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Good day/night to you all.

I am here to bring about some news regarding a Discord server that I made recently, called Lecherfiend's Manor. It is basically a roleplaying place where the setting is a Mansion with a hint of Lovecraftian themed placed here and there. The purpose of the Manor is to aid those who need to unleash their carnal desire and their wildest fantasy, especially those that have a darker spectrum to it. Within the Manor, there is something that is called "Immortal Toys", a being that was trained and altered to serve their guest's or master's desire due to their needs to consume sexual desire and pain stimulus in order to strife within the Manor.

Below are some basic rules that you have to follow before joining the server :

- Must be above 18 years old.
- Open minded and active.
- Enjoy roleplaying (semi-lit to advanced-lit)
- Abide by the server rules so that we keep the place fun and manageable.

Should you be interested in the place, you can contact me on my Discord, Lecherfiend#3426.


So reply already!

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