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I just thought of a new concept to join my family of story writing games. Not sure how successful it will be compared to the others, but here we go anyways.

Write The Scene

-The basic concept is simple; post an image, the next person writes out a story concerning and posts an image of their own, and the process continues. No character or info sheets to fill out.

-Each image should feature at least one person being killed, having already been killed, or in peril of being killed.

-Subjects of the images, the victims at least, should be human or extremely human-like. (Those wishing to create a thread for animals, furries, and monsters may do so. I don't have an image to start it myself.)

-Images can be just a single picture, or a comic strip. Animations are also acceptable.

-Each story should be at least 50 words or longer.

-If you feel like writing an extremely long story, you may place a claim on the previous entry; in which case you have 3 days before the entry becomes freely available again.

-While you should try to fulfill the entry above before making your own post, it's not required if the previous post is more than thirty days old.

The image to this post is the first entry.

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