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Death Above — Youth Edition

You have probably seen this enough times to know the gist of it, but I’ll explain for any newbies.

Poster 1 posts a character/characters and scenario.

Poster 2 writes a story in which Poster 1’s character is killed, based on Poster 1’s outline. Then Poster 2 creates their own character, and the next person repeats the process; and so on and so on.


1. All characters must be human, or closely resemble humans; elf ears and unusual skin tones are perfectly fine. No monsters, animals (anthropomorphic or otherwise), or other critters.

2. Characters may not be older than twelve years of age. Immortal characters who appear under twelve are fine.

3. You may create multiple characters for your entry, but no more than ten at a time.

4. You may enter original characters or characters from pre-existing material; if you post a character from a show, game, etc, you must name the material that character is from.

5. Fill out a story for the previous entry before posting your own scenario. You may ignore this rule if the last post was made thirty days ago.

6. If your story is too long, you may post it in /lit/, or on another site, and post a link.

Character Template;

Description: (You may write out the character’s appearance or use an image. You may also post details about their personality, if you choose.)
Type of Death: (Optional: Is it an execution, random murder, assassination, suicide, combat-related death, or something else? Leave blank if you want the person writing the story to decide.)

If you’re using multiple characters;

Character 1

Character 2

Character 3


Type of Death:


Note: Rule 2 is meant to say, "At least one character in each scenario must be younger than thirteen." If you do multiple characters, some of them are allowed to be older than twelve.


File: 1556137609504.jpeg (71.34 KB, 708x1000, c507c4a2d18fecf3bd8f11f02….jpeg)

Name: Felicia
Age: 11
Description: See image, a bright, free spirited tomboy
Scenario: Exploring an old junk yard by herself.


File: 1556237343609.png (1.04 MB, 667x1080, Razvan3699 (3).png)

Name: Susannah Evans
Age: 11
Description: See Pic, too foul-mouthed and sexual for her age.
Type of Death: Assassination
Scenario: Her father busted up a major child porn operation, arresting hundreds of pedophiles; the leader of the operation escaped, however. He not only wants his youngest daughter killed as payback, but he wants the hitman to take lewd photos of her corpse and post them on her social media accounts.


Response is here:


File: 1556690479576.jpeg (124.03 KB, 550x765, 5789d448bd16bac404f06c573….jpeg)

Name: Arla
Age: 10
Description: See image, a war orphan caught by slavers and trained to be a gladiatrix.
Type of Death: Combat
Scenario: Her first (and last) match.


The video starts.

For the first few seconds, the camera is fuzzy, and out of focus. Whoever is operating it fiddles with the lens, and the image sharpens up. There is a room, poorly lit. In the center is a little redhead sitting in a chair. Her limbs are securely tied to the arms and legs of the chair. Her eyes and mouth have been covered with duct tape. She is dressed in her private catholic school uniform, a green blazer with white shirt, green tartan pattern skirt, and long black thigh high socks.

A single man enters the frame. He is masked, wearing sunglasses and gloves. The man faces the camera, and starts talking, his voice pitch shifted and run through a filter.
"The sins of the father, Michael Evans". He walks over to the girl, who flinches as he places a hand on her shoulder. "Any last words for Daddy, Susannah?", he leans over and whispers in her ear. The girl begins to tremble, sweat pouring off her forehead. "MmmmfHmMM", she grunts through the duct tape.

The video blacks out for several seconds.

It resumes, but now the camera is placed right by the chair, in the middle of the action. The man is also now wielding a large hunting knife. Its serrated edge shines under the glare of the single LED bulb.

The man grabs Susannah by her ginger tresses and pulls her head back, exposing her pale, slender neck. With an experienced motion, he jabs the knife into her left side anterior triangle, driving it in up to the hilt. Susannah stiffens, her entire body going rigid in shock. He drags it across towards the right, opening up her windpipe and severing her carotid artery. Bright red, oxygen rich blood jets forth from the cut. Susannah's body jerks and twists, fighting desperately to escape. A wet gurgling comes forth from her windpipe as she pukes up her last meal. Her blood pours down, splashing and pooling around the chair.
An acrid scent fills the air as she loses control of her bladder.

