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I'm a 23 year-old dominant male who's looking for a submissive (or also dominant) female role-playing partner. I don't have any taboos and basically everything is fine with me. However I am particulary into things like incest, animals, bathroom play (scat, piss, etc), occultism and brutal rape/torture. Concerning the act of killing I really like asphyxiation, behading or slow and bloody deaths.

If your preferences differ from mine it's no problem at all if you contact me nonetheless. This means that I am willing to adjust my preferences to your kinks. The most important thing for me is that you are willing to commit to a long time roleplay with lots of detail and backround story.

Finally I have some further informations, that might be useful:

-You can finde me on Discord: DarkSide#9124

-I won't beg for camsex or phonesex (or something similar)

-The roleplay is completely anonymous

-however I would like to get to know my partner after a certain amount of time a little bit better. (If both sides are okay with it)

- I am from Germany and it would be nice if my roleplay parter would live in a compatible time zone

- I am able to write in english or in german (but I would obviously prefer a german roleplay)

Contact me and lets have some fun together!

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