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So here's what I'm looking for: a partner or partners to roleplay turn by turn guro sex & combat battles:

Here's the outline: we each choose a character to battle with, I'm okay with male on female (more fun with sex this way), or female on female, but no male on male. We will take turns rolling to hit and to damage each other, and then describe the results of our attacks. When you make your character you have 12 points to spend between Speed and Armor; speed is how difficult it actually is to hit your character and armor prevents damage from hits. An example character would look like this:

Age: 25
Hair: Blonde
Weapon: short sword
Speed: 8
Armor: 4 (shield)

We will be rolling 20 sided dice (and you're on scouts honor not to lie). This site works great:, or just grab a d20 from home.

One character rolls to hit: you only need to score above your opponents speed to hit them, then roll again to damage, their armor is subracted from the damage roll. Other than that their are rules for critical hits and critical wounds: If you roll a 16 or above to hit it's a critical and you may double your damage roll, and if you score over 16 damage (after subtracting armor) it's considered a critical wound and you may choose a severe injury (beyond normal cuts/breaks/bruises)

Here's the list of severe injuries:
1. Amputation: your critical damage severs one of your opponents major limbs, choose between hands/feet, arms/legs, or breast(s)/cock.
2. Disembowelment/organ damage: your critical damage has either split open your opponents gut or punctured one of their major organs (except for their heart)
3. Blinded/facial-disfigurement: your critical damage has taken out one of your opponents eyes or removed their nose/tongue/scalp, feel free to be creative!
4. Knocked out: your strike has temporarily knocked your opponent unconscious! You can have your way with them sexually, or torture/disfigure them in one way!

That's about it, i'm definitely looking for partners who are into m/f f/f sex/gore and I'm not big into scat fetish stuff, so keep that in mind. If we play together your job is write well enough to describe your character's attack, how the damage they've suffered effects them, and to describe in detail the damage they inflict on my character.

If you're interested we can play right here on Gurochan, or you can link your email, and we can do it that way. I'm hoping for someone that's okay with playing about a full turn or two a day (I go/you go).

About me:
Into: guro/sex/death/battles/violence

About you:
Male or female okay (never RP'd with a female though, so that would be fun)
Into: similar stuff.
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Shendu HP: 85
Roll to Hit: 13
Roll to Damage: 18-0=18 (CRITICAL!!)

Shendu glared at the girl.

"No human is permitted to use sorcery!" He snared, and exhaled smoke from his nostrils.

A burst of flames erupted from his mouth and, in a huge explosion, launched Chara into the air amidst a storm of debris. Shendu flies in, meaning to devour her whole, but he only managed to get her right leg; his teeth sank into her upper thigh, and severed it from her hips in a loud crunch. She tumbled to the ground as he happily munched down her leg.

"Keep regenerating those limbs. I enjoy the extra meat," he suggested and made a loud slurping sound as he descended.


Chara's HP: 48
To hit: 4

Chara fell flat to the ground, still grinning. Then she started laughing maniacally.


She regenerated and standed up.

"Hurt me more ! Pain is my fuel !"

She launched at him another knife but it broke against his hard skin.


Shendu HP: 85
Roll to Hit: 15
Roll to Damage: 15-0=15

"Very well."

Suddenly Chara was grabbed and lifted into the air by an unseen force. Shendu levitated her until she was nose-to-nose with him. With a flick of his index finger she was sent flying into the side of a cliff. Shendu then accelerated to supersonic speeds and flew at her.


Chara's HP: 33
To hit: 3 (FUCK)

Chara can't react.


Shendu: 85
Roll to Hit: 20 (double) I'm getting pretty lucky!
Roll to Damage: 5x2=10-0=10. Ehhh...

Shendu slammed into the cliff above Chara. A massive fissure formed and rocks pummeled Chara as Shendu burrowed deeper into the rock. He burst through the wall moments later, and surrounded by a cloud of debris held up by telekinesis.

"You should not have challenged my reign little girl," he said as the cloud of dust was directed towards her; Chara's body was pelted by dozens of rocks.


