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Imagine you wake up with a ball of meat on your bed. It's not messy. It's like a tit or buttock, except perfectly smooth and spherical, no nipple.

If you tell anyone of it, they laugh it off, eventually antagonizing you for an obsession with this thing.

But! If you don't speak of it for a day or 2, good things start happening to you, and bad things to everyone else. Even worse things happen to you in yours dreams, but in waking life, you have it better.

But your nightmares get more vivid. Sometimes prophetic. "I hope you like seafood." Before a plate is untopped and eels leap at you.
Eels take more and more space in your nightmares. It goes from tragic accidents, to betrayed families, to possessed neighbors walking around with eels inside them, a parasitic relationship, to eventually, a meat planet.
You're running on sweaty skin. Not just your own, though you're as naked as the ground, which is a shivering, bleeding creature the size of Earth. The ground rips open and boiling lava blood is deep in the crevice. The smell of its blood is wretched. The walls in this pit are just waterfalls of thick, hot blood.

Your house is turned to meat. Skin covers all surfaces, mounds of muscle and fat growing over furniture.
Your mom is there. Her skin rips open. You see eels inside her. Some stay rigid to mimic bones.
Your dad is internally devoured by a single larger eel, with its tail wrapped back and forth several thousand times.
Your siblings, tho not torn open yet, move their arms in unnatural ways, their bones bending like snakes.
You wake up and the orb is still there. You eat breakfast.
Your sister says "Want Seafood?" and as you panic, she says "See? Food!"
But the horror isn't over.

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