Slowly, the girl's movements die down. The entire front of her school uniform is stained with blood and vomit. Her head flops forward, her chin resting on her chest. The camera is shifted closer, and Susannah's head is pulled up. Hands rip off the duct tape, revealing Susannah's reddened, tear stained eyes and her blood stained lips. He takes a rubber dildo, and pushes it past her limp mouth. Her drool slides down in strings. The dildo bulges her cheeks. He pulls it out, her jaw left open. With one hand, he pulls her pink tongue out.
The man shifts his attention to Susannah's skirt. He pulls it down, the cuts open her urine soaked panties. The dildo is pushed into her slit. Blood trickles as her first time is taken.

The camera records it all.

He checks the laptop. 80,000 views and climbing by the second. The man smiles. She hadn't even put a passcode on her smartphone. Getting into her instagram, facebook, twitter, and twitch had been as easy as pie. Now, the images of her broken and abused body were spreading throughout the internet at a rate that would make it impossible to stop.


File: 1556756146191.png (289.55 KB, 1599x834, Offerings.png)

Name: Kayla Bowman
Age: 9
Description: See Pic, redhead. (Left)

Name: Lois Davis
Age: 15
Description: See Pic, ebony teen. (Center)

Name: Camie Rodriguez
Age: 11
Description: See Pic, dark-skinned preteen. (Right)

Type of Death: Cannibalized
Scenario: A big cannibal party is being held, and attendees must place children eight to sixteen into a drawing to be served at dinner. A teen and two preteens are selected.

Kayla - She is scared, but tries hard to hide it and accept her death like a big girl. She is happy that a boy she has a crush on will be the one to snuff them.

Lois - She came to the party because her parents would let her have sex; she doesn't mind dying so long as she gets to lose her virginity first.

Camie - She only came to this party because she didn't want to disobey her parents, but she's absolutely terrified at being dinner.



File: 1559367621637.png (555.9 KB, 664x1052, d828f18b45012b946d5039d80e….png)

Since it has been thirty days, I’m posting a new entry to keep this going.

Name: Emily Scott (right)
Age: 32
Description: See image. Single mother.

Name: Samantha Scott (left)
Age: 11
Description: See image. Daughter of Emily Scott.

Type of Death: Suicide
Scenario: Emily entered into multiple failed relationships after her husband died. A year ago her own daughter asked if she could be her lover, and the two fell into an intense incestuous relationship as Emily taught her daughter the wonders of her body. A nosy neighbor caught them making love and threatened to go to the police. Rather than being split up, they ultimately agree to end their lives together.


File: 1559539771473.jpg (273.76 KB, 850x850, sample_b0be1c416505c8ea03b….jpg)

Name: Suzuka
Age: 12
Description: See image. A young war orphan who turned to banditry to survive.
Type of Death: Combat

"Quit fidgeting, sweetie", Emily scolded, her slender fingers pulling the noose over Samantha's head. Samantha wiggled impatiently, "C'mon mom! The police will get here soon!" The older woman tightened the knot until it barely touched the under side of her daughter's jaw, causing Samantha to gasp. She touched the noose, grimacing. "Mom, will it hurt?", she asked softly. Emily pulled her own noose over her head and tightened it. "It will, for a little bit", she answered.

Emily stepped up onto a chair, and helped Samantha up with her. The two held each other close, and Emily marvelled at how beautiful her daughter was. Pale, soft skin brushed against her own, and the mother felt her daughter's heart beat pound away. Emily leaned over as far as the noose would allow, and kissed Samantha on the head, taking in the fragrance of the strawberry scented shampoo the little girl had used. Samantha wrapped her slim arms around her mothers mid section and nuzzled her nose against Emily's belly. "I'm scared", Samantha whispered. "Me too, honey", Emily whispered back, her voice wavering.

The sound of sirens got closer, and
Emily finally pushed the chair away with her foot. The ropes creaked as the weight of two bodies was transferred through its fibers. Emily gurgled for a few seconds as the noose bit into her neck, cutting off blood flow through her arteries. The older woman lost consciousness soon after, and went limp, piss dribbling down her legs as her bladder relaxed. Samantha was not as lucky as her mother. The noose slipped up, strangling the young girl but not cutting off her blood circulation. Her little fingers scrabbled against the rope, scratching deep into her skin and drawing blood. She latched onto the swinging corpse of her mother, but that would prove to be unhelpful, as the added weight caused Emily's noose to snap and drop her body to the floor. Samantha dropped too, which tightened her noose further.
Slowly, her pale, round face turned purple. Drool and snot oozed down in thick strings, dripping onto her flat chest. Her skinny legs and arms raised themselves as her 11 year old body experienced decorticate posturing. Finally, her limbs dropped and went limp as Samantha finally passed away.


