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19 m/femboy (I am copypasting, but im not a bot, i pwomise ;-;)

If this ERP is out of your range of kinks or is generally too much for you I fully understand leaving early.

[Extreme Scat, Watersports, Cum and likely hyper parts will be included. Ageplay/playing as a shota will also be included. New gore/rape/snuff options if you ask~]

Im looking to play as a little shota boy, sitting in the park wearing nothing but a hoodie, with "Slut" tanlined in with sunscreen on his leg. Waiting for people to notice his near nudity and tented hoodie and come play with him! In this world, public play and underaged play is legal and perfectly fine (Though you can choose to have people frown upon it and shame me~). Bringing one char at a time or multiple, you can set me against other shotas, lolis who need filling, or futas who want their balls worshipped until they cum! All the cum you smear on or in me, will stay where it is (Unless it leaks out of my ass~) and the further in we get the more lustful he becomes~Erp can be long term on Discord, just ask! I really prefer it, as I get notified from it unlike any other apps.

Shota Ref (Male) –
Shota Ref (Femboy) –
(REFS CAN BE CHANGED! And i can grab furry ones if requested)


since i forgot it in the post. i rarely change names so, you should be fine even if this post is quite old (youll need to remind me how you found me lol)


b u m p so I dont need to re-write/copy-paste the RP idea for new people ;3;

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