged towards the woman and viciously swung her Rakuyo, aiming behind her to account for a dodge. And she was right, as the tip of the blade cut right below the woman’s breasts, drawing blood, but not much.

Damn, it was just a scratch!

Maria then realized that in order to win, she would have to do everything she could to be faster than the woman. She broke her Rakuyo into two parts, a sabre and dagger. Maria began to walk towards her, brandishing the two blades, glinting in the moonlight like the cosmos itself.

“Only an honest death will cure you now.”


Oh crap double post, sorry!


('salright, posting can be kind of wonky sometimes.)

Seras Victoria HP: 98
Roll to Hit: 5 (Not even remotely close)

"To... t-NGGGH!"

Even if she wasn't lost in the sickly sweet aroma, it would have been difficult for Seras to track let alone react to the blur of movement the stranger changed into as she came in for another cleaving blow. Once again her supernatural instincts saved her, twitching her back as the spot she was just standing at turned into a killing floor... but not quite as cleanly as it did the first go around.

Stumbling away with a yelp, she could feel a trickle of blood working it's way down her stomach. Momentarily she was convinced that she must have been disembowled right then and there, but a quick glance down let her know that the worst had not come to pass... yet, Instead there was merely a light gash right below her chest; slightly piercing the skin... as well as slashing through her shirt, letting the undersides of her breasts droop through for the world to see.

"I..." the now clearly flustered trooper sputtered, face flushing as she brought up a forearm to try to hide the embarrassing sight. "I- I- STOP IT!"

Victoria squeezed her eyes shut as she brought her rifle up to bear with her free hand; treating it as easily as one would a pistol, despite it probably being powerful enough to partially level a building. But still she was forced back another step from the recoil when she fired, the air all around her filled with the thundering boom of the report.

In any normal fight, this would be more than enough to vaporize any problem. Probably even sufficient for most *ab*normal situations as well.

After all, what are the odds of someone being trained to dodge bullets?



Awesome! Was an absolute pleasure, Grimm! Looove Taki's death.

I noticed you sort of left things on a cliffhanger-y note - did you intend for something to happen next?


Lady Maria HP: 100
Roll to hit: 8
Roll to damage: 11-7=4

As a hunter, Lady Maria trained for speed, both in the body and in the mind. Dodging a bullet was no difficult task: All one had to do was look at the hand pulling the gun, the direction of the gun, and then step out of the way. Unflinching, she felt the bullet whoosh past her head, a sharp gust of wind the only thing that hit her. She was impressed by the fact that the woman could hold such a weapon like a hunter held a pistol.

She was also impressed by the large breasts that lay underneath the woman’s shirt. She felt a tingling sensation throughout her body, an excitatory rush which invigorated all of her senses.

This… this is what the hunt is. I feel alive.

She rushed forward once again, her blades trailing blue sparks as they dragged along the ground. The first thing she knew she needed to do was disarm her. That rifle was big and bulky, and obviously needed massive strength to wield. If she could somehow impair her ability to use it…

Maria lunged at the woman, and swung both of her blades horizontally, dragging deep gashes from the woman's wrist down to the elbow. Dual sprays of blood flecked the air, and stained her blades.

Another wave of excitement coursed through her body at the sight of the blood, at the musical yelps the woman made. She was going to enjoy this.


File: 1484869124380.jpg (99.86 KB, 1191x670, SerasVamp.jpg)

Seras Victoria: 94
To Hit: 20 (Crit!)
Damage: 16 x 2 - 0 = 32 (Hot DAMN)

All of a sudden the pale woman was upon her, figuratively and *almost* literally. With effortless grace she swung to the side and tore into Seras' right arm with those elegant blades, forcing the vampire to drop her weapon to the floor with a CHUNK as her fingers started to spasm.

All things considered, Seras SHOULD have been terrified. But with this woman so close, her presence saturating every one of Victoria's unnatural senses until all she could see... hear... taste...

That was when something awoke within her. A little going-away present from Master.


For once, the ever nimble hunter would find herself too slow to react. Before she had finished recovering from her assault against her opponent's right arm, the left had shot out to meet her with beastial force; now-taloned fingers drilling deep into her stomach as Seras buried herself up to the wrist in her prey. Then the vampiress took a step forward and inward, forcing the still shocked Maria down onto her knees as Seras loomed over her.

In mere moments the clumsy girl the huntress pitted herself up against seemed to have vanished, now replaced by a monster wearing her skin. Formerly blue eyes glowed a fiery red, pulsing with spirals as they bore down into her very soul with clear hunger...and possibly lust. This was only further punctuated by a sadistic smile far to wide to ever be possible, lined with rows upon rows of jagged shark-like teeth.

"You..." what was Seras huffed out slowly, between labored, beastial pants. "You..."

That mouth filled with knives opened, and a long, snakelike tongue slithered out to slather Maria's upturned face. For a few seconds it continued, until lapping up a trickle of blood seeping out from her pale lips and retracting back with it's prize.

"You... are delicious."

Still smiling as she did so, Seras' hand in Maria's guts quivered... then shot upward, pulling back in the process to rend her from stomach to collarbone! The move was brutish, but calculated; while it *Could* have opened her up entirely the end result was not as immediately fatal, instead a deep fist-sized puncture in the stomach with four deep gashes upwards from that. The end result was that she was not disembowled but merely mauled; her front - and most of that immaculate clothing covering it - torn to ribbons.

"You are... mine." Seras finished, leaving the huntress to quiver in a kneel as she turned her attention to her blood-soaked hand. Eagerly she went to work lapping up the blood, moaning as she did so...


File: 1484880861406.jpg (168.95 KB, 1280x860, lady_of_the_astral_clockto….jpg)

Lady Maria HP: 68 (Ow)
Roll to hit: 16 (Yes!)
Roll to damage: 12x2=24-7= 17 (Critical hit, baby!)

Maria didn’t know what had gone wrong. One second she was certain she’d crippled her foe, and the next? That beast-lady was wrist-deep in her abdomen, crushing her insides. Now? She’s licking the blood and gore off her hand!

Maria was still kneeled on the ground, holding her abdomen, or what was left of it at least. Blood dripped out of the hole in her belly, staining the grass below her. The only thing she could recall was pain… and the woman licking the blood off of her lips seductively. Half-heartedly, Maria tried to stand, but could not muster the strength to do so. Every twitch, every movement vibrated ripping pain down her stomach.

“Dammit, I have to do it…” She groaned through gritted teeth. She forced herself to stand, and summoned all of the strength she could muster, channeling through blood. The blood puddle beneath her began to rise in large, crimson droplets, and swirled around, quickly turning into streams, coating her dual blades in an angry red. She once again locked her blades into one, forming the Rakuyo, now stained with her own blood.

“You relish blood, beast? Here, take it!”

Maria sprinted towards the woman, blades swirling blood. As she got closer, she ducked down, between her legs. Using the blood-slicked grass, she slid between her legs and sprung up, ramming the short blade through the woman’s crotch, lifting her off of the ground. The girl let out a shocked scream, trying to claw at the blade, but it was no use. The girl’s legs kicked, spasmed, and finally dangled weakly as the twitching stopped. Blood dripped down upon Maria like sanguine rain, each droplet filled her with more and more satisfaction. Maria ripped the sword out of the still-impaled beast-girl, letting her fall back down, clutching her brutalized groin which bled wonderfully into the grass surrounding her.

Maria examined her sword, which was now red with both her blood and the girl’s. She hesitated for a moment, and licked the blade with a timid tongue.

“And you, beast, are delicious as well.”

Maria made sure the girl was watching as she relished the blood, and she was.


Seras Victoria HP: 77
To Hit: 14 (hit!)
Roll to Damage: 18 - 0 = 18 (Christ, if only the rally mechanic was a thing *here* huh?)

Seras collapsed to the ground, the girlish squeal returning somewhat as she clutched at her ruined nethers and writhed in a puddle of herself. Gasping and groaning, she watched this bloodied but still uncannily beautiful girl taunt her, and felt a mixture of rage and... desire.

As agony wrought, terrified, and ashamed the humanity lingering from her past life was, the new darkness was wringing a perverse bit of joy out of this ordeal. This was an experience. This was a challenge. This was a PRIZE. Somewhere deep inside she had begun to realize why Master seemed to have a soft spot for that stupid priest... and, as it dawned, knew more and more that she would have preferred not to.

But that was for later though. For now... flesh called.

Seras glared up at her opponent from her visceral sprawl, tongue hanging out as she panted heavily... and flashed Lady Maria a cheery smile back. The idea was to confuse her just a liiitle bit, enough so that she didn't... notice...

With a jerk the huntress was yanked down onto her back, one ankle lassoed by a shadowy tendril hidden in the growing pools of blood between them. And with a second yank she was pulled over to Victoria, splashing up crimson the whole way.

With a low chuckle almost resembling the purr of a tiger Seras crawled forward, mounting her opponent and straddling her hip-to-hip. The Lady would probably get quite a view from here, with those impressive breasts dangling over her... up until Seras' left arm reformed into a hand, palmed Maria's forehead, and drove her back into the ground hard enough to daze the girl with a concussion.

As she lay there half-consious the vampiress lowered herself down, pressing their bodies firmly together with almost crushing force. That lengthy tongue slithered out yet again to play across Maria's chest lightly, teasing the flesh it could reach, before Seras turned her attention back upwards and whispered

"Now give it back."

Before seizing Maria's head with both hands and taking the huntress in a full kiss.

...Well, 'Kiss' may be a misleading term here.

For one, with Seras' toothy maw it probably felt more like a bear trap to the face than an actual person. Thick viscera began to steadly stream out between their joined mouths, the inside and areas surrounding her lips no doubt becoming more and more minced with every passing second. There was more than enough tongue to make up for any that Maria lost, though, as Seras' serpentine appendage forced it's way down her throat until all air was cut off and the girl's neck visibly bulged.

And still throughout it all Seras continued to grind away, taking in the steady stream of gore with greedy gulps as their slick bodies slipped against one another...


Lady Maria HP: 50 (C’mon Maria, you got this!)
Roll to hit: 12 (Yes!)
Roll to damage: 16-7=9 (Slow and steady, my friend)

Maria was being violated beyond the savageness and… creativity of any other beast. Searing, riveting pain ripped through her mouth as the beast-girl chewed and gulped down the lower part of her face. Her tongue snaked its way to the back of Maria’s throat, stopping her from breathing. Maria reached to the side for her Rakuyo, feeling the familiar engraved grip of the dual blade. With a swift motion, Maria shoved the girl off of her, ripping the girl away from her mulched mouth and dislodging her serpent-like tongue from her throat, allowing her to breath again. Maria sliced her blade downwards, ripping through the girl’s shirt, exposing her magnificent breasts.

Maria grinned, even if it pained to do so. Despite all that this girl was doing, Maria couldn’t help but be giddy. A frenzy was building up inside her, something she had not felt before until now. She wanted blood, and she would not stop until she’d drained every last drop from this girl. The beasts she had been used to fighting in Yharnam were no challenge, contributing nothing to her own skills. They never pushed her to her limit.

This one, however, was a true beast: The ones that frightened her at night when she was a child, the ones who were the grim reapers of Yharnam before the hunters came. This one was the true challenge, the ultimate reward. And she would claim it.

She wondered if she was becoming a beast herself, but at the moment, she really didn’t care. All she wanted to do was kill.

Again she lunged towards the girl, separating her blades into two, and ran them through both of the girl’s arms. Momentum carried them both to the ground, her blades sinking into the ground beneath them, essentially pinning the girl to the earth. Her chest heaved up and down, her exposed breasts bouncing along with it. Maria straddled her close, sitting close to her chest. Maria caressed the mammaries softly, delicately, her smile widening as the girl squirmed and struggled to break free. Maria squeezed them roughly, bringing a joyous squeal from the trapped girl. Maria couldn’t help but let out a sadistic laugh, unusual for her. Well, to be fair, with both breasts squeezed tightly in her gloved grip, it was an unusual situation in whole.


Yep, great match puca! Just left it open in case you wanted to write taki's death from her perspective. Also gave you the option of a little Cassondra revenge


Seras Victoria HP: 68
To Hit: 6 (Miss)

Down and back Seras was forced, her now exposed chest jostling with the impact of landing. The vampiress hissed through her gore-stained teeth as the twin blades pinned her down like a hobbyist's butterfly, and as the huntress loomed over her to...

"GRAAAA... Ahg... Ahhhh..."

As the savagery momentarily came to a halt - to be replaced by a completely different type of craving - the darkness inside the girl started retreat once again to the depths of her soul. On one hand, this would mean that she would not be completely consumed by the monster she had become. on the other, lacking that power at *this* moment could very well be the difference between life and death.

Slowly her features softened; teeth returning to normal, hellish glow fading, aura of frenzy dissipating. Soon eyes now flecked with blue gazed up at Maria not with malice, but confused fear. And as the blonde was toyed with more and more she only grew more desperate, tears beginning to stream down a heavily flushed face.

"Wait... stop... I'm..."

Victoria stopped to let out a squeak as one breast was squeezed hard enough to outline the fingers dug in; hating herself for reacting so - for loving it - yet at the same time being unable to stop herself.

"P-please..." the fledgeling vampire managed to gasp out, writhing and arching her back underneath the woman using her as a plaything. "I'm... sorry... please..."


I believe that my message has been lost. I want to make a good fight! someone is available? I'm still thinking about who to bring on the pitch but I was thinkin Rem Of re: zero.
given that there already a fight I thought of doing away meil after we write it on guro chan
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Lady Maria HP: 50
Roll to Hit: 19 (Critical hit!)
Roll to damage: 6x2=12-7= 5

Maria was in a daze, playing with the girl’s body like it was a life-size doll. Every time she squeezed hard enough, she would hear a satisfying yelp. The animal rage the girl had earlier seemed to dissipate now, returning her to a meek, submissive state. The red in her eyes was returned to her natural blue. She started to stutter, tripping over her words.

“Are you trying to apologize?” Maria asked. The girl gave a passive nod, which was followed by a pained cry as Maria gripped the girl’s breasts and used them to lean forward, close to the girl’s face. Now that her teeth were back to normal, Maria didn’t have much worry of her bite. Maria whispered in the girl’s ear, a low and chilling sound.

“It is far too late for that now.”

Maria stood up and walked around the pinned girl.

“So many options. So many avenues of attack. How will I ever choose?”

Maria stopped at the girl’s legs, or rather, between them. From here, she could see the damage she’d done to the girl’s nethers earlier. Maria gave the girl a sly smile, cocked back, and unleashed a vicious kick to the girl’s groin. Instantly the girl’s eyes widened in surprise and pain, leaving her screaming, unable to protect herself. Her body arched and contorted in pain, fresh blood flecking her perfect body. Her arms bled from the blades that kept her pinned to the ground, her legs spasmed and kicked, to no avail.

It was a painful fight, for sure, but as the girl squirmed on the grass Maria was confident she had tamed the beast, and was preoccupied on coming up with more ways to torture the girl.


Seras Victoria HP: 63
To Hit: 19 (Crit)
Damage: 3x2-0=6 (Not much of a crit)


Seras convulsed and shuddered, unimaginable pain and humiliation washing over her in equal measures as she was punted in her already abused crotch. Breasts jiggling with every hitching sob, it took everything in her power not to pass out right then and there.

It was clear that this woman intended to kill her. Worse really: She intended to kill her... *Eventually*. If Victoria could not pull herself together soon she'd meet her end here, leaving only a mangled and violated corpse for those she swore to protect to discover.


As the Lady slowly sauntered around her, Seras started to struggle with purpose. The blades... she had to free herself from the blades...

Victoria's thrashings continued, alongside her sobs and mewls as each attempt was no less than pure agony, but still she could sense progress being made. Gradually the embedding holds into the ground started to give, until...

"Ah.. ha... HUUAGH!"

With one last heave she was 'Free'; blades pulled out of the ground, but still firmly lodged inside her forearms. The force of the final struggle also brought her up to a seated position, hunched over and panting from the exertion.


But there was still the main threat. The woman herself.

Seras had to act quick, while she still somewhat had the element of surprise. With another groan she pulled out the smaller blade from her arm and stabbed it downward, pinning one of Maria's booted feet to the ground before she could halt her taunting pacing. Then the vampiress was on the attack, lurching over to seize the girl's legs from below...


...and send a balled fist upwards, right into that leather-clad groin! Let's... see... how she likes it...


Lady Maria HP: 42
Roll to hit: 5 (swing and a miss)

Lady Maria was regretting her decision of letting her guard down. Even in her timid state, that girl was strong, and still dangerous. Maria lay on the grass, the sword pinning her boot to the ground.

All things considered, she should have been able to get out of this bind fairly easily, but the girl had let out a wicked uppercut to her crotch, immobilizing her for the moment.

Waves of pain shot up her groin, leaving her writhing on the grass. It wasn’t a serious wound compared to the others, but it was so unexpected that it caught Maria completely off guard.

The girl stood off to the side of her, panting. She still had Maria’s sword stuck in her arm. Blood dropped from the girl’s skirt, no doubt coming from her brutalized nethers. Maria tried to make a grab for the girl’s leg, but she kicked her hand away, leaving her sprawled on the ground, unable to get up due to the dagger which pinned her leg to the earth.

