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A destruction sorceress, a paladin, futuristic bounty hunter, meeting her end in all flavours of sex, death and other depravities.

I love playing strong female characters who get bested by an enemy, nature or just plain bad luck. Whatever it is, the female protagonist thinks she is ready for it.

My preferences:
My characters are female or futanari. They are confident, think they are capable and aren't naturally submissive. The stories we would roleplay would tell a story of their downfall. That fate could be anywhere from a simple defeat to an unlucky mistake or some other complicated bad end.

The bad end can be a death, enslavement, mind break, rape, whatever. I am a general roleplayer, meaning that I roleplay all sorts of characters and stories and don't stick with one character unless my partners likes it particularly. The women I portray are busty, large assed and have a model body. Their personalities and mindsets can range from actual smart people to idiots who think they are capable.

I can also portray multiple women.

I do not have any limits.

For preferred kinks, I outline these general points:
-Do not focus on her pleasure, unless it's for torture, etc.
-The less respect the better.
-Use her like a toy. That can mean like a fuck toy or a piece of furniture.
-Sex is to be rough.
-Be a sadist.
-I like dicks be it male, futa or whatever creature with a dick.

If you have something you want to try, some story, concept, be free to hit me up!

If you are interested, write me on discord:


Sent you a friend request on discord, sounds interesting.


Hi, i sent you a friend request on discordo


I too have added ya on Discord :) if theres anything you're really thirsting for please feel free to give me a ping :)

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