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Hello guro lovers! I’m looking to start a group roleplay on kik! The title is very self explanatory. Anyways I’m mainly looking for female sub/switch partners to join this first one, but I will most likely be doing many of these so if I think of another idea that needs a dom or a male I’ll be happy to include you. However, I do like a standard of people to roleplay with. I think it’s a given no ** or - - actions. The average at least one paragraph per reply. Now onto the idea I am going to offer.

This roleplay will consist of me in a dominant role with possibly two to three submissive partners that compete with each other for my affection. It’s a game of jealousy where my favourite gets all the attention so it’s a constant fight for me. If you ever watched a harem themed anime it will be like that. Well with guro elements in it.

This will be the main idea. The other details such as a story will be decided in the group so everyone is happy with it. I have no limits so limits will be decided by the members who join. The same goes for the kinks that will be included.

I know this isn’t much to go off of so I’ll tell you some information about me. I have been roleplaying guro for about 8 years and have explored many things so I will not be running out of original ideas for guro anytime soon. I like to play a full longterm literate roleplay so this group will be similar. I am very active so even if the other girls in the group aren’t there, you’ll still be able to run the story with me at anytime you want.

Finally due to the standard I want in the roleplay of literate partners, I will be giving out my email instead. I would like you to email the account provided with an introduction of who you are, your kik username, and a small demonstration of your skills of roleplaying. Maybe it be a short scene or a screenshot of a past roleplay, anyway that you can show proof! That is all. I hope to hear from you soon~


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