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Pine Hill school for girls is one of the most prestigious boarding schools in the country. Not only does it have an impressive record with high achieving students, but a surprisingly large student body consenting of 1200 girls from grades 6 through 12. But suddenly the school has found itself the center of a strange supernatural occurrence. Meldins battle royal! According to some ancient law, a random location will become the host of this event ever 400 years. Once these happen a random number of people will become participants of this battle royal. They will receive a message explaining to them the event, and the rules. The rules are as follows.

1 3 months after the battle royal has started, only one participant may be alive. If more than one participant is alive, all will die

2 a participant may not reveal the existence of the battle royal to any known participants. If they do, the participant will die

3 3 hours after the death of a participant's death, all traces of them will be erased such as their body, photographs of them, and any memory of them. This rule does not apply to any other participant, and they can keep photographs, memories, and items belonging to deceased participants. After the battle royal has ended, all memories of the participants will be returned

4 Once a participant is killed, their soul will be destroyed. They will not be able to move on to the afterlife, and will simply cease to exist

You will play a young 6th grader who has found herself a participant. Now you are caught in a deadly game where you must find out who the other participants are and kill them without meeting a bloody and yourself.

My kinks are snuff, ageplay, gameplay, feet, and watersports. My only limit is scat. My kik is Genericerword and my discord is Vice Dark Lord#0926. Hope to see you soon

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