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Hi there! So right off the bat, I’ll be honest. I’ll only really use kik to roleplay. I might switch to something else once I get to know you but that’s not overly likely.

Basically, I would like to find someone willing to indulge me in my gory and dirty fetishes. I’m into snuff, medical play, toiletplay, a healthy dose of torture, cannibalism, and I’m obsessed with asses. I’ll love damn near anything involving them. Oh, and I will likely want to sew your pussy shut/slice off your cock and balls at some point and also fuck your skull via your eye socket so just a heads up. :P

Basically my idea for the roleplay is that I’m a sadist looking for the perfect little sadomasochist to turn into my apprentice. Someone who’s happy for their body to be my canvas. I’m agender, and willing to play whatever gendered dom you’d like. Ideally I’d prefer to have a female sub and play a male dom though. The roleplay will start with me kidnapping you and discovering just how aroused you are when I start my medical inspection and gory games on you which leads to me making you my apprentice and having you help me snuff out a lot of more innocent victims.

If you’re not okay with playing multiple characters then we can still have the carousel of snuff toys to play with and just intersperse it with scenes between myself and you as my assistant.

I’m happy to include whatever kinks you like and I hope to hear from one of you soon.

My kik is drnatevalentine and please mention you’re from gurochan so I know.

I also have been itching for a really enthusiastic snuff girl to cut up in a medical scene so if you want something shorter to see if we’re a good fit for a longer rp, or even just to have a shorter rp and move on, then let me know.

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