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[Forgot to title the last one]
Hello there, looking for rp partners to fufill some kinks and fantasies.

Fave: Necrophilia, Eyesocket and head hole fuck, gut fuck, anything resembling OP's work, loli, futa

Meh: Pure gore porn aka cutting in half, hanging, dismemberment, without the fucking part. If I'm in pieces I expect those pieces fucked ;)
Cannibalism, haven't found an appeal to it yet.

No: Scat, Vomit, toilet play, anything with food, irl pictures

I want to play the victim only pls, ok with male and female and other characters. Prefer MXF with me as F.

Open to learning about new kinks, please be respectful if I decline. Cheers.


Kik: Ariella.Cob


Current biggest cravings:

Extreme ageplay
Extreme sizeplay
Unsurvivable sizeplay/ageplay (giant cocks that destroy tiny holes)

If you drop in start with a fantasy of yours, if it makes you feel less awkward haha. I'm very laid back so don't fear me :p


Closed to rp atm, but dm for a chat.

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