File: 1559751216419.jpg (86.92 KB, 850x601, sample_6d6848d0d834411187a….jpg)

Name: Brianna
Age: 10
Description: See image. A young girl being trusted to be home alone. Slightly slutty, for a 10 year old.
Type of Death: Murder, preferably by the stabbing, shooting or removing of her vagina.

Ari smiled as he watched the orphan break into his home. He watched, and waited. Once she got far enough in, he lunged.

"Trapped now!"

He and the girl clashed blades, then jumped back, circling one another. They began to battle, blades dancing through the air. He worked slowly. None of his strikes cut her, but as they fought her clothes fell until she stood naked. He became more serious, slicing her left leg and put her to her knees. What he planned was cruel, and harsh. She attempted to stand, only to be knocked further to the ground. Her face to the floor, ass in the air, Ari lined his blade up her her little cunt and thrust in. She screamed out as the blade slid through her girlhood, exiting her belly and pinning her to the floor.

"Why would you do that, you bastard…" Suzuka sobbed, Ari twisting the blade in the girls vagina. The. He drew his second blade and plunged it into her back, through her heart…


File: 1560389880394.jpeg (203.99 KB, 703x994, yngtn074.jpeg)

Name: Marissa Shèng
Age: 10
Description: See Pic (Left). Marissa very kind and friendly girl, but is slutty for her she. She tends to flirt with older guys.

Name: Hannah Shèng
Age: 10
Description: See Pic (Right). Hannah is the shy and quiet type, except for when she’s around Marissa. Despite this, she’s just as slutty as her sister, and if Marissa is flirting with a boy she usually joins in.

Type of Death: Assisted Suicide/Consensual Assassination
Scenario: The twins got impregnated by an older boy, and fear they could use the DNA of their babies to catch him. So he doesn’t land in prison, the girls agree to a suicide pact. However, as they cannot dispose of their own corpses, they steal their dad’s money to hire a professional killer to do the work for him. They inform the killer they can be found a secluded pond, where they plan to spend their last moments skinny dipping.
“We’ll be back in a few hours, can we trust you to be good?”

Brianna looked up from her phone as mom and dad put their coats on. “Of course, mom. I always am.”

Her mother scowled. “Sometimes you’re not.”

“Usually, though,” Brianna replied as a big fake grin appeared across her face.

“Yeah, well, make today usually,” she leaned forward and kissed her daughter on the forehead, “because if you’re good me and your dad might bring something back for you.”

“Alright. I’ll be usually good, then,” Brianna replied and giggled. She kissed at her parents, who threw her a kiss back as they walked out the door.

Brianna laid the phone down on the coffee table and ran over to the window, watching her dad start the car and drive off. She stood there for several minutes until she was certain they wouldn’t be coming back for some stupid thing they forgot.

“Woohoo! House to myself time!” She yelled while bouncing up and down.

She ran into the bathroom and shut the door behind her.

“Hmm. Which one should I use?” She sifted through the cup of toothbrushes while scratching her chin. There was only four, but she sifted through them for an entire minute before shouting “Aha!”.

Brianna reached out and grabbed the one labeled ‘Samuel.’ She wondered if her big brother would notice the new taste when he came home from his friends Sunday, and giggled hysterically as she headed back into the living room. She grabbed her phone from the coffee table and plopped down on her dad’s recliner and leaned back.

“Who would I like to flick to?” She asked aloud as she pulled up the Facebook app and searched through her friends.

While her parents do have pretty much all of the naughty sites blocked on her phone, Brianna figured out how to bypass that months ago. Yet, despite all of the porn in the world available to her tiny fingertips, she more often found herself getting off to people she knows; primarily because it’s a turn on for her to walk around imagining her cute friends naked, and because she know how to find porn of people in her age group.

She browsed through her friends list, looking over each person’s profile for a few seconds before mumbling “nope,” and moving on to the next person. She stopped when she reached Mei; sister of Samuel’s best friend and the one she usually ends up getting off to. Long black hair with cute lemon-sized buds, and only two years older, Brianna considered the girl to be her future wife, despite barely interacting with her in the real world. She clicked on her favorite video, where Mei and her older sister record themselves eating an ice cream sticks for twenty minutes. Mei had on a nice grey t-shirt that perfectly outlines her small tits, and, for an added bonus, her sister showed a great deal of cleavage in her low cut blouse.