Maria saw the girl come closer, and knew that the next few seconds were going to hurt…


Wait, I just noticed I subtracted wrong, Maria's hp is 44, not 42


Seras Victoria HP: 63
To Hit: 14 (Hit!)
Damage: 13-0=13

Wimpering and wincing, the bloodied bodyguard slowly stumbled her way over to the laid-out intruder. Then with a motion seemingly more out of exaustion than decision she dropped down to mount the girl where she lay; both knees sinking into Maria's gut, forcing the air out of her and re-opening the wound in her stomach.

With a shaky motion Seras drew back one arm, and with a scream the fist came down to smash into Maria's already bloodied face with a KRAK! Her head was whipped to the side from the blow, an arc of blood trailing from her wounded lips.

Seras had no illusions of this being nearly enough to put under her opponent though. As soon as the first blow was done her other arm was rearing back, and with an accompaniment of almost intelligible shouts the huntress was concussed over and over as alternating punches to the face whipped her skull back and forth.


On this went, until Victoria finally realized that the huntress was no longer seizing from the blows. It had appeared that she had passed out... at the very least.

"Didn't... Have to... be this way..." Seras whispered, although as of now it was clearly just to herself. "Didn't..."

She paused, something catching her interest. It appeared that the woman was not dead; her chest still rising and falling, if rather shallowly now. But what caught the vampiress' eye was not just that, but the glimpses of pale skin bordering the claw marks that had been gouged earlier.

Seras bit her lip, and thought things over.

But not for long.

Flushed face now approaching rose levels of crimson, Seras reached down and tore open what was left of Maria's coat. NOW she could see it all clearly; a bare torso as white as the moon above and almost as entrancing, flawless besides the wounds Seras herself had inflicted not too long ago. The woman's breasts were modest but pert, perfectly complementing her almost petite physique. Despite all that had happened tonight - despite all that she had put her through - Seras couldn't help but feel a sort of... *reverence* for this woman.

"I don't know why you were so interested in what I had." Seras spoke softly, lowering herself down to nuzzle a cheek against her unearthly opponent's collarbone almost lovingly. "You have so much going for you already..."

There she went, once more becoming waylaid by the odd aura this woman had over her. But surely there would be no issue now. She wasn't going to wake up any time soon.



Lady Maria HP: 31
Roll to hit: 16
Roll to Damage: 13 x 2 = 26-7= 19

Maria’s eyelids slowly fluttered open to see the girl looming over her, seemingly entranced by something, Maria didn’t know what. Then she looked down, and saw that the girl had torn her coat open, revealing her breasts for all to see. For the first time in possibly her entire life, Maria felt… embarrassment. The girl had knocked her unconscious, and did who-knows-what to her. Like lightning, Maria’s arm shot up, grabbing the girl’s throat and bringing her close.

“A corpse… should be left well alone.”

With that said, Maria grabbed the sword still stuck in the girl’s arm and ripped it free, splattering more blood on the ground. Maria held the blade out… and dropped it.

Maria saw the look of confusion on the girl’s face, and chuckled.

“Wouldn’t want it to get in the way now, would we?”

Maria half-ran towards the girl, and threw a ferocious right, her fist slamming into the girl’s face, knocking her down to the grass. Immediately Maria pounced on the girl, both knees pinning her arms. The girl’s massive breasts bounced in front of Maria, giving her a wonderfully violent idea.

Maria took her gloves off, throwing them aside. Once again, she grabbed the girl’s soft, pillow-like breasts. However, this time, she wasn’t going to play with them. Maria’s fingers dug into the girl’s flesh, and using the girl’s arms as leverage, Maria started to pull.

The girl gave Maria a look of confusion, then pain, then horror as she realized what Maria was trying to do. A sickening frenzy enveloping her senses, Maria pulled on the things as hard as she could, and she felt a sense of jubilation when she heard the first rip!

The girl tried with all her might to stop Maria, her legs trying to get her into a chokehold, as well as trying to pry her arms free. After those unsuccessful attempts, she just started to beg, unintelligible phrases spewing out of her mouth like blood from a cut. Maria felt another tear, sending another wave of satisfaction through her body, and no doubt, another wave of immeasurable pain through the girl’s.

The girl was sobbing now, resigned to her fate. Maria almost felt bad for her.


With a final tug, Maria ripped the two breasts free from their fleshy prison, leaving the girl screaming in pain, and creating two ragged holes in the girl’s chest. Maria rubbed the breasts over her own body, relishing the fresh blood and the cries of the mutilated girl below her. At this point, she didn’t care about living or dying. She was going to get as much out of this girl as she could.


Seras Victoria HP: 44
Roll to hit: 19 (Crit!)
Damage: 13 x 2 = 26

"Stop... stop... AnythingbutohgodNOOOOOOAAAAAAA!"

The vampiress SHRIEKED, pink spittle flying from her mouth alongside the twing trails of viscera as she was forcefully debreasted. Weeping and wailing she shuddered unerneath Maria's pin, babbles quickly degenerating into pitiful whimpers as her useless trashings carried on. Slowly but surely she began to wane; convulsions weakening into shudders, shudders into twitches, and twitches into stillness as her tear-streaked and unfocused eyes slowly closed for what seemed to be the final time.

Then opened again, red and as bright as the fires of hell itself.

"No more second chances."

Seras' left arm underwent an odd transformation; darkening and seemingly dissipating until it seemed to more closely resemble the pitch black shadow of a limb instead of the limb itself. Then it passed *through* the leg pinning it - separating then rejoining on the other side of Maria's leg - freeing itself to seize the blood-addled huntress by her flawless alabaster throat.

The beast that had once again taken control of Victoria pulled Maria down so that they were almost nose to nose... huffed deeply, as if taking in a lungful of some vaporous drug... and then threw her back, umpral arm extending out until the girl was cratered against a nearby wall.

"What did I say earlier?" the beast growled, rising to a hunched-over standing as she kept the Lady pinned and strangled. "You are mine. My toy. My morsel."

Step by step 'Seras' drew closer, unearthly arm shortening with each advancement to keep the pressure on without giving the prey any chance to wriggle free.

"All you are doing is playing hard to get, making this harder on yourse-"


Victoria paused, then looked down at the anti-tank rifle she had brushed with a foot. *Her* rifle, quickly dropped during the heat of battle.

And that dagger-filled smile returned, somehow even wider than before.

"As I was saying..." she started again, scooping the her Harkonnen with her unaltered hand. "All you're doing is making this harder on yourself."

Finally she reached face to face with the pinned huntress, resting her forehead on Maria's as she stared deep into those pale eyes with the intensity of all the suns the vampire never would get to see. If not for the previous mutilation they would also have been chest to chest, but Maria would instead have to deal with her bare torso being coated red as instead mangled flesh pressed up against her.

"Keep it up."

Down below, the huntress felt something press up against her crotch with great force. Upon peering down she would realize with dawning horror that it was the barrel of that anti-tank rifle, lined up precisely as if it was instead an overeager lover trying to push right through her leather pants into the prize beneath.

"Keep it up." Seras whispered huskily, heated breath turning into a mist that enveloped Maria's face. "After you become a part of me, I'll have an *eternity* to return the favor."

Seras pulled the trigger.
The rifle fired.
And the world turned crimson.


Lady Maria HP: 5
Roll to hit: 8
Roll to damage: 15-7=8

Maria screamed in absolute, nigh infinite pain as the rifle she thought would never hit her did, and in the worst place imaginable. Crimson spattered the clean, white wall behind her, painting it with blood and gore. The girl still hung onto her with that disfigured arm, pinning her to the wall.

Maria’s nethers were completely gone; obliterated into a red mist. Her legs were barely attached to her body, hanging on to her hips by a few sinews and ligaments. The flesh at the bottom half of her body was torn open by the bullet, leaving a massive bullet wound where her crotch should have been.

Maria saw the girl’s eyes widen in lust… bloodlust. Maria was powerless, only able to move her arms and head, since her lower body was blown to bits. It was around this time when Maria knew that she was going to die. Despite the brutality she had wreaked upon this beast-girl, she was still standing, and still just as violent.

Maria, on the other hand, had no such primal instinct of violence… or so she thought. Still, she also had no way of standing, the only thing keeping her eye-level with the girl was the girl pinning her to the wall with a shadow arm.

Maria never thought she would have to do this. Even though she hadn’t talked to any scholars of Byrgenwerth, she knew the old adage, and it was her duty to pass it on with her last dying breath.

Maria pulled the girl close, to the girl’s surprise, evidently. In a low whisper, Maria repeated the old adage.

“F...Fear the O…Old Blood.”

And with the last of her strength, Maria sighed, and bit into the girl’s neck with all of her might.


File: 1485056187434.gif (710.07 KB, 500x281, Fin.gif)

Seras Victoria HP: 36
To Hit: 13 (Hit)
Damage: 20 (YOU DIED)

Seras - for all her capabilities - was still essentially a greenhorn in the supernatural. And even without that, there would be no way for even the most learned scholars of her world to have come across the madness that had rooted itself ever so deeply into the reality her opponent hailed from.

She had no clue what "Old Blood" meant.
Or "Vileblood" for that matter.
But the inherited beast within did.

The vampiress let out a little gasp as Maria bit into the side of her neck, unearthly pupils contracting as she felt... an odd sense of *completeness*. Then, like any good lover OR fighter should, she eagerly returned the favor.

Seras stepped back, pulling both herself and her prey away from the cratered wall to embrace out in the open. Down shifted the shadowy limb, slithering around to now wrap around the ailing huntress' back. Her other hand then let the rifle drop once more in order to rise up and seize Maria's ponytail, using it as a handle to wrench her head to the side to expose her milky throat.

Victoria let out a sultry growl, serpentine tongue playing over her jagged fangs, before lunging in to latch on with full force. Both women were now locked together as tightly as any kiss could be; but, instead, feeding off the gushing jugular of their partner.

For what seemed to be an eternity they were deadlocked, neither seeming to gain nor lose ground in this visceral loop. But then, with a muffled groan, the huntress began to falter. Her petite hands started to claw at Seras's shoulders, only to gradually slow and fall to her sides. With a steadiness equal to her own slowing heart she began to droop back, the vampiress following her arc greedily as she crumpled to the dirt inch by agonizing inch.

Finally Maria was flat on the ground, groaning weakly with unfocused eyes fluttering softly...

...Until Seras decided to finish the job.

With victorious roar and a single, brutal motion the vampiress pulled back; rising up to a seated mount as she tore out Maria's throat with her teeth, like a wolf upon a hapless rabbit.

There was a final shriek from the huntress; Wild and undignified in her ultimate defeat. Every remaining muscle in her body tensed; her back arching, her eyes bulging, her gore-stained breasts crashing together with every heave of her seizing chest...

And then she fell back into a boneless rest, spent. What remained of her gashed tongue hung out of her slack mouth as her head fell to the side, eyes crossing and dimming. There were a few more shudders and a parting gurgle, then finally the huntess was no more.

But still, that did not mean her torment was finished.

The creature that once was Seras stared down at the cooling and leaking body, breaths growing deeper and deeper with each passing second. The odd darkness that consumed her arm had apparently started to spread, a network of tainted black veins now crossing her body like a network of spiderwebs. As she began to shift... expand... spread... she focused on the dead huntress with far too many eyes, and dove in to envelop and CONSUME-


The Lady Maria woke upon a pitch black mountaintop, surrounded by stars.

After a start, she checked herself and found nothing out of order. Was that all... a dream then? Nothing but...

No, she soon realized. As she walked over to the edge of her 'mountaintop' and peered down, it became clear that there wasn't *actually* a down. Just more blackness... spackled by stars.

"Lost your way, little girl?"

The voice seemed to come from nowhere, yet everywhere. Spinning around in a panic she could not pinpoint the source, but at the same time came across a completely different discovery:

Those 'Stars' were not stars.

They were EYES. All staring down - or up - at her. No matter where she looked, the void looked back.

"I told you."

And... they seemed to be... closing in...

"You have been consumed."

As they drew nearer more became clear; she was in actuality surrounded by a roiling mass of oblivion. And alongside those glowing eyes uncountable teeth and claws roiled; sinking and rising from the 'flesh' at random, but all very clearly primed and ready.

"You are a part of me now."

There was no escape. Nowhere to run, nowhere to evade. Inky tendrils seized her limbs and rows upon rows of jagged blades went to work; disrobing her, grinding away at her, violating her mind and body in every conceivable way, until the shuddering mass that was left could scream no more and...

She awoke, upon a pitch black mountaintop. Surrounded by... 'Stars.'

She wasn't dreaming. She - what remained of her consciousness at least - WAS a dream. And the dreamer... well...

"And oh, do I LOVE playing with my food."


Wow. Awesome fight, man. To be honest, I was surprised you wrote so dang well.


Anyone else want to fight? I could post another character.


File: 1485110362545.png (87.49 KB, 207x498, Adult_Emily_Concept_Art_fu….png)

I'm just going to leave this here:

Emily Kaldwin
Age: 25
Hair: Black
Weapons: Sword, Void magic, pistol, crossbow, various devices.
Speed: 10
Armor: 2


I'm up to a foght, but I would like to use the new combat system rather than the old.

Here is it:

"Hit points are still 100 each however I came up with a reworked combat mechanic:

Rolling to hit: Roll on a d20, a basic roll of 10 or above hits, a basic roll of 18-20 is a "critical" hit.

Rolling for damage: damage is decided by the weapons you chose for your character, there are 3 options.
1. Heavy Offense Close Combat weapons: represents C.C. Weapons designed with only offense in mind, greatswords, claws, huge scythes, teeth, etc. ROLL 3D6 for damage, no other bonuses apply.
2. Defensive Close Combat weapon: represents close combat weapons with strong defensive traits: a sword and shield, a pair of heavy fighting gauntlets, a duelist armed with a fencing rapier, etc. ROLL 2d8 for damage and add 2 to your ARMOR value.
3. Ranged weapons: represents any type of ranged attacks, pistols, rifles, magic spells, etc. ROLL 2d6 for damage and subtract 2 from your enemies "to-hit" rolls.

Armor types: there are 3 armor/body types to choose from, each has its own advantages/disadvantages.
1. Light/No Armor: your character subtracts 2 from your enemies "to-hit" rolls, but adds +2 to their damage rolls.
2. Medium armor: your character does not add or subtract from enemy to-hit or damage rolls.
3. Heavy armor: your character adds to to enemy "to-hit" rolls, but subtracts 2 from all damage rolls.

Critical Hits table: if you roll a natural 18,19, or 20 to hit, it is considered a "critical-hit" regardless of modifiers. Roll again on D20 to see what happens:
1-5: damage is doubled--you inflict a deep cut, break a bone, a direct hit with your ranged weapon, OUCH!
6-15: crippling wound! You've destroyed part of your opponents body, deal double damage and then roll D20 again to see which part: (1-5: arms/hands; you've amputated to destroyed one of your opponents arms or hands. 6-10: legs/feet; you've amputated or destroyed one of your opponents legs or feet. 11-15: lower body destruction; you've amputees or destroyed your opponent's genitals or disemboweled/gutted them. 16-20: upper body destruction; debreasting, facial damage, scalping, eye-removal etc.)
16-20: Disabled!!! Either you've knocked your opponent out cold, or injured them so badly they are temporarily incapacitated! Double damage and then get creative: you can fuck them, torture them, choose any category you want from crippling wound and destroy it! You've rolled very well, enjoy it!"


File: 1485195323141.png (1.93 MB, 1635x1900, Zelda_Rapier_(Hyrule_Warri….png)


Character: Princess Zelda
Body/Armor type: Medium (Metal breastplate, metal shoulder pads, metal wristcufs and high heeled metallic boots)
Weapon: Defensive close combat (Rapier and short burts of magic) (Using the rapier means your DAMAGE rolls will do -2 damage. e.g. To hit=10, to damage 12-2=10)


Alright, I'll change my character for the new system


File: 1485229611408.jpg (325.2 KB, 1920x1103, sergey-kolesov-emily-badas….jpg)

Emily Kaldwin
Body/Armor Type: No armor (Basically just clothes)
Weapons: Defensive Close Combat (Dueling sword) and various magic. Pistol, crossbow.

Who will go first?


You can go first wolf, if you like you can set the ambien and how our combatants found each other.




Emily Kaldwin HP: 100
Roll to hit: 9 (Missed!)

Emily was in the Void again. She’d found another portal down beneath Dunwall, in the depths of the sewers. She had grown to like her trips through the void; despite the weird physics and strange feelings she felt when she traveled through the portals. Every trip seemed to change her personality in some way or another, albeit temporarily when she returned to Dunwall, they seemed to last indefinitely when she wasn’t in her native realm.

Ahead of her, atop an onyx-colored monolith, was her goal: A portal to another world, presumably wildly different from her own. She used her trained parkour and magic skills to jump, swing, and pull her way up the surrounding structures, eventually reaching the portal, a whirling mass of concave-yet-convex shapes and amalgamations that phased between the Void, her own perception, and the world beyond.

“Well, here goes nothing,” she whispered to herself.

She walked through the portal, and instantly fell upon lush, green grass. Emily almost had to cover her eyes -- everything was so bright. She twirled around in almost a 360 degree arc, taking in her surroundings.

“It’s… beautiful.” Emily said aloud, not realizing she did.

Whatever world she landed in, it was inverse of the one she had come from. Instead of the stench of sweat, whale oil, and industrial grease, she smelt, tasted the fresh air, and it was wonderful. She turned back around, the portal to the void still whirling behind her. She had to get back to Dunwall somehow.

