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Hello! I'm looking for a extremely dark roleplay and decided to put it here.

So, first, Things first. I don't care if you roleplay furry, human or supernatural as long as it's a male character or A future/shemale. I simply ask you're dominant, Into males and semi to advanced literate.

Some Kinks: BDSM,Boot worship, Gore, Mutilation, Torture, Non-con, Excessive cum, Mind breaking, Slavery,Size difference, ect ect.

Limits: Scat, Pedophilia, beastiality (aka not anthropomorphic), Diapers, School settings and bugs.

I'm willing to plan plots with you if you would like.
But here's something to show you what I got.

Clank Clank

The young man's chains rattled as he squirmed and struggled, shivering in fear as he looked around fearfully. His tail pressed between his legs and ears pressed back, his chocolate brown skin tattered with bruises and scars. His dio colored hair a utter mess, the black and white shifting together messily. He couldn't escape, he wasn't strong enough to escape the bonds. Tears staining his cute little face as he waited for something, anything to happen until a man stepped in.

Taller, bigger, scary. The boy began to thrash as he caught glimpse of him, he knew bad things would happen. He knew he was going to be in pain. He watched the man take a few steps closer before he crouched down to his level, slowly cupping the creatures face with odd gentleness. Eyes looking him over as the boy trembled and shook, eventually his free hand slid to his pocket and slowly pulled a hunting knife from it. Letting the blade glare in the dim light of the dark room, the young man's eyes widening in fear at the sight of the ridged blade. his chest rising and falling quickly. The taller man slowly inched the blade closer before resting it at his collar bone, pressing the tip into his soft skin ever so slightly before dragging it down to his stomach. Those large eyes watching with fear clear in them. Without any warning the blade easily sunk into the boys soft fleshy stomach, the knife carving down his flesh like butter. A scream tearing from the boys throat as he watched the blade carve down his stomach and stopping just before his hips, soon going back to the middle of his abdomin to cut another line across the already carved spot.

The boys mouth produced more spittle which simply ran down his chin, more tears running down his face as well. He didn't know how to react as he saw a large hand push flesh away to expose his internal workings, blood pooling down onto the ground, forming a dark puddle of an odd black blood. "N… No… Please…no-" He pleaded softly before the man dug his hand into his exposed organs, searching about his body, causing disgusting and satisfying wet sounds to fill the room. He felt his insides churn and mess as the hand searched, he couldn't scream. He couldn't force any sound out other then a few coughed back hacks. He felt he'd puke if this continued, this was horror. Was he going to die? No, no. Not yet, maybe not anytime soon. This was a game, this was part of the fun. A fun, fun game. He didn't know he was playing.

A example of what I can type out, sorry for any typos or grammatical errors.

Now, you can contact me by KiK and we can discuss things.

Hope to speak soon.

KiK: Demonic_veins

F-list: will be given once messaged

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