Chara's HP: 23
To hit: 20 (FINALLY)
To damage: 11 × 2 = 22 - 5 = 17

Suddenly, with one slash of her knife, Chara breaks all of these rocks in one hit. Shendu is surprised, and Chara takes this opportunity to stab his chest, mounting him with a smirk.


How about Shendu tries breaking her by raping her next turn ?


Shendu HP: 68
Roll to Hit: 13
Roll to Damage: 16-0=16 (CRITICAL!)

Shendu roared as he tore the knife from his chest, letting it drop to the dirt.

"You will pay for that you insufferable brat!"

He grabbed Chara and pinned her against the ground and forced her legs open. With one swipe of a claw the cloth around his pelvis fell to the ground, revealing a large swollen cock.

Chara's eyes bulged as he plunged his member into her tight pussy. She tries to pull away, but Shendu easily pins her to the ground with one arm on her chest. Blood poured from her cunt as he penetrated deeper – whether because of a broken hymen or he was just too big for her, he didn't know or care.

He growled and roared, Chara screamed, as his dick penetrated deeper and deeper with each thrust into her sex. He kept pushing further until he broke through her cervix and his balls were smacking against her crotch. Chara came several times, and her already-tight pussy squeezed even tighter around his member like a noose. He approached his own orgasm several times, but held back for almost thirty minutes before he finally sprayed his demon cum into her belly; a tongue of flame erupted from his mouth and Shendu let out a mighty roar as he drained every last drop into Chara.

He stood up, panting with puffs of smoke rising from his nostrils.

"I suppose now I should eat your pussy," he said as he reached out with a claw and dug into her mound.

Chara screamed as the demon easily tore her entire crotch from her body, with long entrails spilling out of the massive cavity left behind. Shendu shoved her womanhood into his mouth and swallowed after a few quick bites.

"Now I suppose it's time to end this."


Chara's HP: 7
To hit: 9 (hit)
To damage: 20 - 5 = 15 (CRITICAL WOUND)

"You'll... pay for that..."

Somehow, she managed to stand up. She regenerated but way slower. She was clearly way weaker than before. It didn't matter. If she died she would just reset anyway.

But when she tried, she realised she couldn't. She couldn't find her save files.

"Where..." She realised than in this world, there was no such thing as safe point. If she died, she couldn't reset and will only serve as a meal for that beast.

"Shit" For the first time in years, Chara was terrified. She couldn't die ! Not her ! She was a God ! With a furious roar, she rushed at him and, with a swift swing, she cut off his arm. As Shendu roared in pain, she ran away as fast as she could, hoping she could escape and find a plan to regain her save files.


Shendu HP: 53
Roll to Hit: 14
Roll to Damage: 12-0=12 (DEATH)

Shendu screeched in pain and thrashed his head as blood sprayed from his wound.

"You will pay for this you bitch!" He screamed as he once again took flight.

He swooped down and latched onto the girl's head. Chara thrashed and screamed, then went limp, as Shendu sank his teeth into her delicate neck and severed her head. Her body collapsed, with blood spurting from the stump on her shoulders, and piss from her newly-reformed urethra. With a few motions of his jaw her thoughts, memories, and personality were destroyed as the brain containing them became a bloody pulp in the demon's stomach.

Shendu roared in triumph as he lifted the headless body. He tore pieces off and shoved them into his mouth, until her entire body was consumed.

He was victorious, but his wounds were severe and, as the story of a teenage girl inflicting those wounds spread, the might of his reign was challenged. It wasn't until he recovered the Horse Talisman a century later that he could heal his wounds and reinstate his supremacy.


Nice death scene. I've got an idea : why don't we do a 2 vs 2 fight this time ? Monsters vs girls ?


File: 1537999127457.jpg (347.32 KB, 1920x1080, téléchargement.jpg)

The crooked man:
Age: ???
Hair: ???
Weapon: His umbrella
Speed: 2
Armor: 10



The Boogeyman:
Age: ???
Hair: ???
Weapon: Claws
Speed: 4
Armor: 8


File: 1537999404729.jpg (1.07 MB, 1250x1617, Boogeymantrash_1250.jpg)

Oops, forgot the Boogeyman's picture.



I might be interested, but I need a few days to work on other things. I'll reply on Monday.