She heard faint footsteps, impossible for the untrained ear to discern from the ambient noise. It sounded like there was only one, coming from behind a nearby group of trees. She turned, and saw a young, thin elvish-looking woman. She wore what seemed like a mixture of gold and brass armor and decoration, topped off with a tiara which sat atop of a head of long, golden hair tied back into a braid. She seemed to carry herself with a certain dignity and class, mixed with a deadly frailness.

In other words, she was beautiful.

Emily never really had the chance to indulge herself with romantic relationships, with all of the political backstabbing, maneuvering, executions, assassinations, training, and ruling taking up most of her time. Now, however, she did.

A strange, malignant feeling crept up from the depths of her body to meet at the ends of her fingertips. A sick, reviled sadism crept into her mind; something she knew was a sickening prospect, but at the same time, it felt so good. She wanted to kill this girl, use her twitching body as a plaything, to satisfy her own twisted desires. Violence crept through her veins, like the Void itself.

Instinctively, as with her countless other targets, she drew her crossbow and fired, directly at the girl’s chest.


Princess Zelda HP: 100
Roll to hit: 8-2 = 6 (Nice way to start a fight)

Zelda always liked how her kingdom felt, the fresh air, the grass, the peaceful animals and the almost limitless plains and mountains she ruled over.

Since the Cia incident peace ruturned to Hyrule, but that didn't end her training, as her father told Impa to kept training her just in cause.

After storming out of the castle she went to walk with her rapier and made an instruction to be left alone. She wanted to relax herself just walking and admiring her kingdom.

Her ears sensed a low whistling sound and she knew it wasn't the wind brushing against the grass, so instictively she stepped sideways, just avoiding an arrow aimed at her breasts.

She started looking and hearing, but she couldn't find who or what fired the arrow at her.

She unholstered her rapier...


Emily Kaldwin HP: 100
Roll to hit: 11
Roll to damage: 12-2=10

Emily was a bit surprised to see that the girl had dodged the deadly bolt. Usually, her targets weren’t that quick. She put away her crossbow, and drew her dueling sword.

No matter. She liked to get up close anyway. She dashed towards the girl, grass and dirt kicking up behind her heels.

She raised the sword over her head, looking like she was going to strike from above, and the girl took the bait, raising her sword to parry. At the last second, Emily spun in a wide arc, using her legs to sweep the girl from her feet, the girl landing in the grass with a soft thump.

Emily stood over her, admiring every single aspect of the armored princess. Her eyes drifted towards the princess’s unfortunately armored breastplate, like a lock to a treasure trove.

“You’re a pretty one, aren’t you?” Emily said, taking in the girl’s utterly beautiful figure, sprawled out onto the grass, as if she were waiting for her. Emily raised her sword to deliver her a quick death, but hesitated, and lowered the blade.

“You’re quite lucky, girl. I just love to play with my targets.” Emily raised her boot, and brought it down on the girl’s unarmored belly, doubling her over, coughing and gagging.

Emily couldn’t do anything other than grin with pleasure, the excitement of the possibilities, like sticking needles through a rat to see how long it would last until it released its final breath.


Hello everyone! It interrupts a second, repost a character that I could not use. it is the demon-witch dark soul!

if anyone is interested I'm here ^^ in case if the two royal maidens want we could do something like with nemesis. and let the witch to fight.

if not wait patiently in case here meil as always:


Princess Zelda HP: 90
Roll to hit: 15-2 =13
Roll to damage: 3+2 = 5

Zelda didn't expect the black clothed woman to be that fast as to sweep her in just a fraction of a second, she knew she was in some sort of trouble.

While she was on the grass some of the grass blades were poking her unarmored thighs, but she ignored the feeling as she thought how she could escape or kill her foe. She was so immersed in that part of her mind when she heard a faint voice saying something about "luck", but she didn't pay atention to it.

Suddenly she was snapped back to reality when her wind was knocked out. That woman had brought down her foot over Zelda's belly.

She coughed, gasped and gagged trying to get some air and when she was able to regain control of herself she spoke.

" I have never seen you, nor I think you even are from this world" and with that she ran towards Emily, so she "stabbed" the air to make Emily evade and jump over her, just what Zelda wanted.

When Emily was above her head Zelda casted a magic spell. Suddenly a green flash appeared just above Zelda, impacting Emily in the air, only to be bruised on her right arm.
"That must have destroyed her!" tought Zelda as she saw Emily land almost unaffected...


That's me, forgot to put username


File: 1505818424058.jpg (288.84 KB, 1024x1035, 7b5c4694f5b35c98ade2d40560….jpg)

Anyone up for a go?

Mei-Ling Zhou (Mei for short)

Age: 31

Hair: Brown

Weapon: "Endothermic Blaster", repurposed climate tech that can create and shoot ice. Typically as either a short-range ray of frost to slow down and eventually encase something, or as a small pointed shard ejected at force akin to a nailgun.

Speed: 5 (Somewhat athletic in theory, but weighed down by bulky equipment and clothing)

Armor: 7 (Thick parka meant to protect against the elements would do the same for most glancing blows, and Mei often utilizes her weaponry to block or even reverse damage)


Interested but not right on guro chan contact me either by mail (, by kik (hot_Julie666) or even Discord (Julie#6176)


Anyone else interested?


I’m up for another round. You prefer a male or female opponent, and do you want straight up gore/violence, or sex/rape and violence?


File: 1516993318835.png (66.97 KB, 230x425, 230px-Sinon_Code_Register.png)

I'm up for a round

Light armor (-2 my oponent "to hit" rolls, +2 to my oponent "damage" rolls)
Ranged weapon (-2 to my oponent "to hit" rolls)
Weapon: Heavy Antimatériel Rifle Hecate II
I prefer sex/violence


Hey, I would be very much down for rping this. Please, contact me at my discord, (Major Squinto#4922) or my kik (Beowulf567). I look forward to rping this


File: 1521856493576.jpg (17.85 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

I'm ok to fight her.

Frank Tyson
Age: 23
Hair: Blond
Weapon: Middle Range Shotgun and dark magic
Armor: 2 (his dark magic armor)

Role to wound : 16 + 2 = 18
Frank HP: 100

He had been tracking her for a moment. He had been ordered by The Brotherhood to kill her. He didn't know why but knowing she was an elite shooter, he guessed she caused trouble. He had found her hideaway and broke in. He was hearing her in her bedroom. He slowly approached. He wasn't usually the sneaky time, but he could be sometimes. He loaded his gun, which made noise. But before Sinon could even react, she was shot in the belly, which exploded her guts all over the room. Blood splattered everywhere, but he was surprised to see her still alive, even though she collapsed on her bed.




Oh, wait, are you already rping with somebody else somewhere else ?



Nope, but I would love to RP with the new rulseset. Let me copypaste it for you.

Thought it might be fun to work with a more comprehensive rule set, so here it is:

Hit points are still 100 each however I came up with a reworked combat mechanic:

Rolling to hit: Roll on a d20, a basic roll of 10 or above hits, a basic roll of 18-20 is a "critical" hit.

Rolling for damage: damage is decided by the weapons you chose for your character, there are 3 options.
1. Heavy Offense Close Combat weapons: represents C.C. Weapons designed with only offense in mind, greatswords, claws, huge scythes, teeth, etc. ROLL 3D6 for damage, no other bonuses apply.
2. Defensive Close Combat weapon: represents close combat weapons with strong defensive traits: a sword and shield, a pair of heavy fighting gauntlets, a duelist armed with a fencing rapier, etc. ROLL 2d8 for damage and add 2 to your ARMOR value.
3. Ranged weapons: represents any type of ranged attacks, pistols, rifles, magic spells, etc. ROLL 2d6 for damage and subtract 2 from your enemies "to-hit" rolls.

Armor types: there are 3 armor/body types to choose from, each has its own advantages/disadvantages.
1. Light/No Armor: your character subtracts 2 from your enemies "to-hit" rolls, but adds +2 to their damage rolls.
2. Medium armor: your character does not add or subtract from enemy to-hit or damage rolls.
3. Heavy armor: your character adds to to enemy "to-hit" rolls, but subtracts 2 from all damage rolls.

Critical Hits table: if you roll a natural 18,19, or 20 to hit, it is considered a "critical-hit" regardless of modifiers. Roll again on D20 to see what happens:
1-5: damage is doubled--you inflict a deep cut, break a bone, a direct hit with your ranged weapon, OUCH!
6-15: crippling wound! You've destroyed part of your opponents body, deal double damage and then roll D20 again to see which part: (1-5: arms/hands; you've amputated to destroyed one of your opponents arms or hands. 6-10: legs/feet; you've amputated or destroyed one of your opponents legs or feet. 11-15: lower body destruction; you've amputees or destroyed your opponent's genitals or disemboweled/gutted them. 16-20: upper body destruction; debreasting, facial damage, scalping, eye-removal etc.)
16-20: Disabled!!! Either you've knocked your opponent out cold, or injured them so badly they are temporarily incapacitated! Double damage and then get creative: you can fuck them, torture them, choose any category you want from crippling wound and destroy it! You've rolled very well, enjoy it!


Holy shit, the fuck are those rules ? It's harder than Dungeon and Dragons XD But ok then, I'll play. Mind creating your character first so I have an example ?


File: 1522014930132.jpg (35.78 KB, 250x333, Card_1000590_bg.jpg)

No, I'll do it.

Name: Videl
Age: 18
Armor: No armor (-2 roll, +2 damage)
Weapon:Heavy weapons close range (Martial Arts combined with her ki, making her attacks more powerful)
Speed: 8
Armor: 4

Is it good ?


Almost, in the new ruleset the numeric stats of "armor" and "speed" are discarded, leaving only "heavy/med/light armor" and "ranged/mid/close weapons"

An example of how those rules work in my character, Sinon. You can also scroll up to watch some other fights with those rules


File: 1522033104162.jpg (13.27 KB, 450x360, U7fFsUT_d.jpg)

Heavy Armor and Offensive Weapons.


File: 1522052408392.jpg (35.78 KB, 250x333, Card_1000590_bg.jpg)

Age: 18
Armor: No armor (-2 roll, +2 damage)
Weapon: Heavy Weapon Close Range (Martial Arts enforced by her ki)

What about now ? Are we good to start ?


File: 1522079690844.png (82.87 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180326-114754.png)

"You smell almost like a Saiyan.. we fought your kind millennia ago!"

I roll 14 dmg and 17 to hit. He gets 16 an 15 from her speedy lack of armor.
Slashing through her shirt and skin, he gifts Videl a new scar.


File: 1522079714521.png (81.58 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180326-114952.png)


Woah, wait a second, which character are you ?


I'm Videl. I'm rping with Sinon (Tragedy) anyway.


Yep, we can start, I will set the setting and do the first attack.

Roll to hit: 18(-2 due your armor)= 16
Roll to damage: 4+4= 8 (The effect of ranged weapons substracs 2 from your "to hit" rolls)

It was a calm day, Sinon was almost falling asleep while watching through her scope at the barren desert she had infront of her. The hot scorching sun made her uncomfortable, but she had orders to watch that desert for any kind of suspicious activity. Her breasts were pressed against the rocky floor and it started to hurt a bit.
Suddenly she caught a glimpse of white through her scope. It was weird, since most players tended to use camo to disrupt their figure and avoid getting ambushed, other players preffered black clothes as it made them look badass. But not this one.

Sinon unloaded her explosive rounds and changed the maganize with rubber bullets, she didn't want to kill a possible new lost player. It would still pack a big punch, but certainly would not kill. "Just a warning shot" thought Sinon.
She steadied herself, relaxed her finger and fired. The sound of the explosion from her Hecate was heard and the muzzle flash blided her just a bit. She smiled as she was notified of the impact on her target.


I think i need to explain the rules to be a bit more easy.

"To hit" rolls are calculated AFTER modifiers are applied. Example: To hit 10-2=8. In this case, the hit was not successfull. To hit 12-2=10. In this case the hit was successfull

"To hit (critical)" rolls are calculated BEFORE modifiers. Example: To hit 18-2=16. In this case the hit was successfull AND the hit is a crit, since crits are calculated before.


Also, I fucked up, do you agree to restart the fight with proper rules and new rolls?


File: 1522216417356.jpg (98.28 KB, 600x600, 1367272163839.jpg)

Light armor ranged attack.

...mainly kisses that explode red heart-shaped lightning/plasma that melts walls. There's a slight chance she'll grace you with her other kisses, as some small lips burn a scar in the many bodies forming her legion of infatuated cultists. Many on their foreheads, some around their gifts for her.


You wanna restarts ? Ok then.



Roll to hit: 10(-2 due your armor)= 8 (Miss)

It was a calm day, Sinon was almost falling asleep while watching through her scope at the barren desert she had infront of her. The hot scorching sun made her uncomfortable, but she had orders to watch that desert for any kind of suspicious activity. Her breasts were pressed against the rocky floor and it started to hurt a bit.
Suddenly she caught a glimpse of white through her scope. It was weird, since most players tended to use camo to disrupt their figure and avoid getting ambushed, other players preffered black clothes as it made them look badass. But not this one.

Sinon unloaded her explosive rounds and changed the maganize with rubber bullets, she didn't want to kill a possible new lost player. It would still pack a big punch, but certainly would not kill. "Just a warning shot" thought Sinon.
She steadied herself, relaxed her finger and fired. The sound of the explosion from her Hecate was heard and the muzzle flash blided her just a bit. As this was a warning shot, Sinon aimed near her target, just to make her know "go away"


Videl's hp: 100
To hit: 19 - 2 = 17 (critical hit !)
Critical hit: 11 (crippling wound, 9 (to the lower body)

Videl was on her way for her training with Gohan. She didn't expect to feel a bullet brushes through her hair. It surprised her but soon, surprise became anger. She really didn't have the time for that. She located the shooter on a rock thanks to her ki and flew at her. Sinon didn't expect her to fly. Before she could react, Videl gave her an terrible fist right on her womanhood, breaking it. Sinon fell on her knees, holding what was left of her pussy with her hands.


((How much damage does Sinon take? Roll again for damage please. Also, your "to-hit" roll needs to be substracted by 4 due Sinon's armor and weapon, however, even with that substraction, is it a hit))


Oh right. Well, if I follow the rules, it's double damage, so I have to roll a damage hit and double it. So:

To damage: 6 + 2 + 4 = 12 x 2 = 24

Not bad.


And you're right, I have to substract 4 but since it doesn't change anything I'm not going to redo it. I'll substract 4 next turn.


File: 1522313933653.jpg (190.19 KB, 965x828, yang_xiao_long_by_drill5mm….jpg)

Defensive Close combat light armour (she can use ranged attacks as well so no need for cc +2 armour bonus)

Who is going to attack yang xiao long?


Im the yang xiao long character btw. From now on ill end with -yang so u dont get mixed up with the other anons.



Giant horny monster vs yang is preferable but i dont kind girl vs girl as well.


File: 1522339600942.jpg (53.87 KB, 800x800, horrible-mutated-monster-1….jpg)

Wanna fight Yang ?

Name: The White Thing
Age: Unknown
Armor: Medium Armor (hard skin)
Weapon: Offensive Weapons (Big strength)


Well, not really since your roll was lower body destruction, which has no damage modifiers. I will accept that just this time okay?

Sinon HP: 100-24=76
To hit: 8-2=6 (fuck me)

Sinon thought that the warning shot would make her target go away, instead, the girl started to fly, was it a hacker? Sinon now just wanted to kill her, but she was too fast and hit Sinon with a lot of force on her pussy, destroying it. Pain pain was intense, only numbed a bit by the game systems, but she was panting heavily and her vision was blurry.

She regretted firing that shot


You wrote double damage though

Videl's hp: 100
To hit: 13 - 4 = 9 (damn so close)

Videl wanted to finish it quickly, so she gripped the shooter's throat and lift her up. Sinon was being strangled. But as Videl was about to strike the finishing blow, Sinon suddenly kicked her away. She was surprised this girl was still able to fight after this blow.


Sure, lets fight. You do the intro scene



File: 1522385210608.jpg (237.38 KB, 1215x717, Not Vel'koz.jpg)

In case the other anon doesn't show, I'd be up for roleplaying too!

Name: Vel
Offense: Ranged Attacks (-2 to Opponent's Hit, 2d6 damage)
Defense: Lightly Armored (-2 to Opponent's Hit, +2 damage received)

Vel HP: 100
To hit: 13-2=11
Damage: 3+4 = 7 Damage

"A child." The alien voice sounded almost disappointed as it invaded Yang's mind without any warning. Whatever this thing was it didn't look like any Grimm she knew of, but the reports that had led to her tracking it down painted it as incredibly dangerous. It usually took a horde of the monsters to overrun a village, but the survivor had spoke about how an eldritch violet glow had lit up the night sky moments before this thing descended and left nothing but destruction and pain in its wake. Many villagers had been turned to ash by the strange beams it fired from its tendrils, but after seeing what it did to those it caught? Well, the quick deaths were lucky... Prying more out of the traumatized villager had been impossible, but even with the unknowns, how could a Huntress-in-training just ignore this!

