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Joeslist, a popular dark web version of Craigslist just posted a unique listing in their "prostitution" tab. A rather rare find amongst the many whores of different varieties and ages

'7yo boy, kidnapped, Virgin. NEVER USED'

The ad includes pictures of a rather terrified looking boy with brown hair and stunning blue eyes tied to a chair. Wearing a green t shirt with a dinosaur print on it and pair of jeans an black and white converse sneakers that seemed rather beaten up.

The ad mentioned that the kid is freshly bathed but only has the one outfit, which he pissed in when he was being kidnapped. Somewhere after his kidnappers grabbed him a discussion was had about washing the clothes…but they decided not to… assuming someone may like the smell of little boy piss. As well as he's been fed and hydrated and checked to make sure of his virgin status…though there is no mention of how he was checked.

The ad links to a bidding site, with the starting bid already inordinately high, at least three times higher that some of the most premium whores. The boy clearly could only be afforded to the wealthy, someone willing to give up all their savings…or perhaps a few perverts willing to split the costs.

The ad also mentions that the boy must remain alive and unharmed, as they intend to continue selling him (alneit at a lower cost) once his virginity is spent. This also means no forcing him to eat shit…though pissing is fine as long as the boy doesn't drown. Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets!

(This is a bit of an experimental rp, where I will be playing as the boy with the first handful of people to respond. You may know me from my stories in /Lit if so you probably know what to expect. I am a very reactive role player and focus on realism, so expect him to have a gag reflex, and a need to use the bathroom, crying, screaming and whatever else)


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