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To all role players out there who are interested in creating a group role playing server and a community based on the things that we all enjoy in common, grotesque contents, i am here to offer you a chance to make it happen.

(first of all, i apologize for the bad grammar/spellings…English is not my first language)

Currently, i am developing a themed Discord role playing server where it shall have it is own small (and hopefully growing) community outside the role playing aspect itself. There will be places where we will need some role players to act as a guide/game master/npc for other players so that we can create a small working system within the role playing arena. Not only that, i also need people who are active and willing to develop the place as we create the world and lore around the theme that was given within the server.

With that being said, i hope we can create the place together before we open the place for public, where we can share all our ideas with others that would like to participate. Below are some criteria that you should have in order to participate in creating the server:

- Above 18 years old
- Active in Discord
- Open minded
- Semi Paragraph to Novelia role players
- Able to post role play replies on daily basis
- Understand the basic ideas of running a server
- Understand how to operate bots and such (this is a plus!!)

If you are interested in joining the development, feel free to contact me at: @nihilus#0631

Thank you and i hope we can make this project work!!!


Your username is wrong.


My username is @Nihilus#0631>>5584

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