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The same as Finish Her but with fembois and traps (or shotas)

Please no bara guys

You best Bridget…now you must FINISH HIM


File: 1560018336199.png (7.36 MB, 4961x7016, 1433763_fairwind1988_2.png)

Okay since Bridget isnt attracting anyone for some reason

Here is Tails, he thinks this is a porn movie but its actually a snuff film.



Its been only two days on a very slow board, calm down.
Maybe you should write a scenario first if you want to generate some interest.



I thought I did, I hope someone replies finishing one of them


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Phantom Cocks paralyzed and are raping Asriel, these cocks have a plan for him…

Will you interrupt their plan, join their plan…or RP as them?


Boys are so cute; especially when I'm cutting off their penis! Their little balls are next, and you should here them Cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I take Tails and turn him into a crying, bitch ass, little girl; then, since girls are worthless, I put a bullet through his fuckin head and leave him for dead, his balls in my pocket, his dick-lit in my right shoe, under foot where it belongs.


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Thanks for the first reply that added a fatality YAY

Now here is Kid Gohan.

You catch him "discovering himself"

How shall you deal with this?


No Masturbation for Kid Gohan!

After he's knocked himself out, I discover a naked sleeping boy: "Well, well; what have we here?"

I smile, knowing that these r his last moments as a little boy. I cut his dick and balls off, working swiftly; then his nipples and all his fingers and cute little toes! As he screams, I take him by the nose and cut that off two – I gouge out his eyes and leave the ugly little sex-less FREAK for dead.

Daddy finds the body; daddy is PISSED — but there's nothing he can do………

Daddy sacrifices his own humongous dick on a stone alter……. but nothing brings his baby back!


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Its nice to have activity

Now you have an Inkling Boy defeated after a terfwar…



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Bonus… You defeated Teddie, now the pun loving trap is at your mercy… FINISH HIM


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Despite the generous tipping Spike here wont give you a Lapdance

How shall you get your moneys worth… FINISH HIM


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You captured Chris Thorndyke!

He is completely at your mercy or lack thereof


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