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I'll cut to the chase, I'm a switch Bisexual female looking for an RP partner that's willing to RP the brutal shit I wanna have done. My only real fandom rn is JoJo's Bizarre Adventure but deadass I don't care who you wanna rp, boy, girl, white, black, idc. I prefer a cock but it's whatever to me. I'll be using my OCs or Self insert but if you really wanna I can talk over canon characters.
Right now I'm in a sub mood, so I'll list my turn ons and turn offs according to my current mood.

Turn ons: Rape, Abuse, Forced Impregnation/Breeding, Brainwashing, Biting, Cutting, Suicidal Play, Scratching, Master/Slave, 24/7. Basically, think a sickeningly loving abusive partner, like a yandere. They praise and kiss and love but they also abuse and rape as well. Thats the tldr.

Turn offs: I'm willing to do a solid and RP damn near anything, just no pedophilia. Sorry bout that.

If you wanna have multiple RPs at once, I'm used to makibg private servers with just us in it to have multiple channels to RP in, so we can have as many as you wish at once.

If you read all this and find it cool my discord is Bihet#2643


your id Bihet#2643 is not working anymore, what's the correct one


They seem to be completely inactive at the moment

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