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Art by (i assume) Icarus_Aresane On Furaffinity.

First time posing on Gurochan.

Looking for Roleplay partners for snuff themed rp, preferably female but males are just fine,
though i usually prefer my victims female. I usually never like playing victims, dominant/top is usually my favorite role.

Furry is welcome as well as non.

Turn ons: Snuff, bladder release when snuffed, necro, aspyx, hanging, neck snapping, and anything else along though lines.

Turn offs: Vore, macro/micro, crushing, scat,

Aside from turn offs, nothing is set in stone, my rp exp is around 8+ years now, but i dont demand long length or literacy, i will likely just match anything you do.

I'm super open so if you would like to do something specific let me know. Plotting beforehand prefered but if you approach me IC i wont mind so long as it shows clear effort.

You can find me on Kik as: 1barbwire1, if you prefer writing somewhere else let me know and we can work something out.


And for those who don't use Kik, you can also find me on Discord as Barbwire#8446


Ah, good to see you. I spoke with you about an artwork commission under a different name, a long time ago. A goat with glasses I think, I wasnt very good back then but you supported me. I was glad.

I dont want to roleplay, but friend me on discord at reg#6449 anyway, if you will. I always like keeping contact with people so heavily into guro art and community. Plus i mighy be able to find you some friends to play with.


Also i got the artist wrong,

Art on the orignal post was made by Frostbite80 on inkbunny


I'd be interested, are you on discord?


Yes! You can find me here on discord



Ooo! That's one of my commissions, it seems you already found that the artist is frostbite


Bump, still looking for partners !


Still waiting for you to reply on discord



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