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Basically I'll make this short and sweet, I'm absolutely addicted to being ampuated, I love being a helpless toy to a fair master, one that is loving, but has no problem beating the shit out of me if I disobey more then just cute talk, I'd absolutely love to rp with someone, here's also some details

Name: Elizabeth
Nick: Emma
Limits: none
Age: come find out (it's under 20)
Loves: amputation/pet play
Attraction: Straight (men only)

And the reason why I chose this pic for the whole thing is because she kinda looks like me, I might edit it a bit to make it exactly like me, but we will see… Anyways, please if you are interested, dm me!

Discord: Eliza Is Here#2344

Don't hold back your kinks from me, I have absolutely no limits, I love all of you and hope to see you guys soon ❤️!


Tried adding you but got friend request failed. Is the discord tag wrong?


Idk why it wouldn't work, it's spelled exactly like that, contact me on email and I'll add your discord instead

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