File: 1538043653162.jpg (164.2 KB, 1024x1200, 7dd60dc3903af1a10e7d01f612….jpg)

Would someone be interested in a fight with the new rules please ?

Range weapons : Guns (2d6) -2 enemy to hit rolls
Light armor : Clothes -2 ennemy to hit rolls and +2 ennemy to damage rolls


File: 1538053794718.png (436.77 KB, 975x695, tumblr_n67bq3aoS31rr28jzo1….png)

I'll take you on

Offense- Melee Wind magic, 2d8, can use it to redirect attacks for +2 armor
Defense- No armor, +2 damage taken, -2 to enemy hits


Bayonetta's HP: 100
To hit: 4 (miss)

She had been captured recently in a big clandestine fighting tournament called Super-Brawl. She had already defeated and killed many enemies of all kind. She got pretty popular after all those kills. But tonight, she wasn't the favourite of the fight. She had to fight one of the Champion. His name was Malik. He was an air masterer and when Bayonetta saw him in the arena for the first, she felt he wasn't just powerful. He was really powerful. But she wasn't afraid. She had kill much bigger.


The last fight had been Goro vs Ruby Rose. The fight had been hard for both of them, but Goro's strength had overpowered Ruby and, after Goro had destroyed her weapon, she couldn't do much but watch as Goro was tearing her head off.

Goro left the arena, keeping Ruby's head and lifting it as a victory trophee to the public as they were cheering for him. While Ruby's headless corpse was being dragged away to be exposed in the defeated opponents room. Her head was taken as well after Goro threw it away before leaving.


The crowd cheered, knowing what was coming.


The crowd cheered as they were staring at her body. She readied her guns.


The whole crowd cheered loudly, throwing roses at him and the women throwing their... panties ? Whoa, dude.

They stared at each others in the eyes, ready to fight.


Quickly, Bayonetta shot at him several times, but he deflected the bullets. She knew she had to keep her distances and to surprise him, so she could suddenly gets closer and emptying her gun on his back, where he couldn't block.

One thing was sure, this fight was going to be interesting.


Malik's HP: 100
To hit: 11-4 = 7 (Miss)

Another day another fight and this time it was a big one. Malik had been around the arena for quite a long time if his fan base was anything to go by, and like always he entered with his signature grin.

The wind seemed to pick up as he twirled around in a flourish, something that resulted in an eruption of cheers from the audience, in response to which he bowed.

He was the king of this arena. He'd won fight after fight and suddenly there was this woman thinking she had it in her to oppose him. Well no matter, he always did enjoy knocking people back down to where they belonged.

He effortlessly swatted away the shower of bullets headed towards him, a powerful gust of wind redirecting them to the wall behind him as he started advancing.

With a burst of wind he blasted off towards her, going for a kick to start things off, but turns out the witch was faster than he expected. Well then, this might go somewhere after all.


Bayonetta's HP: 100
To hit: 18 (CRITICAL) 11 (Crippling wound) 20 (To the upper body)
To damage: 1 + 1 = 2 x 2 = 4 + 2 (light armor) - 2 (deflection (i'm not sure it's really okay with the ruleq but whatever) = 4

Bayonetta took that advantage to jump over him. It surprised him and he couldn't do much to stop her from, in mid-air, shooting at him right in the eye, exploding it. Fortunately for Malik, his air deflection stopped the bullet before it could go through his brain and kill him. But if he hadn't had this air protection, he would have already died. This woman was definitively no rookie. He had to take her seriously or this match would be short.

"Something's wrong darling ? Don't worry, mamma will end this quickly~"


Malik's HP: 96
To hit: 16 - 4 = 12 (Hit)
To damage: 5 + 4 + 2 (light armor) = 11

Damn that was close, he hadn't done well in underestimating her. Quickly running the scenario over his head he found actual damage minimal even if half blinded now. All he had to do was win this fight, take this seriously and the people behind the fights would heal him as if nothing had happened.

Fortunately she spoke. She was getting cocky. Had she overestimated the damage she'd done? No matter, an opening was an opening. He swiftly got to his feet, going for an uppercut, blades of wind swirling around his arm as he swung.


