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Looking for anyone up for taking my little head off and keeping it as a pet or sex toy like the pic.

I can also do short oneshot snuff rp's if you prefer.

I usually play as immortal characters so i survive the beheadings at least for a little while.

(Decapitation, guro, bloodplay, watersports, amputation, slice of life, and many others. I have no limits)


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My username on kik is chop_girl and i would love to chat with you soon


Would you be interested in those?Also are you interested just playing the victim or do you like being the killer too?


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Yes and im interested in playing the victim


Sounds great! Do you also have discord?


I don't really use discord much im mostly on kik.

Loosylimbs #6546 for discord


If anyone wants to chop my head off my discord is Clarissa❤#7269


"Clarissa❤#7269" wasn't liked by discord, typo maybe?


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Still around for anyone who wants to chop off my head.

Even up for some dolcett rp if you'd like.


I told a friend of mine you might be interested in some RP, but she said she hasn't yet gotten any replies from you 'cause it's her first time using kik and it might be bugging out on her.


I haven't gotten any new replies. And Im still open.


Try getting her to resend her message. I'll be on the lookout for it


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Could I rp this with you I have a kik



Loosylimbs #6546 didn't work on Discord.


she sent another and said she added you on discord just in case kik was being too weird for her, she says sorry for the trouble




I cannot use this username

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