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Girl looking for an interesting time! I've never roleplayed guro before but I am extremely eager to try. Long and short term stories both welcome, please be literate!

Preferences: serial killer, necrophilia, parasites, lesbian, transformations, undead, consensual, medical play, cannibalism, brainssss

Definite No: scat, vore, anything toilet related, futa

Anything else we can negotiate! Hit me up via discord letting me know what you're interested in <3

Discord: sphinx#6491

I am very willing to play new characters, but I do have premade characters which I am happy to play if requested! Here are a few:

- AMBROSIA - [depicted in image] Immortal necrophiliac lady. Medium height, bony, ashen skin, long flaxen hair usually in a ponytail. Wears plain, solemn clothing. She is pained by, and has great self pity for the fact that she will never be able to be beautiful by her own standards, since she is immortal, and to her the only beauty lies in death and decay. She is deeply perverted, and becomes excitable and vulgar of manner when faced with anything of adequate morbidity to appeal to her.

- SMITH - Very tall, pale woman with an uncanny aura to her. Short black hair, pink eyes, seems to always be wearing a suit. Has strange supernatural abilities; can unhinge her jaw, and elongate her pointed tongue.


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Better reference for Ambrosia!

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