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Hi! I'm looking for a new partner to play around with! I'm a sadomasochist, so I have no qualms playing dom, and tearing you to pieces, or playing sub, and having you do what you will with me. Generally if something's strange, or restrictive, I'm into it! Whether that's amputation, shrinking, melting, transformation, or mind control, if it's done right. I tend to lean towards magic to get most things done, even with amputation.

HMU if you're interested in a long term, open ended, semi-lit rp!

You can catch me on discord, at: Dummy#2710


Hey so you called me during work and I didn’t answer, I tried explaining but I saw you blocked me so…would be great to hear back from you


They said hi then blocked me
Maybe a troll?


Eh maybe, all I know is that they didn’t even text a simple hello, they just went straight to calling me before I ignored it.

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