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I am an adult male looking for an adult female to role play with.

The realm of Faunara is in turmoil. The Warmblooded Alliance and the Smoothskined Dynasty are at odds and war is surely close. Not only this but chaotic and destructive monsters known as Devils have begun springing up, and causing havoc. The end must be near. We will play a pair of travelers on a quest to find the Wizard of the Fireflies who surely knows the solution to our problem, but many people will stand in the way of our quest and fall out our hands (most strangely enough attractive young maidens).

My kinks include snuff, furry (obviously), feet/paws, age play, and piss. My only limits are scat. My kik is Genericerword, and my discord Vice Dark Lord #0926 Hope to talk to you soon




Discord tag isn't working

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