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Looking for role player to do messed up things with and to me. I like to play the victim most but I am flexable. Like to play as myself but will play other things to. Prefer to be a hot or cute male or trap. Any gender is welcome to play. Here is a list of my top dark fetish intrests:

-vore (Like Macro / Micro. Me being the micro. Dragons especially but not exclusively.)-

-my castration and or penectomy-

-any gothic theme is sexy-

-disembowelment or gut stabbing-


-bisection (like being sawn in half)-

-urethral sounding-

-scat, urine or even vomit (if you like)

-cannibalism (usually preferred via dolcett impalement)-

-furry or shota (no babies or toddlers though. Try like 10 or up)-

But those are just things I really like. Feel free to be creative with me. I am flexible.If you are interested I am on kik. Search for


Is discord fine


I dont have that but i can try to get it in a bit. I will post back here when i do.


Ok should be able to find me on discord under same name


New to discord don't know if you need # too but here it is


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Now on f-list for all those furry fans. Still learning it though.Find me there under:


I sent a Discord friend invite

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