Brianna, satisfied with her selected video, lifted her dress up and pulled off her panties, exposing her bald prepubescent pussy to whomever could peer into that living room. Considering that the recliner faced the window, and the blinds were open, that would be everyone who walked by and the neighbors across the street. Brianna hoped for the neighbors across the street to see; a boy by the name of Ryan, specifically. A boy of sixteen, Ryan was another she dreamed of marrying one day, despite rarely speaking with him. That was more due to him never speaking to anyone, and her parents insisting that he’s too old; regardless of how much she points out that he’s only six years older, while they’re eleven years apart in age.

She leaned back further, her legs spread and pelvis sticking out, and turned the toothbrush on. A gasp escaped her lips when she inserted the vibrating toothbrush into her pussy, and soon Brianna’s moans reverberated around the room. The video started, and Brianna’s mind conjured up fantasies of Mei’s tongue in place of the brush, slithering in her cunt as it did with that snack. Reality faded as fantasy took over, Brianna was breathing rhythmically and thrusting her pelvis in coordination with the movements of the brush. Ectesy built and she let it flow over her body. Brianna sucked at the air while imagining she was suckling the ice cream off their tongues. Her body was numb and weightless, all of her concerns distant, and then she released. Brianna’s body seized up as her orgasm crashed over her in a wave of paradise.

Minutes later, she removed the toothbrush, dripping with her juices, from her cunt. Her first instinct was to lick it off, but she realized Samuel wouldn’t get a taste. You’re so nasty, she told herself as she set the brush on the table next to the chair. Brianna dug her fingers into her cunt and pulled them out moments later, soaked with sticky strings hanging down. Without a second thought, she placed each one into her mouth and sucked the juices right off, for several minutes. Then she laid back, softly rubbing her labia and slowly working her way to another orgasm.

The fantasy began to reemerge, then stopped abruptly. Pain unlike she had ever felt shot up from her pelvis and right hand, then a crack of thunder and breaking glass reached her ears microseconds later. Brianna jerked up from the recliner and collapsed to the floor, clutching her crotch as blood gushed through her fingers. She quickly realized that something punctured her pussy, making a new hole that exited through the middle of her ass crack. She quickly realized she had been shot, and tried to call the police when she realized that her phone was nowhere in sight, having been tossed into the air when she threw herself to the floor.

“Fuck!” Brianna grunted and tried to stand. She screamed, as pain more intense than before shot through her body, increasing in severity with each inch upward. Then, another hole ripped through her chest, the bullet blowing apart her heart and piercing her lungs with bone shards, before exiting through her back and coating the recliner in a spray of blood and tissue.

Brianna collapsed to the floor, spitting up blood as she mumbled incoherently. Her vision was blurry, and the world quickly faded out as she fell unconscious. Her body twitched for several minutes before going stiff. A stream of piss sprayed from what remained of her urethra as her body relaxed forever.

Ryan peered out across the street through the scope of his dad’s rifle. The day he dreamed about for years had come, and the first victim of his rampage was no longer getting back up. After years of looking out his window through that scope, the sight of the little neighbor girl rubbing herself compelled him to act; he’d never get a target like that again, and he wasn’t going to waste it.

As he began scanning the street for more victims, the thumps of his old man coming down the hallway caught his ears and he swerved the gun towards the bedroom door; Ryan’s next target came to him.

Over the next twenty minutes, Ryan Holland slaughtered thirty-five people, mostly cops, before being taken down himself. The police blockade of the street ended long before Brianna’s parents returned home to the horror of her blood-soaked corpse laying in the middle of their living room.



File: 1560740859592.png (4.41 MB, 1414x2000, 66352073_p0.png)

Name: Sarah
Age: 12
Description: See image. Normally bright and cheerful, the sudden death of her parents, and the placement of her into an abusive foster home sent her into a deep depression
Type of Death: Suicide

Rose watched from the shore as the two young girls splashed each other, their nude bodies glistening in the golden afternoon sun. Their high pitched giggling brought memories of her own childhood summers. Although, she reflected, her 10 year old self probably would never be able to imagine just what kind of work she'd be doing in the present. The two girls swam back to the shore and emerged from the water, dripping wet and shivering as a sudden gust of wind blew in. Rose stared, feeling uncomfortable. Both girls were sporting swollen stomachs, impregnated before they had even reached middle school.

