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I'm a 25-year-old dominant male who looks for a long term female role-playing partner on discrod. I would prefer a realistic setting for the roleplay. Maybe with a serial-killer, historical or religious sect story line. I'm not so much into hardcore fantasy or sci-fi settings.

Concerning my kinks I have absolutely no boundaries. I would absolutely love to find someone who has a equally disgusting and fucked up mind like mine. Mostly I'm into torture, humiliation, degradation, beheading, gutting, asphyxiation, execuitions, shootings, necrophilia, ageplay, piss, scat and bisexuality. If you don't like some of these it won't be a big problem for me. I can adapt to many situations very easily. I would also leave it up to you if you prefer a consensual or non-consensual setting.

I'm able to write in english or german. Also it might be an advantage if we live in a similar time-zone (Central European Time). This would make communication a lot easier.

You can cantact me under the following name on discord:
Dark Watchman#9124

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