Tracking the monster down had been easy enough. It left a clear trail from the destroyed village by the way of razed grass, toppled trees, and just a lingering feeling to the air that made Yang a bit uneasy. Maybe it was her Huntress' instinct acting up, warning her of danger, but she had never been the type to just back down from something like that. Whatever the case, the monster had been found drifting at a rather sedate pace almost... aimlessly. The Grimm seemed content to ignore it which was all the stranger when she saw it attack them without hesitation on sight. Just what the hell was this thing?

In the end it didn't matter though. It was a monster that had to be put down, just like any other Grimm. She would have liked to have the rest of team RWBY around to help her out, but who knew how many other people this thing would hurt if she waited around!

Before she could commit to the attack though, the monster had all but disappeared from her sight. Something screamed for her to move, and the timely dodge saved her from having two holes bored her body as strange violet beams tore into her side rather than through her back. Sure it was a heavily forested area, but how the hell had this thing shifted gears quickly enough to get behind her? How had she even been noticed?!

Well, those questions weren't that important since she had a fight on her hands now!


Sinon HP: 76
Roll to hit: 15-2=13
Roll to damage: 4+1=5

Despite Sinon's destroyed pussy, she could still fight, she had never lost against anyone and certainly this weird hacker would not be her first one.

With a quick twist, Sinon sent her right foot towards the girl, hitting her in the stomach. She could have used her Hecate, but at that range the probability of missing was high and due to her being on the ground, the recoil could have crushed her, so she used her slender and light body to counterattack. It was something at least


File: 1522388582781.png (691.16 KB, 1110x970, Immortal.png)

Hrm, no idea if you'd prefer another female or a monster instead, but might as well give this a try.

Heavy Offense (3d6, no bonuses)
Medium Armor (No bonuses or penalties)

Freed's HP: 100
To Hit: 16-4=12
Damage: 6+4+4-2= 12

"Tch." Spitting off to the side as his hand tightened around the skull in its grasp, heedless of the man's attempts to break free, Freed felt bone slowly give way beneath his fingers. Pieces of bone pricked at his palm as blood and grey matter oozed from the crushed head of yet another of her faithful, and he discarded the twitched corpse without so much as a second glance. It was merely another ruined corpse that added to the massacre that filled the room, standing out no more than the dozens of other dead and mutilated cultists that had tried to defend their master.

For all the Order called those like her a monster, it seemed they were not above having some within their own ranks. Towering over six and a half feet, Freed looked utterly at home amidst the strewn about viscera and gore. He had torn through their ranks, rending flesh with claws and butchering apart body with scythe without so much as a blink. The odd cultist that had managed to stand up to the man's brutality had even earned a vicious smile from the Executioner, but it faded quickly once there was only riff raft left to clean up.

For a moment he seemed content to bathe in the aftermath of an acceptable warm up, but Freed turned violent with startling quickness as he grasped hold of his scythe and brought it above him for a vicious downward slash. With a barely audible snap and click, the blade extended itself parallel to the shaft and increased its reach just enough to carve a long wound from shoulder to hip on his target. Not deep, but blood seeped from the cut nonetheless and an almost feral grin split Freed's face as her bisected projectile ruined the floor around him harmlessly.

"Your stench gives you away, foul demon!"


K Yang, I'll do the intro.

White's hp: 100
To hit: 11 -2 = 9

The White Thing was wandering in his Woods, looking to hunt down foolish intruders. It was a peaceful day. A boring day. It had been so long since a good prey had been visiting its woods. He sat on a rock. Then he spotted it. A beautiful, sexy blond girl. She looked so attractive. He imagined himself eating the poor girl alive while rapind her. He licked his lips and started following her silently. Then when she stopped, he jumped at her, aiming for her shoulder to bite, taking her by surprise. At least he thought so, because when he was about to bite her, she easily dodged. White Thing fell on floor, but got up quickly, surprised.


Videl's hp:
To hit: 16 - 4 = 12
To damage: 3 + 5 + 1 + 2 (your armor) = 11

That was pathetic. Was that all she could do ? Well, at least it will be a short fight. Videl charged at Sinon and punched her right in the stomach. Sinon couldn't defend herself do to her destroyed scrotch. It was too easy for Videl.


File: 1522479285939.jpg (152.23 KB, 1036x1092, fd1.jpg)

Yang Xiao Long (vs Vel)
HP 100
Roll to hit: 16-2 = 14
Damage: 5+4 = 9 Damage

Yang felt the beam graze her side. "What the hell?" She thought. Her attractive voluptous body swayed to the side as she looked for where the beam came from. With her purple eyes, she saw a glint in the forest.


She punched at its direction, her boobs jiggling as she did so. A large flared bullet had shot through her gaunt and hit Vel directly. Vel then emerged from the trees, revealing it's form to Yang. "What the hell are you?" She thought.


File: 1522479949818.jpg (32.91 KB, 332x600, latest-2.jpg)

Leone vs White (i changed yang to leone if you dont mind because shes already fighting a tentacle monster. Dont worry, leone is a similair big boobed bimbo blonde anyway.

Leone- light armor, close combat without defensive boost.

Leone HP 100
Roll to hit: 15
Roll damage: 16

Leone was walking through the woods when she felt her goosebumps all of a sudden.
"There's something behind me, isn't there?"
She instinctively rolled to the side, her blonde hair and boobs swaying to the side, dodging the ugly white that was about to bite her shoulder. She knew the thing was hositile, so she ran up to the thing and fiercely scratchrd it in the chest.


Sorry for the late reply guys
If i am gone for too long, any reader who wants to continue is allowed to do so. But ill try my best to reply soon. Had busy activities yesterday.

- leone / yang


Someone should make a discord server just for kinky steamy death battles imo.

- yang/leone


White's hp: 85 (ouch)
To hit: 20 - 2 = 18 (Critical hit) 16 (knock out)
To damage: 6 + 4 + 5 + 2 = 17 x 2 = 34 (Holy cow)

It stumbled back, surprised by this powerful punch. She was nothing like the scums he had killed before. She was special. It made him want to snuff her even more. He charged at her quickly and, before he could react, he grabbed her by her neck and slammed her face on the ground roughly, knocking her out. He admire her beautiful curves. Her body was him harder than any prey ever did. He grabbed her clothes and tore them off, revealing her boobs and ass. He bent her over and aligned his 24 inches cock with her pussy. Then he slammed it inside, making a big bulge on her stomach and stretching her pussy way more than it should. She felt so good inside.


Ok then Leone.


((Would be another -2 since Vel also has light armor, which wouldn't matter here, and another +2 damage.))

Vel HP: 89
To Hit: 17-2=15 (So close.)
Damage: 5+6=11 Damage

'You will die for that!' It's voice hissed through Yang's mind with sharp bursts of static as smoke drifted up from the tentacle it had used to block her projectile. Strange black blood dripped from the charred edges of the wound, and the tendril shook in an effort to remain pointed at her with a chunk blasted apart. The purple glow radiating from its single eye intensified, and the grass beneath its floating body swayed furiously at the energy being released.

It blurred into motion as quickly as it had before, almost disappearing from Yang's vision with a burst of speed. The purple haze that surrounded it made it somewhat easier to track though, and the two glowing points of light as it prepared to attack telegraphed its position far too clearly. Yet all those warnings did nothing to prepare the Huntress for the force that slammed into her mind like a sledgehammer. Her world spun for a moment like she had the mother of all migraines before the pain of having two holes punched clean through her thighs jolted her out of the mental assault Vel had thrown at her.

The wounds were clean and didn't bleed, but the intense heat that radiated was almost as bad as the pain. 'I will not kill you quickly,' It promised Yang from inside her head again as it flitted from tree to tree.


Leone hp: 66

She scratched the thing and attempted to land another one. To her suprise and horror, with amazing speed, the thing had slammed her head to the ground. She let oaut a grunt of pain before falling unconcious on her front.

The thing strips her naked, leaving her bare nude body to it's satisfaction. It went up behind her and raised her sexy ass, before ramming its unbelievably large 24 unch cock in her pussy. She let out an unconsensual moan, as her conciousness is slowly beginning to stir back.


Hp: 100-7-11= 82
Roll to hit: 18-2 = 16 (critical hit o_o)
Roll to damage: 14 x 2 = 28+2 =30
Location hit: 17 (eyes)

Yang let out a small scream of pain as she felt the laser bore through her thigh. "Fuck, how did it get past through my aura?" With renewed anger, she blindly shot into the forests over and over, until suddenly, an explosion collided and hit velkroz right in the eye. Knowing her projectile had hit something, she ran to its direction to finish it off.



Vel HP: 89-30=59
To Hit: 14-2=12
Damage: 4+5=9

It didn't scream in any way that Yang could have understood. It was more like the air around her froze for a moment before it started to shake from Vel's silent roar of pain and hate as the flickering flames scorched the ruined remains of its singular eye. Strange purple fluids dripped from the cracked sphere, oozing downwards and splattering against the grass with messy splats and plops. Shards of whatever made up its eye remained attached by mere strings of flesh, swinging back and forth as it whirled about in a rage.

Even blinded, it seemed to know where Yang was coming from and a wordless roar of rage filled her head again as she charged towards it. A pair of bright glows warned her of its attack, but she barely had the time to realize that the glow was an almost violent red before they fired with a high pitched whine. For a moment it seemed like the monster might have missed as the rays slammed into the ground just a few feet in front of her. Then a red glow started to leak from the formed cracks, and Yang found herself forced back by a pair of powerful explosions.

The feeling of what was left of Vel's eye splashing against her face, still slightly hot to the touch, was the only warning Yang had before a sharp pain erupted from her gut. She could feel the wound bleed this time though the feeling of having Vel's tendrils slammed into the hole quickly blanked everything out. Lifting her into the ear, it almost felt like it'd punch through her back as the tips writhed and pushed against her innards, slick with her blood.


White's hp: 85
To hit: 14 - 2 = 12 (hit)
To damage: 2 + 5 + 1 + 2 = 10

It kept pumping his enormous dick inside of her, which made her wake up. When he was sure she could fully feel it, he started bitting on her shoulder, eating it. Damn her flesh tasted good.

(Btw, he's eating her but he's not doing a crippling wound)



Sinon HP: 76-11=65
To hit: 7-2=5 (ffs)

The blood loss was making Sinon dizzy, so dizzy that she didn't see Videl aiming another punch at her, this time it was weaker but it still hurt and possibly damaged her stomach. Sinon was in peril and now she knew it. She didn't want to die


Videl's hp: 95
To hit: 20 (dude I'm the luckiest shit ever) 9 (amputated leg)
To damage: 1 + 1 + 6 + 2 = 10 (that's really low for an amputated leg lol)

Videl wanted it finished. That blow in Sinon's stomach wasn't supposed to kill her, but to put her to the ground. When she was on all four, Videl grabbed one of her leg and started to pull. Sinon was screaming in pain as flesh, tendon and bones were being torn off her body.


In a big groan, Videl rip her leg out. Blood spilled all over her black pants and on the ground. It was a bloody mess (literally).


File: 1522778716651.jpg (41.65 KB, 740x1024, 47094946bc8c6574d658cac30b….jpg)

Hi guys ! Wanna do this since a while now ! Let's fight !

Name: Fate
Age: 24
Armor: Light Armor
Weapon: Defense Weapon (Spear. I mean, it's able to parry attacks and it hits from a long distance, so it's more of a defensive weapon to me)

I'd rather like a guy vs girl fight. But I can do anything else you want.


File: 1522798832461.jpg (68.16 KB, 500x406, Glakos.jpg)

Bit monstrous, but hopefully that's fine with ya. Did you want to have any smut to the fight, or just strictly violence and pain?

Name: Glakos
Age: ???
Weapon: Defensive Close (Fights with a layer of ice that shields his body and freezes those he hits.)
Armor: Heavy Armor (The ice protects him, but makes him slower and easier to strike.)

Total Bonuses: -4 to opponent's damage rolls, +2 to hit. This is probably sub-optimal, but hey let's give it a try.


Glakos HP: 100
To Hit: 16-2=14 (Hit.)
Damage: 7+5-2=10 Damage

Having been sent to investigate the abrupt end of communications with the small village of Rosepoint, the reason quickly became clear once Fate arrived. There was a chill in the air that didn't belong to a pleasant spring afternoon, and what should have been a lively farming community was instead dead silent like a mid-winter's night. And the buildings looked the part too. A layer of twisted hoarfrost draped over them and a light mist rose from the midday heat, painting a mysterious and slightly beautiful scene. If the person could ignore the implications of what had happened to the villagers and the strangeness of all this.

Getting closer would allow her to see what had happened to the villagers and it was far from a pleasant sight. Splashes of red dyed numerous buildings, frozen beneath a layer of ice. The shattered remains littered the streets, while some villagers were left fully intact. Their expressions those of horror or pleading, pale from the cold and frozen in place while whatever was responsible lingered. And there was no doubt that the monster that did this was still around. There was just this feeling in the air... that she had not gone unnoticed the moment she had stepped into this village turned frozen hell.

The cold got worse as she approached the village square, and standing there was the monster that had to be responsible for all of this! It seemed he was preoccupied with tending to the odd floating orb at the center of the square. It glowed with a soft white light and snowflakes swirled around it. Occasionally it would pulse and a wave of cold washed over Fate, chilling her to the bone and probably making her regret her choice of attire. The square was not simply empty either though. Other challengers had laid down their lives in this very place. Some were torn to pieces brutally, others remained almost statuesque as they were trapped in a prison of ice, and a few unfortunate females? Well... the condition of their equipment and state of clothing told enough of a story for Fate to figure things out.

"Another one..." He suddenly remarked without even looking towards you. Unsurprisingly there was a coldness to his deep voice, but also a powerful rumble that made it sound like a mountain had deigned to speak. Before she could consider his voice for long though, the towering brute turned on her with violence and a promised death in his eyes. He was not particularly fast as he approached, but the sudden wall of ice cutting of her avenues of movement coupled with how he brushed her spear aside with an arm left her exposed and vulnerable. Pain blossomed for a moment before a deep chill numbed her gut as he drove a fist in and tossed her through the wall of ice, shattering it before she hit the ground and rolled. "Perhaps you will be more sport..."


Dude, smut is my middle name ;)

Fate's hp: 90
To hit: 16 + 2 = hit
To damage: 7 + 4 = 11

She gasped when that monster fist threw her away. She was panting heavily as the monster was walking to her, taking his time. She slowly got up, helped by her spear, and standed up, bit of blood escaping her mouth.

She thought about it. That monster was way stronger than her, but it was slow. She had to surprise him. She charged at him, spear first. Glakos aimed a terrible punch at her, but she jumped and dodged, landing on his back. She started strangling him with the spear. She wasn't a normal lady. She was trained to defeat monsters like him. It tried to throw her away, but he couldn't reach her. Trying to grab her, he didn't see the big wall of ice in front of him, and when she saw it, she pulled her spear away and jumped off, giving a powerful kick on the back of its head, throwing him face first against the wall. "Take that !"


Like, really, smut Fate when you can.


Oh, btw. Damages are 11 - 4 so 7. And I have +2 armor with my defensive weapon. So:

Glakos hp : 93


Glakos HP: 93
To Hit: 13-2=11
Damage: 8+3-2=9

Shattering the wall as he crashed through it, Glakos stood and rolled his head slowly as he turned around to face Fate. Rubbing at the spot where she'd tried to choke him out with her weapon,he cleared his throat before clenching his hands. "You'll suffer for that," he said cooly, a calm promise that only hinted at the rage he felt.

What looked like a slow exhale from him hit Fate like a blast of cold air, sapping her strength and speed, and then he didn't waste the moment of weakness or surprise. Each step seemed to shake the ground as he closed the distance with great strides, and a hand came up to knock her spear tip out of the way as she struggled to bring it up against him. What looked like a successful dodge as she backsteped just in time to avoid a swipe turned bloody as claws of ice suddenly burst forth from his fingers and extended Glakos' reach. Sparks flew as they gouged out her breastplate and tore through her clothing beneath that. The slashes weren't deep and barely bled with the ice that crept over her skin, but the cold stung in its own way.

Not finished yet, Glakos' other hand lashed out as he continued to step forward and his hand wrapped around Fates throat before he slammed her into the ground hard enough to crack it. Like a vice, his fingers squeezed around her fragile neck and the chill made every breath painful as icy air flooded her lungs and left her shivering. "Do scream for me," he taunted as his breath formed frost over her pretty face and froze her eyelashes stuff.


Fate's hp: 81
To hit; 7 + 2 = 9 (bad time to miss)

Fate was in a bad position. She was struggling for air. She tried to kick him or to scratch his hand, but he was out of reach and barely felt her nails. Her eyes started to wet. She didn"t want to die ! Not like this ! She started to weaken, and her pretty face was starting to turn into ktistal because of his icy breath, making it even harder to breath. She tried to scream for help, but all the sound she made was barely an agonizing whisper. She was totally at Glakos's mercy.


Glakos HP: 93
To Hit: 14-2=12
Damage: 5+4-2=7

Her frantic scratches did more to hurt Fate. They barely left. More against the frost covering him, and the cold number her fingers to the point that it took a nail snapping clean off for her to realize how badly she was hurting herself. "This is where you belong, you bitch," Glakos hissed as he grabbed hold of her wrist and slammed it into the ground beside them. It was hard to tell if something had broke given the complete lack of feeling that accompanied his frozen touch. Worse though was that she was stuck fast to the icy ground, her hand pinned and frozen there. She could probably rip it free if she really tried, but it would definitely be a messy.