"Miss Assassin, we think its time to finish this", Melissa, the one with the pony tail spoke. Hannah simply stared at Rose with big doe eyes. Rose sighed, and stood up. "Listen, are you sure you want to go ahead with this? This isn't a videogame, you can't come back to life", she started. Hannah and Melissa both nodded vigorously, water droplets flying from their still wet hair. "We can't let our families know about this", Hannah whispered. "Miss Assassin, we gave you a whole bunch of money, so please, pretty please just do it", Melissa pleaded.

Rose made up her mind. The two girls were paying her enough to retire from the killing game permanently, and truth be told, she was just bone tired of being an assassin. If it meant having to end two young girls, then it would be the price she'd pay on her conscience. The old woman gestured at the sisters to follow her, and walked towards a gnarled old oak tree a few meters away from the pond. Two nooses were thrown over a sturdy lower branch, and they swayed as the wind blew through the glade. Hannah and Melissa caught on, and hurriedly ran over to the tree. They waited under the branch as Rose hobbled over. She quickly looped the nooses around the two girls necks, then tightened the knot before placing it strategically under their jaw. "Once I raise the both of you off the ground, the noose will tighten and cut off blood circulation, knocking you out and sparing you the pain of strangling to death", Rose explained as she prepared the girls.

The old assassin stood back and admired her handiwork. Hannah raised a hand and touched the rough hemp rope, a nervous look on her face. Melissa, detecting her sister's unease quickly took hold of her in a tight hug. The two held each other in an embrace. Rose walked around to the motorized winch she had attached the ropes to, and placed her finger on the start button. "Alright, you guys ready?", she called out. "Yes, please do it", Melissa replied, absentmindedly as she caressed her sister's hair comfortingly. Rose pressed the button, and the winch whirred to life. With a jerk, both girls were picked up off the ground and lifted into the air.

The two sisters immediately let go of each other, suddenly preoccupied with the nooses squeezing their necks shut. Rose watched as the girls kicked and twisted, their pregnant bellies shaking. She began to count down in her head.

"10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5."

Hannah's face turned red, her teeth bared in a rictus grin of terror. She desperately tried to open her noose up, her chubby fingers scratching at her neck and her legs dancing wildly. Melissa tried to stay still, but soon she too succumbed to panic and began to twist and turn.

"4, 3, 2, 1."

Rose finished her countdown just as the sisters went limp, their bodies swinging loose in the wind. A few twitches ran through their toes and fingers. Drool dripped down from mouths pushed open by swollen tongues, and their eyes were closed shut, cheeks wet with tears. As if it were a coordinated action, both girls let loose a stream of piss, the golden bodily fluid dribbling down their thighs and legs. Rose waited twenty minutes before checking for vitals, pressing two fingers upon their necks. No pulse was felt. She continued, pulling open Hannah's right eye and shining a flashlight at her pupils. No constriction or dilation was visible. She checked Melissa as well, just to make sure. No life signs were detected.

Rose stood back and whispered a little prayer, before taking her knife and cutting the girls down. She then took the knife and sawed away at their necks, cutting down to the bone before twisting them off. Blood poured weakly from the cuts, no longer pressurized by beating hearts. Rose placed the heads to the side and wrapped the bodies in plastic, dumping them into the 7 foot deep hole she had prepared. A drum of gasoline was poured into the hole, before she lit a match and threw it down. The hole burned bright, the smell of gasoline, plastic, and melting fat filling the air. Sparks rising from the fire glowed in the evening sky, reflected in the glassy, half lidded death stares of Melissa and Hannah Shen.

The next day, the two heads were discovered on the front porch of the Shen family household, causing a media circus. The loss of several family jewels from Gary Shen's lockbox was overlooked as the manhunt for the killer consumed the country.


File: 1561000094188.png (61.1 KB, 400x200, Kaylee Daugherty.png)

Name: Kaylee Daugherty
Age: 7
Description: See image. Friendly, cheerful, and somewhat hyperactive.
Type of Death: Murder
Scenario: Robbers break in, believing the residents are all at work or school. However, Kaylee, who was sick, is home alone and sleeping on the couch. She wakes up and hears them talking, immediately recognizing them as someone she knows.


