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While I do like all the finsh her and death above stories I thought I'd make a thread based around the tastier ways to kill someone. Our first dish will be the this juicy girl, Lucy, hope you're hungry.


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Oh, I like this idea. I think I'll give it a go.

Step 1: Scalp removal. This will take care of that head hair, and allow it to be seasoned and wrapped in cabbage. With luck, the head, in its entirety, will turn out delicious.

Step 2: Remove the arms from the body and have them stewed until the meat is ready to fall off the bones, but also made to go. This is not part of the dish, but will be served the next day with some fresh vegetables.

Step 3: Remove and slice up the legs, keep the feet and ankles together for Step 5, and leave to cook on a small grill. Remove the bone from each slice, of course. Serve with small sandwiches as appetizers while Step 5 is prepared.

Step 4: Skin and 'gut' the breasts into a bowl of stuffing. That fat will be used in the next step. Mix with diced and steamed vegetables, and pieces of choice organs (for this, chunks of heart and liver), and add apple cider vinegar. Mix well to add during Step 5.

Step 5: While she is still alive and now breast-less and quad-amputated, carefully cut open her chest and belly, remove organs (all or most, choice ones may result in death sooner rather than later) and fill with stuffing from Step 4. Spread evenly within the cavity (blood is edible when prepared properly), and add other garnishing or toppings if desired (in this case, noodles) before propping head on a pillow of bread dough and placing in the oven.

Step 6: Allow to bake or broil (if broil, put in on front and then add stuffing when cooking on the back), and baste regularly. During the final 2 cycles, place the feet into the belly and allow to finish.

Step 7: Remove, allow to cool, and enjoy. The broth inside the belly and chest should be fully cooked and savory, having flavored the rest of the body by soaking into the pores.
When removing the cabbage from the head, be careful as the eyes may have melted. The skull should be easily removed from the heat and basting, and the contents of it soft and melting in the mouth.

Final: Keep the hands as souvenirs of the meal, or use in magic items if that is your world (Hands of the Mage probably work better if they came from a mage). Don't forget the arm stew. Meat always seem to taste better the day after, no?

Assuming this is the same as the Finish Her threats, next on the menu is Shantae. Now that she is finished entertaining you, she is now ready to be served to you.

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