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I've just been on a huge submissive kick right now. I'm male and have absolutely no limits and am looking for a partner with the same. The bare minimum I ask is that they are 18+. However, if you are willing to incorporate toilet play, raceplay, and be mean and nasty ooc, I think I'll love you forever.

Discord at BottomBoy#6348. On this infrequently.

Some ideas I've had for RP topics:

1.) Casual Snuff World
Pretty basic setup. Overpopulation is rampant. There's a class of people that have been selected to be the executioners. They are allowed to kill absolutely anyone they want, however they want. You'll play a member of that class, and I'll be the world around you

2.) Snuff Game Show
Game shows are a weird thing of mine. The simple setup would be I play the contestants who compete in humiliating, horrible challenges, and the loser of each round is snuffed in a brutal way.

3.) White Genocide
Self Explanatory. In an extreme raceplay mood.

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