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Since the website is back, I thought we should do a brand new topic of the old one. So here are the rules.

In this roleplay, two people will create two character sheets and fight to the death. To kill their opponent, they'll have to drop their enemy's hps to 0.

Each fighters start with 100 hps. The sheet will be arranged that way :

Ladybug's hps : 100
Weapon : Yo-yo (Long range weapon)
Armor : Hero suit (Light armor)

As for the armors…

Heavy armor : -2 suffered damages and +2 enemy's to hit roll (you're more resistant but slower)
Medium armor : No changes
Light armor/no armor : +2 suffered damages and -2 enemy's to hit roll (you're weaker but faster)

Weapons :

Offensive weapon (sword, warhammer, power fists,…) : +2 damages
Defensive weapons (shield, mechanical fists,…) : +2 armor
Long range weapon (Gun, spear, bow,…) : +2 speed

To hit, you need to roll above your enemy's speed. We all have a speed of 10 +/- the bonuses/maluses given by the weapons and armors. Rolling between 18 and 20 gives you a critical hit, which makes you able to double the damages. When you roll a critical, you have to roll. Different actions will be possible depending on the second roll you're doing.

(1-5) : Severed member : You took your opponent's arm, leg or even tongue. Whatever you want.
(6-10) : Breaking a bone : You break your opponent's arm, nose, leg, or even spine. Be creative.
(11-15) : Taking off organs : No needs for more explanations, just not the brain or heart. Remember, none of the critical hits can be mortal.
(16-20) : Knock off : You're one lucky son of a bitch. You've knocked down your opponent. Now is time to play with them. Fuck them, torture them, or any other fun activity. Just enjoy it.

Well then, have fun. Anyone who wants to fight me is welcome. I'll be going as Ladybug.

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