With her somewhat immobilized beneath him, Glakos finally allowed himself to grin as the ice around his crotch cracked and fell away to reveal his slick member. It was just as monstrous as he was, easily over a foot in length and covered in ridges and bumps. The only part of him that had any sort of heat, there was quite a bit of steam rising from it and it carried the intense smell to Fate.

With his hand still wrapped around her neck, Glakos took a seat upon her chest and her rubs creaked and groaned at the immense weight. Uncaring of how he was crushing the air from her lungs, his thick member fell right on top of her face. The contrast between the chill spreading all over her chest and the almost uncomfortable warmth draped on her neck and face was disorienting, and the heady smell made things even worse for Fate.

A harsh squeeze of his hand forced Fate to gasp and in that moment he forced the tip of his cock between her lips. The girth stretched her jaws to the limit, and made biting down all but impossible. Grabbing a handful of her brown hair, he pulled her face up and onto his cock as he thrust forward and forced himself in bit by bit.


Fucking hell. Sorry about the typos and mistakes, but phone posting is a bitch sometimes.


Fate's hp: 74
To hit: 20 !! (critical) 3 (breaking a bone)
To damage : 3 + 3 - 4 = 2 x 2 = 4 (-_-)

Disgusting ! It was disgusting ! His penis was raping her throat. She tried to bite down but his dick was just too big. She felt so humiliated. Worst part was, she was kinda enjoying it.

His gigantic boner would kill her at some point, breaking her jaw in two. It would be the worst death. Or maybe she'd die cause he'd snap her neck. Or because all of her organs would be crushed under him. No way in Hell she'd allow that beast to have his way with her. She grabbed one of the fingers grabbing her neck, and with a professional movement, she twisted it, breaking it. At least it was something. It looked like it hurt and he released his grasp, allowing her to breath.


Well.. shit lol. That damage is unfortunate.

Glakos HP: 89
To hit: 15-2=13
Damage: 1+6-2=5

His grip failed as Fate wrenched his finger into a strange angle, but that seemed to be the only reaction she managed to elicit from the brute. The hand gripping her hair didn't falter in the slightest. In fact, it tightened before wrenching her head forward as Glakos bucked his hips and with a sickening pop, she felt her jaw dislocate. The pain was blinding and made worse as he kept on fucking her mouth, cutting off her air again with his thick shaft instead and causing her pain with even the slightest twitch on his part.

And his movements weren't gentle in the slightest. Long thrusts forced her throat to bulge as his member stuffed it entirely, cutting off any chance to breathe at all. Her teeth felt like they might break each time he slammed her face into his crotch, and she could feel hairs being torn from her head as he held onto her. The heavy balls that slapped against dislocated jaw brought with it waves of pain. Forced to make a mess of herself as spit, pre, and other fluids marred her face and ran down to her chin, it didn't seem like Glakos was a quick finisher.

He took the time to enjoy her gags and struggles as she tried to cope with being violated in such a way. And with deliberate slowness he raised the finger she had broken. Ice crept over the broken digit until a gleaming claw had formed and he reached behind him to press it against her gut. And then he pushed down, sinking it into her flesh and drawing blood that froze just as quickly.

((If you're interested in a more speedy response you can add me at either FoxingHell on Kik or Gies L.#4012 on Discord. That goes for anyone reading who might want to roleplay too~))


(I'd rather rp here)

Fate's hp: 63
To hit: 11 + 2 = 13 (hit)
To damage: 8 + 1 - 4 = 5

It hurt. So much. She couldn't do anything. Her eyes wetted even more. What would this beast do to her next? She was scared. Terrified even. But she had a strong mind. By some miracle, she managed to kick him in the balls.


Glakos HP: 84 HP
To hit: 6-2=4 (Unfortunate...)

He'd only managed to finish carving the G of his name onto Fate's body before the arousal proved too much for him. He could see that terror was starting overwhelm the girl, and the sense of helplessness was something to be savored. Grunting as he slammed her head against the ground and hammered his cock in and out of her distended lips, she only had a few throbs of warning before he finally finished in her throat.

Like the rest of him, his cum was bitterly cold and seemed to freeze her insides even as they made a sticky mess of her throat and mouth. Drowning felt like a very real possibility as it overflowed and leaked from her nose and past her lips, leaving her ruined face even more of a mess than before. Standing off what he thought was a broken woman, Glakos splattered her face with plenty of cum before coming down from his climax.

And promptly receiving a kick to his exposed crotch.

Doubling over in a mix of surprise and pain, Glakos wheezed for a moment as he tried to catch his breath. Enough for Fate to slip away at the least. Still... every breath she took felt like her throat, stomach, and lungs were being shredded by super chilled air, and her cum covered face felt like it was nearly frostbitten.

"Just accept your fate," Glakos rumbled as he straightened himself out and turned to face her again. His crotch remained uncovered and a slight grin made it clear that she was going to be his toy for more if this continued.


Fate's hp: 63
To hit: 16 + 2 = 18 (hit)
To damage: 6 + 5 = 11 - 4 = 7

She was panting, on all four as she was trying to get back on her feet. She whiped off the cum of her face, trying to heat it up by putting her hands on it. She got up, her jaw still hurting her, but she wasn't done. She grabbed her spear firmly and charged. As he tried to hit him, she gave herself a boost with her spear, jumping in the air, and shoved her weapon through his chest. It would have pierced his heart if the ice didn't protect him.


Glakos HP: 77
To hit: 13-2: 11
Damage: 4+6-2: 8

Grabbing hold of the spear buried into his chest, Glakos trapped the weapon there before he brought his claws up to meet the girl hanging helplessly in the air. Tearing into her side, he grabbed her around the belly and wrenched her aside, tossing her through the air to hit and bounce off the ground a few times. Wrenching the spear from his chest and tossing it behind him with a grunt, he charged after her before she could recover and slammed a kick into her chest that threw her back even further as some of her ribs finally cracked from the blow.


Fate's hp: 55
To hit: 13 + 2 = 15 (hit)
To damage: 7 + 4 = 11 - 4 = 7

Fate somehow got up. She coughed blood, but she was determined. If she had to die, at least it would be with dignity. But she had no intentions to let this monster kill her. She had killed way worse than him. Who needs a spear? She grinned. She kicked powerfully into a wall behind her. The wall started cracking, then exploded. As it exploded, the whole icy construction fell apart. It was a perfectly calculated kick. Tons of ice fell on Glakos, crushing his bones.

"It's payback asshole"


>>3847 sorry for late reply, life got in the way

Sinon HP: 65-10=55
To hit: 9-2=7 (Something is telling me Sinon will get horribly murdered)

The sight of her leg being torn apart made her gag and retch, her heart started pounding even faster and her breathing was quick and shallow. Her breasts moved accordingly.

"You bitch!" screamed Sinon at the top of her lungs and fired her Hecate towards Videl, but her pulse was way too fast that she missed entirely. Images of her being murdered flooded her head.


Videl's hp: 95 (Yes, probably)
To hit: 20 (critical again) 19 (disabled)
To damage: 4 + 4 + 3 + 2 =13 x 2 = 26

Videl grabbed Sinon's hair and smashed her head against the ground, over and over. The poor girl couldn't do anything. Videl was merciless. She kept smashing the girl's face on the ground until she passed out. She looked at the shooter's face and wondered what to do next...


It finally came back !


File: 1523716648959.jpg (53.27 KB, 736x952, e5d0e0052569d582140bfb5185….jpg)

Now that it's back I can finally try it ! Anyone wanting to fight me is welcomed.

Name: Edena
Age: 24
Weapon: Long Range Weapon (bow and arrow)
Armor: No armor (Just clothes)

Edena: +2 damages taken, -4 enemy hit rolls


Gurochan is back, yeah!

Sinon HP: 55-26= 29
To hit: None, she is disabled

When Videl started to smash Sinon's head against the rock, her world was turning darker and darker everytime her head hit the rock, her boobs smashing against the rocky formation and absorbing most of the impact, but Videl was too powerful to make Sinon's breast give way to her head to smash the rock. Sinon screamed over and over again and soon, she was out


Videl's hp: 95
To damage: 5 + 5 + 6 = 16

Videl wanted to make Sinon suffer for attacking her. She started grabbing Sinon's head between her palms and started twisting her neck, slowly. She didn't want to kill her, at least not already. She just wanted to hurt her before finishing the poor girl. Sinon started to get back to consciousness, screaming loudly as her vertebraes were slowly snapping. Videl couldn't help but grinning. She was going to bring her head to Gohan to show her how good she was. Surely he'd be impressed. Videl kept twisting. Soon Sinon's neck would snap loudly. Or maybe she'd kill her by decapitating her ? Or why not throwing her from the cliff right on the sharp rocks that would impale her. Videl kept twisting, then finaly released Sinon, letting her fall face first on the ground. It was the end. Sinon's neck was almost broken. She could barely move her head. Videl grabbed her victim by the hair and lifted her up, making Sinon face her.


ytf is this thread so high up? the last post was in april. did someone pull a bitch move? Don't bump and delete when it's not even out of the top league. Jesus.



File: 1529399118763.jpg (58.84 KB, 736x1226, 2f25ac375618d084ecc5fa6107….jpg)

I know know you posted quite a while ago, but I'm up for a match if you're still interested.

Name: Fang
Age: 23
Armor: None (-2 enemy “to hit” roll, +2 enemy dmg roll)
Weapon: Unarmed/Chi-Enhanced Martial Arts (Heavy Offense, 3D6)


File: 1529748991701.jpg (27.88 KB, 370x512, bab5e639670ac2ae4adeede9f1….jpg)

Ok, ready to fight.

Name: Kyouka Jirou
Age: 16
Armor: Clothes
Weapon: Waves shock (Defense) and Direct Hit with her plug (Offensive)


File: 1533080909832.jpg (64.52 KB, 736x736, d6b4d7d942e4c300dacd41ce11….jpg)

Anyone up for a mixed fight using the original rules?

Name: Talon
HP: 100
Speed: 11
Armor: 1



Hey there, Grimm. Didn't know if you were still around, but would love to do a battle. I would, however, prefer to do it over E-mail, so I'll link it down bellow, and hope to hear from you. Or, anyone else, interested in writing, at least, the four or five paragraphs as Grimm did.


Sure thing.

Name: Kyouka Jirou
Age: 16
Weapons: Shock waves and ear plugs
Speed: 11
Armor: 1

I can't add a picture for some reasons though. Just search for a pic of Kyouka Jirou of My Hero Academia on Google Images and you'll find her. Now let's fight Talon :)



Awesome. Let's do this!

But first things first. You can contact me on Discord (Karambit#4676) when gurochan inevitably goes down again.

HP: 100
To Hit: 3 (miss)

Talon turned the corner into a winding alleyway, hoping to lose his pursuer. The League of Villains had told him his job wouldn't involve any combat, yet here he was currently trying to outrun a hero. His pursuer also happened to be a UA student of all things. He cursed under his breath, briefly wondering if this was just a stroke of bad luck, or if the League was using him as bait without his knowledge. He shook his head and continued sprinting aimlessly. He could worry about that later. Right now he needed to escape. He was not going to be detained tonight.

He turned another corner and pressed his back to a wall. He spread his palm out and tried to focus. He could hear the footsteps behind him approaching fast. “Come on, just work long enough for me to kill this one!” he pleaded as the skin of his palm split open in several places. He winced but was relieved when his abnormally dark blood rose from his wounds and began to form the shape he desired.

His control over his own quirk was mediocre at best. The pain and recovery time associated with activating it discouraged him from training extensively. Because of this, he had focused most of his time honing his martial arts skill. But martial arts only got you so far in a superhuman society. He would need the aid of his wretched quirk for this encounter.

Talon finished shaping his dark blood into a sickle-shaped blade the length of his forearm just as his pursuer rounded the corner. He swiped at her head, but she was quick enough to evade his hastily planned ambush. As expected of a UA student. He gritted his teeth as the familiar pins-and-needles sensation that came with using his quirk bristled through his arm. He took on a defensive fighting stance and prepared himself for battle.


Jirou's hps: 100
Roll ro hit: 7 (miss)

He was fast. Probably as fast as her. She had barely dodged that hit who was definitively going for a kill. That guy wasn't joking around. Should I have go after him on my own ? It was too late to go back now anyway. Now was time for fighting. She quickly countered attack, but he dodged it. Not fast enough. But he had trouble dodging it. Just a little faster... He wasn't that bad afterall... It should end up quickly.


Talon's HP: 100
To Hit: 19 (crit)
Damage: 12x2=24-1= 23
Severe Injury: Disembowelment

Talon narrowly evaded the hero's counter attack. A wire-like appendage shot over his head and embedded itself into the wall behind him. An odd quirk. He vaguely recalled seeing something like this during the televising of UA High's sports festival.

An agonized wail escaped his throat as he pushed his own quirk even further, lengthening the sickle in the palm of his hand. He kept his stance low and dashed at the hero, making a horizontal slash across her belly. The gruesome sound of parting flesh was like music to him. Despite the pain in his arm, he managed to force a satisfied smile as loops of pink entrails spilled from the girl's toned stomach.

“I remember you now. You're that earphone girl,” he remarked as he got a closer look at her face. She was about the same age as him. “You made it pretty far in the sports festival, but it seems you won't make it so far in your hero career anymore.”


Jirou's hps: 77
To hit: 18 (Crit)
To damage: 16 x 2 = 32 (Facial-disfigurement)


She fell to her knees, panting. Damn that hurts... At least her organs were still inside of her. That guy was stronger than she thought. She had underestimated him, like she always does. It started talking, but she barely heard him. Until he said : "You made it pretty far in the sports festival, but it seems you won't make it so far in your hero career anymore"

Her eyes widen. He was about to kill her ! She had to react. She looked at him and saw his blade about to decapitate her. But she dodged skillfully, and puntured his left eye with her plugs. He shouted in pain as he lost his left eye. She quickly went back on her feet.

"That's payback, asshole"


Talon's HP: 68
To Hit: 7 (miss)

Talon saw the girl's earphone jack shooting towards him again. He attempted to slice it off, but the thing was such a small target that it made it past his guard without much trouble. He felt a sudden dull pain in the left side of his head. His body jolted as he tried to process what had just happened. Then a warm, wet fluid poured from his eye. It was then that he realized that the girl had punctured his eye with her strange appendage.

He screamed as the dull pain grew in intensity. He focused a bloodthirsty gaze on the hero, devastated by the loss of his eye. The blood from his new wound began to writhe as he hurried to shape it. In just a few seconds, a long, dark spike shot out from his eye. He nearly pierced her forehead, but the pain prevented him from maintaining the shape for too long. She easily avoided his sloppy attack.

“Not very heroic of you...” he grunted, covering his useless eye with his free hand. “Is this what the next generation of heroes is taught? That it's okay to permanently maim someone as long as you label them a 'villain'?”

His lips suddenly twisted into a wry grin. “Well...I guess it doesn't matter. Even if you do win this battle, your career is over. Once the your teachers, the authorities, and the general population find out about the methods you used to stop me, they won't want to associate with you. You'll be labeled a brute or a murderer. So come might as well go all out...'Hero'.”

He couldn't help but chuckle sadistically as he imagined the girl's dark future. Reinvigorated with these thoughts, he shifted back into a fighting stance, bracing himself for what she would throw at him next.


Jirou's hps: 77
To hit: 1 (miss)

"Are you dumb ? Do you think people will feel pity for you ? You're a villain. People only feels hatred against villain. I could beat you half dead and still be the hero. That's how it works. And you'd be pretty dumb to think otherwise"

She then tried to hit him again but he dodged it with no problem.



Ah...I can finally access it again

Talon's HP: 68
To Hit: 5 (miss)

Talon furrowed his brow at the girl's arrogance. “My, my, how far has the modern 'hero' fallen,” he mused. “Justifying your use of excessive force by hiding behind a title.”

He crystallized the blood dripping from his eye to prevent further blood loss. He evaded another of her attacks and countered with his own, but she too dodged without issue. They were practically dancing around each other.

“I don't particularly enjoy killing. I usually let others dirty themselves with that job. But piss me off. You're someone that needs to be eliminated before your power complex gets someone innocent killed.”


Jirou's hps: 77
To hit: 20 (OOOOH)
To damage : 2 x 2 = 4 (-_-) KNOCKED OUT

"You talk too much"

As he was monologuing, he didn't see her kick coming from nowhere. He tried to block but it was too late. She kicked him right in the face. The blow was so powerful that it knocked him out.

He was there, lying on the ground. She took the opportunity to stomp on his dick. He gasped, waking up suddenly. "You're pathetic. You think you can kill me. You can't even defend yourself against a 16 years old girl. All this talk, no actions"

She stomped harder, but was clearly not looking to break his cock. Just to show dominance.


Talon's HP: 64
To Hit: 10 (miss)

As the two of them weaved around each others attacks, the girl finally managed to land a solid blow.

“Ufff...!” Talon grunted as the sole of her boot slammed into his face. He fell onto his back, his vision growing fuzzier than it already was. For a second, he slipped out of consciousness, but a painful impact on his crotch brought him back. He looked down at his crotch and saw that the girl was grinding her boot into his manhood.

He squirmed under her, unable to manifest his quirk. The blow to his face had probably caused a concussion bad enough to temporarily disable his power. To his surprise, he found himself getting hard as the blue-haired tomboy continued to trample on his cock.

