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The same as Finish Her but with fembois and traps (or shotas)

Please no bara guys

You best Bridget…now you must FINISH HIM


File: 1560018336199.png (7.36 MB, 4961x7016, 1433763_fairwind1988_2.png)

Okay since Bridget isnt attracting anyone for some reason

Here is Tails, he thinks this is a porn movie but its actually a snuff film.



Its been only two days on a very slow board, calm down.
Maybe you should write a scenario first if you want to generate some interest.



I thought I did, I hope someone replies finishing one of them


File: 1561245631929.png (1.26 MB, 1587x1170, e9dcf185d7c5237a6debc73e97….png)

Phantom Cocks paralyzed and are raping Asriel, these cocks have a plan for him…

Will you interrupt their plan, join their plan…or RP as them?


Boys are so cute; especially when I'm cutting off their penis! Their little balls are next, and you should here them Cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I take Tails and turn him into a crying, bitch ass, little girl; then, since girls are worthless, I put a bullet through his fuckin head and leave him for dead, his balls in my pocket, his dick-lit in my right shoe, under foot where it belongs.


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Thanks for the first reply that added a fatality YAY

Now here is Kid Gohan.

You catch him "discovering himself"

How shall you deal with this?


No Masturbation for Kid Gohan!

After he's knocked himself out, I discover a naked sleeping boy: "Well, well; what have we here?"

I smile, knowing that these r his last moments as a little boy. I cut his dick and balls off, working swiftly; then his nipples and all his fingers and cute little toes! As he screams, I take him by the nose and cut that off two – I gouge out his eyes and leave the ugly little sex-less FREAK for dead.

Daddy finds the body; daddy is PISSED — but there's nothing he can do………

Daddy sacrifices his own humongous dick on a stone alter……. but nothing brings his baby back!


File: 1566339270102.jpeg (2.19 MB, 2750x3591, 2dbb1eadc78a7299df7e8c3ea….jpeg)

Its nice to have activity

Now you have an Inkling Boy defeated after a terfwar…



File: 1566444198633.jpeg (160.62 KB, 494x600, b865fa162071b04076a33ef1f….jpeg)

Bonus… You defeated Teddie, now the pun loving trap is at your mercy… FINISH HIM


File: 1566444271489.jpg (44.81 KB, 791x1024, 1566270246020.jpg)

Despite the generous tipping Spike here wont give you a Lapdance

How shall you get your moneys worth… FINISH HIM


File: 1566444535876.png (1.56 MB, 2800x3897, illust_55080059_20190821_2….png)

You captured Chris Thorndyke!

He is completely at your mercy or lack thereof



File: 1567116135635.jpg (211.55 KB, 792x1108, 14427d00-9d7a-467d-acee-d3….jpg)

Btw if you want to kill a target that someone else has you can, that way no one misses out

Also heres a poke trainer finding he finds his pokemon sexy…n

But public fapping is illigal

How shall you punish him…



Every little boy deserves to lose his naughty penis! If caught playing with it: MEN – whip out your DICK and your KNIVES! FIRST! Rape the little boy up his mouth; this is for muttering nasty-words under his breath while he masturbates. Next: CUT OFF HIS COCK! This is for masturbating! What a sin it is! Dicks are for rapage! Not 'play' time! If the little boy asks you to fix him, do so: slice his nuts off…. You now have a pretty little fuck toy for your dick; threaten his thumbs if 'it' gives you any trouble.


File: 1568418426328.png (608.62 KB, 440x999, C3eVQdyUcAAspne.png)

This shota is being examined before an execution, how shall he be executed?


File: 1568418844871.jpg (460.71 KB, 1000x1417, illust_66100707_20171130_0….jpg)

Shinya is now helpless, the former king has fallen, now he is humiliated and about to die



>>5314 За такие слова тебя надо на мангал и долго и упорно жарить жарить и ещё раз жарить.



Sorry but I cant read that


File: 1569580380334.png (659.68 KB, 920x1657, 61267385_p0.png)

A new target, Tai of the digidestined.


(Also a board for finish topics)


………Hey? Why am I, like, the only writer? I like to read other killers' comments too.

Please help me, my friends: these little boys are starting to annoy me, …. pullin on their fuckin wee-wees while the unwittingly wait to die…


(and snip off their privates… please)


Executioner, you must have some naughty thoughts; please, share!


I just wish I wasnt the only one posting targets


A discord board where you discribe how youd kill targets or post targets or both

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