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I'm looking for a female companion that is into detailed role-playing over longer time periods. My fantasy evolves around a ruthless Serial-Killer (Me), who is looking for his next victim, but instead he finds a girl (You), that is as messed up as he is. The man becomes the master of the girl. The girl submits to her master and must endure cruel things and help him with his murderous activities. The details of this story can be discussed private, where we can adjust the story to our overlapping preferences.

As far as my preferences are concerned, I'm into really messed up and sadistic shit, like most of the members of this community - I guess. Obviously I like gore, mürder and torture. But I also like things that include necrophilia, toilet stuff (like shit and piss) or even animals. I won't demand that every preference of mine makes it way in to the roleplay. Only the things we both find arousing or interesting will be a part of this little adventure. Of couse I'm alsways open to new things or other fantasys.

A few more details about myself:
- I'm 22 years old
- Male (duh!)
- Currently studying at a university
- I'm from Germany and I would really prefer a role-play partner that is able to write in german with me. But writing english won't be a big problem.
- I would prefer Discord to communicate, but other suggestions are always welcome

I'm looking forward to your response! :-)


You did not post your discord or any other means of communication.


Yes, I forgot this. Contact me on Discord: DarkSide#9124


I sent you a request.


You don't have a kik by chance do you? Feel free to add me @ hell_Wolf
I believe that I could give you a challenge.


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I will rp just about anything. You can find me on Kik with the info on the image. I will rp with anyone and rp just about anything


I'd be down to rp over kik if you're interested add me @someguy248

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