Bayonetta's HP: 89
To hit: 9 (miss)

She didn't if it was because he was super-strong, because his wind magic made him stronger, or because it took by surprise, but that uppercut hurt like hell. It threw her off the ground, but in mid-air, she caught herself back and aimed for the other eye. But this time, he, barely, dodged the bullet. She landed on the ground on her two feet. Malik understood she was a pro in mid-air. Now he just had to find her weakness and not letting her the chance to fly.


Malik's HP: 96
To hit: 8 - 4 = 4 (Miss)

Seeing her up in the air a plan started developing in his head. Everything that flew was at the mercy of the air around it. In that case... He'd bring her back down. Swiping his hand down, he drew the air around her forcefully, but he was a bit too slow, allowing her to gracefully land by the time she got to the ground.

"This might just turn out to be interesting huh?"


Bayonetta's HP: 89
To hit: 15 - 2 = 13 (hit)
To damage: 4 + 2 = 6 + 2 (light armor) = 8

"I hope it will. But it feels like it'll be over soon~"

Suddenly, a portal opened from nowhere, and a gigantic demon hand grabbed Malik with humongous strength. He groaned in pain, wondering what had just happened. Bayonetta, still cocky, slowly walked to him, a wide grin on her face. She slowly raised Malik's chin with her gun.

"You're a cute one~ I fought only ugly monster and stupid girls in this arena. But you..."

Suddenly, she kisses him. Not a little kiss, a deep, passionate kiss. Her lips tasted good. He felt like he was melting.

"I might have a little bit of fun with you before ending this~"


Malik's HP: 90 (you forgot the 2 armor from defensive weapon)
To Hit: 14-4 = 10 (Hit)
To damage: 3 + 2 +2 (light armor) = 7

Seemed this woman had all sort of tricks up her sleeve, to say he was caught off guard was an understatement. and his confusion reached a new peak when she went in for the kiss, but he quickly regained his composure and returned it with just as much intensity before pulling back.

"Careful now, you'll make my fans jealous."

He released a blast of wind to force open the hand and redirect her gun before grabbing her wrist, pulling her close and using a clawed hand to leave leave his mark on her back.

"And let's not forget that I can be... Rough~"


Bayonetta's HP: 82
To hit: 10 - 2 = 8 (miss)

She bit her lip, obviously loving the pain in her back.

"My my~ You're a bad boy, aren't you ?~ It's okay~ I LOVE it rough~"

She tried to kick him in the dick, but he blocked it abd pinned her down, earning a little grin from her.


Malik's HP: 90
To Hit: 6-4 = 2 (Miss)

Of course she'd go for the low blow, good thing she understimated his speed.

"Fighting dirty are you? Very naughty. Naughty girls should be punished~"

He tried to put his hand to her throat to slam her head against the ground, only for her to dodge and reverse the pin.


Bayonetta's HP: 82
To hit: 9 - 2 = 7 (miss)

"Don't make laugh hon. You think you can dominate the Dominatrix?~ Keep dreaming~"

She tried to pin him, but he kept her wrists firmly on the ground.


Malik's HP: 90
To hit: 13 - 4 = 9 (Miss)

"Well I have a reputation to maintain y'know~?"

He tries to claw away at her stomach but only succeeds in narrowly ripping through her clothes.


Bayonetta's HP: 82
To hit: 14 - 2 = 12 (hit)
To damage: 2 + 6 = 8

"Let me show how it's done~"

Suddenly, she kicked him in the dick. He gasped, in pain. She took advantage of that and rolled over, pinning him.

"Gotacha boy~" she says as she squeezes his bulge.


Malik's HP: 82
To hit: 16 - 4 = 12 (Hit)
To damage: 2 + 6 + 2 = 10

He found himself groaning in pain as she turned the situation around, rolling over him. He grit his teeth as she started squeezing him.

"Oh you dirty bitch, punishing you will be fun."

He used his wind to free up a hand and grab her hair, pulling her head back and leaning up for another kiss. Taking the chance he broke his other hand free and swiftly undid his pants with it before it moved to her head too. He broke the kiss and pressing hard on her head he forced her mouth down on his cock.


