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Hello there. I am looking for an RP buddy who I suppose has may different kinks, someone who is a very big degenerate. I have no limits besides scat,diapers or anything else relating to bodily functions (aside from things like piss and vomit). I prefer if we don't discuss kinks ahead of time. I like the idea of not knowing what to expect, and that's also where the experimenting part comes in. If you're still interested in knowing specifics, some of my favorites are things like pain/torture, Gore (disembowelment, impalement, etc), and noncon/rape.

I play almost exclusively male characters (though I do have a few futa/dickgirls), and I mostly do M/M.
I also don't mind playing the same character more than once. OC or canon, I don't mind who you decide to RP as. We can do little short term RPs or we can do long term ones.

I would prefer to be on the receiving end of everything.

Contact if interested
Skype: .cid.3248eb9226060b9a
Kik: nekrosis_


Didn't think to include my discord since I don't use/check it all that much but it's 3PM#2509

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