Sarah’s Last Shower

Sarah entered the bathroom and set a folded towel next to the sink. She didn’t bother with a change of clothes, as she didn’t need them; just the pink towel and the thing she hid inside it.

“Get in and get out! You have fifteen minutes, it’s the cane,” her step mother yelled. “And don’t lock the door,” she continued as Sarah closed the door behind her.

“Alright!” Sarah replied as she stripped naked and turned on the water.

“Excuse me?”

“Yes, ma’am!” She yelled.

After hearing no further response, she stepped climbed in the shower.

Rubbing soap over her nubile prepubescent body and into her dark shoulder-length hair, Sarah’s mind wandered through her short life. Specifically, to her life as it was prior to the last thirteen months, before her loving parents were tragically killed by a drunk driver. It was after her eleventh birthday party; Sarah’s decision to stay home and play her new video games spared her from the same fate; at least, temporarily.

Sarah rinsed the soap off. Tears dripped from her eyes, disappearing into the foamy water going down the drain. She stepped out of the shower, without even bothering to shut off the water. She unfolded the towel, and pulled out the .44 Magnum she stole from beneath her step dad’s bed.

A sigh escaped her lips as she turned the weapon over in her hands. She started to sob and sat down on the toilet, he legs sprayed as she laid back and looked up at the ceiling. Once more, Sarah thought of her real mom and dad, as she placed the gun underneath her chin. Feeling the cool of the barrel, she closed her eyes, never to open them again.

“I’m coming home,” she whispered and pulled the trigger.

The shot rang out, vibrating the bathroom walls, and echoed across the neighborhood. The bullet obliterated her lower jaw and blasted a hole through the top of her head, splattering the wall and back of the toilet with a fountain of blood and torn pieces of brain matter. The gun clattered to the floor while her arms hung uselessly aside her slumped, lifeless, corpse. Her bodily waists splashed and trickled into the toilet as her body relaxed.

Moments later, ear-piercing screams rattled the neighborhood as Maria found the gory remains of her stepdaughter.


File: 1561359121634.png (445.57 KB, 645x615, 60678862_p0.png)

Name: Mark
Age: 11
Description: (See image)
Type of Death: Assassination
Scenario: Alone at home, he decides to take a dip in the backyard pool.

The sound of the TV playing reruns of Looney Tunes masked the faint tinkling of the basement window being broken. Kaylee snored, turning over on her side, her arm carelessly throwing the blanket off of her bare chest. She mumbled to herself, then groggily opened her eyes. In front of her were two masked figures huddled around the safe where her mother kept the family's supply of gold and silver.

Kaylee tumbled off of the couch in shock, and scrambled for the cellphone Mom had left on the table for emergencies. The pair turned around at the sudden noise, and swore. "Shit, why is she here!", the tall, lanky robber cursed as he rushed over and grabbed the girl.

Kaylee breathed in to scream, but was cut off by the robber's gloved hand clamping over her mouth. Her eyes widened in recognition at the voice.

It was Mr. Parson, her violin tutor. "MMmfmsms Mfm", she tried to speak, muffled by the glove.

"Shutherup, sheknowswhoweare!", the other robber jabbered frantically. Mr. Parson nodded, and fumbled for the garotte he kept in his back pocket. "I'm sorry, kid", he whispered in her ear as he wrapped the wire around her neck.

Kaylee's emerald eyes clenched shut as Mr. Parson pulled hard on the garotte, squeezing the little girl's throat shut. She fought furiously against the larger adult, her slender arms and legs kicking and punching, but to no avail. Mr. Parson was much too large and strong, and Kaylee quickly gave up. Her hands scratched at the wire around her neck as she gagged and choked, her eyes bulging and her mouth desperately trying to suck in oxygen.

Mr. Parson looked into Kaylee's eyes as she slowly asphyxiated, her pupils dilating and a dull, faraway look coming over her face. A couple minutes passed, then her arms fell limply to her side, and her head slumped forward.

Kaylee's killer kept the garotte tight around her neck for a few minutes more before letting go. Kaylee slid down and fell on her side, her face purple from lack of oxygen and blood. Her cheeks were wet, and her blue lips were slightly parted by her tongue. He gently brushed a stray lock of blonde hair away from her face, his fingers caressing her soft skin. He sighed, and closed her eyelids before standing up and rejoining his partner in crime.