He bit his lip, trying to hide his flustered expression. “Urrrfff...A low blow?” he moaned.


Jirou's hps: 77
To hit: 14
To damage: 6

Jirou felt him getting hard under her boot. "What a pervert... Getting excited by a younger girl stomping on your crotch... Pathetic"

But it was clear she enjoyed it too. She whipped him with her earphones really hard, making good damages, before putting more pressure on his crotch.


Talon's HP: 58
To Hit: 16 (crit)
Damage: 20-1=19x2=38
Severe Injury: Amputation

Talon felt himself slipping into a sort of trance as his cock swelled to its full size. It seemed the girl had noticed his aroused state and was taking advantage of that. She slapped her earphones across his face, snapping him out of his trance.

That's right, he thought. He was still in a fight. The girl had hinted that she was willing to kill in order to stop him. He couldn't allow his lewd thoughts to cloud his rational thinking. The fact that she was using her title as a hero to degrade him in this way was unforgivable.

His building rage allowed him to momentarily manifest his quirk. A dark red, sickle-shaped blade emerged from his palm. In one fluid motion, he sliced up at her, severing her leg at the knee and relieving his crotch of the pressure from her foot. He quickly sprung to his feet and kicked her in the gut, making a slight tear in her exposed intestines.

“How does that feel, hero?” he mocked, standing over her with a satisfied grin on his face. “You really got me worked up in more ways than one. Since you can't run away anymore with an injury like that, I think I'll have a little bit of fun with you before I kill you.” He started undoing his belt, wanting to extricate his member from its awkward position in his pants.


Jirou's hps: 39 (Ouch)
To hit: 8 (miss)

She gaspsed and fell on her back. "ARG ! FUCKING HELL !" The pain was horrible. She looked at it, wondering what had happened, and saw it wasn't there anymore. She tried to slip away but he stopped her with a stomp in her intestines. Then he started undoing his belt. This was bad. Real bad. "HELP ! SOMEBODY HELP ME !" She started panicking, trying to struggle but the pain was too high.

(How did she get her intestines out though ?)


(She was disemboweled on my first critical hit. It happens in like the third post of our fight.)

Talon's HP: 58
To Hit: 11 (hit)
Damage: 1-1=0

“Now that's just sad,” Talon hummed sadistically as he limped towards her broken body. “Funny how your hubris evaporates once you start losing. Stupid girl.”

He tossed the severed leg at her and it landed right next to her head. “Take a good look at what villains are capable of,” he mocked. “And it won't just be your body that I destroy; Your spirit needs to be crushed as well.” He finished undoing his pants and freed his pulsing cock. He made a quick slice down the crotch of the girl's pants to make it easier to rip her lower garment off, but he was careful not to damage her womanhood. A mutilated vagina didn't appeal to him. He knelt down and wrapped a hand around her throat to cut off her screams.

“I usually don't say this to my...'partners,' but I hope you don't enjoy this.” He ripped the girl's panties off, located her vaginal cavity, and pushed his cock inside. He shuddered with pleasure as he felt her tight walls compress his member. In and and out...He developed a steady rhythm and made sure to maintain eye contact with the girl for the most potent effect. The fear in the tomboy's eyes almost made her look cute.


Jirou's hps: 39
To hit: 8 (dang it)

She could barely breath. Her hymen had been broken for the first time. Her first was with that villain. She tried struggling, but the pain was too intense. She started making pleading eyes, hoping he would have pity. He did not.
Then fuck it. He won't have his way with her. She tried to bite his nose and almost succeeded, but he dodged at the last second.


File: 1537055292129.jpg (76.95 KB, 700x1020, Jirou.jpg)

Here's her picture btw


File: 1537055824678.jpg (177.68 KB, 833x687, 2229859 - Kyouka_Jirou My_….jpg)

And her getting rape.


File: 1537055857319.png (68 KB, 600x640, 1712379 - Kyouka_Jirou My_….png)



File: 1537056081205.jpg (183.63 KB, 850x506, sample_dc1fe03ff2a7cb600b6….jpg)



Talon's HP: 58
To Hit: 1 (this dice rolling program really favors the extremes)

Talon quickened his thrusting, lubricating the tomboy's cunt with his precum. She was still very tight, which made sense given her current situation. His hand snaked its way up to her chest. He squeezed her breast, wanting to violate her as much as possible. There wasn't much there, but he really didn't mind small breasts. A woman was still a woman after all.

He purred in ecstasy, the sexual pleasure acting as an effective painkiller for all the wounds she had previously inflicted. He casually tilted his head back when she attempted to bite at his face and continued violating her tight cunt. “Don't.” he said plainly, putting his other hand on her face and pushing her head into the ground like she was a dog. “You're already finished. There's no point in fighting back.”


Jirou's hps: 39
To hit: 6 (Come on Jirou...)

She kept trying to scratch, bite, claw,... But he had her. She was helpless. Unless a hero came to save her, she was done for.

"P-Please... I promise I'll be a g-good girl... I'll stop being violent... I promise I will... Just don't kill me.. !"


Talon's HP: 58
To Hit: 17 (crit)
Damage: 10-1=9x2=18

The girl's erratic squirming only served to stimulate Talon even more. He let out a sensual moan as he came inside her. As he slipped his cock out of her, his seed oozed from her vagina and trickled down to her asshole.

“That's what I want to hear...” he panted as he rose to his feet, his cock still dripping with cum as it began to soften. “I can't say I'm surprised that you broke down so quickly. The ones with more hubris tend to have the most fragile spirits.”

He slicked his hair back and let out a satisfied exhale before throwing a kick at the defenseless girl's sternum. The blow was powerful enough to send her flying a good distance. Her body crashed into a couple of trash bins in the alley and tipped them over, spilling their contents.

“That's where you belong.” he spat.


Jirou's hps: 21
To hit: 19 (crit !)
To damage : 20 x 2 = 40 - 1 = 39 (oh that's gonna hurt)

To Talon's surprise, Jirou slowly but surely rose to her feet... well, foot. And she has such a glare... The glare that says "I'm gonna fuck you up".

"You're going to pay for this..."

Somehow she was standing as if her missing leg was still there. "I'm going to tear you apart like the pitiful shit pervert you fucking are ! Die you pig !"

Suddenly, her earphone jack rushed at him. Talon tried to dodge but it was too late. It slapped him so hard that it threw him away against the wall with so much force that it broke it, along with several of Talon's bones, such as his ribs and his spine... and more. Even some bones Talon didn't even know he had.


Talon's HP: 19
To Hit: 6 (miss)

Talon didn't think much of it when the girl slowly pulled herself up. He was sure she would be dead in a few seconds. “So you intend to fight to your last breath. I guess I could still have some fun with—UGH!”

The air was forced from his lungs as an earphone jack whipped across his chest before he could react. The force of the blow sent him back at great speed, into a wall. He felt multiple bones within him shatter with a sickening CRACK. It was a miracle that he was still alive after a blow like that. He barely managed to pull himself out of the caved in wall. He crumpled to the ground, on his back, his face twisted in agony and incredulity. His semi-erect cock, which was still out, swayed lazily as he writhed.

“H-how?” he wheezed, spitting up blood. “How are you...urrrgh...still able to fight? Where the hell did that power...come from?” There wasn't much he could do to fight back at the moment. His attempt to manifest his quirk only ended up exacerbating his pain. He knew he would die if he pushed his power any further. He needed to run, but even his legs had taken some damage. This girl was far more powerful than he had originally anticipated.


Jirou's hps: 21
To hit: 8

Jirou crawled to him and mounted him. She started strangling him with an incredible strength. Talon struggled but the girl's grip wouldn't let go. But soon her strength started dying slowly as her missing leg started to clearly make her weaker. So he took the opportunity to punch her and to pin her back. She tried to struggle but she was way weaker now. Both were, but Talon was a man, so his strength, even in that state, was more than Jirou's.


Talon's HP: 19
To Hit: 12 (hit)
Damage: 2-1=1

Talon felt the girl's hands wrap around his throat. He could barely breath since his shattered ribs had punctured both his lungs in multiple places. Still, he refused to die. After about a minute of wrestling, he was able to pin her. The foul stench of blood wafted through the air as their brutalized, half-naked bodies pressed against each other.

“Looks're at you limit...hero...” Talon panted. He grabbed her spilled intestines and, mustering what little strength he had left, began to pull them out even further, intending to completely gut her. It wasn't the quickest way to end her life, but blood loss and broken bones had left his body far too weak to do much else.


Jirou's hps: 20
To hit: 15 (you're lucky, it was almost a crit)
To damage: 9 -1 = 8

She grabbed his hand and stopped him before he could really do anything. She threw her earphone jacks at him and stabbed him right in the face before pinning him back. She grabbed his dick and pressed. This time, it was meant to hurt him.


Talon's HP: 11
To Hit: 20 (crit)
Damage: 2x2=4-1=3

“Dammit! Again?” Talon grunted as he felt the girl's hand around his dick. Although he had emptied his load into her only moments ago, he could feel his member swelling yet again. He cursed his body's involuntary response and attempted to push her off, only to get his face impaled by her earphone jacks.

He gasped, worried that he could lose his other eye. Luckily, it seemed she had missed anything vital. He threw a quick right hook across her jaw, splitting her lip open. Still, she maintained her grip around his member. She had incredible resilience. He began to panic, afraid she intended to tear his dick off. He grabbed her wrist and attempted to pry her grip off. “Get off of me, you crazy bitch!”


Jirou's hp: 17
To hit: 13 (hit)
To damage: 3 - 1 = 2

She kept her grip strong. She couldn't feel pain anymore. She was way too angry for that. She, at the same time, pressed on his broken ribs, earning some grunts that made her grin.

"That's all you deserve you rapist fuck ! Let me show you who's the boss here !" She started sucking on his dick, licking and nibbling, biting a bit too, but a torn off dick wasn't appealing to her, so she kept it cool but still violent.


Talon's HP: 9
To Hit: 5 (miss)

A mouthful of blood, as well as a sordid cough escaped Talon's lips as the tomboy applied pressure to his broken ribs. He gasped for breath, contorting his broken body as she had her way with him. The adrenaline and sexual euphoria were losing their effect. He was now starting to feel all the excruciating pain the hero had inflicted on his body. Even if he survived this encounter, his body would never fully recover. Since they were both exhausted and dying, he suddenly felt the urge to say something.

“ least I won't die a virgin,” he joked, looking at the tomboy as she hungrily devoured his cock. He flicked her forehead in a somewhat flirtatious manner. “Slow down, would ya? I only have so much.”


Jirou's hp: 17
To hit: 16 (critical)
To damage : 3 x 2 = 6 - 1 = 5

She just kept sucking faster, but was kinda surprised at his gently gesture. She continued anyway, loving the taste. Maybe she didn't have to kill him afterall. She could just knock him out and hand him to the authorities. But first, she wanted to make him cum. She continued to suck furiously, and soon enough he emptied himself in her mouth. She accepted it and swallowed. She crawled on top of him.

"I'll just hand you to the authorities. There's no needs to end it in blood. It might hurt though"
She plugged her jacks in his ear, sending a loud vibration that knocked him out.
"Shit, is he still alive ? Yes, looks like he is. I went a bit too far..."


File: 1537559445735.png (185.73 KB, 406x500, Jade_Chan.png)

Decided to make an entry.

Jade Chan:
Age: 12
Hair: Black
Weapons: Rabbit, Dragon, and Pig Talismans
Armor: 1

Preference for a female opponent, but a male would be just fine.


Talon's HP: 4
To Hit: 17 (crit)
Damage: 9x2=18-1=17 (death)

Talon moaned as he released another cum shot straight into the hero's mouth. It wasn't as big as his last one, but it felt just as good. His eyes fluttered gently as he prepared to accept his death.

But then she spoke, letting him know that she would be turning him in to the authorities. He intended to protest, but before he could say anything, a sound wave pulsed through his head, stopping him short. Everything went black, but he held on to a sliver of consciousness somehow. There was no way he would allow himself to be thrown in jail. He would rather kill this hero right now, or be killed by her. But he had no energy left to manifest his quirk.

He groaned, feeling around the ground for anything he could use as a weapon. His hand finally wrapped around something smooth and rounded. Probably a discarded glass bottle. He took a breath and threw a strike upward. The bottle slammed into something and shattered. When he opened his eye, he saw the tomboy clutching the side of her head, blood dripping down her face and hand.

“Sorry, hero,” he groaned as he rolled to his hands and knees. “I refuse to be captured.” He brandished the broken wine bottle in her face, its sharp edges glistening in the moonlight. “You should've made that final attack of yours fatal,” he said with a grim tone before plunging the broken glass into the side of her neck. He twisted the bottle, making sure to sever her jugular. Her eyes momentarily widened with shock and fear before going dull.

And then it was over. Talon's body collapsed right next to the fallen young hero. Her lips were parted in surprise, some of his cum dribbling out. He had done it. He had survived the encounter and rid the world of a false hero. The price he paid was substantial, but he decided that it was worth it.


Dang it. Wanna do another one ?



If you want, you can fight Jade.


File: 1537618842197.jpg (24.04 KB, 320x240, videl is ready.jpg)

Ok then.

Age: 16
Hair: Black
Weapons: Fists
Speed: 10
Armor: 2


Jade: 100
Roll to Hit: 8 (miss)

Jade escaped from her captors after six hours, and but she only managed to secure three talismans and she has spent three days on this island hoping Jackie or someone would come to her rescue while avoiding her assailants.

The ruffling of leaves startled her, and a boy who she estimated to be at least three or four years older emerged. Assuming that he was working with the group who kidnapped her and tried to steal the talismans, she held out the Dragon Talisman and backed up. The piece of rock began to glow, but, before it could fire, Jade stumbled and lost her aim. A blast of energy shot out and soared past Videl, missed him by mere centimeters, and blasted a smoldering hole in a tree.


... Excuse me but... Videl's a girl XD



My bad, lol. The story portion has been rewritten below. :P

Jade escaped from her captors after six hours, and but she only managed to secure three talismans and she has spent three days on this island hoping Jackie or someone would come to her rescue while avoiding her assailants.

The ruffling of leaves startled her, and a girl who she estimated to be at least three or four years older emerged. Assuming that she was working with the group who kidnapped her and tried to steal the talismans, she held out the Dragon Talisman and backed up. The piece of rock began to glow, but, before it could fire, Jade stumbled and lost her aim. A blast of energy shot out and soared past Videl, missed her by mere centimeters, and blasted a smoldering hole in a tree.


Videl's hp : 100
To hit: 9 (miss)

Videl had no ideas who that girl was. But she was attacking her. So she decided to fight back. She dodged and swung a punch, but Jade dodged easily. She kept trying to hit her but she wasn't fast enough. It was going to be though. She readied herself into a fighting stance, ready to fight.


Jade HP: 100
Roll to Hit: 16 (Crit)
Roll to Damage: 5x2=10-2=8

Jade ducked back and rolled to the side to avoid Videl's blows. She climbed to her feet and pulled the Rabbit Talisman out of her pocket and sped away in a blur. She intended to keep running until she was certain that the girl would not find her again, but Jade knew she couldn't just run forever; there was no way to guarantee that she would be rescued anytime soon, and eliminating or subduing potential threats would be necessary if she was going to survive.

Jade turned back in the direction she came. A trail of dust kicked up behind her as she barreled through the forest. As soon as she was within line-of-sight Jade kept, and her momentum carried her into a collision with Videl's midsection. They both flew several feet into the air, before Videl landed ass-first in the dirt, with Jade on top.


Wait, so what injury has Videl ? If it's a critical hit she has either:
-Blind/facial disfigured
-Knock out

You have to say what.



Unless I misread the rules, that only applies if I get critical on the damage roll. I only got critical on the speed roll.


Oh man, you're right ! I had no idea I had read the rules wrong. Sorry.

Videl's HP: 92
To hit: 14
To damage: 16 - 1 = 15 (Critical wound)

Videl was surprised by her speed, but quickly rolled and pinned Jade. Then she started punching her face over and over again, until her nose broke. She was fast, but pretty weak. It was over in only 8 hits and she had already broken her nose. She was used to fight way stronger enemies. Jade lost consciousness. Videl wondered what to do with her. Kill her ? There was no needs for that, besides she was just a kid. Let her here ? But who knows what kind of pervert would find this kid. She probably should cuff Jade and take her with her. She'd think about to do later. She turned her on the back to handcuff her.


Jade HP: 85
Roll to Hit: 5 (miss)

Jade came to. She groaned as she became aware of the sharp pain emanating from her nose pounded her head, and she soon realized her nose was broken. Her face was sore, and her vision was still blurry, but she could see Videl standing in front with her back turned.

To her luck the girl neglected to notice Jade's Talismans, who was surprised, yet thrilled, to see one of them laying in front of her nose; the Rabbit Talisman she used earlier. Jade couldn't move her hands, though it didn't immediately occur to her, in her daze, that she had been cuffed. She just reached out until the tip of her nose touched the stone and, once again, gained the power of enhanced speed. However, as she tried to throw her arms out in an assault the restraints caught her hands and she lost her balance, and instead launched herself past Videl and crashed into a bush.


Videl's HP: 92
To hit: 18 (CRITICAL)
To damage: 19 x 2 = 38 - 1 = 37 (Man am I lucky all of the sudden)

"Stupid girl"

She calmly walked to the bush she had fallen in and pulled her up by her hair. Jade was struggling but Videl's strength and the fact that she was cuffed just made her helpless.

