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Looking for anyone up for taking my little head off and keeping it as a pet or sex toy like the pic.

I can also do short oneshot snuff rp's if you prefer.

I usually play as immortal characters so i survive the beheadings at least for a little while.

(Decapitation, guro, bloodplay, watersports, amputation, slice of life, and many others. I have no limits)


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My username on kik is chop_girl and i would love to chat with you soon


Would you be interested in those?Also are you interested just playing the victim or do you like being the killer too?


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Yes and im interested in playing the victim


Sounds great! Do you also have discord?


I don't really use discord much im mostly on kik.

Loosylimbs #6546 for discord


If anyone wants to chop my head off my discord is Clarissa❤#7269


"Clarissa❤#7269" wasn't liked by discord, typo maybe?


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Still around for anyone who wants to chop off my head.

Even up for some dolcett rp if you'd like.

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