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I'm a 25 year-old mostly dominant male and I'm looking for a preferably female long term role-playing partner. Under the right cicumstances male parters or any kind of transgenders are also fine and welcome.

I don't have many limits or turn offs. For example I'm really into snuff, gore, torture, executions, religious cults, scat ans piss, ageplay, diapers, necrophilia, animals and I recently discovered my affinity towards the whole furry thing. I also like characters with at least a little bit of backround story. If we do a human roleplay I would prefer a realistic story and in case of a furry role-play the fantasy aspect is of course a key element. However I'm not really into warrior or Sci-fi settings and I also don't like things like vore for example.

If you are intrested in my offer, you may contact me on Discord or Kik. You can either comment you Discord/Kik name down below or I will give it to you if you ask me nicely ;-).

P.S. I'm a native german speaker, but I'm also pretty good in english. So it would be ideal if you're able to speak one of the mentioned languages.


Hello! I can definitely say I am interested in your inquiry!

If it is alright with you, I would prefer to discuss more in private than on an open forum. I am more than willing to answer your questions there!

My Kik is Aki_Zora, feel free to hit me up!

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