"Stay. Down"

She violently slammed the kid's face against the floor, knocking her down again. She lifted her on her shoulders anf proceeded to carry her to her place.


Jade HP: 43
Roll to Hit: 13
Roll to Damage: 4-2=2

Jade laid unconscious for almost ten minutes before she came to again.

"Mmm... where...?" She started to mutter, then she remembered. She was draped over the shoulders of that girl. Jade was certain she was being carried back to her kidnappers. The Rabbit Talisman was left back in the forest, and the other two were in her pockets and just as out-of-reach with her hands cuffed. She would have to break free first.

"Let me go you creep!" She shouted as she jerked against Videl's grip.

Jade managed to wrench herself free and rolled onto the ground. One of the Talismans – the Dragon – tumbled from her pocket and, with extraordinary luck, into her right hand. She positioned it against the chain binding her hands and activated it.

A blast of fire erupted from the rock and melted through the chain in an instant. It impacted the ground behind her captor, and an explosion of now-scorched rocks pelted Videl as she was thrown forward by the blast.


Videl's HP: 90
To hit: 7 (miss)

Jade's fire barely brushed Videl's skin, leaving just a little burn. "You're too persistent. Just give up before I'm forced to kill you". She rushed at Jade, but before she could land a punch to the gut, Jade dodged skillfully.

"Just stay in place ! Do you really want me to kill you ?! Because if it ever comes to this, know that I won't have any mercy"


Jade HP: 43
Roll to Hit: 13
Roll to Damage: 4-2=2 (Seems I'm not so lucky -_-,)

"Well, I can be pretty ruthless too!" Jade yelled as she kicked Videl in the shins.


Videl's HP: 88
To hit: 18 (me on the other hand...)
To damage: 15 x 2 = 30 - 1 = 29

She was barely phased by that weak kick. "Tch. Calling that ruthless ? Don't make me laugh. Let me show what ruthless actually is"

She kicked Jade right in the guts, cutting her air off, and throwing her into a tree. She felt a few vertebraes crackingm but not breaking. Videl wasn't done though. She lifted Jade by her hair, uppercuted her, throwing her high in the air. Videl flied to Jade, and has she was at her highest point, Videl kicked Jade at full force, throwing her to the ground at incredible speed. Videl then followed Jade in her fall, grabbed her face, and smashed in against the ground as the land.

"And now, stay down. You know that you don't stand a chance"


Jade HP: 14
Roll to Hit: 13
Roll to Damage: 11-2=9

Jade lifted herself up, groaning and with tears dripping from her eyes and the taste of blood in her mouth. She tried to stand, but only managed to turn over on her back. She laid there, panting and aching with a menacing glare directed at Videl.

I-I'm going to die, Jade thought to herself. Her stomach seemed to lurch at the thought, and she had to put her hands over her mouth to keep from vomiting. A few trickles of piss sprayed from her urethra, but she was able to stop it from becoming a torrent as she gathered her will.

Without the Rabbit Talisman fleeing was not possible, injuries or no injuries. The Talisman she did have – the Dragon and Pig – only offered her the ability to attack. Jade had never killed before, but she was out of options.

Jade grabbed the Pig Talisman from her pocket. Her eyes began to glow and two beams of energy shot out and hit the back of Videl's pants. The girl screamed as the heat burned through the fabric of her pants and began to scold her right ass cheek. Before it could do any serious damage, however, Jade felt a wave of dizziness and nausea which caused her to drop the Talisman, and the beam cut off.


Videl's HP : 79
To hit: 13
To damage: 19 (death)

Videl groaned in rage. "I warned you". She grabbed Jade by her throat and lifted her, stomping on her talismans as they fell on the ground, destroying them and leaving her defenseless. "Sorry kid". She slowly applied pressure to Jade's neck, strangling her slowly. Jade was struggling, but it was useless. She was still a kid, and without her talismans, against a strong fighter, she was already dead. She probably should have listened to Videl. But now it was too late. She was loosing consciousness and her lungs were burning. So Videl decided to end her fast. She held the kid's neck with her two hands, applying more and more pressure, until eventually... "SNAP !" Videl broke Jade's vulnerable neck as if it was nothing. The poor kid's eyes froze in surprised and terror as she wondered what had just happened, until she realised her neck had been broken ij two. Videl let her fall on the ground and watched her spasm for a few seconds ; she was still alive. So he grabbed her by her head, and pulled hard. After some efforts, Videl violently beheaded Jade with her bare hands. Quickly after, Jade was no more. Videl threw the head away. She didn't want to kill that kid, but she didn't have a choice. Nevermind. It was time to go home. She threw her body into a lake nearby but kept the head. She always kept the heads of her defeated ennemies. It was her way to remember them. This kid was no different. She proceeded to go back home, leaving Jade's body to be eaten by the crocodiles.


Well that was a short fight. Wanna do another one ?


File: 1537830520923.png (161.4 KB, 375x276, Shendu_6.png)

Sure. I think I'll bring in another Jackie Chan Adventures character. A more powerful one this time.

Age: Centuries Old
Hair: None
Weapon: None (But he does possess the power of all Talismans except for the Dog and Horse.)
Speed: 7
Armor: 5

Definitely need a female opponent.


File: 1537858278535.jpg (186.59 KB, 1333x1600, af2a1d13551a4beb470b0f20a3….jpg)

Age: 14
Sex: F
Weapon: Knife
Speed: 12
Armor: 0


Who starts ?


Either way is fine with me. I'll start after breakfast if you haven't gone by then.


Chara's HP: 100
To hit: 14 (hit)
To damage: 17 - 5 = 12 (critical, starting well)

In Undertale's world, Chara had destroyed it all after countless genocide runs. She had since long took over Frisk's body, and her determination was now through the roof. She had found every bit of dialogue, fought every ennemies, gained as much XP as there was... She was tired. Tired of the world. Tired of killing every single monsters in the Underground. Always the same faces getting killed. So, instead of resetting, this time, she decided to use her Determination to find another world to destroy. New dialogues, new people to kill... And so she arrived in another world. She looked around, wondering where she had fallen. Then, without any reasons, a dragon rushed to her, about to eat her. She dodged with no problems, mounted the dragon's head, and stabbed him in the eye. He growled in pain and fell on the ground.

"It feels so great... Finally, a new world to destroy over and over and over again"


Shendu HP: 88
Roll to Hit: 19 (double damage)
Roll to Damage: 17x2=34-0=34 (CRITICAL!)

Shendu has ruled over the Earth for several centuries, and the human race cowered beneath him; and certainly none had dared to challenge his supremacy since his reign began. Then, out of nowhere, this young this young girl assaulted him and managed to take out one of his eyes.

The demon roared in both pain and fury, threw dragged the girl from his head and tossed her to the ground.

"How dare you attack me human!"

He lifted her up and ripped her clothes off, tossed them to the side and left her completely nude.

"For your act of defiance against this planet's ruler, you shall be my dinner," he said, glaring at her with his remaining good eye as he licked his chops.

Shendu grabbed the same arm she used to stab him and, without any effort, ripped it from the socket. Chara screamed and blood spurted from her new stump. Shendu tossed her now-useless arm into his mouth and, after chomping it into a bloody pulp, gulped it down his esophagus.


Chara's HP: 66 (Ouch)
To hit: 20 (CRITICAL BOOM !)
To damage: 4 x 2 = 8 - 5 = 3 (... fak)

Chara groaned in pain. But also pleasure. It had been long since she hadn't felt pain, since someone had hurt her. She held her knife tighter, and with a hard thrust, she plunged it into Shendu's hand. It didn't do any significant damage, but it was enough to make him let go of her.

"You shouldn't underestimate me dragon. I'm way more powerful than I look like~"

Using her determination, she stopped the blood, and built herself a new arm appeared like it had always been there. She then summoned thousands of knives, ready to attack.



Shendu HP: 85
Roll to Hit: 13
Roll to Damage: 18-0=18 (CRITICAL!!)

Shendu glared at the girl.

"No human is permitted to use sorcery!" He snared, and exhaled smoke from his nostrils.

A burst of flames erupted from his mouth and, in a huge explosion, launched Chara into the air amidst a storm of debris. Shendu flies in, meaning to devour her whole, but he only managed to get her right leg; his teeth sank into her upper thigh, and severed it from her hips in a loud crunch. She tumbled to the ground as he happily munched down her leg.

"Keep regenerating those limbs. I enjoy the extra meat," he suggested and made a loud slurping sound as he descended.


Chara's HP: 48
To hit: 4

Chara fell flat to the ground, still grinning. Then she started laughing maniacally.


She regenerated and standed up.

"Hurt me more ! Pain is my fuel !"

She launched at him another knife but it broke against his hard skin.


Shendu HP: 85
Roll to Hit: 15
Roll to Damage: 15-0=15

"Very well."

Suddenly Chara was grabbed and lifted into the air by an unseen force. Shendu levitated her until she was nose-to-nose with him. With a flick of his index finger she was sent flying into the side of a cliff. Shendu then accelerated to supersonic speeds and flew at her.


Chara's HP: 33
To hit: 3 (FUCK)

Chara can't react.


Shendu: 85
Roll to Hit: 20 (double) I'm getting pretty lucky!
Roll to Damage: 5x2=10-0=10. Ehhh...

Shendu slammed into the cliff above Chara. A massive fissure formed and rocks pummeled Chara as Shendu burrowed deeper into the rock. He burst through the wall moments later, and surrounded by a cloud of debris held up by telekinesis.

"You should not have challenged my reign little girl," he said as the cloud of dust was directed towards her; Chara's body was pelted by dozens of rocks.


Chara's HP: 23
To hit: 20 (FINALLY)
To damage: 11 × 2 = 22 - 5 = 17

Suddenly, with one slash of her knife, Chara breaks all of these rocks in one hit. Shendu is surprised, and Chara takes this opportunity to stab his chest, mounting him with a smirk.


How about Shendu tries breaking her by raping her next turn ?


Shendu HP: 68
Roll to Hit: 13
Roll to Damage: 16-0=16 (CRITICAL!)

Shendu roared as he tore the knife from his chest, letting it drop to the dirt.

"You will pay for that you insufferable brat!"

He grabbed Chara and pinned her against the ground and forced her legs open. With one swipe of a claw the cloth around his pelvis fell to the ground, revealing a large swollen cock.

Chara's eyes bulged as he plunged his member into her tight pussy. She tries to pull away, but Shendu easily pins her to the ground with one arm on her chest. Blood poured from her cunt as he penetrated deeper – whether because of a broken hymen or he was just too big for her, he didn't know or care.

He growled and roared, Chara screamed, as his dick penetrated deeper and deeper with each thrust into her sex. He kept pushing further until he broke through her cervix and his balls were smacking against her crotch. Chara came several times, and her already-tight pussy squeezed even tighter around his member like a noose. He approached his own orgasm several times, but held back for almost thirty minutes before he finally sprayed his demon cum into her belly; a tongue of flame erupted from his mouth and Shendu let out a mighty roar as he drained every last drop into Chara.

He stood up, panting with puffs of smoke rising from his nostrils.

"I suppose now I should eat your pussy," he said as he reached out with a claw and dug into her mound.

Chara screamed as the demon easily tore her entire crotch from her body, with long entrails spilling out of the massive cavity left behind. Shendu shoved her womanhood into his mouth and swallowed after a few quick bites.

"Now I suppose it's time to end this."


Chara's HP: 7
To hit: 9 (hit)
To damage: 20 - 5 = 15 (CRITICAL WOUND)

"You'll... pay for that..."

Somehow, she managed to stand up. She regenerated but way slower. She was clearly way weaker than before. It didn't matter. If she died she would just reset anyway.

But when she tried, she realised she couldn't. She couldn't find her save files.

"Where..." She realised than in this world, there was no such thing as safe point. If she died, she couldn't reset and will only serve as a meal for that beast.

"Shit" For the first time in years, Chara was terrified. She couldn't die ! Not her ! She was a God ! With a furious roar, she rushed at him and, with a swift swing, she cut off his arm. As Shendu roared in pain, she ran away as fast as she could, hoping she could escape and find a plan to regain her save files.


Shendu HP: 53
Roll to Hit: 14
Roll to Damage: 12-0=12 (DEATH)

Shendu screeched in pain and thrashed his head as blood sprayed from his wound.

"You will pay for this you bitch!" He screamed as he once again took flight.

He swooped down and latched onto the girl's head. Chara thrashed and screamed, then went limp, as Shendu sank his teeth into her delicate neck and severed her head. Her body collapsed, with blood spurting from the stump on her shoulders, and piss from her newly-reformed urethra. With a few motions of his jaw her thoughts, memories, and personality were destroyed as the brain containing them became a bloody pulp in the demon's stomach.

Shendu roared in triumph as he lifted the headless body. He tore pieces off and shoved them into his mouth, until her entire body was consumed.

He was victorious, but his wounds were severe and, as the story of a teenage girl inflicting those wounds spread, the might of his reign was challenged. It wasn't until he recovered the Horse Talisman a century later that he could heal his wounds and reinstate his supremacy.


Nice death scene. I've got an idea : why don't we do a 2 vs 2 fight this time ? Monsters vs girls ?


File: 1537999127457.jpg (347.32 KB, 1920x1080, téléchargement.jpg)

The crooked man:
Age: ???
Hair: ???
Weapon: His umbrella
Speed: 2
Armor: 10



The Boogeyman:
Age: ???
Hair: ???
Weapon: Claws
Speed: 4
Armor: 8


File: 1537999404729.jpg (1.07 MB, 1250x1617, Boogeymantrash_1250.jpg)

Oops, forgot the Boogeyman's picture.



I might be interested, but I need a few days to work on other things. I'll reply on Monday.




File: 1538043653162.jpg (164.2 KB, 1024x1200, 7dd60dc3903af1a10e7d01f612….jpg)

Would someone be interested in a fight with the new rules please ?

Range weapons : Guns (2d6) -2 enemy to hit rolls
Light armor : Clothes -2 ennemy to hit rolls and +2 ennemy to damage rolls


File: 1538053794718.png (436.77 KB, 975x695, tumblr_n67bq3aoS31rr28jzo1….png)

I'll take you on

Offense- Melee Wind magic, 2d8, can use it to redirect attacks for +2 armor
Defense- No armor, +2 damage taken, -2 to enemy hits


Bayonetta's HP: 100
To hit: 4 (miss)

She had been captured recently in a big clandestine fighting tournament called Super-Brawl. She had already defeated and killed many enemies of all kind. She got pretty popular after all those kills. But tonight, she wasn't the favourite of the fight. She had to fight one of the Champion. His name was Malik. He was an air masterer and when Bayonetta saw him in the arena for the first, she felt he wasn't just powerful. He was really powerful. But she wasn't afraid. She had kill much bigger.


The last fight had been Goro vs Ruby Rose. The fight had been hard for both of them, but Goro's strength had overpowered Ruby and, after Goro had destroyed her weapon, she couldn't do much but watch as Goro was tearing her head off.

Goro left the arena, keeping Ruby's head and lifting it as a victory trophee to the public as they were cheering for him. While Ruby's headless corpse was being dragged away to be exposed in the defeated opponents room. Her head was taken as well after Goro threw it away before leaving.


The crowd cheered, knowing what was coming.


The crowd cheered as they were staring at her body. She readied her guns.


The whole crowd cheered loudly, throwing roses at him and the women throwing their... panties ? Whoa, dude.

They stared at each others in the eyes, ready to fight.


Quickly, Bayonetta shot at him several times, but he deflected the bullets. She knew she had to keep her distances and to surprise him, so she could suddenly gets closer and emptying her gun on his back, where he couldn't block.

One thing was sure, this fight was going to be interesting.


Malik's HP: 100
To hit: 11-4 = 7 (Miss)

Another day another fight and this time it was a big one. Malik had been around the arena for quite a long time if his fan base was anything to go by, and like always he entered with his signature grin.

The wind seemed to pick up as he twirled around in a flourish, something that resulted in an eruption of cheers from the audience, in response to which he bowed.

He was the king of this arena. He'd won fight after fight and suddenly there was this woman thinking she had it in her to oppose him. Well no matter, he always did enjoy knocking people back down to where they belonged.

He effortlessly swatted away the shower of bullets headed towards him, a powerful gust of wind redirecting them to the wall behind him as he started advancing.

With a burst of wind he blasted off towards her, going for a kick to start things off, but turns out the witch was faster than he expected. Well then, this might go somewhere after all.


Bayonetta's HP: 100
To hit: 18 (CRITICAL) 11 (Crippling wound) 20 (To the upper body)
To damage: 1 + 1 = 2 x 2 = 4 + 2 (light armor) - 2 (deflection (i'm not sure it's really okay with the ruleq but whatever) = 4

Bayonetta took that advantage to jump over him. It surprised him and he couldn't do much to stop her from, in mid-air, shooting at him right in the eye, exploding it. Fortunately for Malik, his air deflection stopped the bullet before it could go through his brain and kill him. But if he hadn't had this air protection, he would have already died. This woman was definitively no rookie. He had to take her seriously or this match would be short.

"Something's wrong darling ? Don't worry, mamma will end this quickly~"


Malik's HP: 96
To hit: 16 - 4 = 12 (Hit)
To damage: 5 + 4 + 2 (light armor) = 11

Damn that was close, he hadn't done well in underestimating her. Quickly running the scenario over his head he found actual damage minimal even if half blinded now. All he had to do was win this fight, take this seriously and the people behind the fights would heal him as if nothing had happened.

