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So, I’m a male looking for a female rp partner in discord who wants to be snuffed, is okay with ageplay and impregnation, and is okay with playing multiple women.

First idea is a series of short stories set in a society where snuffing girls during sex is not only legs but common and encouraged. These scene can involve incest, game shows, snuff orgies, casual sex and snuffing, and public snuffing.

The next ideas are similar in concept. A singular male collects women to be used as breeding stock, until the day comes to snuff them.
In the first variation it’s a man who breeds his women to sell their offspring as sex toys, until he chooses for one or more of his daughters to take the mother’s place and snuffs her.
The second variation is an alien who collects, breeds, and snuffs females of different planets for his race for reproduction.

For any female characters interested in one of the ideas my discord is RootBeer King#6229

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