File: 1561482491950.jpg (136.66 KB, 950x1045, lolibooru 18601 blonde_hai….jpg)

Name: Jessica
Age: 12
Description: (See image) Couch, left
Name: Michelle
Age: 12
Description: (See image) Couch, Right
Name: Stephanie
Age: 12
Description: (See image) Table
Name: Carlos
Age: 12
Description: (See image) Fucking Stephanie
Type of Death: Assassination
Scenario: Jessica, Michelle, and Stephanie, each had a crush on Carlos; he had a crush on all three. Rather than fight, they agree to all go to his bedroom to lose their virginity to him. On that same day, a hitman is sent to kill Carlos’s entire family; witnesses must be terminated as well.


The hitman waited from the window of a vacant house, watching for his target to come into view through his scope. When he saw the family car pull out, he swore, assuming that he would have to wait for them to get back. As luck would have it, my target didn’t go with them, and minutes after his family left Mark stepped into the back yard wearing swimming trunks and carrying a towel.

I didn’t know why my client wanted this eleven year-old boy dead, but, I didn’t really care; so long as I get paid. I simply curled my finger around the trigger and set my sights on him. He ran towards the pool and jumped, as I pulled the trigger. A cloud of blood sprayed out and trailed behind him as he hit the water. He disappeared beneath a crimson mist as the pool turned red, then floated back to the surface with a gaping hole in his back. Floating with his face down, I knew he would be dead quickly even if the initial shot didn’t do it, but I always had to make absolutely certain.

I aimed at the top of his head and fired again, opening another gaping hole through his dark hair. Certain he was dead, I packed up and fled the house. Neighbors were already coming to their windows, startled by the noise, and some undoubtedly peered into the pool. As I drove away from the area I heard sirens in the distance.


File: 1562395672782.png (370.83 KB, 703x1100, 4441391663778ced5ed4ecbf53….png)

Name: Sam
Age: 9
Description: See image. Rebellious personality, which lead to her running away from home and living on the street.
Type of Death: Random murder
Scenario: A night time encounter in a back alley.


Mike whistled to himself as he slipped the lockbreaker into the keyhole and gave it a twist. There was a subtle 'chunk' as the lock gave way, and the door creaked open. He pulled out his handgun, gripping it with both hands. The polymer grip was cool to the touch, and the silencer attached to the threaded muzzle gave it a heavier than usual heft.

His first target was the mother, who didn't even have time to turn around before Mike placed two shots into the back of her head. He caught the woman as she fell, slowly lowering her to the ground.

The father was next, eliminated with another two shots to the head as he wandered in from the living room. The man fell, his body slumping over his wife with a dull thump.

Mike brought up the list of targets on his HUD implant. Only one more target, their 12 year old son. He pulled the magazine out of the pistol and slapped in a fresh one, just in case.

As Mike crept up the stairs, he could hear high pitched voices laughing. More than one, which meant bystanders, which meant he would have to shoot more than one target. He slipped his hand into one of the pouches on his tactical vest and retrieved a small device shaped like an egg, with an LCD display and a single button.

The TimeFreeze was the most important tool an agent of The Department could have. It placed a freeze on time in a 75 foot sphere around the device, which could be turned on or off. Due to the incredible power such a device endowed on its user, only the most loyal agents could take it into the field. Mike activated it, and the gadget hummed, a timer starting on the display. The device could only freeze time for 20 minutes every hour, but Mike knew he'd be done the job well before then.

He opened the door to Carlos's bedroom, and his jaw dropped open.
Four children were laying around the room in various states of undress, with his target balls deep in one of them. All of the kids were slim and tanned, their faces frozen with expressions of ecstasy and arousal. Christ, and with the parents home too! The boy had some guts, Mike thought to himself as he flicked out his knife.

He focused on the two girls sitting on the couch. Mike pulled the shoulder strap of the blue eyed blonde's dress down and placed the tip of the knife against her chest. He shoved it in, the knife sliding cleanly through her ribcage and spearing her heart. Mike pulled the knife out and observed with amusement her blushing expression, unaware that her life had been ended.

The assassin turned to the blonde's friend, a demure brunette. This time, he placed the edge of the blade against her throat, and sliced it open, making sure to catch both arteries as well as the windpipe.

