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So im searching for someone that will be active and its a must because i dopnt want people that wont be bale to keep a long rp with me why you may ask because if there big delays in rpoleplays it turn me off and i lost the rp hype i like to do unbirth, vore, mental break, doll play, snuff, Gore, cannibalism, torture consensuel and non consensuel but i like non consensuel more long rp short rps dont interest me (we still can arrange) i use already set characters (example Rem from Re:zero would be a character i could pick (THIS DONT MEAN I WILL BE HER!)i dont use oc's i can match with themn but dont make me play as one that'S a big no no i liek to put humor in my rp since they are long and mostly very interesting what turn me off scat furry and feet none of those! for the scenarios i might ask you and let you suggest what you wish for in our first and after we will can mix our 2 tastes my time is America time (USA) i sent wrote this message at 19:25 America Time do not ask me rp sample it to make it more easy on me i usualy take anime characters but i have a large character selection so no worries and after talking about all of that let move on to my contact (you can suggest new social media to use im fully open)

Discord = Megumin#5311

Email [Hangout]

Kik = Vestal2 or

Hope to see you soon! (the character in this pic can be as well a character i could be(notice i wont be the boy but the girl if i ever choose this character) last info i play sub and dom role (preferable sub since i rarely play dom but im ok with both)

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