Bayonetta's HP: 72
To hit: 12 - 2 = 10 (hit)
To damage: 2 + 4 = 6

"Oh no you don't"

The Dominatrix didn't earn her name by being dominated. She bit his dick. He screamed and pulled away in reflex. Then, somehow, she managed to pin him and block him under her butt.

"Bad boy~ Gonna punish you~"

She started sucking on his dick vigorously. Pleasure remplaced pain, and he could barely contain his moans. This bitch was a pro.

The crowd was cheering, even though they had no idea what the fuck was going on.


Malik's HP: 76
To Hit: 18 (CRITICAL!); 7 (Crippling wound); 16 (Upper body)
To damage: 6 + 5 = 11 * 2 + 2 = 24

He yelled out in pain before groaning in pleasure. The damn bitch just bit him! And now she had the audacity to blow him like she owned the place! This wouldn't do, no matter how good her mouth felt. He'd have enough time to use it after the whore was dealt with.

As she sucked him off he used his knees to push her up and away from his aching cock. Then, as he slightly readjusted he used his wind to slam her back then, this time his scaly ridged shaft going directly into her eye.

"You took mine I take yours!"


Bayonetta's HP: 48 (ouch)
To hit: 14 - 2 = 12 (hit)
To damage: 5 + 3 = 8

She screamed in pain.

"You... Grr !"

She summoned a demon hand to smash him, but he dodged. But as he was dodging, right when he came back on his feet, she appeared in front of him and kicked him right in the guts.


Malik's HP: 68
To Hit: 2 - 4 = -2 (Miss)

The kick knocked him a fair few feet back but he quickly recovered. Well then, that worked out well, she surely didn't seem to be doing so well anymore.

"Rest assured, I'll get the other one in time!"

With a loud laugh he sent forth a powerful gust of wind which was quickly dodged by the witch.


Bayonetta's HP: 48
To hit: 18 (CRITICAL) 1 (Direct hit)
To damage: 6 + 1 = 7 x 2 = 14 + 2 = 16

Bayonetta was in serious mode, also called the "You're fucked" mode. She dodged with no problems every single of his attacks. Then suddenly, Malik couldn't see her anymore. She had rushed to him so fast he hadn't noticed she got behind him. He tried to turn around to attack again, but before he could... BLAM ! Direct shot right in the torso. And at short range. It blew a hole in his torso, but fortunately for him, no vital organs had been reached, the wind preventing that. But still this was serious damages, and he hurt like a motherfucker. He fell to the ground miserably.

"Forget about playing. I'll just kill you right away. She pinned him under her boot, aiming for his head.


Malik's HP: 52
To Hit: 15 - 4 = 11
To Damage: 4 + 3 + 2 = 9

For all the pain he felt, he was silent, hearing the audience around the arena gasp and whisper in shock and surprise. He grabbed her leg and threw her off, something she effortlessly recovered from as he stood, still without saying a single word.

His former playful demeanor was all but gone as he swept his leg, sending a whip of wind against hers witch such force that it threw her off balance. With a second motion he sent a shockwave straight at her chest, sending her flying against the wall of the arena.


Bayonetta's HP: 39
To hit: 15 - 2 = 13
To damage: 6 + 2 = 8

Bayonetta grunted. She fell on her knees, panting heavily. Malik took that advantage to rush at her, determined to end this. But she managed to summon the hand of a demon just in time that threw him against the walk as well.


Malik's HP: 44
To Hit: 4 - 4 = 0 (Miss)

He hit the wall hard, coughing out some blood as he did. Pushing himself back on his feet with a grunt, he let out a blast of air against the wall behind him, propelling himself towards Bayonetta. He landed next to her but at the very least he'd managed to close the gap.


(That's a close fight)
Bayonetta's HP: 39
To hit: 3 - 2 = 1 (miss)

She shot at him but he dodged.


File: 1538346367310.jpg (77.1 KB, 600x1098, buddy_armstrong_by_zl1150-….jpg)

Armor: None (-2 enemy to-hit rolls, + 2 damage taken)
Weapons: Offensive, her sword (3d8), and fireworks, long range (-2 to-bit enemy rolls after she used them)

Please fight me.


