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Death Above — Youth Edition

You have probably seen this enough times to know the gist of it, but I’ll explain for any newbies.

Poster 1 posts a character/characters and scenario.

Poster 2 writes a story in which Poster 1’s character is killed, based on Poster 1’s outline. Then Poster 2 creates their own character, and the next person repeats the process; and so on and so on.


1. All characters must be human, or closely resemble humans; elf ears and unusual skin tones are perfectly fine. No monsters, animals (anthropomorphic or otherwise), or other critters.

2. Characters may not be older than twelve years of age. Immortal characters who appear under twelve are fine.

3. You may create multiple characters for your entry, but no more than ten at a time.

4. You may enter original characters or characters from pre-existing material; if you post a character from a show, game, etc, you must name the material that character is from.

5. Fill out a story for the previous entry before posting your own scenario. You may ignore this rule if the last post was made thirty days ago.

6. If your story is too long, you may post it in /lit/, or on another site, and post a link.

Character Template;

Description: (You may write out the character’s appearance or use an image. You may also post details about their personality, if you choose.)
Type of Death: (Optional: Is it an execution, random murder, assassination, suicide, combat-related death, or something else? Leave blank if you want the person writing the story to decide.)

If you’re using multiple characters;

Character 1

Character 2

Character 3


Type of Death:


Note: Rule 2 is meant to say, "At least one character in each scenario must be younger than thirteen." If you do multiple characters, some of them are allowed to be older than twelve.


File: 1556137609504.jpeg (71.34 KB, 708x1000, c507c4a2d18fecf3bd8f11f02….jpeg)

Name: Felicia
Age: 11
Description: See image, a bright, free spirited tomboy
Scenario: Exploring an old junk yard by herself.


File: 1556237343609.png (1.04 MB, 667x1080, Razvan3699 (3).png)

Name: Susannah Evans
Age: 11
Description: See Pic, too foul-mouthed and sexual for her age.
Type of Death: Assassination
Scenario: Her father busted up a major child porn operation, arresting hundreds of pedophiles; the leader of the operation escaped, however. He not only wants his youngest daughter killed as payback, but he wants the hitman to take lewd photos of her corpse and post them on her social media accounts.


Response is here:


File: 1556690479576.jpeg (124.03 KB, 550x765, 5789d448bd16bac404f06c573….jpeg)

Name: Arla
Age: 10
Description: See image, a war orphan caught by slavers and trained to be a gladiatrix.
Type of Death: Combat
Scenario: Her first (and last) match.


The video starts.

For the first few seconds, the camera is fuzzy, and out of focus. Whoever is operating it fiddles with the lens, and the image sharpens up. There is a room, poorly lit. In the center is a little redhead sitting in a chair. Her limbs are securely tied to the arms and legs of the chair. Her eyes and mouth have been covered with duct tape. She is dressed in her private catholic school uniform, a green blazer with white shirt, green tartan pattern skirt, and long black thigh high socks.

A single man enters the frame. He is masked, wearing sunglasses and gloves. The man faces the camera, and starts talking, his voice pitch shifted and run through a filter.
"The sins of the father, Michael Evans". He walks over to the girl, who flinches as he places a hand on her shoulder. "Any last words for Daddy, Susannah?", he leans over and whispers in her ear. The girl begins to tremble, sweat pouring off her forehead. "MmmmfHmMM", she grunts through the duct tape.

The video blacks out for several seconds.

It resumes, but now the camera is placed right by the chair, in the middle of the action. The man is also now wielding a large hunting knife. Its serrated edge shines under the glare of the single LED bulb.

The man grabs Susannah by her ginger tresses and pulls her head back, exposing her pale, slender neck. With an experienced motion, he jabs the knife into her left side anterior triangle, driving it in up to the hilt. Susannah stiffens, her entire body going rigid in shock. He drags it across towards the right, opening up her windpipe and severing her carotid artery. Bright red, oxygen rich blood jets forth from the cut. Susannah's body jerks and twists, fighting desperately to escape. A wet gurgling comes forth from her windpipe as she pukes up her last meal. Her blood pours down, splashing and pooling around the chair.
An acrid scent fills the air as she loses control of her bladder.

Slowly, the girl's movements die down. The entire front of her school uniform is stained with blood and vomit. Her head flops forward, her chin resting on her chest. The camera is shifted closer, and Susannah's head is pulled up. Hands rip off the duct tape, revealing Susannah's reddened, tear stained eyes and her blood stained lips. He takes a rubber dildo, and pushes it past her limp mouth. Her drool slides down in strings. The dildo bulges her cheeks. He pulls it out, her jaw left open. With one hand, he pulls her pink tongue out.
The man shifts his attention to Susannah's skirt. He pulls it down, the cuts open her urine soaked panties. The dildo is pushed into her slit. Blood trickles as her first time is taken.

The camera records it all.

He checks the laptop. 80,000 views and climbing by the second. The man smiles. She hadn't even put a passcode on her smartphone. Getting into her instagram, facebook, twitter, and twitch had been as easy as pie. Now, the images of her broken and abused body were spreading throughout the internet at a rate that would make it impossible to stop.


File: 1556756146191.png (289.55 KB, 1599x834, Offerings.png)

Name: Kayla Bowman
Age: 9
Description: See Pic, redhead. (Left)

Name: Lois Davis
Age: 15
Description: See Pic, ebony teen. (Center)

Name: Camie Rodriguez
Age: 11
Description: See Pic, dark-skinned preteen. (Right)

Type of Death: Cannibalized
Scenario: A big cannibal party is being held, and attendees must place children eight to sixteen into a drawing to be served at dinner. A teen and two preteens are selected.

Kayla - She is scared, but tries hard to hide it and accept her death like a big girl. She is happy that a boy she has a crush on will be the one to snuff them.

Lois - She came to the party because her parents would let her have sex; she doesn't mind dying so long as she gets to lose her virginity first.

Camie - She only came to this party because she didn't want to disobey her parents, but she's absolutely terrified at being dinner.


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