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Hello there,
i'm a newcomer on gurochan and i'm looking for roleplay partner.
I'm a pantyhose fetishist and also a snuff/asphyxia lover(no gore or blood). I love dark themed scenarios based on thrillers movies.

To give you one example, one of my hottest scenario is to be a late teen living with my mom. my character recently realized his fetish for pantyhose, and eventually, he stole few of his mom's used tights in the laundry bag, trying them and playing with himself while daydreaming about some sexy teacher at school.
Until the day a burglar sneak into our house, first he kills my mom, strangling or bagging her, preventing her to alarm me.
Once she is dead, he sneak inside my bedroom and find me there, rubbing myself in my mom's pantyhose. he smother me to death before i can release my precious load, and i die in frustration.
Before leaving the house, the burglar poses me and mom together, with only our pantyhose on, exposed, and humiliated even in death.

This is only a short example plot, what i'm looking for is a RP killer (male or female), inventive, sadistic (pantyhose fetish would be a plus) to explore new ideas about death fetish.

In case you would be interested in that kind of things, feel free to join me on discord :
my direct id is :odinoot


I will be looking you up! Looking forward to strangling your cock, then you!



Simply join me on discord or email me, and we will discuss about it :p


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Still looking for people to share and discuss, feel free to join
My id :

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