File: 1548207445060.jpg (316.4 KB, 1436x2000, 1415482834494.jpg)

You've waited too long.

Stats are the same as yours, except he uses souls instead of fireworks


File: 1548312113083.jpg (20.66 KB, 512x576, 36948652_529497010798353_4….jpg)

I'm willing to try out the new rule set. Any female fighters up for a mixed battle?

Name: Adrius
Age: 28
HP: 100
Armor: No Armor (-2 enemy “to-hit” rolls, +2 enemy damage rolls)
Weapon: Heavy Offense (dual gladius/3D6)


I'm skimming through for the post can someone pls repost the new rules?



Hit points are still 100 each however I came up with a reworked combat mechanic:

Rolling to hit: Roll on a d20, a basic roll of 10 or above hits, a basic roll of 18-20 is a "critical" hit.

Rolling for damage: damage is decided by the weapons you chose for your character, there are 3 options.
1. Heavy Offense Close Combat weapons: represents C.C. Weapons designed with only offense in mind, greatswords, claws, huge scythes, teeth, etc. ROLL 3D6 for damage, no other bonuses apply.
2. Defensive Close Combat weapon: represents close combat weapons with strong defensive traits: a sword and shield, a pair of heavy fighting gauntlets, a duelist armed with a fencing rapier, etc. ROLL 2d8 for damage and add 2 to your ARMOR value.
3. Ranged weapons: represents any type of ranged attacks, pistols, rifles, magic spells, etc. ROLL 2d6 for damage and subtract 2 from your enemies "to-hit" rolls.

Armor types: there are 3 armor/body types to choose from, each has its own advantages/disadvantages.
1. Light/No Armor: your character subtracts 2 from your enemies "to-hit" rolls, but adds +2 to their damage rolls.
2. Medium armor: your character does not add or subtract from enemy to-hit or damage rolls.
3. Heavy armor: your character adds to to enemy "to-hit" rolls, but subtracts 2 from all damage rolls.

Critical Hits table: if you roll a natural 18,19, or 20 to hit, it is considered a "critical-hit" regardless of modifiers. Roll again on D20 to see what happens:
1-5: damage is doubled–you inflict a deep cut, break a bone, a direct hit with your ranged weapon, OUCH!
6-15: crippling wound! You've destroyed part of your opponents body, deal double damage and then roll D20 again to see which part: (1-5: arms/hands; you've amputated to destroyed one of your opponents arms or hands. 6-10: legs/feet; you've amputated or destroyed one of your opponents legs or feet. 11-15: lower body destruction; you've amputees or destroyed your opponent's genitals or disemboweled/gutted them. 16-20: upper body destruction; debreasting, facial damage, scalping, eye-removal etc.)
16-20: Disabled!!! Either you've knocked your opponent out cold, or injured them so badly they are temporarily incapacitated! Double damage and then get creative: you can fuck them, torture them, choose any category you want from crippling wound and destroy it! You've rolled very well, enjoy it!


Look I don't mean to rip on you but it's just very unbalanced. Like really very broken.

Weapons: either 10 damage on average or 9 and a subtract roughly a fifthof the damage you take? Offensive weapons are lame here…

Armor: taking 7 damage instead of 9 means your enemy hits you 15 times instead to end you, instead of 11

To hits only modified by like 10 percent would make like half as much difference.

I know this isn't a strict game for hard and fast rules, rather gore plots.. but I'd like it to be balanced and also we couls go for more versatility.



I'm not the one who made the system. I just copy-pasted it from an older comment. I do agree that it's pretty terrible, but since more people were using it, I just sort of went along with it.


>>4798 >>4799
Why not start a new thread with a new ruleset? After all, the new rules for this one are going to get buried in the middle of the thread somewhere anyways.


File: 1554597463035.jpeg (51.8 KB, 303x700, 92816C69-86C4-468C-B41E-E….jpeg)


So idk if this is still going on but eh I’ll try it.
First time trying this so I might jack up the rules a little lol.

Jill Valentine
Age: 23
Weapons: Knife (Defensive close combat)
9mm Pistol (Ranged weapon)
Armor: Light/no armor

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