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i just wish to roleplay with somebody no scat and no feet i am fine with everything else all, i want is someone that wont leave the rp for too long (the character in the picture can be one character i w ill play as) i am also trying everything i am not native english so i might do somne msiatkes in my sentences my kinks are unbirth, vore, cannibalism, non consent and consent, rape, snuff and much more also i wont use any realistic image as a model i will only use drawing such as anime etc otherwise its hard for me

Discord = Naro#5311

Kik = Vestal2 or

Email =

You can choose for my character no realistic characters everything else is fine with me but i will also choose for my own last thing i wanna mention i usually do long rp be sure to read everything before contacting me! (about the pici couldnt find a guro like pic so i took this one)


Just sent you a friend request on discord @spaghetspaghoot


Heej, It would be fun to get to know you, I contacted you on discord

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