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The world of Pokemon is a beautiful place. The bounds between human and Pokemon have allowed society to advance at an incredible rate, and the powers of these lovable monsters have influenced every part of our culture from science to sports
But that is only one reality of many. In an alternate universe where these naturally occurring bounds between species do not exist, the Pokemon which humans from one world love so much have become the people of this world's worst nightmare. Their power has not been used to help humanity, rather hunt it. Because of this humanity has not developed far past a medieval technology level, and though travel between continents is possible, the danger of powerful seafaring Pokemon makes it rare. But from the despair, a new profession has arisen, Pokemon Hunters. These brave people put their lives on the line to slay particularly dangerous Pokemon using a variety of weapons, traps and maybe magic? fuck if I know. I will play as a young hunter from Pallet village, a place where people are not born with their names, rather they must earn them. After returning home covered in the blood of a violent Charizard I earned the name Red (we getting some edgy shit here), and now I plan to travel the world slaying many attractive female Pokemon, and no doubt some cute hunters. Will you play my victims? Or maybe my cute partner? Maybe both!

My kinks are snuff, furry, feet/paws/whatever, ageplay and watersports. My only limit is scat.

My kik is Genericerword, and my discord Vice Dark Lord#0926 hope to talk to you soon (pic credit goes to sylveon69 who makes some good shit)


request sent, accept and we can discuss what we can rp with this setting!

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