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In recent years, it seems like “Kill the Above” threads have cluttered up this section; and I will admit to being largely responsible for most of it. So, I figured it would be prudent to try to gather these into as few threads as possible: three so far; one for teens and adults, one for children, and one for beasts/monsters.

Here’s the first thread.

Death Above

You have probably seen this enough times to know the gist of it, but I’ll explain for any newbies.

Poster 1 posts a character/characters and scenario.

Poster 2 writes a story in which Poster 1’s character is killed, based on Poster 1’s outline. Then Poster 2 creates their own character, and the next person repeats the process; and so on and so on.


1. All characters must be human, or closely resemble humans; elf ears and unusual skin tones are perfectly fine. No monsters, animals (anthropomorphic or otherwise), or other critters.

2. Characters must be at least thirteen years old. Immortal characters should not appear under thirteen, even if that person is hundreds of years old.

3. You may create multiple characters for your entry, but no more than ten at a time.

4. You may enter original characters or characters from pre-existing material; if you post a character from a show, game, etc, you must name the material that character is from.

5. Fill out a story for the previous entry before posting your own scenario. You may ignore this rule if the last post was made thirty days ago.

6. If your story is too long, you may post it in /lit/, or on another site, and post a link.

Character Template;

Description: (You may write out the character’s appearance or use an image. You may also post details about their personality, if you choose.)
Type of Death: (Optional: Is it an execution, random murder, assassination, suicide, combat-related death, or something else? Leave blank if you want the person writing the story to decide.)

If you’re using multiple characters;

Character 1

Character 2

Character 3


Type of Death:


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Did you make 2 threads the same by mistake?
If not I'd like to make a fairly big scenario.

Character one:
Name: Momiji
Age: 21
Description: Long hair in a ponytail (girl on the left) mature and collected, but has a side that desires to throw down responsibility for a moment (usually enjoying rough sex)

Character 2
Name: Kokoro
Age: 19
Description: girl in the middle. Thoughtful and selfless, usually puts others needs and worries above herself. Almost a picture perfect reflection of traditional Japanese femininity.

Character 3
Name: Lei Fang
Age: 21
Description: girl on the right. Loud and cheeky, overall friendly but can be selfish.

Type of death: up to you
Scenario: on vacation in a violet lit room with a pool. Relaxed atmosphere
If you want to only use 1 or 2 victims instead of all 3, Feel free.
Also if you want, the room has many secluded spots in which to kill without warning the others.



You should note that the thread being used is

There were two posted by accident. Since the other one has a title, it's the one being used.

I should probably let the mods know to delete this one. I'll do this tomorrow so you'll hopefully have time to see this.


Fair enough

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