Mike checked the TimeFreeze's display. Three minutes had passed since activation.

Next was the girl being screwed silly by Carlos. She had her eyes closed, a flushed face shiny with sweat, with a sweet smile running across her face. Mike dispatched her with the knife, a single stab through the ribcage to extinguish her heartbeat forever.

Finally, he walked over to Carlos. The boy had a slight smile, his soft face blushing as he thrust his erect penis into the girl under him. Mike slammed the knife through the boys left eyeball, the knife penetrating the orbit and slicing into the frontal lobe.
With a flourish, Mike pulled the knife out and wiped the blood off onto Carlos's grey T-shirt.

The assassin stepped backwards and pulled out the TimeFreeze. He clicked the button and deactivated the timestop. All four kids crumpled over each other, blood spurting from the various knife wounds. A pained gasping emerged from the blonde as her heart failed, her blue eyes filled with agony, while her friend gurgled and choked as blood spewed from her neck, her brown eyes wide with fear. Carlos fell over, sprawling across the dying girl as he uttered his last groan of pain. His dick twitched as it ejaculated, cum jetting out and covering the stomach of the girl on the table, who could only shudder as her heart gave out.


File: 1565133681164.jpg (682.16 KB, 1500x844, loliorgy.jpg)

Since it's been a month, I'm posting a new entry.

Name: Mei Shao
Age: 11
Description: (See image) Top
Name: Amy Johnson
Age: 11
Description: (See image) Middle
Name: Peter Hoffman
Age: 11
Description: (See image) Bottom
Type of Death: Assassination
Scenario: Mei and Amy both like Peter, and Peter likes them both equally. They decide to both be his girlfriend, and start hanging out at his house; and having sex when his parents aren't home.

Another girl, a rich but unattractive and mentally unstable girl, also has a crush on him, but was rejected. Out of anger, she hires an assassin with her parents money to kill them all.


File: 1566923480506.png (104.49 KB, 350x610, de8a9f1da606f235470bae9717….png)

Name: Ken
Age: 12
Description: See image. A stoic young lad with a sense of honor.
Type of Death: Execution
Scenario: After losing a quick battle to an invading force, all males in Ken's tribe were put to the sword.

The assassin pulled down his facemask, turned on the GoPro clipped to his vest and kicked down the bedroom door. The three kids inside looked up from their intense lovemaking, shock barely registering on their faces before he opened fire, his semiautomatic shotgun spitting 12 gauge tungsten slugs at a rapid rate.

Mei Shao's face flew apart into chunks, blood and brain matter spraying across the room as 3 slugs cratered through her forehead and cheeks. The lithe asian, now missing a large percentage of her head, fell backwards. Her tight pussy relaxed, releasing a stream of piss that seeped into the bedsheets. Amy Johnson squealed in terror, raising her hands in a futile attempt to ward off death. The 11 year old recieved 5 slugs through her slim neck in return, completely separating her head from her shoulders. The headless girl slumped forward, blood pulsing from her ragged neck stump in a pressurized stream.
Her head dropped to the floor, rolled for a few meters, the stopped with Amy's face upright, frozen in shock.

The assassin felt the shotgun bolt lock back on an empty tube, and dropped it to the ground. He reached down to his leg and unsheathed a machete. Peter frantically pushed Amy's corpse off his now limp cock and scrambled backwards, falling off the bed. The boy backed up until his back hit the wall. "Wait, please stop! Why are you doing this!?", Peter blubbered. The assassin didn't bother to answer, instead grabbing the boy by the shoulder and stabbing the machete into his soft stomach. Peter gasped, barely able to comprehend what was happening. He looked down at the large knife stuck in his belly, then looked up at the masked face of his killer. The assassin pulled the machete down, slicing open Peter's stomach. Guts tumbled out of the large gash, dropping down and around his shaking legs. Peter fell back against the wall, then slid down onto his butt. He clutched the thick intestinal tubes and tried to shove them back inside, to no avail.

The assassin pulled the machete out, then raised it above his head. With a grunt, he slashed it down, embedding it deep into Peter's skull. The boy went rigid for a second, his eyes rolling up, then relaxed.

"Good job, Mister Asssassin, your money will arrive in your bank account in 20 minutes." The high pitched voice of a young girl came across his headset. "Thank you", he muttered as he stepped over Mei's corpse on his way out.

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