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Yeah the title says it all.

My likes include paws, water sports, non con

My dislikes are scat, overly gory stuff, soft/unrealistic vore, futa

My kik is Genericerword, and my Discord is Vice Dark Lord#0926




Hello Vice Dark Lord

Your threads have been successfully posting, they will be added to the thread list on the main page within the next few hours.

I apologize, on it's current set up gurochan is sometimes slow at updating the main thread list. We'll search for solutions to this, but in the mean time

Good luck! Hope you find somebody.


>>4899 why thank you. And may I ask a question?


Im sorry i didnt notice this earlier. You can ask me anything, if you still need to


>>4909 is there a way I could have an old thread of mine delated? I posted an updated version, and the original is just taking up space, messing with my OCD or something of that nature



To have a thread deleted, simply go to the original post and click on the small check box next to the subject. Then, scroll to the bottom of the page and find the report button. Enter a reason and click "report." Reportd do not get you in trouble and moderators check the context of each request.



If you created a thread with a password you remember, you can also click "delete" to delete a thread yourself.


I'd be interested to rp

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