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I'm looking for a couple long term role-play partners. I am really only interested in female partners as rp with guys doesn't turn me on. My kinks are pretty much open to most anything with very few limitations. I think main turn off would be anthros but still maybe you can convince me. I usually play as Dom and am Okie with that but would love to play sub. I'd like an age play as a shota with a brutal mistress who enjoys torturing male genitals. If that's not your thing or you're a sub that's ok. I just would like a long term partner. We can be strictly role-play partners or we could became friends. No pressure on anything you're uncomfortable with.

If you're a Dom I'm ok with irl instructions, voice chat, video or pictures. I have plenty of toys we could have fun with telling me to do stuff to myself. If you're a sub we could try something you'd enjoy. Feel free to add me and we can discuss interests and decide what we would like to do together. My discord is Dusto#9011

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