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I’m male, newcomer here and I’m looking for RP or just to chat with someone about torturing, mutilation and kill my slutty wife.

She is MILF, 41 y.o., average shape (ass similar with a left pic, breast smaller than on the right) with more than 200 partners sex experience.

English is my second language (Russian- native), so if you ok with it you are welcome.

I’m fun of: insect, vagina, clit, womb mutilation, breast mutilation, living insertions/parasites, unhealthy relationships, ruined orgasm, degrading and break her will, brainwashing, poisoning, bestiality/wild animals, body transformations, branding, death.

Humiliate my whore-wife in every way, insulting/degrading her, using her as you like, as a slave or prostitution without rules of use. Making fun of her stupid face, treating her as a disgusting bitch with no value.
No respect for her at all, just extreme abuse.

skype: whitedaemon1
telegram: same as skype

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