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A sadistic mage who enjoys experimenting on girls in different ways until they expire and he finds a new one. Sometimes he likes to do short brutal tests like how long individuals can survive brutal amputation of a limb or being beaten to death with different blunt objects. Sometimes trying to impale them all the the way through and not kill them in the process, though never successful so experiment is on going. He occasionally will take on an apprentice, usually a badly maimed girl who enjoys being destroyed and helping destroy the other girls. Sometimes leading them on that he loves them just to break their heart with a new girl before disposing of them. Others he might degrade constantly and destroy their self esteem and personal worth hitting and hurting them often.

Looking for a literate long term female roleplay partner who is interested in playing a variety of different characters and possibly a couple who stick around longer than others. I'm only interested in literate role-players or those who are interested in improving and growing as a writer. I'm not the best but usually can do 1-3 paragraphs and can do a variety of kinks.

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