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Good Evening,

I'm looking for a partnerbto create a world with and roleplay with them long term. I like to play women, but will also play men. I will go ahead and say, If you want something unoriginal, just the same old "girl gets beheaded" or "I slide her into the oven", that doesn't really get me going any more. We're gonna do something better and more unique.

I'm into a lot, but I'm not particularly into MxM (not often anyway) and I'm not into anal of any kind, or scat. Specifically, I like Free Use, Cannibalism, Taxidermy, stuff like that.

I have ideas of my own, but I'm open o hear yours, too. Contact me at Lari#0370 . I'll be waiting to hear from you


I'm down but your discord info isn't working, could we use Kik?


fix your discord


Damn it. Wanted to role-play.

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