Fortunately she spoke. She was getting cocky. Had she overestimated the damage she'd done? No matter, an opening was an opening. He swiftly got to his feet, going for an uppercut, blades of wind swirling around his arm as he swung.


Bayonetta's HP: 89
To hit: 9 (miss)

She didn't if it was because he was super-strong, because his wind magic made him stronger, or because it took by surprise, but that uppercut hurt like hell. It threw her off the ground, but in mid-air, she caught herself back and aimed for the other eye. But this time, he, barely, dodged the bullet. She landed on the ground on her two feet. Malik understood she was a pro in mid-air. Now he just had to find her weakness and not letting her the chance to fly.


Malik's HP: 96
To hit: 8 - 4 = 4 (Miss)

Seeing her up in the air a plan started developing in his head. Everything that flew was at the mercy of the air around it. In that case... He'd bring her back down. Swiping his hand down, he drew the air around her forcefully, but he was a bit too slow, allowing her to gracefully land by the time she got to the ground.

"This might just turn out to be interesting huh?"


Bayonetta's HP: 89
To hit: 15 - 2 = 13 (hit)
To damage: 4 + 2 = 6 + 2 (light armor) = 8

"I hope it will. But it feels like it'll be over soon~"

Suddenly, a portal opened from nowhere, and a gigantic demon hand grabbed Malik with humongous strength. He groaned in pain, wondering what had just happened. Bayonetta, still cocky, slowly walked to him, a wide grin on her face. She slowly raised Malik's chin with her gun.

"You're a cute one~ I fought only ugly monster and stupid girls in this arena. But you..."

Suddenly, she kisses him. Not a little kiss, a deep, passionate kiss. Her lips tasted good. He felt like he was melting.

"I might have a little bit of fun with you before ending this~"


Malik's HP: 90 (you forgot the 2 armor from defensive weapon)
To Hit: 14-4 = 10 (Hit)
To damage: 3 + 2 +2 (light armor) = 7

Seemed this woman had all sort of tricks up her sleeve, to say he was caught off guard was an understatement. and his confusion reached a new peak when she went in for the kiss, but he quickly regained his composure and returned it with just as much intensity before pulling back.

"Careful now, you'll make my fans jealous."

He released a blast of wind to force open the hand and redirect her gun before grabbing her wrist, pulling her close and using a clawed hand to leave leave his mark on her back.

"And let's not forget that I can be... Rough~"


Bayonetta's HP: 82
To hit: 10 - 2 = 8 (miss)

She bit her lip, obviously loving the pain in her back.

"My my~ You're a bad boy, aren't you ?~ It's okay~ I LOVE it rough~"

She tried to kick him in the dick, but he blocked it abd pinned her down, earning a little grin from her.


Malik's HP: 90
To Hit: 6-4 = 2 (Miss)

Of course she'd go for the low blow, good thing she understimated his speed.

"Fighting dirty are you? Very naughty. Naughty girls should be punished~"

He tried to put his hand to her throat to slam her head against the ground, only for her to dodge and reverse the pin.


Bayonetta's HP: 82
To hit: 9 - 2 = 7 (miss)

"Don't make laugh hon. You think you can dominate the Dominatrix?~ Keep dreaming~"

She tried to pin him, but he kept her wrists firmly on the ground.


Malik's HP: 90
To hit: 13 - 4 = 9 (Miss)

"Well I have a reputation to maintain y'know~?"

He tries to claw away at her stomach but only succeeds in narrowly ripping through her clothes.


Bayonetta's HP: 82
To hit: 14 - 2 = 12 (hit)
To damage: 2 + 6 = 8

"Let me show how it's done~"

Suddenly, she kicked him in the dick. He gasped, in pain. She took advantage of that and rolled over, pinning him.

"Gotacha boy~" she says as she squeezes his bulge.


Malik's HP: 82
To hit: 16 - 4 = 12 (Hit)
To damage: 2 + 6 + 2 = 10

He found himself groaning in pain as she turned the situation around, rolling over him. He grit his teeth as she started squeezing him.

"Oh you dirty bitch, punishing you will be fun."

He used his wind to free up a hand and grab her hair, pulling her head back and leaning up for another kiss. Taking the chance he broke his other hand free and swiftly undid his pants with it before it moved to her head too. He broke the kiss and pressing hard on her head he forced her mouth down on his cock.


Bayonetta's HP: 72
To hit: 12 - 2 = 10 (hit)
To damage: 2 + 4 = 6

"Oh no you don't"

The Dominatrix didn't earn her name by being dominated. She bit his dick. He screamed and pulled away in reflex. Then, somehow, she managed to pin him and block him under her butt.

"Bad boy~ Gonna punish you~"

She started sucking on his dick vigorously. Pleasure remplaced pain, and he could barely contain his moans. This bitch was a pro.

The crowd was cheering, even though they had no idea what the fuck was going on.


Malik's HP: 76
To Hit: 18 (CRITICAL!); 7 (Crippling wound); 16 (Upper body)
To damage: 6 + 5 = 11 * 2 + 2 = 24

He yelled out in pain before groaning in pleasure. The damn bitch just bit him! And now she had the audacity to blow him like she owned the place! This wouldn't do, no matter how good her mouth felt. He'd have enough time to use it after the whore was dealt with.

As she sucked him off he used his knees to push her up and away from his aching cock. Then, as he slightly readjusted he used his wind to slam her back then, this time his scaly ridged shaft going directly into her eye.

"You took mine I take yours!"


Bayonetta's HP: 48 (ouch)
To hit: 14 - 2 = 12 (hit)
To damage: 5 + 3 = 8

She screamed in pain.

"You... Grr !"

She summoned a demon hand to smash him, but he dodged. But as he was dodging, right when he came back on his feet, she appeared in front of him and kicked him right in the guts.


Malik's HP: 68
To Hit: 2 - 4 = -2 (Miss)

The kick knocked him a fair few feet back but he quickly recovered. Well then, that worked out well, she surely didn't seem to be doing so well anymore.

"Rest assured, I'll get the other one in time!"

With a loud laugh he sent forth a powerful gust of wind which was quickly dodged by the witch.


Bayonetta's HP: 48
To hit: 18 (CRITICAL) 1 (Direct hit)
To damage: 6 + 1 = 7 x 2 = 14 + 2 = 16

Bayonetta was in serious mode, also called the "You're fucked" mode. She dodged with no problems every single of his attacks. Then suddenly, Malik couldn't see her anymore. She had rushed to him so fast he hadn't noticed she got behind him. He tried to turn around to attack again, but before he could... BLAM ! Direct shot right in the torso. And at short range. It blew a hole in his torso, but fortunately for him, no vital organs had been reached, the wind preventing that. But still this was serious damages, and he hurt like a motherfucker. He fell to the ground miserably.

"Forget about playing. I'll just kill you right away. She pinned him under her boot, aiming for his head.


Malik's HP: 52
To Hit: 15 - 4 = 11
To Damage: 4 + 3 + 2 = 9

For all the pain he felt, he was silent, hearing the audience around the arena gasp and whisper in shock and surprise. He grabbed her leg and threw her off, something she effortlessly recovered from as he stood, still without saying a single word.

His former playful demeanor was all but gone as he swept his leg, sending a whip of wind against hers witch such force that it threw her off balance. With a second motion he sent a shockwave straight at her chest, sending her flying against the wall of the arena.


Bayonetta's HP: 39
To hit: 15 - 2 = 13
To damage: 6 + 2 = 8

Bayonetta grunted. She fell on her knees, panting heavily. Malik took that advantage to rush at her, determined to end this. But she managed to summon the hand of a demon just in time that threw him against the walk as well.


Malik's HP: 44
To Hit: 4 - 4 = 0 (Miss)

He hit the wall hard, coughing out some blood as he did. Pushing himself back on his feet with a grunt, he let out a blast of air against the wall behind him, propelling himself towards Bayonetta. He landed next to her but at the very least he'd managed to close the gap.


(That's a close fight)
Bayonetta's HP: 39
To hit: 3 - 2 = 1 (miss)

She shot at him but he dodged.


File: 1538346367310.jpg (77.1 KB, 600x1098, buddy_armstrong_by_zl1150-….jpg)

Armor: None (-2 enemy to-hit rolls, + 2 damage taken)
Weapons: Offensive, her sword (3d8), and fireworks, long range (-2 to-bit enemy rolls after she used them)

Please fight me.


File: 1548207445060.jpg (316.4 KB, 1436x2000, 1415482834494.jpg)

You've waited too long.

Stats are the same as yours, except he uses souls instead of fireworks


File: 1548312113083.jpg (20.66 KB, 512x576, 36948652_529497010798353_4….jpg)

I'm willing to try out the new rule set. Any female fighters up for a mixed battle?

Name: Adrius
Age: 28
HP: 100
Armor: No Armor (-2 enemy “to-hit” rolls, +2 enemy damage rolls)
Weapon: Heavy Offense (dual gladius/3D6)


I'm skimming through for the post can someone pls repost the new rules?



Hit points are still 100 each however I came up with a reworked combat mechanic:

Rolling to hit: Roll on a d20, a basic roll of 10 or above hits, a basic roll of 18-20 is a "critical" hit.

Rolling for damage: damage is decided by the weapons you chose for your character, there are 3 options.
1. Heavy Offense Close Combat weapons: represents C.C. Weapons designed with only offense in mind, greatswords, claws, huge scythes, teeth, etc. ROLL 3D6 for damage, no other bonuses apply.
2. Defensive Close Combat weapon: represents close combat weapons with strong defensive traits: a sword and shield, a pair of heavy fighting gauntlets, a duelist armed with a fencing rapier, etc. ROLL 2d8 for damage and add 2 to your ARMOR value.
3. Ranged weapons: represents any type of ranged attacks, pistols, rifles, magic spells, etc. ROLL 2d6 for damage and subtract 2 from your enemies "to-hit" rolls.

Armor types: there are 3 armor/body types to choose from, each has its own advantages/disadvantages.
1. Light/No Armor: your character subtracts 2 from your enemies "to-hit" rolls, but adds +2 to their damage rolls.
2. Medium armor: your character does not add or subtract from enemy to-hit or damage rolls.
3. Heavy armor: your character adds to to enemy "to-hit" rolls, but subtracts 2 from all damage rolls.

Critical Hits table: if you roll a natural 18,19, or 20 to hit, it is considered a "critical-hit" regardless of modifiers. Roll again on D20 to see what happens:
1-5: damage is doubled–you inflict a deep cut, break a bone, a direct hit with your ranged weapon, OUCH!
6-15: crippling wound! You've destroyed part of your opponents body, deal double damage and then roll D20 again to see which part: (1-5: arms/hands; you've amputated to destroyed one of your opponents arms or hands. 6-10: legs/feet; you've amputated or destroyed one of your opponents legs or feet. 11-15: lower body destruction; you've amputees or destroyed your opponent's genitals or disemboweled/gutted them. 16-20: upper body destruction; debreasting, facial damage, scalping, eye-removal etc.)
16-20: Disabled!!! Either you've knocked your opponent out cold, or injured them so badly they are temporarily incapacitated! Double damage and then get creative: you can fuck them, torture them, choose any category you want from crippling wound and destroy it! You've rolled very well, enjoy it!


Look I don't mean to rip on you but it's just very unbalanced. Like really very broken.

Weapons: either 10 damage on average or 9 and a subtract roughly a fifthof the damage you take? Offensive weapons are lame here…

Armor: taking 7 damage instead of 9 means your enemy hits you 15 times instead to end you, instead of 11

To hits only modified by like 10 percent would make like half as much difference.

I know this isn't a strict game for hard and fast rules, rather gore plots.. but I'd like it to be balanced and also we couls go for more versatility.



I'm not the one who made the system. I just copy-pasted it from an older comment. I do agree that it's pretty terrible, but since more people were using it, I just sort of went along with it.


>>4798 >>4799
Why not start a new thread with a new ruleset? After all, the new rules for this one are going to get buried in the middle of the thread somewhere anyways.


File: 1554597463035.jpeg (51.8 KB, 303x700, 92816C69-86C4-468C-B41E-E….jpeg)


So idk if this is still going on but eh I’ll try it.
First time trying this so I might jack up the rules a little lol.

Jill Valentine
Age: 23
Weapons: Knife (Defensive close combat)
9mm Pistol (Ranged weapon)
Armor: Light/no armor


Wow, it's actually back. Okay then.

Buddy's hps : 100
To hit : 1 (critical miss)

Buddy was walking down the path,not wearing her mask anymore. She didn't need it anymore : now that she had killed every bosses in this womanless world, nobody would try to rape her ever again. She was the last woman of this world, and she had to fight her whole life not to end up as a gang's sex toy. Now she had finally reached her goal. Everyone was more afraid of her than they wanted her.

That's why she didn't expect that man to stand in her way. He was blocking the way, his sword drawn. Buddy took hers.
"Hey asshole, don't you know who I am?! Stand the fuck aside before I take your head as a trophy!"
The man didn't budge, so she charged him and swang her sword at him. But she was surprised when the man easily blocked her.


Seeing as this thread has been dead / inactive, I agree with >>4804 that it should be rebooted as a new thread.

I, for one, would love a match or two. Hopefully others too, but this thread is huge and any new lurker is discouraged by the crazy amount of posts, and the rules being buried in the middle there somewhere.

I'll have to double check the rules (it's been ages), but is anyone else interested in "rebooting" this?



I think rebooting the thread and maybe cleaning up the ruleset would make sense. There are a few things I think could be improved, like making it so that misses aren't just misses (maybe they give the opponent a bonus, or they let the attacker bank luck points or something).


I have a couple proposals for rules, mostly intended to make the "story" of the fight flow better, and to streamline the process. Because let's admit, Gurochan is fairly casual and not a hardcore DND RP group with dedicated players. Simpler is better, imo. It's much better if a passer by can jump in without delving deep into complicated rules.

Proposal 1: Get rid of arbitrary strength / speed / armor numbers for characters. It's a lot of trial and error to balance, and people will abuse them. It should be simpler: say, you rolled 15 out of max 20. That's a pretty damn hard and painful attack. HOW it happens is up to you. Even if you don't have a "powerful weapon", it can be throwing the opponent out of a window. If you have a gun, that's a (not yet fatal) gunshot wound to an organ.

Proposal 2: Stick to miss / hit / critical hit, determined by one dice roll. No additional math like "roll for hit, roll for block".

A "miss" would constitute some failed attack, or the character literally missing a turn due to how much pain they're in, or an implied successful defense from the opponent. It's up to the writer(s).

A "crit" gives some nice bonus. The ability to roll again for a followup attack?

Proposal 3: Roll *before* writing the attack. Otherwise you're bound to get dumb edge cases like "X punches Y in the face, and it's a natural 20 critical hit!". Roll, consider the number, and come up with an adequate attack that describes it.

Misc: no godmodding / controlling the opponent's character, *but* you can assume (and write) *reactions*. If you want your attack to be "3 punches in the face", it's kind of implied that after the first punch the opponent is disoriented for a moment, or grunts in pain, or whatnot.


^ Well, crap. Check my sick formatting skills, yo.

Bottom line, I propose something with more "freedom", where the numbers guide "how bad" things are, but you're free to come up with an attack on your own. As opposed to e.g. the number telling you whether you hit the face or the stomach.


Good proposals. Simpler is better. I do think some guidelines (like a hit location roll, or examples for severe damage/critical hits) would be helpful. Part of the reason I enjoyed doing this before is because I'm terribly uncreative and rolling damage/hit locations helped me decide what happened.


So the original “Battle” RP thread by Ffreq from years ago was super easy.

I post an attack.

The amount of hours it takes you to respond is the amount of damage it does, then you post your reply, the amount of hours it takes me to respond is the damage it does and so on and so on.

I’d propose that the attacker writes the style target and type of attack in a well thought out paragraph or two, and then when the defender responds, they type up just how severe an injury their opponent caused based on the time it took them to respond and the area their opponent was attacking.

This would be a much easier and narrative approach to the battle system.

If you guys are interested, I could start a new thread.


Sorry - I didn't mean to abandon the idea, but I decided to take a bit of time to think of what puca said (guidelines that nudge you into specific attacks), as well as see what other people might suggest. Next thing I know, apparently a week has passed. Sorry about that - I'm still interested in making this happen.

I remember that old thread. IMO, this has a serious drawback in that people just have different schedules. And people aren't really terribly committed, in general. These two factors will cause massive issues of balance. And there's also the fact that you can write a powerful attack and have it deal 1 damage. Or something light like a shove, and deal 20 damage.

That's why tbh I'd propose rolling *before* writing the attack (see my more detailed comment above).

If Gurochan was a very active board, you could use the last digit of the post number as your roll. But it isn't, so + honor system should work fine.

As for attack guidelines, like >>5062 suggested, how about a second dice roll that selects one of several options? Like:

Roll 1 - damage to extremities (slashing, hacking off, bone breaking)
Roll 2 - damage to upper torso (roughly down to the waist)
Roll 3 - damage to lower torso (gutting, low blows, etc)
Roll 4 - damage to the head / face
Roll 5 - anything you want

This would be "strongly suggested", but people are free to ignore it if they have something else in mind that would fit very well into the current situation in combat.

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